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Pros and Cons of Litmos: Is This Popular LMS Worth Your Money?

What are the pros and cons of Litmos? An intuitive interface, comprehensive online learning tools, along with reasonable pricing packages, lead the reasons why Litmos is a good purchase choice. In this article, we will look at the main draws of Litmos LMS that should make it a worthwhile investment choice […]

How Much Does ProntoForms Cost? Get a Free Trial

ProntoForms is a cloud mobile forms solution widely used by businesses of any size with field operations. These include installation, maintenance and audits. The software streamlines and fast tracks field-to-office communications and workflows resulting in transparent, on-time field deliverables. In this article we’ll take a look at how pricing works for […]

15 Best Workflow Management Software Solutions

What is the best workflow management software? The best workflow management software is Wrike. The application excels in workflows that offer complete visibility into projects, streamlining the way you manage multiple processes. Project members are given a total view of project progress so that everyone stays in the loop. Additionally, […]

Four Factors For A Successful Test Environment Management Transparency

Test Environment Management is all about controlling, managing, and handling entire environments of testing the data. It may be considering various components such as hardware, software, database, middleware, applications, as well as test data that is managed by tools. It also conders procedures and resources effectively.

How To Choose The Right Finance App

A finance app is a necessity in today’s business world. It’s basically a dashboard for your cash – it helps you track the transactions that are being made, and makes you prepared for any upcoming issues. If you are new to such programs, you may be asking yourself – what […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Shopify: Popular Shopping Cart Software Systems

What is the top alternative to Shopify? The top alternative to Shopify is Wix. While primarily a website builder software, Wix is equipped with shopping cart and ecommerce functionalities that make it easy to manage your business’ online store. It even supports a wide variety of payment gateways so that […]

Pros and Cons of eWay-CRM: Analysis of a Popular CRM Software

eWay-CRM is a full-featured CRM solution for Outlook users in the retail industry who can effectively use it to boost customer relationships and convert basic data into actionable intelligence. eWay offers a wide range of sales and marketing features to help companies make smarter business decisions and boost revenue. The system […]

Top 10 Alternatives to FreshBooks: Popular Accounting Software Solutions

FreshBooks is a very popular accounting software that offers a range of useful features for both individuals as well as small and medium businesses. If you want a wider choice and wish to look at other reliable apps, we have lined up top 10 FreshBooks alternatives for you. These accounting […]

Top 10 Alternatives To Sisense: Leading Business Intelligence Software Systems

Sisense is a high quality business intelligence software solution that offers many great features to help your company analyze and process data. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the key advantages offered by this software and then compare it to 10 solid alternatives you can consider. We’ll take […]

Guide to Best Free CRM Software Solutions to Consider in 2019

This article has been updated for 2019 to ensure it includes the leading customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions. This is the list of all the latest systems that can manage your business relationships for free. What is the best free CRM software? The best free CRM software is HubSpot both […]

Pros and Cons of ProntoForms: A Leading Software for Field Operations

ProntoForms is a popular mobile forms solution that streamlines field communication and documentation via web and mobile interface. It aims primarily to improve workflows between field and office. Field teams can use the software to submit forms, reports and documents or retrieve job orders, specs and records from headquarters. The […]

Why Shutting Up Makes You a Better Salesperson

Selling involves a lot of talking. Just consider the jargon. If communication weren’t crucial,  words such as elevator pitch, sales talk, catch phrase, winning script and brand messaging wouldn’t dominate the conversation. But they do — simply because in sales, you have to make calls, write proposals, do presentations, tell […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Pipedrive: Leading CRM Applications

Pipedrive is a very popular CRM solution that can be efficiently used by companies to strengthen customer engagement and build profitable relationships. In this article, we’ll start by providing you with an overview of the features and benefits of Pipedrive. Next, to give you a sound overview of what is […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Freshdesk: Comparison of Popular Help Desk Software Systems

What is the best alternative to Freshdesk? The best alternative to Freshdesk is Salesforce Essentials, a top-rated, cloud-based platform that gives you the combined capabilities of sales software and a help desk solution. It is designed to help agents deliver personalized customer support through advanced features and easy to use […]

How to Develop a Sales Process for Your Small Business

When you’re a small business trying to claim a corner of the market, you’ll quickly find you need to develop a solid sales process and team. You may be tempted, as the small business owner, to have a member of your staff take charge of this important unit of your […]

When are the Best Times to Post Content on Social Media?

While digital marketing is all the rage, the role of social media in digital marketing is also on the rise. Social media is deeply integrated into our daily lives and the marketing industry. Contemporary marketing is highly dependent on digital means of communication, including social media.

Top 10 BambooHR Alternatives: Leading HR Software Systems

BambooHR is a leading online HR software solution created for small and mid-sized businesses. However, if you think this app doesn’t really fit the needs of your company, this article will offer you a wider choice by analyzing 10 alternatives to BambooHR your should consider examining more carefully. We’ll start […]

Top 10 Alternatives to TalentLMS: Leading Learning Management Systems

TalentLMS is a smart cloud LMS you can use to train your students, employees, customers, or partners. In this article, we provide a brief review of its main features and benefits and discuss 10 good alternatives that you can consider. We will analyze their main features and compare their pricing […]

Future Proof: How to Protect Yourself from Job Automation

Experts are torn on the idea of automation in the workplace. Some see it as a fantastic way to improve productivity that could allow us to eventually move to the utopian-sounding ‘jobless society’. But for others, the influx of artificial intelligence and robots taking human jobs is a nightmare scenario […]

Promote Your Product Review With The Help Of Industry Awards

Marketers can make use of plenty of avenues to promote their product and get more sales for their company. One such method is leveraging quality and industry awards won by your product. These awards don’t just serve to boost the ego of your staff. As a matter of fact, you […]

Base CRM: Pricing and Free Trial Of A Top CRM Software

With years of experience in the CRM industry collated mostly from actual customer demands, Base CRM certainly delivered a product worth considering. The system combines really well the sales and relationship management tools required by most retail businesses, and does so in a way that matches every industry and team […]

Base CRM: Pros & Cons Of The Top CRM Software

Base CRM is one of today’s most successful CRM & Sales products which helps both small and large companies improve their productivity, and improve relationships with their customers. For the functionality it offers, Base CRM is also a fairly affordable system, and one which offers just the right integrations to […]

List of Top 10 Leading CRM Software Solutions

What is the top CRM software solution? The top CRM software solution is HubSpot CRM for its simple yet powerful functionalities. It allows users to fine-tune sales processes and make campaigns more effective and personable without having to deal with clunky CRM tools. It is also available 100% for free. […]

Why Use CRM Software? 10 Reasons To Get One For Your Company

Why use CRM software for your business? You should use CRM software for your business because it optimizes marketing strategies, improves upselling efforts, and enhances customer relations. In addition to these, having these tools will allow you to leverage your customer data to make adjustments to your operations as well […]

What Does CRM Software Do For A Business: Is It Useful In Your Company?

Today’s business market landscape is very competitive and to get an edge over their competitors companies are often making use of customer relationship software (CRM) and other SaaS applications. This explains the growing popularity of cloud-based CRM solutions such as HubSpot or Pipedrive as the worldwide CRM software market is expected to […]

HubSpot CRM Comparisons With Its Most Popular Competitors

HubSpot CRM is considered to be one of the most robust and useful free apps not only among CRM solutions, but in the entire SaaS market. It gives you all core CRM functions and native integration to other premium tools, such as HubSpot Sales and HubSpot Marketing. Plus it’s available […]

Comparison of the Best Free CRM Software for Small Business

For those of you who are still looking for the ideal CRM software to improve your business processes, 2019 may be the right year to finally close this gap. Today, CRM products are more accessible to small businesses and teams than ever before. This is partially because most of them […]

Key Features of Most Popular CRM Software Solutions

Selling to existing customers is cheaper than finding new ones. Studies differ on how much, ranging from 5% to 25%, according to Harvard Business Review (2014). But they all agree retaining customers brings in more profits. If you haven’t used any customer relationship management or CRM software yet, you’re missing […]

7 Tips On How To Be The Best HR Manager

Do you work in a human resources department and are looking for tips to make you the best you can be in your position? We spoke to the Diamond and Diamond Law Firm to see what they had to say about running the best HR department possible. Here are some […]

How Much Does Hubspot CRM Cost? Is It Really For Free?

HubSpot is a popular free CRM solution that is part of the HubSpot’s sales productivity suite and is linked to the same database used by HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot Sales. Together, the suite helps you to organize contacts, track tasks and deals, share documents, and, essentially, make your sales pipeline more […]