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Did you know that live chat can be utilized for marketing, especially inbound marketing? If you have an established online marketing strategy and live chat isn’t part of that mix, …

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Review of RevampCRM: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning CRM Software

RevampCRM is a leading sales and marketing CRM for e-tailers and small businesses. It was designed to automate reporting and streamline your workflow. In this detailed RevampCRM reviews, we evaluate the main features and functionalities of this app and discuss its key aspects. We will also take a look at […]

Review of Brightpearl: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning Inventory Management & ERP Software

Brightpearl is one of the best multi-channel retail management applications. It helps companies manage all the main aspects of their business—accounting, reporting, customer data, inventory, and handling orders—in one place. In this Brightpearl reviews, we will scrutinize all the important features of the app and discuss the main aspects and benefits of […]

Review of LiveAgent: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning Help Desk Software

We frequently asses B2B solutions based on technical features alone. Reviewing LiveAgent is no different. However, we felt we needed to highlight the customer-centric approach of the vendor when developing the helpdesk software. Yes, many times we’ve encountered B2B solutions that are designed to have best-in-class features, but at the […]

Review of Samanage: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning IT Service Desk

Samanage is a very popular ITIL-ready IT service desk and asset management solution that can be deployed via cloud. It promises to streamline your IT support workflows and give you full visibility of IT assets from purchase to depreciation. In this detailed Samanage review, we’ll analyze all the important aspects […]

Review of KiteDesk FIND: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning Lead Generation Software

KiteDesk FIND is a software that promises a smarter way to get leads. More importantly, it allows you to keep the pace of your lead volume month over month so your conversion rate maintains an upward swing all the time. Leads are everywhere; what KiteDesk does is it qualifies them […]

Review of 3dcart: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning eCommerce Platform

3dcart software is backed by more than 15 years of vendor experience in ecommerce, having supported over $4 billion transactions worldwide. But that’s not the reason why we like this ecommerce platform. We like it for what it is now. Aside from the expected standard shopping cart features, this software […]

PipelineDeals Competitors: What Is The Best CRM Software?

CRM software can be a very useful asset to almost any company. It’s a service that can be really helpful in terms of boosting your sales and ensure high level of customer satisfaction. But, there are quite a lot of solid CRM service out there. One of them is PipelineDeals, […]

Review of Sisense: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning Business Intelligence Software

Sisense is a solution that is definitely disrupting business analytics with its easy drag-and-drop and scalable end-to-end BI processes to prepare, analyze, and visualize multiple complex datasets fast. Even companies with a limited line of IT specialists or big data experience can now crunch terabytes of data and service volumes […]

Top 3 Accounting Software: Comparison of Freshbooks, Xero and Zoho Books

With technology developing rapidly and more and more operations shifting to the cloud, companies and sole accountants have no choice but to choose an adequate accounting program that will keep them a step ahead of their competitors. In 2018 we have again rounded up our list for the top three accounting […]

Pros and Cons of Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a very popular choice for companies looking for a reliable CRM software. But is it really the best option out there? In this article, we analyze Zoho CRM pros and cons and try to answer the question if it’s a solution you should choose for your company. […]

How Much Does FreshBooks Cost And Why You Should Get A Free Trial

There are a number of very good reasons why FreshBooks is seen as the best accounting solution today. When FreshBooks was launched in 2003, it changed the way cloud-based accounting servives were made and used. While early accounting platforms were marketed to and employed by organizations with accounting specializations, FreshBooks […]

How Much Does RingCentral Cost And Why You Should Get A Free Trial

While most communication channels are shifting to the online domain, businesses that aim to grow and expand need a reliable phone system to keep their operations seamless and facilitating communication on a variety of platforms. RingCentral does just that. Established in 1999, RingCentral has become a titan in the PBX service market, […]

Is FreshBooks The Best Accounting Software On The Market

Accounting software can range from simple single-entry systems for check writing and bookkeeping to double-entry systems such as general ledgers, accounts receivables, and accounts payable. Robust apps can also offer an inventory, fixed assets, invoicing, and more sophisticated features. Accounting software is designed to help you avoid manual errors and […]

Best Project Management Software of 2016: Wrike Tops The List Again

Every business desires to be on top of each and every aspect of their enterprise, whether delivering projects on time, designating the right personnel for every assignment, allocating resources effectively, or keeping expenses within the budget. It is crucial that businesses keep their work flow smooth and unhindered although operational […]

How Much Does PipelineDeals Cost And Why You Should Get A Free Trial

Branded by experts and simple users as one of the best cloud-based Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) for B2B sales teams, PipelineDeals CRM packs a powerful punch that is complemented by its simplcitity and user friendliness. This dynamic platform provides businesses with a plethora of functionalities that makes it easy for […]

Types of Help Desk Software: Which One Will Suit Your Company Needs?

Help desk software is part of an umbrella category called service desk, which includes asset management and IT service management (ITSM). Although the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, help desk specifically refers to the system that addresses customer queries. This means a help desk system, at the least, has […]

Pros and Cons of FreshBooks: Is It The Best Accounting Software?

FreshBooks is one of the best cloud accounting apps out there. It was designed to help companies handle their finances in a secure and easy manner. Freshboks offers a simple yet efficient way to manage expenses, invoices, reports, and time tracking. The product was designed to help you save the time spent […]

Which Companies Use Wrike Project Management Software?

Wrike is a top-quality online project management software that gives you full control and visibility over your tasks. The app combines project management with a real-time workspace for document sharing, discussion, and collaboration. It offers a single central hub for all of your work. The software’s user-friendly navigation helps you […]

Review of TradeGecko: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning Inventory Management System

Managing the inventory has plenty of pain points, from human error-riddled spreadsheets and cumbersome administrative tasks to expensive ERP systems. Meanwhile, you can’t give your business the attention it deserves because you’re tied to inventory issues. This is the situation TradeGecko, an award-winning inventory management service, wants to change. The […]

Review of RingCentral: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning Phone System

The SaaS model has been extensively adopted in critical business processes from finance and marketing to project management and customer service. For some reason, however, one major business aspect—telephony system—is slow to get into the cloud bandwagon. Even today, we still see many business owners trying to compare traditional telephony […]

Review of eXo Platform: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning Social Collaboration Software

Integrating an internal collaboration system with an enterprise social platform to engage buyers and establish deep customer relationships makes perfect sense in today’s business, where customers are made into brand advocates, while employees are encouraged to share ideas and experiences with decision-makers for greater teamwork. There’s a blurred line between […]

mHelpDesk Competitors: Best Field Service Management Alternatives

There are several good field service management (FSM) applications on the market today. Some of these may offer advanced features that you may not need, while others may lack the tools your company require the most. Some FSM apps are created as complementary systems to ERP or CRM applications, while […]

Top 10 Help Desk Software Systems

If you get a reliable help desk software system your company can expect significant advantages. With a good software of this type you will be able to imrove your means to deal with customer concerns and problems in a fast and efficient manner. You can also easily identify potential issues, discover consumer trends, […]

What’s in Store for CRMs in 2016?

You either ride along or die wishing! The scene of modern marketing is fast evolving. New leaps in technologies are emerging that are fundamentally changing the current business landscape. And, what is even more disturbing is the mutating trends in the CRMs that are threatening to throw lords of ‘status quo’ […]

How Cloud and Big Data Can Help Your Business

Business owners who know their customers thoroughly and respond to them quickly and effectively have always ruled the market. It is a rule of commerce that prevails without exception in free economies. Today, that pursuit of knowledge regarding consumer likes, dislikes, demographics of every kind and shopping/buying habits takes place […]

How SaaS Is Changing the Way Entrepreneurs Do Online Business

Today, businesses exist in a fast paced and somewhat volatile market. Marketing technology has changed drastically since its start in the 90’s, particularly mobile technology and mobile marketing. In fact, according to Northeastern University, 20-30% of internet traffic comes from smartphones.

Nimble Competitors: 5 CRM Software Alternatives You Can Consider

There are quite a few reliable CRM services available out there that will offer all the key features you’re looking for in that kind of software: they’ll help you pull data from your customer records and engagements, and process the information to get useful insights about your market, create a sales […]

Jobber Competitors: Which Field Service Management App Is The Best?

Jobber is a popular field service management app, but it’s not the only one quality FMS solution available on the market. In this article we’ll discuss the main features of this app and the main Jobber competitors Housecall Pro and mHelpDesk to give you a good overview of what alternatives […]

Review of Teamgate: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning CRM

In this article we review Teamgate, one of the leading sales CRM services. We’ll take a look at how Teamgate works, what unique features it offers discuss the top things we like about this software. To give you a better overview of the service we simulated a few typical CRM […]

Top 3 Field Service Management Software: Comparison of ProntoForms, HouseCall Pro and Jobber

Field service management apps can differ in a lot of ways. Some may offer features that you simply don’t need, while others don’t have that one tool that motivated you to look for a filed management system in the first place. Some FSM apps are designed as complementary tools for ERP or CRM […]