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What is payment gateway software?

The umbrella term covers a variety of transaction services that help businesses trade goods and receive payments on the web. In a fashion similar to in-store …

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xSellco Helpdesk: Pros & Cons Of A Leading Help Desk Software

xSellco Helpdesk is a leading help desk solution for e-commerce businesses of various sizes. You can use it to effectively resolve tickets and manage contacts using multiple online channels. The app is part of xSellco’s popular productivity suite which is used by many top brands around the globe. Unlike other […]

BambooHR Competitors: Compare It With TalentLMS, iCIMS, Bridge LMS, Litmos LMS and Blackboard

Stripped-down performance management is no longer the only criterion relevant to choosing solid HR systems, as those systems recently used the expansion of computerized business to grow in complexity. The way things are nowadays, a manager has to consider multiple factors and compare long lists of providers to find an app […]

What Sisense Version 6 Did To Transform BI Environment

Sisense has confirmed its leading position in the BI world multiple times, bundling and processing complex data in a simpler way than any other product could offer on the digital market. Our experts, nevertheless, believe that the turnover moment in the development of this system was the introduction of Version […]

Sisense Is The New Master Of Crowd Accelerated Analytics

One of the bravest entries on the BI tech market can be ascribed exactly to Sisense, a relatively unknown system that promised breaking the analytic stigma, or as they said, break the physics laws that have been applied to examine data in the business world. The company’s pioneer developer Eldad […]

xSellco Feedback: Pros & Cons Of The Top Feedback And Reviews Management Software

xSellco Feedback is another module from the xSellco sales productivity range of apps. This platform facilitates feedback solicitation for products from satisfied customers at the appropriate time. In this article, we look at the xSellco Feedback pros and cons to provide you a good idea about the app’s strengths and […]

BambooHR: The Pros & Cons of this Award-Winning HR System

The challenge of producing quality HR software is to deliver a product that will genuinely focus on people, instead of paperwork, and that’s where even top performers burn out. While it is extremely tempting to perform raw numbers experiments in a team, the only reasonable way to succeed is to […]

Freshsales: Pros & Cons Of The Leading CRM Software Solution

Freshsales is a relatively new product from the Freshdesk app stable. It is a high quality CRM that can help your team keep track of contacts and solve their queries. Being a single contact management hub with a simple and easy to use interface it is a reliable tool that you can […]

How To Convert Currencies With Sisense: Analyzing International Data

Sisense has been awarded multiple times for its capacity to allow companies to picture important data, and transform it into a workable plan. Alongside interactive dashboards and valuable insights, Sisense is preferred by many companies for its capacity to analyze international financial data in an unparalleled way. This is mostly […]

xSellco Repricer: Pros & Cons Of The Leading Sales Software

xSellco Repricer is one of the three business modules offered by xSellco. This module manages real-time repricing as well as margin and competitor pricing which helps businesses boost their profits in multiple ways. The app works with a new set of smart pricing rules that compete with FBA, and help […]

How to Keep Your Brand Name Intact With Live Chat Software?

We are living in a digital age where almost everything is done over our devices which have internet connectivity. Almost everything nowadays can be done through our computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other similar devices. This trend has been recognized by business organizations as well, and they are fully […]

ERP Software Progresses with the Adoption of Cloud Technologies

The advancement of cloud-based technologies, and evolving business models have pushed the ERP software industry ahead on the path of rapid progress. Businesses today are fast evolving and transforming the way an enterprise is managed. To attain that competitive edge over its rivals, organizations are hiring the best resources and […]

Comparison of 15 Leading Business Process Management Software Products

Business Process Management (BPM) is the systematic and efficient implementation of the company’s workflows and processes to achieve an organizational goal. With the advent of SaaS BPM solutions, achieving consolidated, coordinated, and seamless workflows and processes is now easy and accessible even to small businesses. However, BPM solutions are a […]

5 Cool BambooHR Tricks You Might Not Know About

BambooHR is one of the systems where you can hardly cut the edge of capability. Instead, most users go on familiarizing with their features for months, if not years. You may believe you’ve mastered the craft of ‘bambooing’ workforce, but just like with missing basic shortcuts on your keyboard; it is […]

BambooHR Tips For An Effective Video Engagement Strategy

The most we usually get from HR software are clean and organized interfaces, which do help manage workforce the right way, but will hardly ever entertain us. Many HR producers believe creative engagement distracts visitors from their platform’s functionality, and therefore attach a strictness string to employee management which may […]

How TalentLMS Lets You Efficiently Sell Online Courses

It is true: eLearning systems are primarily company-wide solutions users purchase to facilitate learning, but you will only get hold on their genuine power if you apply them outside your team. With a system geared towards creating quality courses and distributing them widely on the multi-billion market, learning management can […]

15 Popular HR Management Software Solutions: Which One Is The Best?

Modern HR management software assists in streamlining human resources activities from hiring to performance assessment. These applications are designed to help HR managers locate, retain, and promote deserving candidates. Typically, applications of this type provide features such as payroll, time and attendance, benefits management, and performance management. Advanced HR management […]

How BambooHR Lets You Handle Employee Onboarding The Right Way

Engagement is the key to successful team performance, but in a highly-trafficked business environment, counting on it is almost as cranky as walking on thin ice. You collate a group of talented agents that do miracles when given an opportunity, but the question remains: will they like you as much […]

15 Best Accounting Software Systems For Your Business

Accounting software is an essential system for companies of all sizes and in any industry. The software offers many benefits which has made it popular. Advantages include faster accounting, reduced costs, and mistake-free taxation. Accounting systems offer a range of useful features and companies usually select a solution that has […]

How SaaS eCommerce Industry Will Soon Take Over Manpower

As a fledgling online retailer, you may be aware of the success that the more established retailers enjoy. You notice that their websites run smoothly, or that they have a presence on mobile devices, usually in the form of an app, and are able to handle customer issues immediately. SaaS eCommerce […]

How Asana Tracks Everything WIth Its Dependencies and Custom Fields

Let’s think of a familiar situation in task management: have you ever launched an important project, but realized just afterwards that you didn’t have all necessary documents to complete it? What’s more, how often does it happen to you to do double work because you weren’t really clear on what […]

Asana New Identity Shows How Big Brands Benefit From Symbolism

We could just summarize this article by saying that Asana’s team got fed up with their three-circle logo and replaced it with new one, and that could easily eliminate the need to tell this story. The question, however, would be why Asana decided to keep the three circles in the new […]

First-hand Asana Experience: Getting To Know It With Free Trial

A radical switch from sole entrepreneurship to group management is never easy, in particular when one hasn’t spent that much time in a team environment. In business, as in life, things tend to go out of control as soon as you start involving more people, which is why it is imperative […]

This Is Why Every Successful B2B Strategy Should Include a Blog

When you consider blogging as a marketing tactic, you may naturally think it’s reserved for huge companies or hobbyists who want to share their favorite recipes and conspiracy theories. The truth is that blogging is crucial for all companies – from miniscule to enterprise, B2B to B2C.

FreshBooks Techie Tips: How To Send Invoices In Just A Few Minutes

If you’re a freelance accountant or a member of a small team that has just purchased FreshBooks, you’re in the right place. The platform is known for its simple interface and outstanding navigation, but a guide through the invoicing process to make sure your extract the most from the software’s […]

How FreshBooks $7 Million-heavy Innovation Can Transform Accounting

What is the latest FreshBooks news? A month ago, FreshBooks CEO Mike McDerment announced the biggest transformation of his once modest accounting startup. What used to be a small-biz and freelance friendly system is becoming an enterprise-grade suite, and will now carry all the capacity that comes in the bandwagon […]

Make Marketing Manageable: Expert Tools and Insights

Business tools are essential for any company to succeed in today’s digital world. However, many small businesses face the seemingly overwhelming challenge of deciding on the right tools and services to choose from. From B2B to consumer facing businesses, almost every company faces the issue of “choice” in marketing tools. […]

5 Scientifically Sound Ways to Convince Your Social Media Audience to Buy From You

Social media may be the biggest influence of a buyer’s decision in today’s times. Over 71% people have said that they’re likely to buy based on what they see on social media. As marketers, you are responsible for what your audience sees on social media. You don’t have to impress […]

5 Easy FreshBooks Tricks That Can Improve Your Accounting

What do you expect from a perfect accounting software solution? If you’re running a small business and wish to stay in control of your finances, your first expectations are usually ease of use and accuracy. Years ago, those two things were too much to ask from an accounting solution. Then […]

What Companies Use FreshBooks: Benefits, Applications & Use Scenarios

Back in the days, FreshBooks intended to specialize in small biz accounting, and probably didn’t have ambitions as high as becoming the number one accounting system millions of companies rely on. Its spotless performance, nevertheless, proved to be a great strategy for success. Accidently or not, has a long list […]

Freshbooks: Pros & Cons of Award-Winning Accounting Software

Ever since computerized accounting first appeared, companies have been competing to deliver detailed and up-to-date insights, and to give users control over a wide range of metrics and indicators. The failure of many of these systems, nevertheless, revealed how sometimes it is better to work around the basic capacity users need and […]