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10 Best Restaurant Management Software For Your Business

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Restaurant owners most of the time, have to contend with the daily grinds of running their businesses. Managing a restaurant is undoubtedly one of the most daunting tasks that an entrepreneur can undertake. Restaurant management involves a lot processes, that if done right, would ensure the smooth flow of the enterprise and even increased profits.

However, doing all the hard work does not cut it when it comes to restaurant management. Many restaurants end up earning pretty much the same despite best efforts on the part of restaurateurs and managers. This is especially true for small restaurants. Many mom-and-pop operations still contend with the hassles of keeping up with the daily requirements of food service such as menu planning, order taking and inventory update.

Fortunately, many technologies are being developed to aid restaurant owners in their everyday undertakings. These technologies take the form of devices and solutions designed to make restaurant owners’ lives a little better.

For software developers, the restaurant industry has become a niche market, owing to the huge market returns that the sector has been experiencing and the existing demand for new automation tools. In a United States Census Survey, it has been found that the US restaurants’ sales totaled roughly $500 billion in 2018. This development gives the impression that most Americans currently prefer to eat out rather than cook at home.

Restaurant solutions are meant to automate the business processes involved in running such organizations. However, many processes require specific software, making automation an expensive proposition for those who want to improve all aspects of their business. Management of restaurants require solutions such as CRM for marketing, HRM for human capital management and inventory management software. Because of this development, it is no surprise that more and more restaurant owners and customers alike have been embracing these new technologies.

Thanks to the development of restaurant management applications, all such processes can now be overseen using a single solution. For first time users, focus on certain areas can be very useful in their selection of restaurant management software providers. Ideally, key features should include functions such as billing, CRM, stock and inventory and reporting and analytics. Automation of these tasks helps ease management burdens while improving sales and enriching customer experience.

Top Restaurant Management Software

Not all restaurant management software solutions are created equal. At first glance, it may seem that the natural choice should be the one on the top spot. However, different restaurants have different requirements. It is up to business owners and managers to choose what they think is best for their establishments.

Latest restaurant management solutions have far more features than the ones mentioned above, they are:

  1. Table management
  2. Cashflow management
  3. Accounting
  4. Employee Scheduling
  5. Order monitoring
  6. Payroll processing
  7. Analytics

In this article, we take a look at the key features and benefits of the 10 best restaurant management software currently in the market. This informative piece will enable potential users to decide on which app will serve them best.

1. Toast POS

Toast POS dashboard example

POS software Toast POS is a tool specifically targeted at US-based businesses such as bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. It allows for the improvement of worker efficiencies and customer experience while reducing costs. The software has a menu management feature that can handle menu pricing, customization for both online and offline clients and preparation of the entire menu. An ordering capability allows managers to split items and customer bills and can generate notification upon the completion of an order.

The vendor offers a great free demo that let’s you try out all the key features first. You can easily sign up for Toast POS free demo here.

Toast POS

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Orders are taken using POS Android-based tablet computers, eliminating the need to make runs in between kitchen, terminals and tables. Also, the system can monitor stocks and add or remove menu items. Customers can use the interface to sign receipts, pay and hand out tips. Automation of loyalty and discount workflows, along with menu customization are achievable using the app, staff performance can be monitored through daily email alerts that the solution automatically sends out.

Transactions are hastened using the interface’s Quick Order feature as working from tablets servers easily take orders and receive payments at table side. Another useful feature is that the application presents restaurant clients with reasonable tip percentages. All these transactions can be remotely monitored on a real-time basis. However, as mentioned previously, this platform is only available for businesses that operate withint the United States.

2. TouchBistro

TouchBistro dashboard example

POS solution TouchBistro is an application targeted at restaurants and just about every type of food service there is. The platform is designed to automate virtually every business process involved in restaurant management. It can effectively manage orders, tables and staff scheduling, among others. The software can be accessed by iPad, making tasks such as access reporting and analytics easy to do anytime, anywhere.

The vendor offers a great free trial that let’s you try out all the key features first. You can easily sign up for Touchbistro free trial here.


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Operating on local area networks, the system does not need to be online to do its job. This means that no downtime will ever occur even if an Internet outage takes place. This important feature is complemented by the application’s capability to report and manage menus using the cloud, which enables managers to constantly monitor the business from anywhere.

TouchBistro comes with a Self-Ordering Kiosk, which can benefit fast food services by helping cut costs associated with labor as it speeds up the ordering process. The application’s smart features help cater to the needs of most restaurants, which include table management, bill splitting and menu updates. All these are done through the system’s iPad interface.

In addition, TouchBistro can provide restaurant staff with needed mobility by customizing the ordering process. This feature enables employees to cater to incoming customers, generating more tips and sales in the process. Order errors are also prevented, allowing for richer customer experience.

3. Lavu

Lavu dashboard example

POS solution Lavu is built for use by nightclubs, bars, and restaurants – from franchise, quick-service, and full-service restaurants, to lounges, coffee shops, and food trucks. You can select between quick-service, restaurant, and bar interfaces, each built for the appropriate environment. On top of that, you can customize a number of aspects, including layout, custom menu item icons, and unlimited menu modifiers. The platform allows establishments to execute tableside ordering, offers support for take-out and delivery routing, and provides loyalty and rewards via integration with Loyaltree and an in-house program.

Apart from the POS, Lavu also offers inventory management features including an ’86 countdown and low-count warnings. The Employee Management module includes payroll, shift-trading, and employee scheduling reports. In addition, the software provides a number of expense, inventory, and sales reports that you can access from anywhere using the internet. Finally, you can get Lavu translated into any language and for this reason the solution is presently being utilized in 89 countries.

4. Lightspeed Restaurant

Lightspeed Restaurant dashboard example

POS system Lightspeed Restaurant is a cloud-based platform designed specifically for restaurants, bars, cafes, and other similar establishments that simplifies staff management, inventory management, guest reservations, and more. With aspects of restaurant management covered, Lightspeed Restaurant POS makes it easy for you to build your menu, create and implement schedules for employees, take and manage orders, facilitate payment, and monitor performance among others.

And because Lightspeed Restaurant POS is based in the cloud, you can easily access the system from anywhere at any given time from your smartphone or tablet. Whether you are away from your restaurant or on the road off to somewhere, you can log in to your system and manage your entire operations from the palm of your hands.

5. MarketMan

MarketMan dashboard example

Restaurant management solution MarketMan is basically a cloud-hosted supply and inventory management solution designed for the needs of supply chains and restaurants. It offers a full suite of tools built to simplify and streamline essential supply and inventory management functions such as supplier management, branding and catalog, order handling, food costing, order optimization, purchasing, budgeting, and more.

MarketMan provides great versatility as it allows you to control your restaurant’s inventory and other functions using your PC, smartphone, or tablet. You can order supplies using the mobile app without fretting about errors and miscalculations. In addition, you can track food costs, shorts and errors, and changes in prices, among others. Another advantage is you can delegate tasks to your staff members and supervise their performance quality.

MarketMan helps you keep a keen eye on your supply operations. The platform sends phone and email alerts in real time, and provides streamline POS integration to help you efficiently manage your inventory. It completely eliminates paper ordering by transferring essential operations to your smartphone so you can place orders electronically. In addition, the high number of integrations with accounting software solutions allows you to run your operations from a single online location. If you are impressed, visit the product website and register for a 14-day free trial.

6. Jolt

Jolt dashboard example

Cloud-based Jolt restaurant management system helps dining establishments by automating and simplifying task management. A preferred tool among members of the restaurant and hospitality sectors, the product is also popular among businesses that include auto repair shops, small clinics, grocery stores and car wash services. It is a total solution built to manage both employees and business operations.

You can check its features closely when you sign up for a Jolt demo here.

The tool is feature-rich, offering functionalities like employee scheduling, task automation, attendance tracking, employee training and team communication. It also offers compliance management options to those who require them. The solution is able to provide employees flexible work schedules while allowing them to clock in individually. And since it is cloud-based, Jolt can be accessed from anywhere at any given time. Using the system, staff accountability, productivity and efficiency are improved, with labor costs slashed. It comes with powerful tools that cut down entrepreneurs’ administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on more important matters.

7. Open Table

Open Table dashboard example

A part of the Priceline Group suite, cloud-based restaurant management tool OpenTable is designed to help managers in making online reservations, identification of repeat customers and manage seats. It can be purchased in two separate modules–guest center and the connect modules. The app also uses touchscreen technology, making navigation a breeze. It likewise tracks diner preferences, making menu planning and table allocation a lot easier. Customers who use the software can make reservations themselves from their own devices, eliminating the need to wait in lines. Consumers who use the application also earn points which can be used for billing discounts.

Identification of the number of open tables is another feature of the software, allowing managers to accept reservations quickly. Lost reservations no longer pose a problem owing to Open Table’s ability to streamline the reservation process. Also, customer experience is improved as long waits for open tables have become a thing of the past, a surefire way of gaining customer satisfaction, loyalty and business growth.

8. Zomato Base

Zomato Base dashboard example

POS app Zomato Base is a cloud-based solution designed to both automate and streamline restaurant processes. It easily integrates with any existing business system, making it unconventionally user-friendly. To improve links between dining and kitchen staff, the software is able to connect with a variety of hardware. Managers can also configure the app to tailor it to their establishments’ needs as Zomato Base works with a myriad of applications.

The app gives users the ability to update or altogether alter their menu at any given time. Updates regarding menu item changes are immediately made by the system. Aside from this, inventory management is made easy with the software’s inventory tracking capability, making sure that all ingredients are always in stock. Use of ingredients are monitored in accordance to orders, effectively cutting the volume of unaccounted food items.

Zomato Base is also an effective tool for enriching customer experience. Its capacity to record client profiles can help determine both fast and slow moving items. This in turn allows for the personalization of the dining experiences of repeat customers. Sales performance can be tracked using the application’s real-time analytics, providing users with ideas on how to boost their service, allowing for the remote generation of reports.

Other features include electronic invoicing, online payment and marketplace software integration. All of which are bound to benefit restaurants’ bottomlines.

9. Clover

Clover dashboard example

Designed to provide support to small and medium-size restaurants, integrated POS system Clover is available in either in server or web-based deployment options, with custom hardware features included. Clover’s user-friendly interface not only helps business owners manage their operations from anywhere, its visually pleasant display is guaranteed to make usage not only easy, but enjoyable as well. The system also includes a high-speed printer, which also acts as a connection hub. The tool can be accessed using smartphones, allowing for flexible management options, all in real-time. Staff management is significantly boosted, with customized access making it easier to manage worker tips and schedules.

The application is highly useful in restaurant processes such as inventory, menu planning and HR management. It is capable of POS payment channels, including credit and debit transactions and Apple Pay. Also, it allows for product information editing and product performance monitoring, giving managers an idea what sells and what does not. The solution’s payment processing system, meanwhile, assures customers of data security. Swiping credit cards is made easy as there are no payment processing equipment needed.

All these features and more make Clover the ideal restaurant management system for those who want to take control of their business processes.

10. inResto

inResto dashboard example

inResto is a comprehensive and scalable restaurant management suite. It offers 8 feature-packed restaurant management modules that can be used altogether or individually, allowing for frictionless integration overall. Users also benefit from unparalleled flexibility as they can easily scale the software as they expand their business, or cut some modules for budgetary reasons.

Essentially, inResto can handle every aspect of your restaurant operations. It includes modules for customer loyalty and promotions, feedback management, diner and table management, campaign management, website and mobile app management, reservation management, self-service guest waitlisting, and order management.

Each module of inResto can competently handle each facet of your restaurant. For example, the reservation management module enables businesses to seamlessly manage all reservations in real-time to maximize their restaurant’s seating capacity. It also includes tools for customer management, queue management, reporting and analytics, and POS integrationS.

And we’re done. After reading this top 10 restaurant management software guide, you should now be able to choose the one appropriate for you. But keep in mind that you need not stare at the flashy features, consider your needs and pick the one that can give them to you.

By Nestor Gilbert

Senior writer for FinancesOnline. If he is not writing about the booming SaaS and B2B industry, with special focus on developments in CRM and business intelligence software spaces, he is editing manuscripts for aspiring and veteran authors. He has compiled years of experience editing book titles and writing for popular marketing and technical publications.

Best Restaurant Management Software of 2019

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