15 Best POS Software Systems For Small Business

POS software is used by brick and mortar stores to conduct sales. They normally use a computer, cash register, or a tablet to enter the products, calculate the cost, and close the sale. Another advantage is many POS systems can monitor inventory levels to ensure stores keep enough products in stock. Big box retailers use advanced POS software that is custom designed for their greater needs. Smaller stores prefer cloud-based POS platforms. In this article, we detail the main features and benefits of the top POS software products in our database to help you shortlist and select the right app for your store needs.

1. Square Register – Our Score: 9.0/10

Square Register receives a SmartScore of 9.0 and its customer satisfaction rating is 97%. Our review team has selected Square Register as the best POS software app based on its high quality features. It is a free solution that can be used by businesses to take payments with Android or iOS devices in their shop counter or on the go. The system offers a magstripe reader that allows you to take payments via credit and debit cards. Other functions offered include item management and real-time sales and inventory tracking.

What makes Square Register the undisputed topper of the POS software for small business charts? The main reasons are it encourages fast transactions and generates sales reports, manages inventory, and stores digital receipts. Another benefit is the system offers smart reports and analytics that users can utilize to get feedback and insights on their operations and to make intelligent business decisions. On top of that, the solution is flexible and can be customized for the needs of both small and large companies. Plus, it is easy to use and can be implemented effortlessly.

Finally, the vendor constantly updates and improves the software with new features and modifications to help businesses operate more efficiently and productively.

2. Vend – Our Score: 9.0/10

Vend has been awarded a SmartScore of 9.0/10 and its user satisfaction rating is 99%. This is one of the best POS systems designed for iPad and is used by retail businesses to manage inventory, sales, and customers at an affordable cost. It is a flexible app that can be customized to support data entry with touchscreen or keyboard and mouse. Plus, the POS screen can be improved to enable access to popular processes or items.

Vend is designed to be compatible with systems and equipment such as cash drawers, barcode scanners, and receipt printers. It is a reliable POS software for small business that you can run on a web browser on PC, Mac, Android, and iPad devices. Interested users can easily download the iPad POS app from Apple’s App Store.

3. QuickBooks POS – Our Score: 8.8/10

We have given QuickBooks POS a SmartScore of 8.8/10 and user satisfaction rating of 88%. You can use this POS system to track inventory, sales, and customers quickly and effectively. The vendor offers Basic and Pro versions that businesses can use to cater to the needs of their customers. The app tracks customer information and provides useful features to help companies boost customer retention and loyalty to get repeat sales from them. A big advantage is the system tracks customers’ purchases which tells you what products and brands they usually buy.

QuickBooks POS can be deployed as a web-based service, on premise, and mobile solution. It is ideal for businesses of any size that can use it to accept payment via credit cards. Useful features include customer management and inventory management. The vendor also offers additional hardware such as receipt printers and barcode scanners.

4. Salesforce Commerce Cloud – Our Score: 8.8/10

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly known as Demandware) gets a SmartScore of 8.8/10 and user satisfaction rating of 99%. The vendor offers useful features such as order management, predictive intelligence, mobile-first POS and store operations, and digital commerce. Businesses can use this app to streamline their operations from purchase to post-sale service.

Commerce Cloud offers features in three categories — experience, operations, and intelligence. Experience functionality help you to streamline content, products, promotions, and pricing to interact more effectively with customers. Operations features help you to improve core functions and link processes from order fulfillment to back-office work. Intelligence tools empower you with business insights and customer personalization capabilities. Together, these features improve commerce across multiple channels such as call center, store, kiosk, web, and mobile.

5. Fast Spring – Our Score: 8.8/10

Fast Spring has been awarded a SmartScore of 8.8/10 and customer satisfaction rating of 97%. This app deserves the fifth place as it is suitable for websites that sell SaaS, software, apps, and digital products. Not surprisingly, this solution has been designed and developed by e-commerce experts.

The notable feature is Fast Spring uses advanced technologies to help users maintain e-commerce engines and databases. They can use its innovative features to boost sales. Businesses can even cater to overseas clients and still ensure privacy and security.

Fast Spring has won several awards for its efficient services. It has received the Stevie Award three times in the category of Computers and Software for its outstanding customer service.

6. Shopify POS – Our Score: 8.7/10

Shopify POS gets a SmartScore of 8.7/10 and user satisfaction rating of 98%. It is a POS system offered iPads and iPhones by the Shopify e-commerce suite. You can use the application to manage both your online and physical stores.

To help merchants, Shopify POS offers a complete system including its proprietary card reader (powered by Swipe), a Socket Mobile barcode scanner, APG cash drawers, and Star Micronics receipt printer. To use the system, merchants need to buy a newer iPad version. You can buy all the hardware on Shopify’s website or you can also buy and use compatible hardware that integrates smoothly with the POS system.

7. Skubana – Our Score: 8.6/10

Skubana has been given a SmartScore of 8.6/10 and its user satisfaction rating is a perfect 100%. This app deserves seventh place because it helps e-commerce websites to boost their sales. It offers modern features that are used by top companies.

Skubana is an intuitive and smartly designed software that offers all useful features in a single app. It can be tough to manage an e-commerce store but owners can use this platform to save time and improve efficiency. The application also helps them to make smart business decisions.

The vendor believes it is essential to get at least 1,000 orders per month and to help e-commerce websites manage this business, they provide numerous useful features. You can learn the ropes by visiting the product website and checking out the demos for warehouse setup, ordering, shipping setup and more.

8. Erply – Our Score: 8.6/10

Erply gets a SmartScore of 8.6/10 and customer satisfaction rating of 92%. We are impressed with this leading web-based retail system as it helps business owners to easily manage their operations. The solution is simple to use, stable, and affordable. It is a cloud-based POS and inventory management platform that retailers can use to mange multi-store operations.

Erply offers a robust API that retailers can use to integrate it with their existing solutions to enable centralized management. The vendor helps them by providing a list of the numerous systems and POS apps that users can integrate. This system is used by more than 100,000 customers with a majority of them based in the US. Erply also has a global customer base as it is an ideal app for businesses of any scale and in any industry.

9. Bindo POS – Our Score: 8.6/10

Bindo POS has been awarded a SmartScore of 8.6/10 and its customer satisfaction rating is 95%. This app deserves ninth place because it is a cloud-based solution that allows customers to buy online from anywhere using their mobile device.

Moreover, it integrates smoothly with CRM apps to help you engage your clients positively and build profitable business relationships with them. A notable feature is Bindo POS offers inbuilt analytics you can use to track inventory and make intelligent decisions related to inventory management. Customers can easily order and receive products from your online store. This makes buying and selling simple and enhances customer experience.

We are impressed that Bindo POS supports e-commerce sites and third party apps such as Xero and QuickBooks. You can use the system to boost your business efficiency by reducing costs and improving sales.

10. Booker – Our Score: 8.5/10

Booker gets a SmartScore of 8.5/10 and user satisfaction rating of 98%. We like that it is a user-friendly business management app that you can use to effectively manage your company. You can utilize it to access your business information and data anywhere, anytime using any internet-connected device. The big advantage is your customers can book appointments and classes anytime from your mobile app, website, or social accounts. On top of that, the vendor has proven expertise which makes the tool reliable and secure.

We are impressed that Booker enables you to track and report on all your business activities to identify thriving areas as well as those that need improvement. Plus, you can use the partner sites of the Booker Marketing Network to expand your company’s reach and get more business from new customers.  In short, this app gives your customers a range of booking options to contact you from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

11. Toast POS – Our Score: 8.5/10

Toast POS receives a SmartScore of 8.5/10 and user satisfaction rating of 60%. This POS solution is different as it is designed for restaurants. It helps users to keep their accounts updated easily and conveniently by offering helpful features and options that they can also use to enhance customer satisfaction.

The vendor is based in Boston, MA, USA and their sales reps work in nine other states. You can use this single software to manage restaurant bookings, stock, and online ordering. The big advantage is you can use Toast POS to enhance your business by saving time and improving your organization capability. You can provide quality services and also cross check them through order tracking and data reports.

12. Lightspeed Retail – Our Score: 8.5/10

Lightspeed Retail is a platform-agnostic, point of sale system that is accessible from anywhere and at anytime. Created with retailers in mind, Lightspeed Retail is built to address point of sale requirements whether your business is a single store or a multi-shop enterprise. Businesses will find their day-to-day operations streamlined and smooth with Lightspeed Retail.

With Lightspeed Retail, users receive inventory management tools, powerful reporting features, quoting, ordering and invoicing tools, as well as jobs and timesheet capabilities. With Lightspeed OnSite POS, users can smoothly switch from management to sales in no time.

In terms of hardware, Lightspeed Retail. is designed to run on Mac or any iOS device. If your business needs additional hardware, Lightspeed can supply you a number of options, such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers.

13. Miva Merchant – Our Score: 8.4/10

Miva Merchant has been awarded a SmartScore of 8.4/10 and its customer satisfaction rating is 97%. We have selected this app in 13th place because it is an ideal e-commerce system for modern businesses of any size. The best part is it offers high quality features at an affordable price.

Miva stands out because it offers convenient services that are used by top businesses in the US who have utilized it to generate $100 billion in sales over the past two decades. No wonder, it is a top-rated app on G2Crowd.com. The vendor offers an online tour to familiarize users with the various features. Plus, they provide sales help as well as customizable automation options to help you stay ahead of the competition.

14. Worldpay Total Mobile – Our Score: 8.3/10

Worldpay Total Mobile gets a SmartScore of 8.3/10 and customer satisfaction rating of 98%. It is a convenient payment solution that links to an app on Android and iOS mobile devices. Businesses can use it to take payments anywhere without debit card or credit card transactions. This application is produced by Worldpay Total which offers payment solutions for companies.

The main advantage is you can accept payments even on the move using a keypad and your mobile device. This can help you to personalize the customer experience and boost user satisfaction. The platform’s mobile payment setup makes it a suitable payment app for both field sales and retail environments.

15. Poster POS – 8.0/10

Poster POS is a cloud-based tablet point-of-sale system that enables businesses, specifically cafes, restaurants, and shops to take orders, manage inventory levels, monitor stocks, and more. The system is easy to set up, with your whole POS tool up and running in 15 minutes.

Poster POS is a simple, intuitive, and straightforward application that doesn’t demand extensive personnel training. Once the software is installed and running, your waiters and staff can quickly learn the system in just minutes, allowing them to sell and serve customers almost out of the box. Being a cloud-based system, you can manage your business even if you are miles away from the office via any browser from any device.


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