15 Best POS Software Systems For Small Business

Toast: No. 1 POS Solution

What is the best POS software for small business?
The best POS software for small business is Toast POS, which carries numerous features that are designed to handle restaurants’ booking, online ordering and stocks management. This time-saving tool allows businesses to boost service quality while offering data reporting and order tracking capabilities. It drives down costs, increases revenue and allows customers to make payments through a variety of channels, making the process a lot easier for both users and customers.

Before anything else, let’s get to know what a POS software system is all about. The letters stand for “point-of-sale” which at its very basic is your business cash register. It is used in offices or business locations where goods and services are sold to clients and customers. Leveraging Internet technology, the program is not only used by physical retail outlets but more so by online stores using complex, advanced tools. Here, we present to you the 15 best POS software systems in the market, taking into account their features, unique functionalities and pricing as determined by our experts.

Proving to be an invaluable tool, POS systems are seen to support the way businesses manage their operations. For instance, their reporting functionality can help you get an idea how your business is performing. They likewise help you track inventory, enabling you to know what and when to order so that you never run short of any item. Employee management is another area where today’s POS systems can assist you. Efficiencies can be created as you get to optimize the way you schedule staff, which can also contribute to cost reduction. These and more features make POS solutions virtual business advisors.

Key Features of POS Software

What are common features of POS software?

Although you can purchase a platform with only basic POS functionalities, many of today’s POS software are integrated tools designed to manage a variety of related tasks. Here are some of their common features:

  • Point of Sale
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Inventory Control
  • Shop Management
  • Automatic Purchase Order Creation
  • Customer Tracking and Follow Up
  • Automatic Price Updates
  • Payroll
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • General Ledger
  • EDI (Electronic Ordering)

Essentially, a POS software system can bring a lot of benefits to your business. You can realize significant returns, improve savings, enhance productivity, and get detailed information on sales condition and performance. All these translate to profitability, which is what a business is really for.

Best POS Software Systems For Small Business

1. Toast POS

Toast POS is a POS solution distinctly designed for restaurants. It helps users to keep their accounts updated easily and conveniently by offering helpful features and options that they can also use to enhance customer satisfaction.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies
Toast POS won our Expert's Choice Award for 2018

You can see all key features of this software in action in the vendor’s free demo. You can easily sign up for Toast free demo here.

You can use this single software to manage restaurant bookings, stock, and online ordering. The big advantage is you can use Toast POS to enhance your business by saving time and improving your organizational capability. You can provide quality services and also cross check them through order tracking and data reports.

Toast comes with additional features that will make your sales process even easier and more accurate. With the system, online ordering is now possible, a surefire way of driving your costs down while increasing your revenue. It also allows customers to make payments through kiosks, enabling diners to avoid long queues and choose their preferred method of payment. Kitchens are also given ample time to prepare orders as kiosks can be set to place orders before payments are made. Toast’s integration with OpenTable, meanwhile, lets you reduce customer waiting time and provide guests with seats in a timely manner. You can likewise update tables between the two apps, resulting in streamlined service.

What is unique about Toast POS?

  • Full restaurant management. Streamlines front-of-house and kitchen processes aside from providing sales reports, menu reports and customer reports.
  • Subscription-based pricing. Flexible pricing options allow the addition of modules as your business grows. You can also avail of the bundle hardware with a one-time purchase.
  • Tablet-based. Allows multi-tasking mobility such as taking orders, marking stock outs. Adding or removing menu items, and the like.
  • Customer-friendly. Through the tablet’s interface, customers can pay bills, sign receipts and even offer tips for convenient cashless and paperless transactions.

2. Sapaad

POS platform Sapaad is a powerful solution that is popular among restaurant owners. This easy-to-use software has become the go-to tool for restaurant owners in Dubai, owing to its numerous features and regular updates. It is a cloud-deployed system that is flexible enough to cater to not only large establishments but small cafes as well. What’s good about the app is its ability to better organize kitchens, which results in better sales and client loyalty.

You can easily sign up for a free Sapaad trial here.

Restaurants that take online, walk-in, dine in, delivery and take-away orders can greatly benefit from using the product. This intuitive solution is both easy to set up and use as everything is done automatically. What’s even better is that Sapaad does not require servers or costly IT teams to maintain, allowing your business to grow. Its flexible pricing makes it ideal for small businesses, along with the fact that it does not come with setup costs, hidden fees or expensive licenses.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies
Sapaad won our Expert's Choice Award for 2018

What is unique about Sapaad?

  • It has an offline mode. You don’t have to worry if you get disconnected from the Internet. The software makes sure your operation does not get disrupted in the absence of connectivity.
  • It has a call center module. The software makes phone ordering simple while tracking deliveries. It also maintains a comprehensive database of customers, which includes data like order history, customer addresses and preferences.
  • Inventory and back office management. Powerful inventory management features allow you to minimize food costs, receive inventory and send purchase orders. Stock cost and movement can likewise be tracked in real-time.

3. TouchBistro

TouchBistro is created with the food service business in mind, which is why it’s among the most widely-used POS platforms by coffee shops, bars, fine dining, deli, restaurants, food trucks, and other similar shops. Cloud-hosted and runs in iOS, this platform is designed to help food businesses provide fast and efficient service. Created with the guidance of restaurant experts, TouchBistro is more than an average POS as it can help you manage various segments of your restaurant simultaneously, design an efficient floor layout, take orders per table, and easily transfer events from one function room to another.

TouchBistro offers a great free trial for 28 days (seven days without registration plus 21 days if registered) so you can readily know if this solution is the POS you’re looking for. You can easily sign up for TouchBistro free trial here.

Improvements to the system are constantly being made. The layout of its Order screen has been changed to better manage orders such as bar tabs, takeouts and delivery, which can be a pain during peak hours. A quick search functionality has also been added to the system. A bill preview window can now be accessed so that you can see what products have been ordered and information about customers. Bill totals and customer info can likewise be used in searching for orders in its search field.

For further details on similar platforms, you can check out our list of top 20 POS software for restaurants.

What is unique about TouchBistro?

  • A POS designed for restos. What sets TouchBistro apart is the fact that it is created primarily to be used by fast food and restaurants. What’s more, it is very flexible and scalable that it can provide the same level of efficiency and timeliness to the small coffee shop, a medium-sized cafe, and even to giant restaurant chains. Since it is user-friendly and reasonably-priced, SMB food establishments will likely choose this POS, while large food chains can take advantage of its add-on features and other advanced integration options.
  • Zero in on enhancing customer experience. With this smart solution, gone are the days of the delay- and error-prone method of transferring paper-based orders to your POS. TouchBistro allows you to enter any order straight into your iPad, which is then sent wirelessly to the kitchen.
  • Boosts staff efficiency. TouchBistro virtually empowers your team to perform all their tasks more efficiently due to its ease of use and comprehensive features. With just a few taps on the POS screen, your staff can complete many chores quickly, including taking and personalizing orders and managing tables.
  • Mobile menu management. Restaurant owners and managers can always check on their business anytime even while on the go, thanks to TouchBistro’s dependable connection and cloud-based menu management and reporting functionality.
  • Very stable system. You will not be subjected to any downtime due to Internet service outage because this POS operates using a local connection, thereby, ensuring non-stop operation of your business.

4. Cybersys POS

A full-featured POS solution, Cybersys POS is designed to cater to SMBs of any type, from restaurants and jewelry stores to coffee shops and sporting goods shops. It is a flexible tool which can be customized to meet your company’s requirements. The system is accompanied by powerful hardware, including credit card readers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers and label printers, to name a few. The software has become a staple for many small businesses requiring a fully functional POS that does not break the bank.

You can find out more about the platform’s features if you sign up for a free Cybersys POS demo here.

Cybersys POS can boost corporate communication, both internal and external. This results in faster delivery of your products/services. Goals and targets can be analyzed and set using system-generated reports as basis. You can come up with two types of loyalty programs to encourage repeat customers. Inventories can also be managed using the system, which automatically sends inventory alerts so that you get updated on the status of your inventory. The platform supports any currency while shipments can be tracked and recorded with each transaction.

What is unique about Cybersys POS?

  • Inexpensive yet powerful POS tool. Despite Cybersys POS’ low pricing, it comes with all the features of your standard POS systems like eCommerce integration, reporting, inventory management and employee access management. All these are available at affordable packages, resulting in huge savings.
  • Custom pricing plans. The vendor can create custom pricing models for individual users, who can choose all the features that they need from such a system. This ability to scale the product means that businesses get to pay only for the features that they need.
  • It’s a flexible system. The tool, being mobile-optimized can be accessed from any device. This means that it can be used whenever and wherever it is needed.

5. Square

If you’re searching for a universal POS platform to address your business needs, then Square is an excellent choice. This user-friendly tool is free and enables businesses to accept and process payments both in-store and even on-the-go, for both iOS or Android gadgets. Aside from an integrated magstripe reader for debit and credit card payment processing, Square also offers other functionalities such as inventory and sales tracking in real time as well as item management.

Square offers an excellent free trial for 30 days so you can readily know if this solution is the POS you’re looking for. You can sign up for Square free trial here.

Aside from those mentioned, Square is also capable of splitting a single bill items into multiple tickets. To help you cut down staff error and accelerate checkout by limiting staff view of tickets and tips to only those assigned to them. Ticket ownership is transferable, allowing for correct reporting of tips and sales. Authorization slips are no longer required to be reprinted for customers to add tips and sign. This promotes a paperless environment, which reduces your establishment’s carbon footprint.


What is unique about Square

  • Square is free. You can download it at no cost from GooglePlay and App Store, install in either Android or iOS devices, and use it in-store or on-the-go.
  • With a Square magstripe reader. This tool enables the app to receive and handle payments using credit or debit cards, straight from your mobile gadget.
  • It offers added functionalities. Square also works as an item management app as well as a real-time inventory and sales tracker.
  • t has analytics and reporting. It provides valuable business insights from its smart analytics and intelligence reports, which help businesses arrive at sound business decisions.
  • It is updated regularly. The team behind Square works to constantly come up with new updates that are automatically applied to the platform. This means continued efficiency for your business.


AB POS a powerful, feature-rich POS geared towards businesses in the hospitality and retail industry. The software provides all the tools needed to streamline one’s front and back office workflows, which drastically alleviates the complexities that come with running a business. Monitoring orders, tracking inventory, viewing reports, applying discounts, and other functionalities are easily accessed through a single dashboard.

You can easily sign up for a free AB POS trial here.

AB POS has more features to offer, helping SMBs grow by automating their sales transactions. Store reporting is easy with the tool, generating detailed reports with the use of custom groupings and filters that can be applied to the whole organization. Its smart dashboards make use of graphs and charts to provide users with a snapshot of their operations, giving them an idea how their businesses are performing. The system also stores operational data across companies, which can be used for analytics and business intelligence processes. And since it is cloud-based stores can be set up remotely with new employees easily managed along with changes in floor plans, menus and prices.

What makes AB POS unique?

  • It’s a total POS solution. AB POS possesses all the latest POS features and technologies that you need to help boost your sales processes. These include menu creation, menu editing, staff scheduling and sales and orders management.
  • It makes payments simple and secure. The solution uses top-of-the-line security technologies so that you can be assured that your data stays secure. Its support of different payment systems like Mastercard, Visa and Europay makes it easy for both you and your customers to manage payments.
  • It gives you access to business intelligence via cloud. The platform’s Cloud Portal provides you with access to BI, which helps you make sense of your data. It likewise generates easy-to-understand data and KPIs.

7. Vend

Vend is among the top iPad POS platforms in the market today, which is widely used by retail stores to manage their customer, sales, and inventory management tasks. Flexible and reasonably priced, this app can be personalized to suit your preferences. It offers data entry options using either keyboard and mouse or touchscreen as well as customizing your POS screen to allow access to your most used items or features.

Vend has acquired new features with its integration with eCommerce tool WooCommerce, offering online sellers numerous benefits. The tool now provides users both in-store and online sales that are tailored to their individual needs. It suits retailers that are inventory-based, customizing the way they conduct eCommerce. With the software, you get to manage your sales centrally with the platform syncing customers, sales, inventory and products between the apps. It also accommodates Instagram and Facebook users, making them potential paying customers.

What is unique about Vend?

  • Compatible across devices. This platform can be used online, with PC or iOS. You can synchronize your data using any of these operating systems in the cloud.
  • Scalable and configurable. Vend works with numerous business applications and you can integrate new functionalities as your business requirements expand.
  • Works offline. Even if you go offline, this platform will instantly synchronize all your transactions once your connection is restored.
  • Integrated online store. Easily and quickly set up a completely customizable online shop on your own without any training necessary. With only a single click, you can put your products online.
  • ulti-task management. Users can utilize numerous features for managing customer information, dashboards and reports, promotions and pricing, main product catalog, orders, inventory, and cash

8. FastSpring

If you’re selling digital products like applications and SaaS, FastSpring is a sound POS choice. Created by online shopping experts, this POS has the design and features that understand how selling software products should be done.

New features have been making constant improvements to FastSpring. The dashboard and the system’s API have been tweaked to prevent refunds of specific subscriptions that are no longer eligible. For users using US dollars who are enrolled in the platform’s Net Pricing Beta Program, subscription prices are automatically computed to include taxes. Web domains can also be whitelisted directly from the dashboard, eliminating the need for support tickets and allotted waiting time. Corporate logos can be added to invoices generated by the system, appearing at the invoice form’s top right-hand corner. Logos can be updated through the system dashboard.

What is unique about FastSpring?

  • Global platform. This app can accept more than a dozen currencies and is offered in over 20 various languages, ensuring that your online store is ready for your global operations.
  • Single account operation. Whether you own a single online store or a chain of shops, this app allows you to operate all of them with just one account.
  • Safe payment. The platform is integrated with top payment facilities that provide anti-fraud security to guarantee easy, secure, and fast payment transactions.
  • Manage and customize your online store. Its ease-of-use allows you to design and personalize your online store on your own based on your preferences, enabling you to control its features from order pages to shopping carts.

9. Clover

Integrated POS solution Clover is designed to cater to small and medium-size restaurants, helping them manage their inventories, staff and edit menus. The system comes with customized hardware and can be deployed on-premise or accessed through a browser. It is a user-friendly solution that sports a sleek and full-featured interface, which can be accessed from any device. It also generates reports that offer companies valuable insights that can be used in coming up with sound decisions.

Clover is capable of processing both debit and credit card payments and those made through Apple Pay. It is known for its ease-of-use while making an easy task of inventory management using its numerous tools. You can track product performance thanks to the system’s ability to edit product info. It lets you identify high-selling items by keeping a record of credit, payment and promotion data. The app also makes use of technologies that make order printing, promotion and loyalty program creation, and menu editing all possible from a single console.

What is unique about Clover?

  • It gets rid of the need for additional hardware. Clover is equipped with technologies that allow you to process credit and debit card payments. This is because system eliminates the need for equipment like cash registers, terminals, label and receipt printers and barcode scanners.
  • It lets you manage employees. The solution makes it easy to monitor employees, manage shifts and tips while giving relevant people access to the system.
  • It is a total POS platform. The software allows users to edit product information, manage inventory, print orders and create loyalty programs–all from a single solution.

10. Lavu

Lavu is a popular POS software that is designed specifically for bars and restaurants by addressing complications arising from order confusion, slow service and unclear sales data. Using the system, restaurateurs can take control of their operations with employees adhering to topnotch service standards. These are made possible by the app’s simple but powerful interface, central information hub and process streamlining capability.

More features accompany the platform that not only improve the sales process but also boost restaurant processes like menu layout customization, staff training and order taking. HR functions are likewise supported, including staff onboarding and training. Technology plays a big part in the software’s benefits as it makes use of top-of-the-line hardware and tech such as self-service kiosks and digital menu boards.

What is unique about Lavu?

  • It helps manage labor and inventory. You can significantly reduce your overhead by enriching your understanding of labor and inventory. Streamlining processes associated with ordering and payment can save costs and even increase revenue.
  • It enriches customer experience. Because the platform has the ability to speed up your processes and cut waiting times, customers get to have richer experience and therefore, improved satisfaction, which result in repeat business.
  • It makes payment processing easier. Lavu can accept and process payments made through channels like contactless payment methods, magnetic strip cards and chip cards, making the payment process a breeze not only for users but for customers as well.

11. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides a host of helpful POS capabilities such as digital commerce, mobile-first POS and store operations, predictive analytics, and order management. Online sellers can use this platform to rationalize their businesses for enhanced efficiencies.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Einstein Predictive Sort feature lets you use customer info to cut customer product search time, resulting in more conversions. Fulfillment costs are also reduced and delivery times are accelerated with the tool’s Commerce Cloud Order Management functionality. It serves as a central data hub, helping agents handle updates, exchanges and returns regardless of where an order was originally placed. Finally, the system comes with mobile APIs that enable you to further enrich customer experience.

What is unique about Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

  • Nonstop innovation. The app is regularly upgraded to around eight times annually, resulting in enhancements and new functionalities for you, without making any disruption to your daily activities.
  • Shared revenue approach. Shared success is the business model used by this app, where the vendor is completely engaged to help you develop and achieve success.
  • ynamic community. Businesses can collaborate and benefit with a huge, dynamic online community of Salesforce users who actively share their experiences, success stories, and valuable insights.
  • Robust platform. This solution is a comprehensive platform that integrates robust capabilities for end-to-end business activities, resulting in accelerated time to value creation.

12. Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail is a web-based POS platform designed primarily for retailers’ use. Accessible from anywhere 24/7, this POS solution is ideal for multi-store and single shop businesses. Users will appreciate its various features such as jobs and timesheet capabilities, invoicing, quoting and ordering tools, robust reporting capabilities, and inventory management function. Lightspeed Retail allows users to shift from dealing with sales to management easily.

More functionalities come with the platform. Its inventory tracking capabilities offer you visibility into your inventory wherever they may be while accelerating movement of your products. Purchases are also centralized, allowing you to resupply any of your locations at the same time. It can also generate detailed reports so that you get clear visibility into all areas of your operations, enabling you to make data-driven decisions. Lastly, you only need to click a button to transfer products across locations, helping you increase sales and better serve your customers.

What is unique about Lightspeed Retail?

  • Not just a cash register. Users will receive a complete POS system that can also deal with inventory, customer relationship, and day-to-day sales functions.
  • Designed for retail and restaurant operation. Perfect for retailers and restaurant owners with store management and floor administration functionalities, etc.
  • Omnichannel retailing. Sell online or in-store, you can take advantage of a comprehensive eCommerce solution that allows you to run your store 24/7 the whole year.
  • Marketing capabilities. You can use a wide array of marketing functionalities such as built-in A/B testing, client feedback, social media integration, blogging system, and SEO tools.

13. QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS is a popular POS for fast and efficient management of customers, sales, and inventory. Offered in both Pro and Basic versions, this POS provides an extensive array of functions for businesses of any size, such as smart monitoring of client information and buying behavior to attain high customer engagement and loyalty, which translate to repeat purchases and increased revenues.

QuickBooks has been upgraded to make customer data easily accessible, allowing you to view details like remaining credit, purchase history, notes and account balance with just a single click. Customers also get improved checkout experiences as purchase tracking and sales history are available. This leads to repeat businesses and better customer loyalty. You can even distinguish high-selling from low-selling items through the reporting tool that comes with the app. Inventory levels are constantly updated while automatically creating inventory purchase orders.

What is unique about QuickBooks POS?

  • Solid credentials. With more than four million users globally, QuickBooks is among the most widely used financial solutions. Having an enormous customer base is a genuine proof of its usability and efficiency.
  • Extensive support. Users will greatly benefit from its comprehensive resource center that provides a huge library of tutorials, guides, videos, articles, and tools about the application, including other important topics like accounting, bookkeeping, finance, marketing, and sales.
  • Flexible tracking platform. Effectively monitor all your important tasks and business concerns—your employees, platform users, mileage, inventory, time, expenses, income, sales, tax, and customer purchases.
  • Deployment versatility. You can use it as a mobile app or an online service or install it in your device for on-premise utilization.

14. Shopify POS

Shopify POS is a POS system offered on iPads and iPhones by the Shopify e-commerce suite. You can use the application to manage both your online and physical stores.

With Shopify, approved users can do their selling on the app’s Instagram sales channel by tagging items in their posts and conduct sales transactions from within the social media platform. Merchants can likewise create, launch and monitor marketing campaign using Shopify, which makes it easier to run successful campaigns. Product promotion also gets a boost as checkout links can be created with a click of a button. These can be copied into email, SMS or social media posts. You can also monitor your inventory movement across your locations as the tool lets you view all locations from which products are sourced.

What is unique about Shopify POS?

  • Simple and straightforward. Used either as an integration to your online shop or as a stand-alone online platform, Shopify POS can be used without much technical background or extensive training.
  • Cloud-based processes. You can conduct your inventory tasks via the cloud, incorporate with the top retail hardware, and create extensive analytics and documentation.
  • Optimal for small businesses. With a comprehensive client support, smart features, and affordable pricing, it is particularly created for online retail businesses activities.
  • Complete eCommerce platform. Shopify POS is not your typical POS solution as it offers more functionalities such as allowing online transactions and approving online payments.

15. Skubana

Skubana assists online stores in pushing their sales using its sophisticated functionalities that some of today’s leading businesses use. This smart solution is able to integrate many useful features in one POS platform. Managing an online shop is indeed cumbersome and highly demanding. Skubana removes those inherent difficulties by enabling eCommerce store owners to achieve enhanced efficiency and time savings, including helping them arrive at sound business choices.

Skubana basically automates all aspects of your sales operation, from restocking to order fulfillment. This eliminates the need to engage in repetitive tasks, giving you time to focus on what’s important. It comes with powerful analytics that can give you an idea on how profitable your company is or how future demand will look like, which lead to data-driven decisions. The API that comes with the tool ensures that you can quickly adapt to changes in the business landscape, allowing you to customize the app to meet your requirements.

What is unique about Skubana?

  • Integrated omnichannel business. Unifies all the important tools necessary to help you operate your business efficiently and functions as the heart of your entire digital assets.
  • Automation engine. Automates and streamlines all your business transactions, such as purchase orders and fulfillment workflow.
  • Predictive analytics. Uses a robust business intelligence engine for making sound forecasts of market patterns and trends prior to their actual occurrence.
  • Unlimited expansion. Skubana’s totally open REST API allows limitless personalization of the primary application, together with a broad network of collaborating developers who are keen to boost your business activities.


POS software have indeed benefited small businesses, from brick-and-mortar stores to online sellers, revolutionizing the way these companies manage their sales transactions. By giving users the gift of automation, these platforms have gotten rid of the need to spend hours on  redundant sales processes, allowing users to focus on more important matters.

POS systems have also been taking over processes that have traditionally been the turf of third-party applications. Many such solutions offer additional functionalities like inventory management, reporting, and even accounting. But most importantly, POS software have been of great help to customers by helping accelerate the sales process and contributing to customer experience, whose benefits goes both ways. In this regard, Toast continues to lead the pack with its robust features and unparalleled benefits. You can find out more about its features if you sign up for Toast free demo here.

These benefits and more make these products very appealing to SMBs, helping them on their path to profitability and growth. So it’s no wonder that these tools continue to gain traction in this niche market.


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  • KoraDent says:

    I gave Vend a look, you mentioned that it can be used both online and offline. I’m not exactly sure how that works, can you also tell me if it applies to the free plan as well? If not, are there other services on this list I should consider? Much appreciated!

    • Alex says:

      Vend is an excellent alternative – it is beautifully crafted, easy to use, painless to connect – and foremost – it works in Offline Mode! What this means is that You will be able to process sales even if your internet connection goes down. Two minutes after the connection has dropped, you will get a dedicated Offline Mode banner with instructions how to proceed, and all the work you’ve done prior to it will be successfully saved. Note that this will only happen when you’re logged into the system with a valid account, and in case you’ve completed the initial sync.

      Using Vend in Offline Mode, you will have access to your current sales (cash, layby, and on-account); you will be able to add customers, accept orders, and view product information. The Offline Mode will not let you process integrated payments, edit & remove current customer profiles, or to discard and park sales. Once your Internet connection is back on, you may get an ‘Errored sales’ status, but you can solve this problem easily by clicking on ‘Retry errored sales’, and syncing the work you completed offline.

      Similar solutions you should consider are Webnexs POS, Retail POS, and Merchant Maverick.

  • Larry Owens says:

    I know TouchBistro, got some excellent recommendations on it, but unfortunately can’t afford it at this point of time. I’m still looking for a solution, but I’m not sure how smart it would be to invest in a custom POS just because it is cheaper. I’d certainly get a restaurant-exclusive one, as long as it fits my budget. Any suggestions in mind?

    • Alex says:

      TouchBistro is certainly a good place to look, as it compiles all vital functions of a smart restaurant POS. Their pricing starts at $69/month for a single license (SOLO plan), and you can use it to manage all POS operations excluding support for multiple terminals. Another restriction is that TouchBistro is devoted only to iPad users. A restaurant-friendly POS on this list that works on all devices is Toast POS, but keep in mind that pricing begins at $100/month.

      No need to worry, though. The good news is you can always find a different restaurant POS solution, either as a standalone product, or bundled within a larger venue management kit with multiple attractive functionalities. For more information, please visit our Best Restaurant Management Software page, and you will certainly find a product that works for you.

      An option is also to try a more affordable ‘one-size-fits-all’ POS and customize it to your needs. Looking up the list, we’d draw your attention particularly to Square Register (flexible and free to use) and QuickBooks POS (starts at $19.95 a month; integrates easily with your accounting system). For more ideas, check our Best POS Software list.

  • Anita Weiskerger says:

    We went with Lightspeed POS and we have been pretty happy with this, there is one REALLY big drawback for small retailers. Lightspeed will automatically add quantities of inventory to your “out of stock” inventory. This becomes a problem when selling your items on Ebay or Amazon Lightspeed will continue to sell items that you no longer have. This will force you to cancel orders and of course Ebay and Amazon are very unhappy with Seller who cancel orders repeatedly. We have been told that development is working towards a fix that will allow users to turn off this feature, great right? but it could take up to 6 months before it is rolled out. By that time Amazon and Ebay may have closed us down. No one there seems to understand the urgency of this issue. Very frustrated and disappointed.

  • Sarah says:

    Good post. i think this is quite informative and does cover quite a few good options for those looking for POS systems and software. Vend is quite a good choice and one that I have some good experience with. It also integrates rather well with Xero, so perfect if you’re already using Xero for payroll, etc. Thanks for sharing your views and advice!

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