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Construction management software solutions are actively used by companies in this industry to improve their efficiency and productivity. Therefore, it is no surprise that the global construction management software market is predicted to grow at a healthy rate of 9.19% from 2018 to 2022. But how do you select a suitable system for your needs from the scores of quality solutions out there? One way to do it to closely track construction software trends and choose a platform that incorporates these latest features.  We also help you in your quest by detailing the main functionalities and benefits of Procore as well as the top 10 Procore alternatives so that you are able to make an informed choice.

What is Procore?

Procore is a popular construction management software solution that you can use to streamline and mobile project communication and documentation. It offers access to real-time data which can help you to minimize risks and delays. For these reasons, it is used by numerous companies to construct projects such as industrial plants, apartment complexes, office buildings, university facilities, retail centers, and more.

Why is Procore such a successful application? It is because the vendor has designed the solution based three main ideas: First, they listen to customer issues, then they create easy-to-use products for these issues, and finally they ensure buyers are able to use the systems immediately. The company also gets constant feedback from users and utilizes it to create new functionalities. This user-centric software development also ensures the app is easy to use. As a result, companies investing in this platform can quickly implement it, get it adopted widely among their employees, and enjoy good value for the money they shell out.

One of the highlights of Procure is it enables effortless collaboration allowing you to work with anyone in real time from anywhere. On top of that, you can rely on expert and friendly customer support to get your issues resolved quickly. In short, the platform offers all that you need to standardize and improve your construction processes.

Benefits of Procore

  1. It offers access to unlimited users.
  2. You can use its open API to integrate with the other business systems you use.
  3. You can connect your office and field seamlessly.
  4. It offers real-time updates and instant tracking.
  5. You can use the email tracking feature to streamline project communications.
  6. You can make real-time budget decisions in the field.

If you think Procore is too basic for your needs, don’t switch off. We also closely analyze the key features and advantages of the top 10 Procore alternatives. You can compare the benefits of Procore and the alternative app side by side and instantly decide which one is more suitable for your company.

Top 10 Alternatives to Procore

1. CoConstruct

CoConstruct is a mobile as well as web-based construction project management product designed for the specific needs of builders. It offers three helpful functionality modules to help remodelers and builders overcome common project challenges. You can find out why this app is rated highly by signing up for CoConstruct demo here.

Why do we consider CoConstruct as one of the good Procore alternatives? To start, its unique design enables you to adapt to and manage quickly changing concepts. Builders are not restricted to defined kinds of materials, designs, and activities. The key to this benefit is unlimited customization as the product can be easily modified to accommodate client revisions.

CoConstruct improves business productivity as you can store all vital information in a single secure hub. From here, you can control specific selections, bids, budgets, and orders. Plus, you can utilize helpful client portals as well as content and lead tracking tools to manage all orders and provide great service to your clients. Another highlight is the application’s all-inclusive financial module that you can utilize to manage bids, proposals, and estimates, and generate summaries for intelligent forecasting.

Other main features are cloud hosting which means you don’t need to worry about installation or maintenance, intuitive user interface, affordable pricing packages, and seamless integrations with popular business systems. To look at other options, browse these CoConstruct alternatives here.

Why choose CoConstruct over Procore?

  • It makes the selection process flexible and fun for both project team users and clients.
  • You can collect data for accurate budget planning and smarter decisions.
  • It is ideal for both custom as well as standardized projects.
  • You can use its simple drag-and-drop mechanism to effortlessly manage projects and tasks.

Why choose Procore instead of CoConstruct?

  • You can mark up drawings and attach them to linked documentation such as submittals and requests for information (RFIs).
  • You can use its mobile apps to stay updated in the field.
  • Team members in diverse locations can collaborate easily using this app.
  • You can minimize rework as you get real-time access to updated drawings in the field.

2. PlanGrid

PlanGrid provides sophisticated construction tools to meet online construction management needs. Your project team can utilize it to collaborate seamlessly on project plans, punchlists, RFIs, photos, and specs in real time from anywhere using desktop as well as mobile devices. PlanGrid is an intuitive and sheet-based application that helps you avoid overruns in schedule and budget. Top constructions firms have utilized this product on greater than 400,000 projects. Another impressive stat is it currently stores more than 30 million pages of electronic blueprints. If you wish to scout around for more options, take a look at these good PlanGrid alternatives here.

Why choose PlanGrid over Procore?

  • It takes care of the complete lifecyle of an RFI.
  • You can use its admin console to manage thousands of licenses.
  • You can maintain more than one master set thank to its cloud technology.
  • Use the automatic version control to keep your team members updated on the latest project details.

Why choose Procore over PlanGrid?

  • You can resolve information conflicts and gaps, and improve RFI response time.
  • Organize and locate your submittals more quickly to save time.
  • It offers unlimited user licenses.
  • Use the bidding functionality to obtain the best bids from suitable vendors.

3. Autodesk BIM 360

Autodesk BIM 360 is an ideal tool for the construction industry as it can help project and field managers to accelerate their project delivery while adhering to specifications, safety rules, and industry standards. With this platform, teams can resolve issues quickly, improve communications, implement practical schedules, and coordinate their activities effectively. Because of these benefits, project managers are able to exercise full control over their projects. Besides project managers, this tool can also be helpful for design teams, project engineers, subcontractors, virtual construction managers, superintendents, and others. They can utilize this app to streamline job site inspections and maintain quality control among other tasks. To give you more choices, we present viable Autodesk BIM 360 alternatives here.

Why choose Autodesk BIM 360 over Procore?

  • You can centralize all information and make it easily accessible to all stakeholders.
  • You can implement standardized processes to minimize issues.
  • Track key performance indicators.
  • Make use of custom reports and analysis.

Why choose Procore over Autodesk BIM 360?

  • It offers unlimited connectivity capabilities.
  • Use the dashboard to instantly view the status of vital project items.
  • Utilize the project directory to store contact data of vendors and project team members.
  • Permit access to this data based on user roles.

4. eBuild ERP

eBuild ERP is an online enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed for the requirements of the construction and real estate industries. It can be utilized by construction experts, project managers, architects, and contractors to boost their productivity. The app offers tools for budget control, remote project management, and layout planning. In its essence, eBuild ERP offers core modules for maintenance, architecture, asset management, HR, procurement, engineering, and CRM. The best part is the vendor offers quote-based pricing which means you only need to pay for the features you use. If you are not satisfied, take a look at good eBuild ERP alternatives here.

Why choose eBuild ERP over Procore?

  • Estimate all job expenses and manage revenues.
  • Generate detailed financial reporting.
  • Easily track finances and paperwork related to contracts.
  • It offers a centralized data repository as well as automated reporting.

Why choose Procore over eBuild ERP?

  • You can mobilize and streamline project communication and documentation.
  • It offers access to real-time data.
  • The vendor works with users to build new features.
  • It enables seamless collaboration with all project stakeholders.

5. Aconex

Aconex is a cloud-hosted project management solution designed for the needs of construction businesses. Top firms in this industry use it to manage their construction projects smoothly and efficiently. With this app, you can maintain full control and transparency right from the project’s conceptualization to its completion. Plus, it is portable because it is a cloud plus mobile platform. Finally, the vendor offers a basic Starter plan as well as an advanced Enterprise plan for large organizations. If you want more options, browse these good Aconex alternatives here.

Why choose Aconex over Procore?

  • It speeds up workflows and eliminates chances of duplicate work.
  • It offers actionable insights.
  • Use its detailed reports on project progress to make informed decisions.
  • You can reduce turnaround times and minimize risks of disputes.

Why choose Procore over Aconex?

  • Use its mobility features to connect office and field.
  • Track information constantly and get real-time updates.
  • Your team members can stay connected even while working from diverse locations.
  • Use the integrated project scheduling feature to stay within deadlines and budget.

6. Acculynx

Acculynx offers a range of project estimating and project management solutions for construction businesses. This app can be used productively by specialty contractors, property owners, general contractors, custom home builders, and construction management firms. It is a single comprehensive platform that offers diverse and rich features such as bid management, service management, accounting, and customer relationship management. It documents all conversations which helps companies to track the history of their performance from lead to deal closure. Plus, the vendor offers a mobile app that users in the field can utilize to discuss and interact effortlessly. If you think this program is too basic, look for other products in the Acculynx alternatives here.

Why choose Acculynx over Procore?

  • It empowers your team members to connect and work in sync.
  • They can access information from anywhere using their mobile device.
  • It provides unlimited storage for photos and documents.
  • You can use the robust reporting and analytics tools to make smart, data-driven decisions.

Why use Procore over Acculynx?

  • Use it to manage important specs and drawings.
  • Minimize rework by accessing updated drawings in real time in the field.
  • You can improve RFI response time.
  • Organize and locate your submittals more quickly to save time.

7. Newforma

Newforma is a project management software solution designed for the construction, engineering, and architecture sectors. Users in these fields can utilize the application to collaborate live on project details and processes to ensure successful project completion. Key features include: RFI, web-based markup, link building model elements, specification indexes, submittals, document control, and visual context sharing for construction information. The highlight of this product is it has been created on intuitive project information management (PIM) technology that facilitates process organization. This technology allows you to capture, manage, and share crucial information, and deliver a productive experience to all project stakeholders. To give you more options, we present good Newforma alternatives here.

Why choose Newforma over Procore?

  • It enables sound management and boosts productivity.
  • You can implement solutions to reduce risks.
  • Implement scalable best practices across the company.
  • You can capture and evaluate information even in the field.

Why choose Procore over Newforma?

  • It offers unlimited user licenses.
  • It provides real-time access to all project team members.
  • Manage your budget and make smart financial decisions in the field.
  • Use a centralized email solution to manage your communications and project-related emails.

8. Viewpoint

Viewpoint provides innovative tools for the construction sector. You can use them to collaborate effectively with team members, manage risk, and improve project visibility and profitability. The platform has been designed to help users in the construction field tackle common challenges and complete projects successfully. It includes key features such as content management, mobile field-to-office, and construction-specific ERP. In addition, the tool boasts robust reporting capabilities. You have the option of deploying it in the cloud or on-premise. If you want to look around for more options, browse these viable Viewpoint alternatives here.

Why choose Viewpoint over Procore?

  • It includes an accounting module that offers real-time reporting.
  • It provides flexibility to all profit centers.
  • Its job costing feature delivers accurate data for accounting.
  • It also offers a helpful resource management feature.

Why choose Procore over Viewpoint?

  • Use the integrations to link all your technology.
  • The dashboard displays the status of important project items.
  • The vendor uses top-of-the-line security protocols to protect your data.
  • You can use it to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

9. Textura

Textura offers a suite of solutions to enable construction professionals to improve collaboration and productivity. These tools are designed to improve results from the start till the completion of the project lifecycle. Top features include: performance tracker, document management, field management, payment management, and bid management. The vendor offers quote-based pricing that is calculated based on the features you plan to use. Finally, you can rely on the knowledgeable customer support team to resolve your issues quickly. The agents can be contacted via phone or email. If you think this a basic app, look for good Textura alternatives here.

Why choose Textura over Procore?

  • You can accurately estimate job costs.
  • Manage risk and select the best bids.
  • Use the bid management system to track and win bids.
  • It facilitates vendor and subcontractor performance evaluations.

Why choose Procore over Textura?

  • You can communicate between your office and field seamlessly.
  • It offers instant tracking and real-time updates.
  • It provides unlimited connectivity possibilities.
  • It offers a host of useful financial tools to help you make smart budget decisions.

10. BuilderTREND

BuilderTREND is a construction management software tool designed specifically for remodelers and home builders. It offers standard features such as service management, customer management, project management, and project scheduling in a single, complete suite. On top of that, it provides a built-in CRM module as well as project management tools such as timesheets and budgeting. You can use its lead management tool to find leads and convert them into profitable projects. Pricing is affordable and you get unlimited phone and email support as well as unlimited training sessions with the package. If you wish to scout for more choices, browse these viable BuilderTREND alternatives here.

Why choose BuilderTREND over Procore?

  • You can make estimates more accurate by referring to historical data.
  • Send and receive documents easily and quickly.
  • It saves successful proposals so they can be reused later.
  • You can access its timesheet tool even on mobile devices.

Why choose Procore over BuilderTREND?

  • It gives access to unlimited users.
  • You can utilize the email tracking tool to improve project communications.
  • You can reduce rework as you can access updated drawings in real time.
  • Utilize the bidding tool to select the best bids from competing vendors.
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