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Did you know that live chat can be utilized for marketing, especially inbound marketing? If you have an established online marketing strategy and live chat isn’t part of that mix, …

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Top 5 Reasons Why CRM and the Internet-of-Things Will Influence Customer Engagement

More and more people are embracing the phenomenon of increased connectivity through smart gadgets and wireless technology. Appliances are coming out with sensors that detect change and adapt their functions accordingly. It is only fair to say that the next era in technology will be that of Internet-of-Things (IOT). IOT […]

Wrike.com Free Trial Version: Which Features Can You Get For Free?

Founded in 2006, Wrike was designed with one goal in mind: to make teamwork easier and more productive for you and your employees. Nine years later, it is fair to say that this tool has delivered on its promises and has become a perfect project management tool for most task-oriented processes.

Top 3 Help Desk Software: Comparison of Freshdesk, LiveAgent and Samanage

If you want to choose the best help desk solution for your company that will let you solve any issues your clients may have we’ve got your covered. Our B2B experts reviewed a wide selection of top help desk software to help you choose the best-in-class system. After a thorough […]

6 Tips On How To Choose The Best CRM Software For Your Business

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has become an imperative component of every enterprise, both big and small. If you’re planning to grow your business, CRM software is something you can’t ignore. Not only does it enable you to turn your leads into loyal clients, but even allows you to regularly keep […]

5 Ideas On How To Increase B2B Software Sales

In several of our previous articles we’ve been citing the recent Google/Millward study (from March 2015) that reported about the changing B2B buying behavior. The report mirrored past studies, notably that majority of B2B buyers (89%) make preliminary research before landing on the product site, by which time they already […]

Is Wrike The Easiest Project Management Software In The Market?

Your company may have the greatest project management software solution on the planet, but if your employees do not use it, then it is simply a worthless endeavor. User adoption is important to any business, and for user adoption to become prevalent in your organization, the project management software program […]

Wrike Screenshots: A Guide To Project Management Features

With a wide range satisfied users from all over the world, Wrike is considered one of the best project management solutions out there. Used by over millions of people worldwide, available in English and nine other languages, Sold in 120 countries, Wrike is being used by high-performance teams around the world to make […]

How Big Data Can Help You Understand Your Customers

Having the ability to see inside the minds of potential customers is probably the dream of the majority of marketing professionals. Understanding what they are interested in, what catches their attention, and why they do or don’t purchase certain products is the equivalent of entering a marketing gold mine. For […]

6 Useful B2B Marketing Strategies And Tools

Whatever online marketing platform you choose–paid or organic–an effective strategy boils down to its most essential ingredient: content. Whether for the short-term or long haul, content can make or break your SaaS business because buyers today are relying more on what they read about you online before contacting you (according […]

4 Ideas For B2B Online Marketing Strategies

Before you fling your product into the next cool online campaign, have you thought about critical strategic factors that will greatly affect your B2B marketing efforts? They can spell the difference between success and failure for your product. Skip them at your peril or work hard around them and reap […]

5 Learning Management System Solutions for Enterprises

For some, it is relatively not a problem to romanticize the idea of big businesses. After all, enterprise companies with global coverage rake in millions of dollars in revenues, have multi-million operational budgets, and produce rich executives. However, sometimes it is forgotten that with huge revenues come with super huge […]

B2B Online Marketing Ideas: Is Your Online Funnel Up To Date?

Is your online sales pipeline designed in accordance with the latest B2B marketing findings? If you’re unsure, this article gives you useful B2B online marketing ideas and will show you the critical insights culled from authoritative researches on B2B marketing and we’ll map out an ideal online sales pipeline based on these […]

Project Management Software For Business: How To Avoid Implementation Traps

An effective project management software solution can indeed boost your business. But there are certain pitfalls you need to be aware of and avoid while implementing this application. This article details these pitfalls and provides tips on how you can avoid them.

How to Increase Conversion Rates on B2B Software’s Landing Page

We already know that B2B buyers are proactively looking for your software online long before you make the first contact with them. According to the Changing Face of B2B Marketing study (Google, Millward Brown, 2014), on average buyers are conducting 12 searches  before visiting a specific product site. Therefore, it’s important to […]

Top 5 Sales Automation Systems Perfect for Large Businesses

Selling is an integrated part that needs to be addressed time and again if a business venture is to be successful. For a long time, many enterprises have placed their faith on old school ways of handling sales and marketing. In this day and age, clinging on to traditions does […]

Top 3 Shopping Cart Software: Comparison of 3DCart, Shopify and Magento

A great shopping cart software is more than the clean, crisp look of its storefront interface. It packs in flexible, scalable, and powerful backend features that let you perform critical e-commerce tasks from promotion to payment. With dozens of shopping cart solutions in the market–each one claiming to be the […]

How Much Does Wrike Cost: Why You Should Get A Free Trial

Among the project management software programs currently available in the market, Wrike is known to be one of the best solutions. A giant among its peers in the field of project management field, Wrike has revolutionized the way companies all over the world conduct their project management operations. In less […]

How B2B Vendors Make Their Software Look More Credible

Unless you’re a very trustworthy company like Intuit, Oracle, or SAP, which collectively corner 35% of the global SaaS enterprise market in 2013 (IDC), when buyers land on your page, will they trust what they see? You don’t need to wait to become a big player to earn credibility in your […]

Key Features of 5 Robust Project Management Solutions

An efficient project management software solution is essential for companies to manage their projects efficiently. Such an application can generate project deadlines and milestones based on the data you feed into it. This article aims to help business owners by detailing the key project management software features of five robust […]

4 Ways To Increase Click Ratio For Your B2B Software

In one our previous articles we talked about how to increase user trust in your website to increase leads and conversions. B2B buyers today are looking for social proofs that show you’re trustworthy, and these include displaying trust marks, testimonials, and awards, among others. You can have all these factors […]

Top Benefits of Five Widely Used Sales Software Products

It has become essential for companies to make use of modern business software applications to improve their productivity and get an edge over their competitors. Sales software is a useful tool to nurture leads, convert them into deals, and boost the bottom line. In this article, we look at five […]

5 Robust CRM Software Solutions Your Business Can Benefit From

Modern business software products have become essential tools that enhance the productivity and profitability of companies. Thus, it has become important for business owners to know the main features and strengths of these solutions. This article helps them out by detailing the key features of five robust CRM software solutions. […]

5 B2B Accounting Software Solutions To Help You Overcome Business Pitfalls

Business owners deliberating on whether to opt for a computerized accounting software program would be keen to know the advantages of such an application. This article aims to help them by detailing a few pitfalls that can be overcome by using a good quality B2B accounting software solution.

Top 5 LMS Solutions With Very Functional B2B Mobile Editions

Learning management systems, also called LMS, have positively impacted both the corporate world and the educational sector. The need to create and deliver high quality training courses, educational materials, and other related materials for commercial purposes as well as the demand for platforms that take care of the demands of […]

5 Help Desk Software Applications that are Recommended for Enterprises

Customer service is key function for companies which can take up a lot of resources and personnel. A top rate help desk software can make the job much easier for enterprises. This article reviews the features offered by five leading help desk software applications which you can consider for your business […]

5 Paid Project Management Software Tools: How They Differ From Free Trials

Are you starting a new business this year? Good for you. But do you know that there are effective project management software tools you can use to streamline your operations and boost your productivity? Of course, the right project management software tool depends on your specific needs and other considerations. […]

Basecamp Competitors: 5 Alternative Project Management Services

There are dozens of outstanding project management solutions out there, with Basecamp being among the most popular tools. Project management software has been around for quite some time now and it can have other functions aside from just those designed for managing projects. Modern project management tools can carry out cost control, […]

Asana Competitors: 5 Alternative Project Management Solutions

Project management software is created to coordinate and streamline activities and efforts within a company. Important features of such software solutions enable the organization and delegation of tasks, essentially enhancing visualization levels of project timelines as well as processes. There are countless project management solutions that claim to be the […]

Comparison of Wrike, Smartsheet and Monday: Top 3 Project Management Solutions

What are the top project management solutions in 2018? After a thorough review of features, usability and vendor reliability, our review team boils down the list to three: Wrike, Smartsheet and Monday. Overall, Wrike emerges as the top choice on the strength of simplicity and affordability, with Smartsheet and Monday […]

How To Increase B2B Sales With Trust Elements On Your Website

Increasing user trust on your website is a critical goal to get more sales off your site. Buyers today are researching information about you before you even get to hear from them. Hanne Tuomisto-Inch, Head of B2B Marketing at Google, said that one factor of this buyer behavioral shift is […]