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¿Qué es el software CRM?

La definición corta es que el software CRM es un sistema que le permite fomentar relaciones con clientes y proyecciones para impulsar las ventas o mantener …

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20 Best Project Management Software Solutions For Small Business in 2018

This article has been updated to showcase 2018’s 20 best project management software programs and reflect the most current tools and solutions catered for small businesses.   Relying on traditional approaches for managing projects no longer cuts it for many businesses. Thankfully, today’s sophisticated new technology allows automating this process […]

Top 10 JIRA Alternatives: Which Project Management Solution Is Best For You?

Most of you probably appreciate the numerous collaboration benefits JIRA has to offer. At the same time, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution that will cater to everyone’s unique business requirements, hence, you may be looking for options. This guide on the top 10 Jira alternatives should be of help.

15 Popular Binary Options Brokers of 2018: Which One Is The Best For Trading?

What are the 15 popular binary options brokers of 2018? When the US Securities and Exchange Commission approved binary options in 2008, numerous traders have been interested in expanding their investments and exploring binary options trading. Since there’s an extensive list of available brokers today, it’s challenging to narrow down your […]

Wrike Custom Workflows & Task Dependencies: How To Choose Between The Two

One of the things that make Wrike so popular among project management users is the flexibility it offers when choosing methods to accomplish their goals. In fact, Wrike is one of the rare systems that support multiple ways of creating projects and tracking their progress, which as good as it […]

10 Reasons Why Wrike Will Work Great For Any Company

Every agency needs a different type of project management software to complete its specific tasks, and handle heavy-weighted workflows and decentralized teams. The concept of an ideal PM system nevertheless remains unchanged, and expects solutions to be robust with features, well integrated and easy to use, but most of all […]

How to Choose the Best Applicant Tracking System: Tips and Tools

According to a report provided by the Aberdeen Group, over 80% of best-in-class organizations invest or plan to invest in top-ranked applicant tracking systems. They choose these systems rather than solutions that the traditional human resources management system provides. What do these organizations understand better than others? Applicant tracking system […]

Top 5 Tableau Alternatives: Sisense, Birst, QlikView, Domo and Looker

Sometimes the most robust business intelligence (BI) solution does not exactly match your workflows and a more basic BI software that fits your specific scenario is better. Other times a robust BI solution is what you really need, but you’re not sure if a better solution is out there. If you like […]

Communications Software Systems: List of 15 Market Leaders

In today’s digitized business environment, real-time communication has become essential for success. Team members need to communicate effectively to coordinate and synchronize the tasks they perform. That is why companies, knowledge workers, service providers, online retailers etc. need a good quality communication app. Such a system can help users to […]

Customer Support Software Reviews: 15 Most Popular Systems

Customer support software is used by many companies who want to provide effective customer service. Apps in this category will usually offer points-of-contact and ticketing, as well as CRM functions such as account and contact management and lead extraction. Advanced customer support software systems can also provide specialized features such […]

Comparison of 15 Leading Gamification Software Systems

Gamification is a great way to improve employee performance or customer engagement. The benefits are numerous, but the most obvious outcomes include: increased motivation; more effective learning; and more open communication between parties. In this top gamification software list, we included apps that focus on either front-end or backend users, or […]

2016 SaaS Industry Market Report: Key Global Trends & Growth Forecasts

This industry market report was prepared by Sebastian Lambert, CEO of FinancesOnline and our company’s expert on SaaS growth hacking and lead generation strategies. All information included below is based on both research of external sources as well as Sebastian’s analysis of SaaS-related data from FinancesOnline users and customers in […]

Improving Employee Engagement in Small Businesses

Employee engagement is paramount not only to an organisation running smoothly, but also to its success. Your employees are the backbone of your organisation, and without them there would be no business. Making sure they are fully engaged in what your business stands for as well as committed to helping […]

15 Popular Learning Management Systems: Which One Is The Best?

Learning management software (LMS) enables users to deliver online training courses and materials, college curricula, workshop courses, and hybrid types to train students and employees. It offers a wide range of training metrics to help you process suitable learning settings for each student. You can also use it to perform […]

CRM Software: List Of Top 5 Solutions for Small Business 2019

Choosing a smart CRM system is a necessary precondition for establishing and maintaining quality relationships with customers. This type of software allows companies to streamline interaction via many different channels, organizes and stores conversations in a centralized database, but most of all allows to monitor your campaigns and depict trends […]

Dapulse: Pros & Cons of the Award-Winning Collaboration System

Dapulse recently noted a rapid breakthrough among smart collaboration apps, being able to streamline communication and bring performance to considerably high levels regardless of the size or industry their clients operate in. We recently prepared a review of their services and were really impressed with what they have to offer in […]

5 Tech Innovations Set to Influence Cloud Accounting in 2019

Cloud Accounting is Growing Rapidly. In its fiscal report 2018, Intuit claims an increase 1 million subscribers for its cloud-based accounting software, QuickBooks Online, to reach a total of  3.4 million paid subscribers at the year-end. Its QuickBooks self-employed subscribers have also increased to 720,000. Xero, another cloud-based accounting software provider, […]

The Reason Why Project Management Tools Won’t Help You

“What gets measured gets managed — even when it’s pointless to measure and manage it, and even if it harms the purpose of the organization to do so.” – Peter Drucker   Purchasing a professional project management software will surely help you track and measure different aspects of your work. But these […]

15 Best Help Desk Software Systems For Your Business

Customer support is not only a way for businesses to resolve complaints. It is also a crucial aspect in improving business competitiveness and boosting sales opportunities. However, with the number of processes involved in providing customer service, this can be quite an overwhelming task. To simplify the process, you will […]

Dapulse Competitors: Comparison With Wrike, Asana, Clarizen, Projectplace and JIRA

People with no proper experience in online collaboration may think team software development doesn’t have many concerns other than effective messaging and uploads, but the truth is that these systems are designed to do far more complex tasks than those two. What is challenging the collaboration industry today is mostly the […]

15 Best CRM Systems For Your Business

CRM software helps companies to manage customer interaction and customer data, automate marketing, sales, and customer support, access business information, and manage partner, vendor, and employee relationships. A good quality system is also scalable for the needs of businesses of any size. What is more, it is customizable, enabling enterprises […]

10 Best Fixed Assets Accounting Software For Your Business

The Fixed Asset Accounting Software primarily caters to the accurate calculation of depreciation values and comprehensive reporting of all financial information related to fixed assets on the balance sheet. The Fixed Asset Accounting software is used for preventive maintenance procedures, detailed financial accounting and asset tracking implementations. Deployed in various […]

Unomy Alternatives: Comparison of 2018 Sales & Marketing Intelligence Products

Unomy Datanyze InsideView Our Score: 9.6 Our Score: 7.3 Our Score: 9.0 Our Score: 8.6 User Satisfaction: 100% User Satisfaction: 92% User Satisfaction: 93% User Satisfaction: 94% Free trial: demo Free trial: demo Free trial: 30-days Free trial: demo No awards in 2016 No awards in 2016 No awards in 2016 Ease of use: 95/100 Ease of use: […]

15 Popular Business Intelligence Software Solutions: Which One Is The Best?

Business intelligence (BI) is no longer the realm of multinational companies. Thanks to BI solutions, even small businesses today can process volumes of data and visualize insights of them. These insights can give companies competitive advantages, including new customer leads, identifying resource leaks, and optimizing resources. In this article about the […]

15 Best Marketing Software Systems For Small Business

If you are looking for a marketing software system for your business, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we list 15 of the leading solutions based on ease of use, intuitive automation and popularity, all important features for a small business. All these are suitable for the budget, […]

IT Management Software: List of 15 Market Leaders

IT management software helps companies to automate casual tasks, manage project collaboration, and unify software projects. These systems contribute to boost the productivity and efficiency of companies, the same as their app-developing procedures. Thanks to them, companies can perform demanding tasks such as creating online help portals, designing mobile applications, […]

Project Management Software Reviews: 15 Most Popular Applications

Project management solutions help you plan, execute, and deliberate processes, resources, knowledge, and best practices to meet project goals. Projects have different parts that need to move together to achieve a goal: talents, budget, schedule, communication, quality check, documentation, administration, to name a few. These solutions help you keep all […]

How a CMMS Can Help Improve Relationships With Vendors

Does your company deal with a large volume of maintenance requests each month? If you haven’t yet, you should consider investing in an effective computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to improve your operations and relationships with vendors. Far too many organizations stick to their guns, using outdated maintenance management practices […]

How Much Does Freshsales Cost? Get A Free Trial

Freshsales is a popular CRM Package from the Freshdesk stable that offers lead scoring, user behavior tracking, integrated email and phone and several other useful features. Freshdesk created Freshsales after having difficulty in using other CRM solutions for their needs. They had to subscribe to multiple apps to get the […]

xSellco Helpdesk: Pros & Cons Of A Leading Help Desk Software

xSellco Helpdesk is a leading help desk solution for e-commerce businesses of various sizes. You can use it to effectively resolve tickets and manage contacts using multiple online channels. The app is part of xSellco’s popular productivity suite which is used by many top brands around the globe. Unlike other […]

BambooHR Competitors: Compare It With TalentLMS, iCIMS, Bridge LMS, Litmos LMS and Blackboard

Stripped-down performance management is no longer the only criterion relevant to choosing solid HR systems, as those systems recently used the expansion of computerized business to grow in complexity. The way things are nowadays, a manager has to consider multiple factors and compare long lists of providers to find an app […]