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¿Qué es el software CRM?

La definición corta es que el software CRM es un sistema que le permite fomentar relaciones con clientes y proyecciones para impulsar las ventas o mantener …

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Top 10 Dos and Don’ts In B2B Digital Marketing

Everybody knows that social media is an extremely valuable opportunity for business because it connects it to the potential customers. For B2B, the deal is pretty much the same because marketing in social media enables to get a company in front of a potential partner and client, thus allowing to […]

7 Best Accounting Software for Medium Sized Businesses

The times when computed accounting was the gift of few is luckily far behind us – now that most finance management operations are performed in cloud, accountants from small and medium-sized companies can get grasp of digitized accounting’s benefits, and do so without installing expensive programs or undergoing cumbersome training. […]

15 Best Data Mining Software Systems

Data mining and proprietary software helps companies depict common patterns and correlations in large data volumes, and transform those into actionable information. For the purpose, best data mining software suites use specific algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and database statistics. Certain systems will also offer advanced functionalities such as data warehouses and […]

E-Invoicing Trends in 2017 That Will Impact Your Business

Electronic invoicing, or e-invoicing, has increased in the last few years, with both companies and governments around the world catching on to the many benefits. Although it may seem as one particular form of invoicing, e-invoicing is a process that incorporates proforma, commercial and many other types of invoices—but better. […]

15 Best Data Analysis Software Systems

Business data need not be static information with plenty of affordable business intelligence solutions at your disposal. Now you can collate data, model visualizations, and generate insights that can improve business efficiency and, ultimately, profitability. The top 15 data analysis software should allow you to slice and dice information in […]

10 Best Inventory Management Systems for 2019

What is the best inventory management software? The best inventory management software is Netsuite ERP, given its ability to control inventory regardless of location and volume. It offers all the tools needed to track inventory, reorder counts and monitor cycle points. Other winning features include inventory categorization, key settings calculation, […]

10 Best Survey Software Systems

The time survey software was dedicated exclusively to market researchers is far behind us. Today’s intelligent, cloud hosted, and fairly affordable systems made survey software accessible to every business and sole proprietor interested to know what customers think of their service. Survey apps nowadays come with all sorts of modules and […]

Comparison of Top 10 Leading POS Software Systems

POS applications (point-of-sale) are applied by brick and mortar retailers to tally costs, register cash, and make direct transactions. Basically, POS systems are there to ensure your inventory levels are timely balanced with fulfilled orders, and synchronize with the payment gateway you use to ensure your core operations are not […]

Comparison of Bridge LMS Competitors: Litmos, Mindflash and Firmwater

Bridge LMS is a SCORM-compliant SaaS solution designed to help businesses make corporate training more effective and efficient. It’s one of the top LMS solutions today, with strong course creation features, powerful reporting, and wide integration possibilities. The better to appreciate this software, we matched it with other three popular Bridge […]

10 Best Construction Management Software Systems For Your Company

What is the best construction management software? The best construction management software is CoConstruct, a web-based software for contractors, modelers, and design-build companies. It is packed with features to help in day-to-day operations including activity planning, scheduling, estimating, budgeting, and internal and external communication. It can be customized to handle […]

15 Best Content Management Software Systems For Your Business

Web content management software is also called CMS. The system is used to create and manage digital web content. Most CMS vendors offer bundled solutions that allow programmers to design and customize web templates and set up a publishing workflow. You can use the software to create webpages, create and […]

Bridge LMS Pros and Cons: Analysis of Features, Integrations and Support

Bridge LMS is a cloud learning management solution designed for businesses of any size and from any vertical. It fits the needs of most small business and large enterprise with its scalable features and needs-basis pricing. The software is SCORM-compliant (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) and highly customizable.

15 Popular Survey Software Solutions: Which One Is The Best?

Survey software is utilized to collect comments and feedback from respondents. Companies use this solution to get feedback and reviews from their customers as well as employees. The data thus obtained can be used to analyze customer satisfaction, employee morale, etc. So, it is essential that you use a good […]

Review of the Most Useful Features & Tools In Popular Zoho Products

Zoho users sticking to the brand across their business processes may be a good strategy to keep cross-departmental workflows closely integrated using a single Zoho infrastructure. If you think this idea has merit and, in fact, you’re already using a Zoho app, it pays to know other popular Zoho products. […]

Zendesk Alternatives: Comparison of Top 2018 Help Desk Software Products

To keep up with the most current and leading helpdesk software products, we have recently updated this article with information on 2018’s top Zendesk alternatives and their comparisons.   Pricing isn’t the only factor when comparing the best help desk software in 2018. You have to consider other important factors […]

Salesforce CRM Alternatives: Comparison of Top 2019 CRM Software Products

With consideration for the constantly changing and improving market of customer relationship management software, we have updated this article with information of 2019’s top CRM software alternatives to Salesforce and their comparison.   Salesforce is one of the more popular CRM solutions in the market today, but is it the best […]

15 Best POS Software Systems For Small Business

What is the best POS software for small business? The best POS software for small business is Toast POS, which carries numerous features designed to handle U.S.-based restaurants’ booking, online ordering and stocks management. This time-saving tool allows businesses to boost service quality while offering data reporting and order tracking […]

How JotForm Rebuilt Its Flagship SaaS Product in 18 Months

As the years roll on and technology moves forward, it’s only natural that what was tech-savvy and “in” at one time can look dated a mere few years later. Here at JotForm, an online forms SaaS tool, time caught up with us. We spent years with a laser-sharp focus on […]

Tips For Effective Stock Control and Inventory Management

Every business suffers from stock control and inventory management problems. “Shrinkage” accounts for a considerable amount of total sales that includes theft by customers or employees, or staff and administrative errors. And if you are trying to grow your business, keeping track on stock levels and way you manage your […]

Top 5 Alternatives To SurveyMonkey: List of Top Survey Software Competitors

If you are looking for SurveyMonkey alternatives then we have prepared a list of reliable solutions that you can try out instead. This article details the main features and benefits of SurveyMonkey and five good alternatives. We also compare their pricing schemes and integration options for your benefit. SurveyMonkey can […]

Law Practice Management Software Reviews: 15 Most Popular Applications

Law practice management software is used by law firms to manage accounting and billing, schedules and appointments, deadlines, vital documents, and client and case records. Most law schools do not teach their students how to operate a law office. Therefore, law firms need to use this software to help new […]

How To Get L&D Results With Business-specific Personalized Learning

No individual is the same and as a result no learning plan can be the same. Yes, of course we have general traits and types we find common among our learner bases. But these can only inform our learning programs and contribute to our business goals to a degree. Personalized […]

Businesses Need Strategies for UC Tools to Feed on Strategic Digital Neuromarketing Practices in 2017

Gone are the days of traditional marketing trends for business growth. Digital revolution has globalized the entire business world. It has changed the way businesses market themselves for constant growth on a daily basis. Businesses are fast switching to strategic digital psychological marketing practices via unified communication tools. Perfect execution […]

Understanding The Rise of Personalized Products Ecommerce

It’s not more than a few years ago when personalized products were limited to a number of products which could be counted on your fingertips. It mainly comprised of gifting items, showcase products, or marketing merchandise (that too very limited). But with the rise of personalized products in the ecommerce […]

Critical Shortcuts To Manage A Project Team From A Distance

With globalization taking over the planet, competition in any employment sphere has skyrocketed. The traditional 9 to 5 working days in a closed office space are losing their weight. Companies are orienting towards remote workforce and that is slowly becoming the standard for any market. Such development, however, leads to […]

15 Best Construction Management Software: List of Current Market Leaders

With over 100 construction management solutions (CMs) out there, the choice can be intimidating. Our 15 best construction tools list will help you digest the most important aspects of the premiere software in the market today. Our scoring system is computed based on the software’s key features, value-for-money, benefits to […]

20 Best Accounting Software for Small Business in 2019

What is the best accounting software for small business? The best accounting software for small business is FreshBooks, a straightforward, intuitive and powerful accounting solution that should handle any numbers you throw at it—and at a compelling price that works with your small business setup. And now recently redesigned, the […]

Inventory Management Software Reviews: 15 Most Popular Applications

Inventory management software is utilized to track inventory levels, orders, sales processes, and deliveries. It can also be used to create production-related documentation such as bill of materials and work orders. Businesses make use of this solution to avoid overstocking of products. The benefits of inventory management software include ability […]

15 Best File Sharing Software Systems: List of Current Market Leaders

File sharing software apps help users to share and receive multiple files from outside computers through the internet or a local network. The software solution can be used to share various kinds of files such as documents, videos, and images. They are mostly used to download media files from the […]

Top 5 Vocalcom Alternatives: Leading Call Center Solutions On The Market

Choosing a solid call center system without the necessary information is so problematic for some companies that they decide to turn to third-party providers and delegate their support services. But why paying extra bucks if you have the clear picture of what you need? Do you need 24/7 support or […]