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¿Qué es el software CRM?

La definición corta es que el software CRM es un sistema que le permite fomentar relaciones con clientes y proyecciones para impulsar las ventas o mantener …

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Trello Competitors: 5 Project Management Software Alternatives

Project management software solutions are a big help to businesses nowadays, with their capability to coordinate and streamline efforts and activities in company operations. They allow companies to organize and delegate projects and tasks, thus creating better teamwork and collaboration. There are many project management solutions out there and they cater a […]

Best Online Project Management Software: or

Wrike and Asana are among the leading project management solutions available these days. Both are regarded quality services that offer useful features that allow companies to automate, streamline, and simplify matters for team members. However, which of the two solutions will work better for your business? Our B2B experts prepared a detailed comparison […]

The Future of ERP Solutions: The Next Big Thing Is Automation & Acceleration

Buckle up and hold onto your seats, as ERP is about to undergo a radical or rather we should say a revolutionary change! Get set to bid farewell to the slow, imbecile and laborious ERP for good. ERP since its inception undoubtedly has come a long way and the technology […]

Easy to Use Project Management Software: Is Wrike The Top Choice?

While software, in general, seeks to solve a set of challenges for any organization, their success will depend largely on how their intended users are able to access the features in the least possible time. If the software is perceived by the developers as powerful but does not resonate well […] Free Trial Version: What Features Can You Get For Free?

Founded in 2006, Wrike was designed with one goal in mind: to make teamwork easier and more productive for you and your employees. Nine years later, it is fair to say that this tool has delivered on its promises and has become a perfect project management tool for most task-oriented processes.

Salesforce Pros and Cons: How Does It Compare With Top Help Desk Apps

If you find yourself searching for a reliable help desk solution for your company you’ve most likely considered Salesforce as one of the options. To help you choose the most suitable software for your business our team of experts prepared a thorough analysis of Salesforce pros and cons. With our assistance […]

Zendesk Free Trial: Should You Try Out This Help Desk App First?

If you are thinking about investing in a good help desk system for your business, then it’s always a good idea to try out the free trials of the apps on your shortlist first. In this article we’ll discuss the Zendesk free trial plan to give you a better idea […]

Zendesk Pros and Cons: What’s The Best Help Desk Software

If you’re looking for a good help desk software for your company you’ve probably heard about Zendesk. To help you decide whether this solution is the best fit for your company, our B2B experts created a detailed review of Zendesk pros and cons. Hopefully, this will help you make an informed […] Pros and Cons: Help Desk Software Analysis

If you are thinking about choosing as a help desk software solution for your company then this article is for you. Our B2B experts prepared a thorough review of pros and cons and analyzed what it has to offer to help you make an informed decision before you […]

How Much Does Freshdesk Cost? Should You Get a Free Trial?

Freshdesk is a very popular and effective help desk solution chosen by many international companies and small businesses. It offers a flexible pricing plan with a wide range of features to choose from depending on your individual needs. In this article we’ll discuss all pricing details of Freshdesk and we’ll […]

Zendesk vs Salesforce vs Freshdesk: Comparison of Top 3 Help Desk Solutions

If you’re considering investing in a reliable help desk system for your business, you’ll most likely be choosing from the top three popular solutions available on the market: Zendesk, Freshdesk and Salesforce. How do you decide the most suitable app from Zendesk vs Salesforce vs Freshdesk? In this article we’ll […]

Freshdesk: Helpdesk Software Awards Won In 2017

Freshdesk is one of the three biggest SaaS help desk solutions in the world today. It combines enterprise-grade robust features with plug-and-play simplicity and price scalability. The software is built on seamless organization, collaboration, smart automation, and tight integration to help you deliver excellent customer support. These features, and the […] Free Trial: Is It Worth Trying Out?

Freshdesk is one of the most popular help desk software solutions on the market, but it’s always a good idea to try out a product before you decide to invest your money into a given B2B solution. This is important because adopting an inadequately fitted software can have serious consequences […]

How Much Does Wrike Cost And Why You Should Get A Free Trial

Among the project management software programs currently available in the market, Wrike is known to be one of the best solutions. A giant among its peers in the field of project management field, Wrike has revolutionized the way companies all over the world conduct their project management operations. In less […]

Kayako Pros and Cons: Is It The Best Help Desk Software?

Today businesses of all sizes need to handle their customer and employee support issues easily and consistently. This is where helpdesk solutions play an important role. However, choosing the right helpdesk tool for your business can be difficult no matter what type or size your business is. One of the popular […]

Detailed Review of Freshdesk: An Award-Winning Help Desk Software

Freshdesk is a cloud-hosted helpdesk solution that combines the simplicity of intuitive interface and power of robust features. It serves over 50,000 satisfied customers including such big brands as Boss, 3M, and Cisco. This helpdesk software is also regarded as one of the most cost-effective support systems for businesses of all sizes. […]

Teamsupport Pros and Cons: Is There A Better Help Desk Alternative?

Helpdesk software programs are a big issue among businesses today. After all, helpdesk solutions can make or break them, particularly those offering products or services to customers. Teamsupport is a very popular help desk solution and in this article we’ll discuss the its pros and cons to give you a […]

What’s The Best Online Helpdesk Software: or

If you have been looking for helpdesk software solutions online, no doubt you noticed two very popular solutions Freshdesk and Zendesk that are currently one of the leaders in the help desk market. Both solutions offer quality features, cloud-based customer support and ticket management at affordable pricing and with a low learning curve. What are […]

Comparison of Wrike, Asana & Trello: Top 3 Project Management Solutions

Is there such a thing as a perfect project management solution? Imagine you could find a B2B service that would allow your employees not only to easily and efficiently cooperate on projects, but a service that would also provide flexibilty of integration with your current business workflow and industry. Our […]

Freshdesk Tour: An Overview Of The Popular Help Desk Solution

Freshdesk is a very popular web-based helpdesk support platform set up with the objective of enabling businesses of all sizes to offer outstanding customer service. Its goal is simple yet elegant: make it easy for businesses to talk to customers and make it equally easy for users to contact businesses. […]

Asana Competitors: Five Alternative Project Management Solutions

Project management software is created to coordinate and streamline activities and efforts within a company. Important features of such software solutions enable the organization and delegation of tasks, essentially enhancing visualization levels of project timelines as well as processes. There are countless project management solutions that claim to be the […]

Freshdesk Competitors: 5 Alternatives To The Award-Winning Help Desk Software

If you are looking to invest in a good help desk software app for your business, but you’re not sure which solution is the best one, then you have come to the right place. Freshdesk is a very popular help desk solution. In fact, many experts claim its the best […]

Basecamp Competitors: Five Alternative Project Management Services

There are dozens of outstanding project management solutions out there, with Basecamp being among the most popular tools. Project management software has been around for quite some time now and it can have other functions aside from just those designed for managing projects. Modern project management tools can carry out cost control, […]

Freshdesk: Pros And Cons Of A Popular Help Desk Software

Freshdesk is one of the most popular help desk software solutions on the market. What makes it such a reliable service? In this article we’ll try to answer that question by discussing the most important Freshdesk pros and cons. We hope our analysis helps you decide whether this service is a […]

Salesforce Competitors: 5 Alternative Help Desk Software Apps to Choose From

Getting a robust help desk software that scales to your requirements and one that is widely trusted is a logical business decision. So having Salesforce Service Cloud as your customer service backend is a sound step towards increasing customer satisfaction. We’ll discuss below the numerous benefits to be had with […]

Kayako Competitors: 5 Help Desk Software Alternatives

With a helpdesk software program, you can streamline your customer support and provide important analytics across your customer communication platforms. However, with so many help desk solutions available today, it is understandable that one can get confused when selecting the best one for his or her company. In this article, you […] vs Zendesk: Comparison of Top Customer Services Software

It is considered a fact when you do business: if your business involves dealing with customers, then you are going to provide customer service. When there are problems or questions that need to be answered or resolved, your clients will look to you for their solutions. Your capacity to quickly […]

Wrike and Asana: Comparison of Best Project Management Software Services

The Internet has given a good number of people all over the world the chance to start their own business. From Japan to the United States, an unprecedented number of entrepreneurs is growing, opening businesses to expand their opportunities to earn. But with the rise of the Internet and booming […]

Trello vs Asana: Comparison Of The Best Project Management Software

Project management software solutions are designed to coordinate efforts and activities between members of a business team and put order to various projects they are juggling. Essential features of such tools enable the organization and assignment of tasks, ultimately improving visualization levels of project timelines and processes.

Freshdesk vs Zendesk: Comparison of Top Customer Service Software Solutions

Both Zendesk and Freshdesk want to be the premier enterprise help desk and ticket support tool in the market and they both offer some of the best help desk and customer support functionalities out there. When you analyze the functionalities of the two apps, you will find that they are not radically different […]