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If you are one of thousands of people using helpdesk platform, then you have most likely  already heard that Salesforce is going to discontinue in 2020. end of life news means you may soon need to look elsewhere for another helpdesk and/or customer support solution. However, Salesforce itself is working on a new solution to replace, one that the company hopes will be more competitive in terms of features and price, but any details of this tool haven’t been announced yet.

Selforce Desk Discontinued closing its operations of course opens more opportunities to competitors, among them leading platforms such as Freshdesk and Wix Answers. Newcomers to the platform should also  consider that is no longer available to new clients since March 13, 2018. No need not to worry though, because there are quite a good number of help desk software alternatives out there.

In this article we’ll look at some very good alternatives to set you on your path to finding a reasonable platform for your company’s needs. Some of these solutions typically figure among the best help desk software for small business and they can even scale to enterprise. end of life: Salesforce is discontinuing 6 years after acquiring it from Assistly.

For old users, their immediate concern is not just finding a very good alternative but, more importantly, to ensure that migration has the least disruption to the operations of their businesses. We expect “ how to migrate” guides to be making the rounds on the internet for the next two years before Salesforce effectively retires on March 13, 2020.

Below we present you with ten alternatives and discuss their unique features to help you make up your mind on a potential replacement for Additional sources will also be provided in case you need to expand your options along the way. 

1.   Freshdesk

Heading our top alternatives to is the top help desk software Freshdesk, an award-winning cloud-hosted app designed to meet the demands of both small businesses and large companies. It features the following critical features: multichannel capability; integrated game mechanics to increase agent productivity; multiple SLA policies, smart automation; and self-service portals. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for the Freshdesk free trial here.


This award is given to the best product in our help desk software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.

Freshdesk won our Best Help Desk Software Award 2018

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The platform includes such standard features as help desk ticketing, knowledge base, and community platform. Once set up, Freshdesk turns your support emails into tickets that you can track for rapid and accurate response. Furthermore, the solution gives you flexibility to link forum questions to a ticket and vice-versa, allowing you to create a more streamlined set of answers and replies.

Freshdesk has integrated Live Chat, Phone Support, and Game Mechanics. It also works with legacy productivity tools and your CRM when you need to pull out customer information. Likewise, it works with popular help desk and multimedia apps, such as Google Apps, YouTube, Slideshare and other widgets that can spice up your knowledge base.

For mobility, Freshdesk gives you powerful apps for both Android and iOS.

Why Freshdesk is a good alternative to

  1. Extend your helpdesk’s capabilities. With over 300 apps including G Suite, Mailchimp, Slack, and Trello, the Freshdesk Marketplace allows you to share information between all the tools you use, improving collaboration between different business functions. Your team can personalize customer conversations based on contextual information from your CRM, marketing software, e-commerce platforms, chat tools, and more. You can also build your own apps with the Freshdesk Developer Platform and customize the helpdesk to fit your needs.
  2. Tailor workflows to your needs. With Freshdesk, you can bring your own customizations, workflows, and fields into the support center software to suit your team’s unique routines. You can create custom statuses to identify exactly where a ticket is caught up and create rules that can respond to the situation accordingly. With custom roles, you can decide what each agent on your team sees in the helpdesk with selective permissions. You can also tailor your support center software to feel exactly like your brand so that your customers get an integrated experience.
  3. Manage tickets intelligently. Freshdesk’s range of automations will help you easily organize your flow of tickets and streamline your support process.
  4. Automatic ticket dispatch. Prioritize, categorize, and assign every incoming ticket to the right team or agent.
  5. Time-triggered supervisor. Check the state of your helpdesk periodically and take timely actions.
  6. Event-based observer. Automate tasks based on major event changes in your tickets.
  7. Automatic ticket assignment. Assign tickets to agents based on their skill, current workload, or availability.
  8. Scenario automations. Trigger a series of related actions on ticket(s) with just one click.

2.   Zendesk

Zendesk suite of support apps helps you transform your customer service into a powerful tool for customer retention and lead source. It has one of the most flexible plan structures, making it ideal for business of any size.

Zendesk provides support, chat, call center solution and knowledge base modules that you can upgrade separately. The support plans include the basic versions of chat, call center and knowledge base, so you get all sides covered right off the bat.

Zendesk offers a means for a startup or small business to implement an industry-class help desk without putting a bullet hole on their budgets. As their business grows and gets more complex, they can upgrade to more advanced tools like CSAT surveys, web SDK, IVR phone trees and answer bot for more sophisticated support tools.

Why Zendesk is a good alternative to

  1. More than just ticketing. Zendesk crosses over to CRM, allowing you to organize processes, workflows and tracking of customer engagement.It can also turn your huge volumes of support data into a treasure trove of leads, opportunities and market insights.To fully leverage CRM, Zendesk integrates with popular solutions such as HubSpot and Zoho CRM. This means the data you collect in Zendesk can be consolidated for further use to develop marketing campaigns and funnel potential new leads into your sales pipeline.
  2. Maximize your content. Zendesk features an AI-powered bot that you can use in the Guide module. The bot surfaces relevant content in your base as customers type their query. If you have an archive of practical guides and articles sitting unused in your website, they can now add value to your customer service via this bot. That means you’re getting more ROI from your content budget.
  3. Engage high-value prospects. Proactive live chat with automated trigger lets you engage prospects who are lingering on your website or checkout page and offer assistance. You have a small window to convert these prospects while they’re interested in your product, and the live chat connects you to them in real time.
  4. Scale your customer service. Zendesk is a comprehensive suite of support apps that you can scale as your business needs grow. You can treat is as an end-to-end solution, structuring around it a help desk, live chat, knowledge base, call center and community portal. Or you can start with the main support module and build your support architecture along your budget line.The main support module comes with the Lite version of chat, call center and knowledge base. These free add-ons sets you up for more advanced options later on.

3.   Wix Answers

Popular help desk add-on Wix Answers provides a complete all-in-one help desk software solution—for free. Its help desk, ticketing system, and call center, among others, are built right in the Wix system where it’s developed and used by Wix to support their users. You can sign up for the Wix free offer here.

Since Wix Answers is a module of Wix, a robust overall website builder, setting it up is quick and easy. You can create your own help center that suits your branding, manage tickets from multiple support channels, provide help to customers from anywhere in your website, administer a built-in call center, facilitate all communication, and access actionable business insights for informed decision-making processes.

Further, Wix has advanced customization options and a streamlined interface which makes it a smart, efficient, and reliable system for any business.

Why Wix Answers is a good alternative to

  1. Call center. Ease your customers concerns by offering everyone phone support. You can now make and take calls from your very own 1-800 number, and customers can also request a callback. What could be more convenient?
  2. All-in-one customer support solution. With Wix Answers, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. You can customize your help center to effortlessly align with your brand: pick from one of many templates, add a couple of comprehensive articles and you’re good to go! You’ll also get powerful insights to help you better understand the needs of your customers.
  3. Smart ticketing system. The intuitive ticketing system is great for managing, tracking and prioritizing support tickets from multiple channels. Regardless of how customers get in touch, be it through social media, email or phone you can now efficiently answer them through your customer service software. You can also send articles straight from your knowledge base, get automatic article recommendations, and add custom fields to contact forms for more accurate customer information.
  4. Knowledge Base. You can create and manage all of your valuable and useful tutorials, guides, FAQs and more in one resourceful place. This way, your users can find answers to their questions, browse through articles and find the help that they need in your help center.

4. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk customer support software helps businesses deliver top quality customer support to their clients with tools that increase agent productivity and analytics and reports that enable managers to find key issues in agent performances so that they can improve their service as well make intelligent business decisions. It allows customers to find timely and relevant support without having to go too far. If you want to investigate the features closely you can easily do so when you sign up for a Zoho Desk free trial here.

As an on-demand, web-based help desk software, Zoho Desk allows your agents to engage with customers and deliver satisfaction in the fastest and easiest way. And because it’s all on the cloud, lesser the cost of installation and maintenance, you could concentrate on your business than on the software itself.

Why Zoho Desk is a good alternative to

  1. No hidden costs. With Zoho Desk, there are no additional surprise costs. The pricing is flexible as well: you can opt to pay monthly or annually. Once you pay, you get to use the full set of features. And if you don’t want to pay for a plan, you can use its free version indefinitely.
  2. Connect with your customers via multiple touch points. Create support tickets from the phone, email, website, Help Center, and other channels. The community forums provide your customers a platform for discussion with the ability to convert a forum post into a ticket.
  3. Ease of Use. The Zoho Desk interface is designed for ease of use. Everything about the software is made as simple and straightforward as possible—from the terminology to the setup. We’ve crafted Zoho Desk such that everyone involved in the customer service process can use it.
  4. Excellent support. Ran into a problem? Unsure of how to do something and it’s already 2:00 AM? That’s okay: Zoho Desk’s virtual help would be there for you. If you call its 24×5 technical support line, you won’t have to stay on hold. You can also chat or email and agents will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, Zoho Desk runs on Zoho Desk, so you can rest assured that they have all the answers.

5.  Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk is a suite of three modules that can closely be integrated to give you a comprehensive customer service solution. It provides your customers with multiple channels to contact you. You can check the solution closely when you sign up for a Vision Helpdesk free trial here.

Vision Helpdesk modules focus on ticket management and centralizing customer data like conversations, calls, chats, emails and social media posts. It allows for individual portals for each brand but organized under a centralized place. Its Service Desk module serves as an I.T. service desk management system for asset management and technical requests. These modules give you an extensive customer service platform up front.

Why Vision Helpdesk is a good alternative to

  1. Self-Service Customer Portal. Vision Helpdesk makes it easy to deliver a seamless self- service experience for customers and reduce the number of support requests. Its Help Center is fully customizable and offers many features, including an online community, knowledge base section, and a self-service portal—all in one platform. Your users can submit new help requests, search for resolutions to common issues, view the status of earlier submitted work orders, access other information and reset their password.
  2. Seamless Integration with Multiple Channels. Vision Helpdesk can help increase your customer support team’s efficiency by integrating multiple channels into one. Easily manage conversations between employees and customers on the phone, email, chat, website, Twitter and Facebook all on one platform.
  3. Save Time with Automation. Every help desk ticket is automatically categorized, prioritized and assigned to one of your customer support team members. Tickets can also be delegated to specific agents based upon their expertise. By automating the workflow process from the initial customer support request to its final resolution, our help desk software can save your team the time and hassle of sorting through each help request one by one.
  4. Increase Productivity. Vision Helpdesk can increase your company’s productivity through the private social hub, gamification and task management features. The private social hub is a space for agents to communicate and share their knowledge with each other. They can also post company presentations, files, and collaborate on certain ticket issues. All of the conversations will remain safe and private.

6. LiveChat

LiveChat is a chat and help desk application designed for any support and service teams. It provides tools that you can use for your online sales and marketing, web analytics, and live customer care or support requirements. The platform enables you and your team to talk with clients and potential customers directly on your websites and in real time. You can check the solution closely when you sign up for a LiveChat free trial here.

LiveChat features offer a wide range of capabilities, with a number of tools that include not only chat but also ticketing, customer engagement, third party integration, file sharing, work scheduling, advanced reporting, multiple branding, data security, geo-tagging, co-browsing, chat surveys, and more.

Additionally, LiveChat provides real-time website traffic monitoring, dashboards and statistics, efficiency analysis, and custom/standard or interactive reports.

Why LiveChat is a good alternative to

  1. Team management. LiveChat offers a wide range of chat and ticket reports that can be used to spot areas which can be optimized and improved. It is possible to measure chat duration, first response times, and queued visitors. These reports, along with staffing prediction, can help you adjust the number of agents to cover all chats.
  2. Built for ecommerce and customer support. LiveChat gives you not only an efficient and dependable communications platform with your customers, but also goals and sales tracker. Embed a few lines of code on your websites and you’re good to go, allowing a real-time tool to engage and interact with your visitors or customers, and measuring the results of those engagement.
  3. Integrated ticketing system. While other similar systems offer only basic live chat with a few extras, Live Chat provides full help desk functionality with its ticketing system built into the platform. For this alone, you gain a substantial edge over your competitors, allowing you to quickly resolve customer issues.
  4. Powerful customization tools. With LiveChat, you get a full suite of customization options including two chat window types (pop-up or embedded), six pre-made themes for minimized or maximized chat window, custom chat window logo, and customizable chat buttons. It also has its own custom CSS editor that gives you even greater flexibility and control such as easily changing any part of the chat window, both in terms of looks as well as behavior.

7. xSellco

Part of a well-known productivity suite, xSellco Helpdesk is a leading help desk system for ecommerce businesses of various scales. It can be used to manage contacts and solve tickets via several online channels. The system simplifies customer support by directing queries from all available channels into a single dashboard, where all clients can be managed and assigned at once. You can easily sign up for a xSellco Helpdesk free trial here and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment.

You can direct a specific request to a team member or spread support across the team so that an agent will be immediately assigned, and the client won’t have to wait. In our xSellco Helpdesk reviews we confirmed that it allows you to answer accurately, as it puts data such as product orders, delivery and shipping processes, or previous communications at your fingertips.

Why xSellco is a good alternative to

  1. Deal with all tickets fast. Once it arrives, the ticket can be assigned to a particular team member, or be distributed among them and solved by the first available agent. As the dashboard is equipped with essential customer information, agents find it incredibly easy to offer fast and reliable support. The volume of tickets you receive per day won’t really matter – every client can usually be served promptly, and on time.
  2. A range of useful tools. It offers collision detection, internal notes, prioritization, and external communication, as well as the ability to customize your own messages, tag users, and choose channels to promote support. The system will also offer you the ability to track shipping status, use smart tags and auto responders, and what is most important – to contact you customers live with the Contact Us widget.
  3. Powerful reporting features. If you wish to turn customer support into operable business intelligence, simply trigger the system’s capability to generate team performance reports whenever you need them. You can customize the reports and summarize information related to ticket volume, heatmaps, response times, or other important metrics that define the quality of your customer support and depict trends.
  4. Unified dashboard and flexible integrations. It eliminates the need to worry where your queries are coming from, because all support channels (including social networks) will be accessible from the single dashboard. Even better, you can integrate this system with all marketplaces where you’re operating, be it Amazon, Magento, Shopify, eBay, or any other. Among integrations, you will also discover seamless connections to popular eCommerce, accounting, and shopping cart web platforms.

8. LivePerson

LivePerson is one of the leading real-time intelligent customer engagement solutions. It aims to help businesses create meaningful and relevant connections with their customers. LivePerson support tools include real-time metrics, analytics, and a topnotch hosted platform makes this vision possible at scale. From the biggest enterprises around the world to small one-person businesses, the program has resulted in better order values, reduced support costs, and increased sales conversions of up to three times more than a standard website. 

If you want to know more about the features you can easily sign up for a LivePerson free demo here.

LivePerson is well recognized in the industry as the developer of LiveEngage, a popular messaging platform that allows businesses to talk with their website visitors on websites, mobile, as well as social networks real-time.

Why LivePerson is a good alternative to

  1. Multiple Automation Options. LiveEngage provides an open platform with AI and a built-in automation option–one of the first to do so in the industry. This way, you can choose to utilize the built-in automation interface that comes with the software, integrate it with third-party bots, or create their own.
  2. Advanced Routing and Scaling Capabilities. While most platforms route chats to whichever agent is free, LiveEngage has a Smart Capacity feature that weighs the frequency of exchanges before forwarding conversations. This advanced routing and scaling capability has an algorithm that prioritizes customers that reply quickly over those that let conversations sit idle. With this feature, you can maximize the time of each agent and make your chat operations all the more efficient.
  3. Geo-Distributed Connections. The tool allows you to have super-fast interactions with customers with the help of geo-distributed connections that can put them in touch effectively with the closest data center. It has asynchronous loading, so the tool’s tag does not interfere with or create confusion in the rest of your page.
  4. Security. To help keep their customer data away from prying eyes, LiveEngage runs vulnerability assessments and proactive monitoring to ensure optimum physical security. The platform can identify and mask sensitive data at transit and at rest.

9. JitBit Helpdesk

Jitbit HelpDesk is a web-based help-desk solution that provides a ticketing system for small businesses, freelancers, startups, as well as large enterprises. It enables you to manage and track incoming support request emails as well as their associated tickets. It also automates tasks and organizes tickets into categories. Protected by SSL, it is hosted by Amazon’s servers that provide daily backups as well as 24×7 monitoring. An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for a Jitbit HelpDesk free trial here.

One of the myriad Jitbit benefits is that the web-based helpdesk tool fully integrates with your company’s email and Active Directory, giving you a detailed overview of your tickets and customers. Your business can then organize tickets by allocating tags and categories and view specific tickets through filters. You can also use filters to apply certain actions, route tickets, and set priorities. You can use tickets to establish a knowledge base and look at your company’s business performance. 

Why JitBit Helpdesk is a good alternative to

  1. Help users help themselves. You can save FAQs, tutorials and other articles in the knowledge base. It is easily searchable and we even suggest knowledge base articles to users while they are just typing the ticket. User problems are solved faster and you get less tickets.
  2. Supports different products with independent teams. Even if a company has 5 products they need to support with different technicians supporting different products, Jitbit Helpdesk can divide techs into teams so that they will see only the tickets about their product.
  3. Automating routine. Changing categories, assigning technicians, priorities, sending a canned response to a user and much more can be done automatically depending on various ticket properties (subject, body, submitters, email, etc.)
  4. Seamless email integration (POP3/IMAP/EXCHANGE/SMTP). Jitbit’s two-way email ticketing system instantly turns incoming emails into trouble tickets, and sends out automatic email notifications to both users and engineers.

10. Cayzu

The Cayzu customer support platform allows you to easily manage all of your support inquiries from a single cloud-based portal. It is able to address requests from multiple channels – phone, email, mobile, or social networks – using an intuitive ticket workflow system that enables team collaboration when providing customer support.  You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for a Cayzu free trial here.

The solution brings with it several robust features to help automate your help desk, improve efficiency, and boost productivity with workflows. It facilitates seamless collaboration among support teams across your organizations to eliminate guesswork out of customer service. Likewise, it carries real-time reporting options for support representatives and managers, giving them a clear insight into how they’re coping with their help desk efforts. 

With its global support capability, the Cayzu can handle multiple products, languages and time zones. 

Why Cayzu is a good alternative to

  1. Branded self-service portal. You can provide your customers the means to get help anytime, anywhere with a self-service portal tailored to your brand, complete with your logo, colors and even URL. Customers get to submit and track tickets anytime through desktop, laptop or mobile devices.
  2. Supports multiple channels and products. Cayzu seamlessly integrates into your email, websites and social media networks, allowing you to address customer issues and queries no matter what channel they use to communicate. You can also set up multiple different brands and products that all look different to the customer, but all feed back into your own personalized help desk dashboard.
  3. Affordable pricing. Subscription plans are easy on the pocket and include free setup, on-boarding help, training and support, and updates, all at no extra costs or obligation.
  4. Automated rules and workflows. The platform’s automatic assignment rules make customer service quicker and more efficient. For example, you can set refund requests to automatically go to your finance staff, product inquiries to your sales department, and so forth. You can even have the system auto-close a ticket when an issue is resolved. This feature effectively and efficiently manages your support ticket queue.

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