20 Best HR Software Solutions of 2019

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The coalition between HR management and modern technology never mattered to businesses more than it does in 2019; making it impossible to imagine one without the other. HR and HCM systems of today have a role at all stages of the hire-to-retire process, and enable managers to truly recover what they’ve invested in smart staffing.

The last couple of years, we’ve witnessed the HR market practically reinventing itself, and observed features we never thought we’d use become indispensable within our recruitment strategies. We’ve seen machines that personalize the connection between employers and their employees, and crawlers gathering market’s top workers against minimal human interference. Even job seekers are now focused on filling applications that are easy to spot and recognize, and count on these systems to evaluate an offer’s transparency and have their compensation rights protected.

In a LinkedIn survey of 9,000 hiring managers and talent leaders, four trends emerged that will shape the future of recruitment. It is worth noting that three of these rely heavily on technology tools offered by HR software.

Credits: LinkedIn

This is, nonetheless, just a small piece of the puzzle that makes HR tools magnificent. So it seems that in 2019, these solutions will get a say on the workforce strategizing table, just about enough to fulfill the dream of any recruiter – erasing the inconsistencies between personal aspirations and companies’ objectives. Be that so, at least hypothetically, we’d all work in a hassle-free environment.

This task, as ambitious as it sounds, has been entrusted to HR software systems and their developers.

Credits: Deloitte Insights

In its 2018 Global Human Capital Trends, Deloitte surveyed 11,000 HR and business leaders and had them identify the importance of 10 human capital trends and their readiness on these areas. While there is the obvious importance of data, technology, and connectivity in the HR field, many appear not to be up to the challenge. However, it was noted that many organizations are looking to capitalize on software solutions that are AI-assisted, have collaborative and communications features, and robust people analytics tools.

Top 20 HR Software Solutions

In order to estimate how far each provider got meeting these trends, we compiled a list of tools we believe do the best job handling users’ expectations. Take a look at our 20 best HR software solutions for 2019, and choose one that can put an end to your workforce management struggles.

1. BambooHR

BambooHR is without doubt a synonym of a compact HR system that helps govern different aspects of the recruitment and employee administration workload. Due to the variety of unique and useful HR management features, Bamboo is also the flagship product in this category.

Designed with small and medium businesses in mind, BambooHR packs premium functionality within several affordable packages, and provides a streamlined coworking experience for both employers and their employees. The kit will deal with applicant tracking, time off tracking and complex leave management, payroll and performance administration all at once, and help you draft all popular reports with neatly categorized information. A unique BambooHR attribute that will turn you into a savvy decision maker is also its custom workflow capacity, thanks to which you can introduce your own rules and policies, and increase the engagement of your employees. To save even more time, BambooHR supports electronic signature and integrates easily with third-party applications, and offers custom pricing packages to ensure each and every client can afford it.

For more details, please contact the company’s sales support team, and don’t forget to give their free trial a look. You can easily sign up for BambooHR free trial here.

What is unique about BambooHR?

  1. Optional applicant tracking system. With BambooHR you can add new job openings with all relevant details such as salary, title, duration, contract type, etc. Once the list is ready and completed, you can share it on all social networks or popular job boards to make sure applicants know about you.
  2. Onboarding emails. BambooHR helps you prepare special emails for new hires containing training information, and access to all system files and corporate documents that may be relevant to them.
  3. Professional performance administration. BambooHR provides you with quadrant-style matrix plot that uses your information to compare employees to each other, and distinguish the top performers among them.
  4. A centralized database that manages 12 types of benefits. BambooHR manages an overall number of 12 benefit types applicable to all groups of employees, and it is employees who can change them upon every update in their status. You will also get a modifiable health rate plan, and calculate automatically the variable amounts his employees have to pay.
  5. Unique reports. Using BambooHR, you can create Equal Employment Opportunity reports, Benefits reports, taxation reports, and many other types of valuable summaries.

2. Zoho People

Zoho People is Zoho’s flagship HR management product, and another very successful story in this industry. Crafted as a comprehensive online HR package, Zoho People centralizes and secures all of your employees’ data, and enables a true self-service portal where they can access and modify information, and have their requests instantly approved. At the same time, Zoho People makes it easy to identify skills and reward talented performers with 360-degree insights, and manage your workforce on the go with attractive time and attendance features. This system is also our number-one suggestion for advanced leave management, as it lets you govern custom leave types (individual employee, location, role & experience level), manage holidays based on locations, import/export leave data from third=party systems, and much more. Zoho People is also one of the most affordable systems on this list, as pricing begins at only  $0.83 per employee per month.

If you’d like to try out the software first you can easily sign up for Zoho People free trial here.

What is unique about Zoho People?

  1. Employee self-service portal. Within Zoho People, employees are invited to insert information in a handy, self-service portal, and have their data accessible any time, and from every location without their manager’s approval. The information is updated regularly, and stored securely in a centralized database.
  2. Ready-to-use for training. Zoho People welcomes new hires with an efficient introduction, as it is designed as a ready-to-use training database and you can apply to replace expensive LMSs and talent management systems.
  3. Travel data management. To ensure expense precision, Zoho People is also enabled to manage travel requests, approvals, travel documentation, and post-travel reimbursements.
  4. Feeds & Notifications. Zoho People offers feeds, reminders and notifications that make it possible for employees to be instantly notified on policy changes, postponed approvals or activities, while such can also be discussed in real time, in teams or separately.
  5. Connectivity.  Zoho People is integrated with the most popular Zoho productivity systems, and comes with open APIs and webhooks that make it fully scalable and customizable.

3. Dayforce HCM

Dayforce is another end-to-end workforce management suite offered by Ceridian Software. It is touted as one of the most advanced human capital administration systems, as it assembles accuracy, agility and visibility with payroll processing, time & attendance, benefits under the same umbrella. It also has an active role in your recruitment procedures, being the tool that will help you track and engage talented performers, compare their knowledge and skills and scan their information, and help them adjust once they’re on board. Hosted in cloud, Dayforce HCM unifies the employers’ and employees’ experience, and spans human capital management domains with one employee record accessible on all devices. At the same time, it comes with an open API architecture that lets you connect it to virtually any business system or application.

What is unique about Dayforce HCM?

  1. Easy pay breakdown. Dayforce HCM is a single application that will manage attendance and payment, and provide you with unparalleled accuracy. Using it, employees can see their pay breakdown as an easy-to-read graph, access their full statement of earnings, and manage direct deposit details and tax forms.
  2. Modifiable timecards. With Dayforce HCM, managers can review, edit, and approve their employees’ timecards  for traditional and mobile devices. There is also an SMS messaging capability enables managers to rapidly approve on-call shifts.
  3. Facilitated access to benefits data. Dayforce HCM grants employees easy access to detailed benefits coverage information, including the details of the change made and the reason for that change.
  4. Tailored & personalized collaboration experience. Using Dayforce HCM, team members get to control what information is displayed and where it appears on the screen, and receive notifications on all changes and matters that are important to them.
  5. Predictive analytics. Dayforce HCM controls and examines key factors linked to risk, and provides detailed and actionable insights to inspire informed and proactive responses.

4. SAP SuccessFactors

Choosing a reliable HR solution is nowhere close to an easy task, and we often have to rely on a vendor’s reputation to make the right decision. Doing so will be easy in the case of SuccessFactors, a leading and corporate-friendly suite by SAP that helped thousands of businesses attract and retain talented workers.

What is it that makes SuccessFactors so special? The thing is, you’d certainly be fascinated by it even without knowing it belongs to the SAP family. SuccessFactors is modern and hassle-free, and handles core HR, talent acquisition, and workforce analytics on a single dashboard. It will track and manage time, attendance, payroll, performance, benefits, recruiting, and onboarding; and also become your favorite assistant when planning and distributing human capital. The cross-site solution connects easily to both SAP (Jam, Diversity, Health, and Total Workforce Management) and external applications, and offers some of the best employee training capabilities in the industry.

What is unique about SAP SuccessFactors?

  1. End-to-end workforce management solution. To help you manage your employees, SAP SuccessFactors provides you with collaboration, on-boarding, and social business tools, and combines those with a learning management system (LMS), performance solution, recruiting assets, applicant tracking platform, talent management, succession planning, and HR analytics.
  2. A brand with tradition. SAP has a large and global customer base, including more than 180,000 customers from approximately 40 countries. The network of partners and collaborators is quite similar: the product’s business community already has more than 120,000 members!
  3. Smart acquisition. SAP SuccessFactors is best known for smart acquisition, given that it provides progressive protection of talented and valuable workers, and distinguishes bad performance before it has caused whatever damage to your business.
  4. Suitable for all users. SuccessFactors serves its clients with business strategy alignment and maximum people performance, and it is currently applied by teams of all scales and more than 60 different industries.
  5. Innovative integrations. SuccessFactors works seamlessly with a variety of CRM and financial management products, offering at the same time impeccable mobile capacity to allow users manage their data from every device.

5. Kronos Workforce Central

Kronos Workforce Central is another premium HRMS that focuses on engaging your employees, controlling labor costs, increasing productivity, and minimizing compliance risk in various corporate environments. With it, you get a single, automated solution to manage your employee schedules, having the peace of mind that employees can also serve themselves, and have access to all important information. Managers can make data-empowered decisions any time, as Kronos is available to use both on desktop and mobile devices. You will also appreciate the end-to-end visibility into standardized and accurate data, and the powerful reporting and analytics suite that improves the quality of your decision making. The pricing scheme is quote-based, and depends on the modules chosen by the user.

What is unique about Kronos Workforce Central?

  1. Out-of-the box simplicity. Kronos Workforce Central offers a sleek, modern, and intuitive user interface, in-depth functionality, and out-of-the-box simplicity.
  2. A single system of records. Kronos offers a single central system of record that automates, optimizes, and simplifies the management of all aspects of the employee lifecycle. From hire to retire and all stages in between, you can use Workforce Central to manage your employees.
  3. Completely configurable. Kronos Workforce Central is a completely automated solution with configurable integrated components which means fewer errors, seamless implementations, and an easily maintainable solution.
  4. Flexible access from any device. Using Kronos Workforce Central, both managers and employees can get flexible, anytime access to personalized data from any device.
  5. Easy-to-use reporting kit. Workforce Central’s easy-to-use reporting and analytics offers managers and executives instant access and visibility to standardized and accurate data, alerts and dashboards, and analysis and trends of daily activities.

6. Deputy

Among the HR software community, Deputy is known as the leader of accurate scheduling and adept time management. To deserve such reputation, Deputy introduced the only fully costed employee schedules in the arena, and made it possible to publish payroll-enriched schedules in minutes, regardless of the number of employees a user has. It also measures time for higher HR compliance, keeps staff informed with important messages and mobile notifications, and logs performance to employee journals so that no task would fall through the cracks. This is how Deputy became the favorite employee scheduling tool for many popular companies and organizations, including NASA, The UPS Store, NIKE, Amazon, Quantas, and more.

What is unique about Deputy?

  1. Focus on employee scheduling. Using Deputy, users can create fully costed employee schedules in next to no time. Scheduling is easy to use that they can easily notify everyone with just one click, across multiple locations and devices.
  2. Integrating your POS data. Deputy lets users fill their cost schedules efficiently and accurately, and integrate POS data and live weather feed to identify peaks and troughs of sales/foot traffic and create a schedule efficiently. Overtime and time off management is also available to set up.
  3. Deputy Kiosk. Deputy Kiosk is the feature that will help you eliminate time theft. All timesheets are automatically approved on the basis of a predetermined rules set, and all invoicing activity is based on hours worked and inserted in the system.
  4. Newsfeed & Journaling. Deputy displays starting and ending shifts as newsfeed updates, and notifies instantly all users those updates refer to.
  5. Dynamic reports. Deputy’s dynamic reports can be used to track schedule budgets, actual timesheet costs, sales transactions and other employee variables to keep your business on the fast track.

7. Gusto

Gusto turned traditional HR management upside down, proving that compensation can and will be entirely managed on the screen, and introduced a unique, smart benefits scheme (HSA, health insurance, 401(k)s, and 529 college savings) that leaves no employee out of the spotlight. As such, Gusto is devoted to managers who’re not only technically savvy, but try to remain creative and motivate their workforce in a variety of ways. As expected, customization accounts for a large part of its popularity, as Gusto is one of the very few HR platforms you can genuinely tailor to your needs.

You can easily sign up for Gusto free trial here.

It brings HR, payroll, and benefits in a single system and makes management easy even for non-professionals, granting the support from an experienced and knowledgeable team of HR professionals. It also tailors plans with the assistance of reputed brokers to ensure that even the sole proprietors will be able to optimize its capacity. At the moment, Gusto serves exclusively US-based teams.

What is unique about Gusto?

  1. Master of calculations. As soon as you begin using it, Gusto takes over time off calculations, ACA compliance, year-end forms, payroll taxes, and even adopts unique workflow calculations. In this way, all important data is synchronized in a single system, and the user can focus on more important activities.
  2. Error-proof payroll. Gusto acts as a personalized employee database, where you can store important information, and access it any time and from any device. It makes all payroll calculations independently, which means you won’t have to enter data in several different apps and websites.
  3. A possibility to import your existent benefits plan. Gusto facilitates benefits administration in many ways. It will equip you with employment tax reporting, payments, workers’ comp insurance, new hire reports and detailed budget plans. Your team will also have access to dedicated benefits advisers with years of health care experience.
  4. Fully compliant with HIPAA, ACA, and ERISA standards. All Gusto operations were designed to meet in detail HIPAA, ACA, and ERISA standard which means that the system will check data automatically, prepare compliance reviews of your benefits and send automated notices, and guarantee employee privacy unlike any similar system.
  5. Integrated 401(k)s. Gusto allows you to set up and manage 401(k) plans with unparalleled ease, and enable employees in such way to save money for their retirement.

8. Zenefits

In a fashion similar to Gusto, Zenefits is often referred to as a payroll and benefits management role-model, and has one of the largest customer databases in the HR arena. Trusted by a number of Fortune 500 companies, Zenefits prides itself with friendly and on-point HCM for employees, HR pros, brokers, carriers and everyone in between; and adjusts easily to the needs of different industries. We recommend it because of scalability, as Zenefits is genuinely able to grow in parallel with your business; and also because of catering to your company’s specific culture, and adopting your rules and policies. Over the years, Zenefits has built partnerships with a number of prominent business software providers, including Box, Zugata, Salesforce, JazzHR, GSuite, Slack, Expensify, and many more.

What is unique about Zenefits?

  1. A possibility to preserve your current benefits plan. As a business owner or HR professional, you will get the option to keep your existing plans or choose from an extensive selection of new benefits options available in the system.
  2. ACA compliant. Zenefits will comply easily with the complexities of the Affordable Care Act, be able to report on employee benefit eligibility and coverage status, as well as be able to quickly e-file taxes with the IRS.
  3. Integrated payroll administration. Zenefits’ payroll feature connects with everything else you manage in Zenefits, automatically updating itself whenever changes are made. With Zenefits, you are able to do time entry and approval processes, reduce errors, and ensure that your hourly employees are paid accurately and on time.
  4. Enhanced PTO visibility. Zenefits helps users streamline requests and approvals, and gain expansive visibility into PTO usage across their entire company for greater efficiency and management.
  5. A large customer database. At the moment, Zenefits is the most widely used HR+payroll management system in the US, with over 20,000 satisfied customers running mostly small and medium businesses.

9. CakeHR

CakeHR is a complete human resource solution for managing employee leaves, timesheets, scheduling, and expenses. It offers features designed to increase workplace efficiency and boost workforce productivity. It lets you automate your HR processes to keep track of shifts in schedules and random time-offs, and comes with drag-and-drop functionality for making quick company or team changes in the organizational structure.

The cloud platform makes it easy for managers and employees to access the solution from any device. Individual logins allow employees to view their accrued number of days, submit time off requests, and other information. Managers can easily decide on employees’ requests and instantly notify them. CakeHR also provides native mobile apps, reporting tools, onboarding capabilities, employee self-service features, and integration with external solutions. It is available at a subscription price of $4.20/employee per month.

What is unique about CakeHR?

  1. Robust security. CakeHR is a GDPR-compliant service which means it is equipped with advanced application security, ongoing third-party penetration testing and failover support.
  2. Access controls. Managers, supervisors, and employees get single sign-on and roles-based access on top of the system’s secure password feature.
  3. Unlimited storage. CakeHR offers unlimited document and HR data storage in a centralized and secure cloud location.
  4. Interactive reports. The solution provides you with instant interactive reports to give you insights and trends from historical data, measure workforce productivity, and predict future requirements.
  5. Automated expense reporting. Employees can take photos of receipts on business expenses through CakeHR’s mobile apps and the system can automatically transform these receipts into expense entries.

10. Breezy HR

Breezy HR is best described as a modern recruiting solution that helps businesses attract great employees with ease. It provides a birds-eye view of the candidate pipeline, and uses drag-and-drop management technology and Stage Actions to automate routine tasks. Using it, you can create attractive job posts and share those on over 40 popular boards (Monster, Career Builder, LinkedIn, indeed, Google for Jobs, Dice, and more). At the same time, Breezy HR will use a Chrome extension to source candidates directly from these boards, and enable you to streamline communication and schedule interviews at any moment. This way, you will understand which are the best recruiting channels, and be able to report stats back for EEOC/OFCCP compliance.

What is unique about Breezy HR?

  1. Talent acquisition. Breezy HR is connected to AngelList and LinkedIn from where it sources talented candidates, and invites them to the system with a one-click Google Chrome Extension. Afterwards, clients are contacted in the same system, and interviewed in a video meeting to help you acquit their skills and personality.
  2. Drag-and-drop candidate management. Managing candidates and employees is indeed a breeze, thanks to the system’s powerful drag-and-drop pipeline. Adding new candidates is also simplified using the calendar integrations and resume parsing for skipping long and boring forms.
  3. Posting jobs on premium boards. Breeze HR allows you to post openings on all premium job boards, use scoreboards to measure performance and evaluate candidates, and mostly because it is a mobile-friendly system that keeps teams connected regardless of their location.
  4. SMB-friendly. Breezy HR balances between professionalism and  price – small and medium businesses make use of all essential features at a moderately fixed price, while their larger counterparts make use of a quote-based enterprise pricing.
  5. A modern and attractive interface. Breezy is a modern and very intuitive HR manager, which means your entire team will grab hands around it in a matter of few hours, and without time-consuming training.

11. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is an all-in-one HR, labor, payroll, and benefits management system designed to facilitate employee administration from recruitment to retirement. It prides itself with one of the most robust HR management suites, and serves a wide range of recruiting teams from startups to large and international enterprises. It is based in cloud, so that you can access it anytime, and from any device, and offers a number of flexible expert service options that help develop a better effort rewarding strategy. Plus, ADP Workforce Now provides you with ACA compliance support and enhanced enrollment capabilities, and will blend seamlessly in your current software ecosystem.

What is unique about ADP Workforce Now?

  1. Usable on mobile devices. ADP Workforce Now can be accessed on smartphones and tablets. The vendor offers mobile apps for Android and iOS that are fully synced with the web-based dashboard, and enable you to manage your workforce anywhere, and at any time.
  2. Quality analytics. ADP displays analytics in real-time and you can create customized spreadsheets, graphs, charts, and reports. The app is fully web based and offers hosting along with your package, featuring server audits and regular security backups.
  3. Facilitated tax filling. With ADP Workforce Now, you can minimize administrative duties and errors with real-time payroll calculations. Plus, it’s possible to leverage the help of compliance experts to get more peace of mind.
  4. Time & Attendance management. ADP Workforce Now also allows you to improve productivity with automated time tracking, reporting features, and employee self-service that is accessible on mobile devices.
  5. All-in-one HR+Payroll management tool. This HR app is fully transparent, and helps you manage payroll, benefits, bonuses, commissions, time and attendance, employee health statistics, and talent management.

12. Lever

With a functionality scheme quite similar to the one of ADP Workforce, Lever comes fully equipped with workforce administration features. You can count on it for smarter recruiting and talent acquisition, applicant tracking and interviewing,  performance appraisal, payroll and benefits management, and have your stats readily available for hassle-free reporting. Lever also offers you the possibility to create a branded website and use your own evaluation & interviewing kit, with mobile-ready approvals and feedback. It is also one of the most collaborative systems listed in this article, as it offers roles and enterprise-grade access controls, and becomes a single source of truth for all your workforce administration data.

What is unique about Lever?

  1. LinkedIn plugin for recruiters. With its LinkedIn plugin, Lever enables recruiters to gather and consolidate details from candidate LinkedIn profiles and import them straight to Lever’s database. This feature is also available to hiring managers and other employees, allowing them to easily make referrals without having to wait on their contacts to provide or send their resume.
  2. Powerful social referral. Lever has a rich employee referral functionality that includes shareable job links for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The system also provides a Google Chrome extension that enables employees to place a referral in the company straight from their browser.
  3. Unhindered visibility into the hiring process. With Lever, users have unhindered visibility into the whole recruitment process. Unlike most applicant tracking systems available in the market, Lever allows them to see where every candidate is at every phase in the process, and move applicants up and down the pipeline depending on their progress.
  4. Very scalable system. Lever will adapt easily all of your prospect lists, pipeline management, integration, data and analytics, and grow in parallel with your business.
  5. Career page builder. Lever helps you build beautiful and functional career pages and job boards, and give prospect applicants a truly personalized experience.

13. Planday

Planday‘s expertise is employee scheduling. The system connects with ease managers and their employees, giving both sides a better overview on their schedules, shift swaps, punch clocks, absences, leave requests, and more. It will also offer an advanced payroll export feature accompanied with a location-specific clock, so that the manager would know how many hours should be paid to each employee. To facilitate this process for first-time users, Planday will offer modern templates, access to data via mobile devices, and end-to-end approval automation. According to satisfied users, Planday cuts even 75% of the usual scheduling time, and leaves managers more time to focus on administering performance.

What is unique about Planday?

  1. Dynamic employee scheduling. Planday is foremost a workforce scheduling and human resource management platform that gives managers the chance to eliminate administrative bottlenecks when managing their employees’ schedules.
  2. Integrated workforce and payroll data. What is particularly attractive about Planday is how all workforce and payroll information is stored in one place, allowing managers to detect trends, opportunities, and fix irregularities.
  3. Location-specific clock. Planday comes with a location-specific clock which allows employees to clock-in from any device upon arriving to work, so that they will know the exact number of hours that should be paid to them
  4. Instant approval & efficient request management. Planday also provides managers visibility into employee hours, vacation requests, shift-swaps, payroll, and employee communication. This way, they can make informed decisions and report easily on all their activities.
  5. Change management. Planday has proven to shorten the usual scheduling time by 75%, and that’s exactly because managers don’t have to deal with changing spreadsheets, correcting schedules, and employee requests.

14. TribePad

TribePad is a modern and truly international applicant tracking system with enterprise-level functionalities. It helps multiple companies and organizations worldwide improve their hiring & engagement strategy, record positive trends when exploring their talent pools, and organize the employment process in line with their current workflows. The very same system can be used to analyze opportunities and perils, and relies on an open API infrastructure for developers to connect it to third-party systems ad applications. Pricing is calculated by quote, meaning that each user receives a package tailored to his needs. Note that TribePad also complies with OFCCP, and responds to highest security standard to protect your information, and the personal data of your candidates and employees.

What is unique about TribePad?

  1. An array of unique HR functions. TribePad is a reputed provider of out-of-the-box workforce management capabilities, among which vacancy management capabilities, social analytics, recruiting, security & infrastructure, and even brand support.
  2. Recruiting like a pro. In terms of recruitment features, you can expect TribePad to allow you to run multimedia candidate profiles, organize and conduct video interviews with them, and test their abilities without having to use an additional system. At the same time, you will get both automatic and manual talent pooling.
  3. ATS integrations. TribePad also uses ATS integration to various SEO led career websites, categorizes applicants in groups, and maintains a large knowledge base for easier onboarding.
  4. OFCCP compliant. TribePad complies with OFCCP, and responds to highest security standard to protect your information, and the personal data of your candidates and employees.
  5. Easy to configure. Last, but not least, TribePad offers unparalleled customization, and allows you to personalize it and make it more brand-centered when hiring your newcomers.

15. PeopleSoft

If looking for a genuinely experienced and well-reputed provider of HR services, look no further than Oracle’s PeopleSoft. The HR platform is among the pioneers of this industry, and has improved gradually over the years to meet all of its customers’ needs and requirements. In such way, it has become a global HCM system with a collection of valuable functions that increase your productivity, streamline business performance, and lower the cost of ownership. Next to its core workforce management, labor monitoring, and service delivery kits, PeopleSoft offers a unique solution for planning and delivering HR programs and surveys, and prepackaged overtime legislative and regulatory Time and Labor rules. You can use it to simulate, test, and deploy new or updated Time and Labor policy rules leveraging integration to Oracle Policy Automation.

What is unique about PeopleSoft?

  1. An Oracle product. PeopleSoft prides itself with impeccable functionality, usability, and connectivity, as it belongs to one of the oldest and best known productivity software families Oracle.
  2. Global HCM. With PeopleSoft’s global human capital management functionalities, you can manage HR globally and on a single system of record, while complying with local laws and regulations.
  3. Labor rules & monitoring. PeopleSoft makes it possible to streamline time manager tasks to approve time, resolve exceptions, and make better decisions with real-time analysis of enterprise labor data.
  4. Professional talent management capabilities. With PeopleSoft’s advanced talent management suite, you can attract, retain, and motivate a superior workforce, and provide a memorable onboarding experience.
  5. Workforce service delivery. PeopleSoft will also supply you with end-to-end workforce service delivery features, including integrated HR self-service tools, an internal HR helpdesk, comprehensive HR programs and surveys for smarter planning, and much more.

16. OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM is one of the very few compact HR suites whose core HCM functionality is available for free. To support beginners and small HR teams, Orange won’t require any downloads, setup, or maintenance efforts, and will let you govern your operations from mobile devices. What is really attractive about OrangeHRM is that it invites you to customize literally everything, including the language, and the chance to develop your own modules working side by side with experts. You can also contact the team for implementation, configuration and training assistance, and acquire technical support at any point of time, even as an open source user. For professional users, on the other hand, OrangeHRM upgrades the core HR management suite with payroll & benefits functionalities, all neatly packed in flexible and quote-priced packages.

What is unique about OrangeHRM?

  1. Free and web-hosted. One of the reasons why OrangeHRM is such a popular workforce management system is that it is absolutely free to use. At the same time, you don’t have to download anything, as the app works in cloud, and involves no setup or maintenance efforts. A professional plan is nevertheless available to enterprise users.
  2. Unique system administration. If you choose the Professional version of the system, you will get to choose between several specialized modules for system administration and HR management. This means that you get to decide who’s going to do what, and who will have access to important information.
  3. Leave & Time Off management. Another thing that makes OrangeHRM unique is its leave and time off  management kit, equipped with flexible calendaring and state leave policies that help you process all sorts of leave requests.
  4. Disciplinary tracking. With OrangeHRM, you can document and track all disciplinary measures, and handle complex cases with ease.
  5. A document manager. OrangeHRM offers a variety of document templates, among which employee contracts, appointment letters, employee termination letters you can easily export as PDFs.

17. Cezanne HR

Cezanne is a UK-based HR software provider for professional users and growing international teams. Their configurable and cost-efficient approach to HR management is purposely designed to put you in control, which means that you will be able to add an unlimited number of users, offices, or countries, introduce your own rules and route approvals in different ways, and integrate as many performance plans, absence types, and HR portals as you need. International teams, in particular, will benefit from a modular structure that lets them choose the functionalities they need, as well as an array of expert translations and great global features. Last, but not least, Cezanne HR is built upon an independent, cloud-native SaaS HR platform, and guarantees the safety of your data.

What is unique about Cezanne HR?

  1. Medium and large-biz exclusive system. Designed for mid-sized and expanding businesses, Cezanne HR offers a very comprehensive human resources management platform that consists of integrated modules for people management, time tracking, absence management, recruitment, compensation, and much more.
  2. Decades of HR experience. Cezanne HR  is built on the combined decades of experience of managing HR needs of companies based in the UK and the rest of the world, which means the features the software carries are all critical and useful in running and managing all aspects of human resources management.
  3. Excellent solution for international companies. Cezanne HR is a service designed to work with companies with international offices. The solution offers multiple language support for up to 10 languages, making it one of the most popular HR management platforms that are implemented in other languages.
  4. Scalability. Cezanne HR also offers unparalleled scalability that enables companies to easily tailor, scale up or down the system depending on their ever changing business needs, policies, and requirements.
  5. Dedicated mobile apps. To keep large and decentralized teams under control, Cezanne HR also offers dedicated apps for Android and iOS users.

18. Sage HRMS

Once again, we have a HRM-specific member of a reputed software family. Sage HRMS intends to serve foremost small and medium businesses and organizations, and manages to optimize each and every stage of their employment lifecycle, including recruitment and talent management. A payroll functionality is also available to make the system applicable in various industries, including construction, retail, agriculture, and other clients managing remote and part-time employees. At the same time, Sage HRMS offers is users a number of reporting tools, and helps them evaluate their people, determine performance issues, identify personnel that require development and training, and pinpoint individuals/teams that are ready for promotion.

What is unique about Sage HRMS?

  1. A secure and compliant system. Sage HRMS helps businesses adheres to government regulations and industry policies, ensuring compliance and avoiding the risks of violating industry standards.
  2. All-in-one HRMS. Sage HRMS effectively combines components of payroll, benefits, performance reviews, applicant tracking system, and employee self-service, integrating them all into a unified HR-payroll solution. In such way, it will cut up to 50% of all your administrative duties.
  3. Reporting on personal achievements. Sage HRMS comes with reporting tools and analytics to help businesses evaluate their people, determine performance issues, identify personnel that require development and training, and discover talents who are ripe for promotion.
  4. Return-on-Employee-Investment. The Payroll functionality of Sage HRMS allows companies to fully realize their Return On Employee Investment (ROEI), as well as improve their HR and payroll business processes.
  5. Designed for SMBs. Sage HRMS is designed for small to mid-sized businesses and organizations, and offers an extensive suite of HR tools and applications that enables users to fully optimize the total life cycle of their employees, from recruitment, acquisition, talent management, and more.

19. PeopleStrategy eHCM

An end-to-end human resource management solution, PeopleStrategy eHCM is designed to cater to the needs of small to medium-sized companies. This software automates a number of HCM processes to help you streamline and accelerate your HR department’s workflow. From recruitment and onboarding to performance management and payroll processing, you can rest assured that this platform will provide you with the tools you need for better human capital management.

Using this platform, you will be able to capture employee data and consolidate them in a single database in an instant. After which, it allows you to leverage this data for faster performance monitoring and wage calculation. It even comes with tax management and benefits disbursement tools so that you don’t have to rely on other platforms to get a complete payroll computation. Furthermore, PeopleStrategy eHCM comes with branded career centers so that you can improve the overall hiring experience for prospective employees.

What is unique about PeopleStrategy eHCM?

  1. Powerful Core HR Module. To help you make agile administrative decisions, PeopleStrategy eHCM comes with a powerful core HR module that gives a 360-degree view of all your employee information. This allows managers as well as staff members to check their records, leave applications, time-off requests, and other important documents.
  2. Fully Integrated Recruitment System. The recruitment process can get pretty time-consuming. To speed things up, PeopleStrategy eHCM streamlines your workflow through its fully integrated recruitment system and branded career center. With this, you can screen candidates quickly and find which positions they are most suitable for based on skills and job experiences.
  3. Automated Payroll Management. Gone are the days that you have to rely on multiple spreadsheets to calculate payroll. Using PeopleStrategy eHCM, all you have to do is input your wage rates and the productive hours of employees, and the software will do the rest. It even has built-in tax computation tools for your convenience.
  4. Robust Performance Evaluation Options. Keep tabs on how your employees are doing using PeopleStrategy eHCM’s performance evaluation feature. With this, you can gauge employee performance according to your company’s specific metrics, see who requires extra training, determine who are eligible for promotion, and the like.
  5. Centralized Database. Nothing puts a damper on productivity like unorganized documents. Luckily, PeopleStrategy eHCM comes with a centralized database so you can access the data you need at lightning speed. This includes files for recruitment, payroll, attendance data, employee information, and any other file that you might need for your HR processes.


ADOPT simplifies user adoption for cloud-based applications. This digital adoption platform simplifies and accelerates job learning for end users through a variety of tools, such as split-screen for live trainings, pop-up chats inside and outside of applications for on-demand support and feedback, custom training modules for accessible training, and more. You can also target specific groups on your SaaS applications to provide them with relevant content. User adoption can also be bolstered through its Social Connect and Social Messenger modules, which gives users the ability to easily share content on social media and receive relevant  messages directly from you.

What is unique about ADOPT?

  1. Split-screen. It lets you engage with users collaboratively through a split-screen functionality.
  2. Smart Pages. Deploy pop-ups for instant communication with users.
  3. Custom training modules. Create training materials that are easily accessible to your users.
  4. Social Messenger. Send a message directly to your users for fast and clear communications.
  5. Analytics. Keep track of your learning demand, content consumption, and other essential information through real-time analytics.

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