List of Payroll Software Companies in 2020

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What is the best payroll software company?
The best payroll software company is arguably Intuit, the vendor that brought us the most widely used accounting and payroll solution: QuickBooks. Its signature product considered as an industry benchmark, Intuit is uniquely positioned as an “expert of experts” when it comes to seamlessly integrating your finances and payroll processes. The result, a more accurate and efficient way of paying employees and ensuring profitability.

Are you looking for a payroll software company that fits your business needs? If yes, we are here to help you. This article offers expert reviews on 20 top payroll software companies in the market. We provide a brief background about each vendor, their application’s top features and benefits, and an introduction to their pricing scheme.

List of Payroll Software Companies

To start, let’s take a look at a few pain points that impact payroll management. In small and medium-sized companies, the HR staff have to process payroll which increases their workload. Second, the calculation of each employee’s salary can be difficult as you have to consider their pay scale, variables, deductions etc. Storing payroll records securely is another headache. Other common issues are tracking of absence, incompatible software, payroll statutory contributions, and timely payroll processing. Needless to say, a quality payroll software can help you overcome quite a few of these pain points as it automates payroll processing and helps you save time and effort.

This brings us to the next section: What are the most admired features in payroll software? We would like to point out these four:

  1. Direct deposit. This enables companies to pay their employees more quickly and securely.
  2. Tax filing assistance. Tax calculation is tedious and payroll software helps here as it automatically calculates federal, state, and local taxes as well as social security.
  3. Employee self-service. Staff members can help themselves on things such as paid time off balance, W-2 forms, pay stubs etc. They do not need to bother HR employees for these details.
  4. Reporting. Payroll reports provide actionable insights on data such as workers’ compensation, budget, taxes and more. Accounting and HR units can use these insights to improve their processes.

What to Look For in a Payroll Software Solution

Even as we present the top payroll software solutions it doesn’t mean they are your only options. There are dozens of them out there. In your quest to find the perfect fit, you can be guided by these timely reminders:

  1. Can the solution streamline your process? Evaluate the workflow to check if the software can automate and streamline your payroll process. It should allow your staff to upload payroll details easily and also offer employee self-service options.
  2. A designated payroll expert. The vendor should provide a designated payroll expert who will act as your contact point and help you with specialized setup, tax considerations and other business needs. You should be able to depend on this specialist for assistance on any issue and get your queries promptly addressed.
  3. Latest functionality. Cloud-based payroll software with mobile integration enables your HR staff to process and approve payroll from anywhere. Your staff members can access their info online from a single dashboard and not to have to pose questions to your HR employees. Top payroll software offer advanced data analysis and reporting capabilities to help you get operable insights on trends and patterns, and make informed decisions.
  4. Seamless integration. The payroll solution should smoothly integrate with the other business applications you use for recruiting, background check, accounting, employee benefits and other processes. This integrated software network can provide more accurate info and reduce the time your staff spend on administrative tasks.
  5. Customizable for your needs. Do not invest in a one-size-fits-all solution. Today, there is diversity in employment situations, regulatory environment and other business matters. Therefore, purchase a payroll software that can be customized for your unique business needs which maybe providing support for specialized tax reporting or implementing different payroll schedules. Another advantage is a flexible platform will be able to scale with your company to meet future growth and demand.

Factors that Make a Great Payroll Software

Also keep in mind these three key aspects when considering a payroll software product. They are not the main features, but they will affect the features and how you use them in the long run.

  1. Value for money. Do not opt for a payroll solution based only on price. Low-cost platforms may offer limited functionality and support. Therefore, do your research properly and select a provider that offers great features and support. Do not mind paying more for this vendor’s software and services as you are sure to get great value for money.
  2. Scalability. Every business plans for growth and therefore it is essential that your software solutions are also able to keep up with the increase in demand. As you add more employees, your payroll platform should be able to scale accordingly and meet their needs. A low-cost program may be adequate for a small business, but fast-growing companies need to look beyond and purchase a high-quality payroll software as their business expands and increases in size.
  3. Dedicated support. The vendor should be able to provide prompt support via multiple channels to resolve your queries. As mentioned earlier, it would be ideal if they designate a specialist to help you with your payroll questions and issues. Register for a free trial and call their support team to check out their service quality before you subscribe to a paid plan.

Now that you have a good grasp of the fundamentals of payroll software and management, let’s get down to business and take a close look at the capabilities of each program in our selected list of payroll software companies. Please note the 20 companies are listed in random order and not according to any ranking. For more details about each software feel free to read our payroll software reviews.

20 Top Payroll Software Companies of 2020

1. Gusto

Launched in 2012, Gusto has offices in San Francisco and Denver, and the company’s goal is to simplify complex business processes such as payroll, benefits, and HR for its customers. Its software is being implemented by more than 60,000 firms nationwide. If you want to try the features for a test run you can easily do so when you sign up for a Gusto free trial.


An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out Gusto with their free trial

The platform automates the calculation, payment, and filing of a firm’s federal, state, and local payroll taxes. Plus, it enables enterprises to pay via check or direct deposit, automate payroll processes to minimize errors, and save time in managing bookkeeping.

If you face any issues, you can contact the vendor’s support team via chat, phone, or email. The agents are based in San Francisco and Denver, and are on duty on weekdays from 6am to 5pm Pacific.

Pricing: Gusto offers 3 pricing packages:

  • Core Plan: Full-Service Payroll – $39/mo base + $6/mo per person
  • Complete Plan: Full-Service Payroll + Advanced HR Tools – $39/mo base + $12/mo per person
  • Concierge Plan: Full-Service Payroll + Advanced HR Tools + Certified HR Advisors – $149/mo base + $12/mo per person

Headquarters: San Francisco, US

Main Product: Gusto

2. QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro is a product of Intuit, a Fortune 100 American company that has been in the business of providing top finance software since 1983. For 36 years, the company has amassed a loyal following due to its modern, intuitive, and user-friendly business tools. It mainly offers four products: TurboTax, Mint, ProConnect, and QuickBooks. Intuit earns 95% of its profits from activities in the United States. It has 19 headquarters in 9 countries.

Intuit went public in 1993, ten years after it was founded. Its current CEO is Sasan Goodrazi and it currently has 9,000 employees worldwide. People Magazine enlisted Intuit as one of its 50 Companies That Care for Intuit’s policies when it comes to its employees’ pets. Its employees are offered pet insurance and can opt to have a paid day off whenever a pet passes away. Its employees also contributed a total of 30,000 hours of paid time off to charities all over the world. It’s considered by Forbes Magazine as one of Best Employers for Diversity.

QuickBooks Pro is its flagship product when it comes to payroll processing. It’s the most popular payroll provider for businesses as it streamlines the process and delivers accurate bookkeeping and accounting results in real-time. It gives its users the luxury of having more time to handle core business functions as it takes care of all payroll needs.

QuickBooks Pro gives its users the option to choose between operating the software manually or relying on a fully automated payroll process that dedicated QuickBooks experts handle.

QuickBooks Pro tools include the payroll processing of both employees and contractors. A 24-hour direct deposit is available together with calculated paychecks, payroll taxes and W-2 forms with a no-penalty guarantee. Support is available 24/7.

You can easily check out its features if you sign up for a QuickBooks Pro free trial here.

Pricing: QuickBooks Pro offers 2 pricing packages:

  • Self Service Payroll Plan: $18/month + $4/month per person
  • Full Service Payroll Plan: $40/month + $4/month per person

Headquarters: Mountain View, California, US

Main Product: QuickBooks

3. OnPay

OnPay is based in Atlanta, GA and it claims to process more than $2 billion in payroll each year for businesses across all 50 US states. We have included OnPay in this list of payroll software companies because this solution is easy to use and yet offers scalable features for small and medium-sized businesses. You can, in fact, sign up for an OnPay free trial here before subscribing to a plan to see if the features fit your payroll process.


An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out OnPay with their free trial

It automates payment workflows and tax filing, and streamlines payroll processes. Entering essential payroll info such as hours, tips, bonuses, and reimbursements is seamlessly performed. Plus, it manages unlimited payroll runs for 1099 contract workers and W-2 employees. OnPay takes care of calculating your federal and state payroll taxes, and filing of tax forms. They are very confident of their accuracy and are willing to take responsibility in case there are any errors in tax calculation and filing.

Pricing: OnPay has a simple pricing scheme. Your first month is free and after that the base fee is $36/month for online payroll. Each user (employees and contractors) costs $4/month to be added to the base fee. Thus, the total monthly charge depends on the number of active users.

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Main Product: OnPay

4. ADP Workforce Now

The parent company ADP provides payroll, global HCM, and outsourcing services in 113 countries. ADP Workforce Now is an online HR software designed for midsize companies. This platform collects and automates your company’s HR processes in a single dashboard. Top features include benefits management, payroll, talent management, and time and attendance. You can use this effective tool to manage your staff members’ holidays and benefits, and effortlessly generate insightful reports. The vendor provides video tutorials, demo, and online support to help you make good use of the software.

Pricing: ADP Workforce Now’s pricing info is available only on request. Contact their official sales or support to get pricing details.

Headquarters: Roseland, NJ

Main Products: ADP Workforce Now, ADP TotalSource, ADP Smart Compliance, ADP Comprehensive Services, and ADP Streamline

5. Xero

Xero is based in New Zealand and was founded in 2006. This accounting software is popular in the US, UK, European, and Australian markets. From modest beginnings, the company has grown worldwide and currently has 20 offices around the globe. This software is easy to launch and use, and doesn’t need complex training. It simplifies tedious financial operations from data entry to deep accounting, and helps you save the time spent on searching voluminous records. Users can manage all contacts and transactions from the same page. Key features include GST returns, fixed assets, multi-currency, inventory, and financial reporting.

Pricing: Xero offers a 30-day free trial and 3 pricing packages:

  • Starter Plan – $9/month
  • Standard Plan – $30/month
  • Premium 10 Plan – $70/month

Headquarters: Wellington, New Zealand

Main Products: Xero

6. Dayforce HCM

Dayforce HCM is a product of Ceridian which is a global human capital management (HCM) software company. Dayforce HCM is its flagship product and this cloud-based solution offers capabilities such as HR management, talent management, document management, benefits, analytics, payroll and tax, and workforce management. The platform provides businesses access to real-time data on all elements of HCM. You can use it to find the best talent, process pay, manage benefits and compliance, maintain HR records, schedule employees with work-life balance and more. This software doesn’t provide a user interface and offers one user experience.

Pricing: Dayforce HCM pricing info is available by quote only. Contact the company to get a custom quote for your specific needs.

Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN

Main Products: Dayforce HCM, Powerpay, HR / Payroll

7. Wave

Wave was founded in 2010 in Canada and it has built an impressive track record since then. The company boasts 3 million customers and has recorded more than $200 billion in income and expenses tracked, $77 million in investments, and $20 billion in invoices sent annually. Wave is a free app that offers accounting, receipt scanning, and invoicing features that are ideal for small businesses and self-employed professionals such as consultants, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. The platform is simple to set up and use, and presents an easily navigable dashboard that displays all you need to view. It simplifies invoicing and accounting processes, and enables you to effortlessly manage employees and taxes, chase payments, and track expenses.

Pricing: Wave is absolutely free to use. The company offers paid payroll and credit card processing services in select countries.

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Main Products: Wave

8. Zenefits

Zenefits was founded in San Francisco in 2013. Today, the company boasts over 10,000 small to midsize business clients located in all 50 states, greater than 500,000 employees onboarded, and more than 500 employees in its offices in the US, India, and Canada. The software simplifies HR administration and complex payroll processes, and helps businesses make good use of their limited resources. Key features include payroll sync, insurance benefits, employee directory, business intelligence, mobile optimization, ACA compliance, hiring and onboarding, customer support and more. The platform integrates all HR solutions in a single easy-to-use dashboard which gives companies greater control and more confidence in their compliance as well as better access for their employees.

Pricing: Zenefits offers 2 pricing packages:

  • Standard Plan: $40 base fee/mo + $6/mo/employee (monthly contract) or $5/mo/employee (annual contract)
  • Advanced Plan: $40 base fee/mo + $12/mo/employee (monthly contract) or $9/mo/employee (annual contract)

Headquarters: San Francisco, US

Main Product: Zenefits

9. Intuit Payroll

Intuit develops and sells accounting, financial, and tax preparation software products for small businesses, individual users, and accountants. Intuit Payroll offers affordable yet robust packages that can suit the needs of budgets of different types of companies. They can use this application to pay their staff members on time and accurately, while saving time doing this process. With this platform, you can automate payroll tax calculations, generate unlimited paychecks and more. The vendor is renowned for providing top notch support from live specialists. Main features include step-by-step assistance with setup, compliance service, workers’ compensation, hiring tips and tools, and online chat with a payroll expert.

Pricing: Intuit Payroll offers the following pricing packages:

  • Basic Plan – $20/month + $2/employee/month
  • Enhanced Plan – $31.20/month + $2/employee/month
  • Full Service Plan – $79.20/month + $2/employee/month
  • Full Service Payroll Online – $79.20/month + $2/employee/month
  • Assisted Payroll for QuickBooks Desktop – $79.20/month + $2/employee/month

Headquarters: Mountainview, CA

Main Products: Intuit Payroll, QuickBooks, TurboTax, Lacerte, and ProSeries

10. Namely

Namely was launched in New York City in 2012 and today the company’s HR software is used by over 1,000 mid-sized companies and their 175,000 employees. This comprehensive platform unifies features such as payroll, benefits, and talent management in a single solution. It is a cloud-based application that enables businesses to streamline HR processes and manage compliance. Namely is designed for mid-market companies and helps them to easily manage employee info and accurately calculate paychecks to show contributions for benefits and deductions for taxes. Top features are 401k, employee wellness, health insurance, roles and permissions, and time off tracking.

Pricing: Namely provides pricing info only on request. Contact the company to get a custom quote for your business needs.

Headquarters: New York City

Main Product: Namely

11. Sage HRMS

Sage is a British multinational software company that offers products in categories such as accounting, payment, human capital management (HCM), payroll and others. Sage HRMS is designed for small and medium-sized companies and provides them a great set of HR tools to fully maximize their employees’ potential from the recruitment stage to talent management and more. This unified HR solution combines modules for payroll, applicant tracking, performance reviews, benefits, and employee self-service. Its robust payroll functionality can support the needs of businesses in varied industries such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and retail, to name a few.

Pricing: Sage offers tailored pricing plans for the needs of each client. Contact the company for more details.

Headquarters: Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Main Products: Sage Intacct, Sage 50cloud, Sage 100cloud, Sage 300cloud, Sage300 Construction and Real Estate and many more.

12. KashFlow

Founded in 2005, KashFlow provides online accounting software solutions for small businesses. The company was acquired by IRIS in 2013. The best part is even non-accountants can easily use KashFlow as it eliminates the stress of accounting and bookkeeping for small business owners and enables them to focus their time and efforts on important operations. The software offers automated features and integrated add-ons such as Dropbox, PayPal and more. With this platform, you can track your expenses, balance your books, generate quotes quickly, and produce customizable invoices. As it is cloud hosted, you can manage your accounting tasks from anywhere, anytime. Main features include 50+ business reports, stock management, 100+ add-ons with other software, expense recording, and banking level account security.

Pricing: KashFlow offers the following pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan – £7 (about $9.77)/ month + VAT
  • Business Plan – £13 (about $18.14)/month + VAT
  • Business + Payroll bundle – £18 (about $25.12)/month + VAT

Headquarters: London, UK

Main Product: KashFlow

13. Keka HR

Keka is based in Hyderabad, India and the word means “awesome” in Telugu. The company’s founders were frustrated by clunky HR software and wished to create an easy-to-use and effective HR and payroll solution for enterprises. Keka HR automates even complex payroll and HR tasks to enable HR teams to work faster and more accurately. Businesses can use this modern software system to graduate from old-fashioned workforce management methods. Numerous global brands including Nokia, UpGrad, and Honda are using this tool to improve their processes. Top features include applicant tracking, performance management, statutory compliance, GPS attendance, and timesheets.

Pricing: Keka HR offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Foundation Plan – INR 4,999/mo (about $74) for up to 100 employees. INR 30/mo (about $0.44) per additional employee.
  • Strength Plan – INR 6,999/mo (about $104) for up to 100 employees. INR 60/mo (about $0.89) per additional employee.
  • Growth Plan – INR 9,999/mo (about $148) for up to 100 employees. INR 90/mo (about $1.33) per additional employee.

Headquarters: Hyderabad, India

Main Product: Keka HR

14. Kronos Workforce Ready

Kronos provides cloud solutions for human capital management and workforce management as well as education, support, and consulting services to its customers. Kronos Workforce Ready is a robust cloud-based HR solution that provides scalable functionality that automates key HR management processes. Top features include payroll, time and attendance, scheduling, benefits management, employee training, customized onboarding, and self-service tool. With this software, HR managers can engage employees, and attract and hire the best talent. Company staff members can easily access and take out reports from the employee database, and implement needed workflows. This platform is used by companies in a range of industries such as manufacturing, financial services, retail, distribution, education, health care and more.

Pricing: Kronos Workforce Ready’s pricing info is not publicly available. Contact the company through their website to get a price quote.

Headquarters: Lowell, MA

Main Products: Workforce Ready, Workforce Central, and Workforce Dimensions

15. Justworks

Justworks was founded in 2012 and today has customers in all 50 states. This HR platform eases the workload of HR officers and managers, and enables them to work more effectively. It provides automation options, payroll services, calendar management, document storage, compensation management and other useful features. You can use the software to manage employee benefits, leaves, salaries and other HR aspects. The application allows you to customize your firm’s policies on vacations and leaves. Use a single interface to manage time off requests, sick leaves, holiday calendars and more.

Pricing: Justworks offers 2 pricing packages:

Basic Plan

  • $79/employee/mo (billed annually) or $99/employee/mo (billed monthly) for 2 to 4 members.
  • $49/employee/month (billed annually) or $59/employee/mo (billed monthly) for 5 to 24 members.
  • $39/employee/ mo (billed annually) or $49/employee/mo (billed monthly) for 25 to 99 members.
  • For more than 100 members get a quote.

Plus Plan

  • $79/employee/mo (billed annually) or $99/employee/mo (billed monthly) for 2 to 4 members.
  • $69/employee/mo (billed annually) or $89/employee/mo (billed monthly) for 5 to 24 members.
  • $59/employee/mo (billed annually) or $79/employee/mo (billed monthly) for 25 to 99 members.
  • For more than 100 members contact the company for a quote.

Headquarters: New York City

Main Product: Justworks

16. Paybooks

Paybooks was founded in 2012 in India and today more than 2,000 companies use its software to automate their payroll, stay compliant, and make their employees happy. This online payroll platform is designed to simplify and streamline the payroll processes and workflows of businesses in India. It offers a smart and neat dashboard as well as a wizard to enable users to easily do their payroll tasks. You can produce compliance reports directly from the platform including Form 16, Income Tax, ESI, Professional Tax, Provident Fund and more. The company has a partnership with ICICI Bank and automatically sends employees’ salaries from the system. Main features include role-based user profiles, auto sync with biometric devices, auto generation of salary slips, ready bank statements, and employee exit management.

Pricing: Paybooks pricing starts at INR 1,800/mo (about $27) for up to 20 employees and INR 50/mo (about $0.74) for each additional employee.

Headquarters: Bengaluru, India

Main Product: Paybooks

17. AccountEdge

AccountEdge is a product of Priority Software which offers customized, flexible, and cost-effective ERP solutions. Its software applications are used by more than 8,700 businesses around the world. AccountEdge is a desktop accounting and management platform for small business. You can use it to manage contacts, bill for time, build and track inventory, run payroll, and create and track sales and purchases. In short, the tool enables you to run your operations efficiently and easily. On the product’s official website you can get free email support as well as self-help resources such as a discussion forum, support library, and knowledge base. Unlike a lot of other companies which have outsourced their support processes, AccountEdge offers US-based phone support to customers.

Pricing: AccountEdge Pro is priced at $499 for a new user. Optional single-user upgrade costs $359 while multi-user/Network Edition upgrades cost $399.

Headquarters: Rockaway, NJ

Main Products: Pro small business accounting, AccountEdge Connect, and AccountEdge Mobile

18. Abila MIP Fund Accounting

Abila provides software and services to nonprofit organizations and associations. Abila MIP Fund Accounting offers useful financial management tools to the leaders, managers, and employees of these organizations. It streamlines important fundraising processes such as grant management, accounting, and fund management to improve the functionality and performance of its customers. With this software, you can perform a range of financial management tasks including planning, managing, organizing, and analyzing budgets, maximizing financial grants, and generating personalized reports to maintain records. The application also automates your balance sheets and financial statements to minimize the risk of errors.

Pricing: Abila MIP Fund Accounting pricing info is offered by quote only. Contact the company for more details.

Headquarters: Austin, TX

Main Products: MIP Fund Accounting and MIP Advance

19. On-Time Web

On-Time Web is a product of Customware Inc. which has been offering business accounting and technology products to its customers since 1985. This platform integrates expense monitoring, attendance, and time tracking features in a single solution. You can use this robust tracking tool to monitor your staff members’ working hours, leaves, and absences, and make sure all your expenses are accounted for. The best part is you can manage your employees’ schedules from anywhere, anytime, using any internet-ready device. This allows you to view and approve leave requests even on the go. Finally, the program seamlessly integrates with your payroll solutions and workflows to streamline your payroll processes.

Pricing: On-Time Web’s pricing scheme is flexible and is based on the number of users. The company also offers optional add-ons.

Headquarters: Frankfort, KY

Main Products: On-Time Web

20. InStaff

We have included InStaff in this list of payroll software companies because it is a popular online pay stub distribution service that syncs seamlessly with any existing payroll solution including Sage Payroll, QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, and QuickBooks Payroll Online. The application eliminates the tedious manual work of printing and placing pay stubs in envelopes during pay time, and thus saves precious money and time for organizations. In addition, you don’t have to email pay stubs to workers as Instaff offers them a secure portal that they can access from anywhere, anytime to view their pay stubs and tax forms. In short, this payroll software digitizes the method in which companies share pay stubs with their staff members and replaces the need to use printers, paper, and envelopes.

Pricing: InStaff offers quote-based pricing. Contact the company for more info.

Headquarters: Mississauga, ON, Canada

Main Products: InStaff, Notedock, OnAccount, and HuLib

Remember that vendor reliability is one major factor to consider when choosing accounting software for small business. All the vendors above are vetted and have years of experience providing tested solutions. And when it comes to brand trust, you can start with Intuit, the company that brings us the most ubiquitous name in accounting software. You can easily try its features when you sign up for a QuickBooks Pro free trial here.

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