Businesses Need Strategies for UC Tools to Feed on Strategic Digital Neuromarketing Practices in 2017

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Gone are the days of traditional marketing trends for business growth. Digital revolution has globalized the entire business world. It has changed the way businesses market themselves for constant growth on a daily basis. Businesses are fast switching to strategic digital psychological marketing practices via unified communication tools. Perfect execution of communication strategy via UC tools plays an important role in the process of increasing customer’s engagement with brands/services and products.

Strategy for Unified Communication is a Strong Pillar of Successful Strategic Digital Neuromarketing:

Unified Communication is a technological digital Neuromarketing revolution. Almost 700800 marked their inception in 2016 and registered for Unified Communication tools. Even 69% established companies in the world are also using this technological digital Neuromarketing revolution beyond basic E-mail marketing for increasing customer’s engagement with their brand/product and services.

Modern Businesses focus on Strategies for Unified Communications for Some Solid Reasons:

Psychological form of business marketing through Unified Communications has been around since 1980s. It was available in three forms mentioned below:

  • Voice Mail
  • IVR
  • E-mails

Gradually, the market of strategy Unified Communication has almost grown up to the amount of $2.43 billion and this amount is only increasing. Most of the businesses are realizing the importance of strategies for Unified Communication to improve ROI (Return on Investment) and TCO (Total Cost Ownership) and many other business related things for a number of reasons:

  • Almost 80 billion devices are likely to get connected to internet. This could possibly be a huge opportunity for businesses to generate leads to add to their Hard and Soft ROI.
  • Nearly 11 devices connected to internet by 2020 will help businesses seek a profitable digital platform for allowing customers to speak their psychological experience with their products/services to his/her near and dear ones. This could possibly inspire customers get engaged with their brand/product or service.
  • 97% companies in the world invest in Strategies for Unified Communication to make their employees working from home an integral/valuable part of a true organization. As for reason, 104% increase in the growth of non-self-employed population across the globe since 2016. This number is almost up to 3.7 billion freelancers.
  • Businesses have seen 27% improvement in the results of their strategic digital Neuromarketing practices executed by their employees working from home because they felt connected to their workplace via Unified Communication tools and faced less work related problems. They feel valued and gain much needed inspiration to add to productivity.
  • Almost 73% to 80% companies are devising strategies for investment in Unified Communication tools for increasing the output of their strategic digital Neuromarketing efforts because they get a good chance to stay connected with their valuable employees and customers 24*7 through the following:
    – Audio/video conferencing /messages
    – Web conferences
    – Instant Messages
    – Screen Sharing
    – Digital Social Collaboration
  • Investment of time and money on developing strategies for result oriented strategic psychological marketing practices on digital front makes all sorts of systems easier for employees to use for communication with all existing and potential customers from any part of the world.
  • Employee’s psychological connection with their company improves at least by over 90% and almost 53% employees seek enough inspiration to be a productive asset.

However, businesses have to keep a close on fast changing trends in technological world to be able to devise an effective strategy for making the most of strategic digital Neuromarketing practices through Unified Communication Tools.

Is it Possible for Businesses to Feed on Strategic Digital Psychological Marketing via Strategies for Unified Communication?

To be honest, the facts and benefits listed above are nothing more than the tip of iceberg. The advent of smartphones and many other kinds of smart devices have revolutionized psychological marketing on the digital front in the business world. There are some solid reasons of it.

  • The number of users streaming content online via their smartphones is only going up every day. Verizon Wireless and AT&T, one of the two leading mobile service providers in the world, have testified this fact.
  • The number of smartphone users connected to Internet is going up every day. There will be almost 5.10 billion internet users in the world by 2020. And almost every user will have at least 5 to 6 devices connected to internet 24*7 to help him get in touch with the your company/support staff, browse website and make purchases.

Coming to the answer of the question put above, businesses focusing on devising strategies to utilize Unified Communication through cross-platform mediums like SKYPE, Viber, VoIP etc. will definitely succeed in boosting consumer’s engagement with their brand/product/services and ROI,TCO and Customer base at least by 40% to 50% easily. This percentage is only going to increase with every day.

What Kind of Unified Communication Tools Should be preferred for Successful Strategic Digital Neuromarketing?

The kind of Unified Communication tool easily affects the results of Strategic digital Neuromarketing efforts of companies. Efforts for constant business growth demand a lot of travel for business purpose. Business travel is always very costly. All companies, their representatives and customers find it very difficult to bear the cost of business travel. Therefore, they prefer a unified communication tool that offers them following features to stay connected 24*7 with their companies and clients:

  • Both Audio and Video Feature
  • Instant Messaging
  • Screen Sharing.

As for reason, 97% customers as well as companies prefer Unified Communication strategies or tools that help them get connected face-to-face from any part of the world. This helps them explain their requirements and expectations to each other in a much better and easy way. Such Unified Communications tools satisfy 95% customers and improves their experience by almost 80%. Companies also succeed in saving their valuable money and time for increase in their ROI and customer base.

The Best Advice at Last:

Don’t be of the 90% businesses struggling just because either they don’t use Unified Communications Tools or because they don’t use mobile friendly (Cross-platform) Unified Communications Tools. Instead, the use of cross-platform Unified Communications Tools capable of working efficiently on various mobile and computer operating systems is advised to help your business stand out of the crowd set new industry benchmarks/standards like never before. And this is all possible for businesses when they specifically make a strategy for utilizing effective Unified Communications Tools an integral part of their strategic internet marketing to feed on their psychological marketing efforts.

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