What Are The Benefits Of Using An Online Learning Management System?

lms3There are still some people invovled in staff training and teaching who whave not heard about the benefits of web-based learning management system. Using these services is a way for many companies and institutions to save some time and money and to easily train large groups of employees.

eLearning is becoming more and more poular with businesses and educational institutions. In this guide we’ll discuss the most important ways in which LMS services can benefit your business and we’ll look at reasons why and if you should get one.

But before we tackle the benefits of eLearning, let us first discuss the question: “What is eLearning management system?

eLearning management systems are, in general, available on the Internet. They can be accessed by users logging into the site of a service provider. Instead of installing course management and design software on all the learners’ computers, instructional designers can just use their Internet browsers to create new courses, upload course content, and communicate directly with learners. These activities are all done using a secure learning management system, allowing designers to store information on the Internet, which can be accessed remotely by learners, or other approved users.


Online learning management systems offer a number of benefits to companies and groups.

What are the benefits of using online learning management systems?

What are the benefits of using an online learning management system? There are a number of benefits associated with using eLearning system for both educational and businesses purposes. A comparison of what are the benefits of using an online learning management system show some of the most notable advantages.

Startup costs are lower

Because you do not need to purchase a software program, eLearning systems typically have lower costs. You also do not need to devote too much time or look for people to install programs, work out glitches, or make sure that the program is installed within the organization or among its approved users. What you need to do is just sign up with the service provider of the eLearning system and begin producing your courses and content. As a number of eLearning software (and even hardware) programs can prove to be sizeable investments, the fact that they can be accessed on the Internet and thus affordable has made such systems particularly appealing for organizations that are smaller or medium-sized. Some systems even allow free or demo options for organizations, allowing unlimited trials before finally signing up for a subscription.

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Enhanced data security

While a lot of institutions and companies are using eLearning systems nowadays, they are still using the popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate with learners or their collaborators. Unfortunately, many of these sites do not offer enough security features. For instance, some course designers may share information as well as ideas remotely through the eLearning system without the need to worry about the data being stolen or lost, as long as the data obviously are hosted on platforms that are safer to use and/or encrypted. A lot of eLearning management systems these days ensure security of data as well as privacy of their user base. They make sure that all transactions, connections, and communications, that go in and out of the site are secure. They also offer the use of top payment providers such as PayPal or direct credit-card payment services that allow companies to analyze user demographics without having to worry about the security of their online transactions.

Improved accessibility

What are the benefits of using an online learning management system? One notable benefit is the improved accessibility for course designers, collaborators, learners, and other approved users. Learners can learn anywhere, anytime compared with just solely relying upon courses that are software-based. Even if they are faraway or have a different time zone, users can log in to their account and begin understanding and participating in lessons generally without limitations. They can access the courses and information from any device, whether it is a desktop, tablet, laptop, or a smartphone. That is also the same case with instructional designers who can use any of their Internet-ready devices to upload course content and communicate with learners and other collaborators.

Faster deployment

Generally, eLearning systems are quicker to set up and need less time to deploy. You could sign up with a service provider in one day, and have the learners and collaborators use the system the next day. You do not need to download or install a hardware or software program, so you can quickly assess if the system is working for you in just a few minutes. Thus, you can start the training at the soonest time possible, and offer them courses (or even accept new enrolments) in a short matter of time. Comparing it with the deployed education system, eLearning systems that are available on the Internet reduces the time to setup, the learning curve of this new system, and preparedness to launch.

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Cost predictability

With an eLearning system that is available on the Internet, you instantly have an idea of how much you are going to shell out for your expenses every month. You can immediately see the hosting and service expenses you need to pay for, rather than buying a software program that may include extra features that cost additional fees. In addition, you can also choose plans based on your activity or the number of registered users.

Easier to maintain

In general, service providers that offer learning management systems accessible on the Internet already have IT staff on hand, taking away your worries over possible glitches and other operational issues that waste your time and resources. In addition, new features as well as upgraded functionalities are already available on-site, and you do not need to look for a person or pay for extra money to get these.

In case you want to learn more about learning management systems or LMS, eLearning Guild has 311 tips on the management of an LMS. In addition, eLearning Industry also has “Top Learning Management System Trends for 2014”.

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