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ActiveBatch Pricing Plans: What’s Included in the Quote-Based Licensing Cost?

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What is included in ActiveBatch Quote-Based Plan?
Included in the ActiveBatch quote-based plan are core license features such as unlimited workflows, runs, clients, and more. Prices are based on the configuration of the platform, which is dependent on the architecture of your operations and workflow. This allows your business to scale and expand seamlessly.

Complex business processes require a large team to manage, analyze, and troubleshoot. On top of infrastructure and software requirements, this can be an expensive undertaking for any company. However, even having a dedicated team still puts your entire operation at risk. Human error is a real threat that can cost time and money, especially for a growing company.

Fortunately, modern IT management software and platforms are now capable of automating various tasks. These smart systems can now handle increasingly complex processes such as data analytics, file storage, business processes, and more. By taking advantage of new and innovative applications like ActiveBatch, you do not have to hire an entire team just to manage your IT operations. 

ActiveBatch offers custom solutions for your business and IT operations. Its layered and architectural approach ensures your solution is unique to your business. In this article, we will take a closer look at the core licensing features, add-ins, and extensions. We will also examine the ActiveBatch pricing plans and how each applies to various types of enterprises.

activebatch pricing plans

In the past few years, there has been a rapid increase in demand for process automation. While companies already have some form of automation, enterprises are now beginning to consider such innovation on a larger scale. It has now spread into most, if not all, core business processes. According to recent key statistics and trends, companies are looking to save $140 billion a year by implementing full-scale automation systems. 

As such, there is a significant increase in business process automation (BPA) market in the last five years alone. In 2019, the automation industry already reached 9.7 billion dollars, which is a substantial growth from 5.1 billion in 2016. It is now expected to grow up to 12.7 billion in 2021. This goes to show how automation penetrates practically any industry.

Source: Statista

Beyond IT processes, companies are now applying automation measures on other core business operations. Marketing automation applications are now a standard for any data-driven campaign. This allows smaller teams to conduct marketing efforts with larger reach without having to hire more staff. Automation also makes sales much more efficient. Sales experts benefit from the best sales automation tools by allowing them to identify the best opportunities and prioritize them accordingly.

Overview of ActiveBatch

Activebatch Dashboard

ActiveBatch is a powerful workflow automation platform developed by Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. It allows you to centralize and consolidate various business processes such as file storage, document access, IT, data analytics, and more. The all-in-one workflow management platform integrates core enterprise processes in one location.

By automating most of your operational processes, it eliminates potential errors caused by your team members. Furthermore, it minimizes any idle time so you can take advantage of any revenue potential. With enhanced efficiency, your staff and departments can shift from one operation to another in a seamless manner.


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Most companies implement siloed automation per department. While this is easier in the beginning, as the processes and data get more complex, it will be much more difficult to integrate all these systems into one. ActiveBatch’s layered, architectural approach means you can automate processes based on your operational needs, which includes all departments involved. Additionally, you can implement the same automated workflow in multiple instances for various campaigns and projects, all in one place.

Detailed ActiveBatch Review

ActiveBatch provides the following key features:

  • Centralized automation
  • Workflow management
  • Event and job scheduling
  • Dashboard views
  • Alerts and monitoring
  • Compliance and audit control
  • Security
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Web console
  • Self-service portal
  • Mobile application
  • API Accessibility
  • Powershell module
  • Integrations and extensions

ActiveBatch Quote-Based Plan & Pricing Packages

ActiveBatch pricing is flexible in structure. You can schedule a demonstration with one of their experts. This allows you to explore the platform’s many features. It allows you to take a holistic approach in IT automation all in one application.

Their quote-based plan will depend on your architecture. Prices start with the Core Licensing plan. You can incorporate Add-In and Extensions such as Web Console, Self-Service Portal, and Mobile Apps.

1. Core License for Essential IT Operations

ActiveBatch’s Core License features core business operations handled by the Job Scheduler. It includes the ability to automate business process management (BPM), data warehousing and ETL, business intelligence, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and more.

The service provider’s licensing and framework make it easy to implement automation and deploy it to architectures of all sizes, types, and even expansions. The configurable system allows you to scale and extend your operations when your business is ready to grow. 

What is included in the Core License?

  • Unlimited workflows
  • Unlimited users and clients
  • Unlimited runs
  • Industry add-ins, included out-of-the-box such as pre-built Job Steps, auditing, change management, and more.

The core features allow rapidly growing small and medium-sized enterprises to focus on increasing their revenue while making sure that all critical business processes are running smoothly. You can eliminate manual processes and minimize errors that come with it. The platform includes an event-driven architecture that ensures job accomplishment without idle time.

Furthermore, flexible automation allows you to adjust to your complex and ever-changing processes as your business grows. Even without a dedicated IT department, you can implement technology-based workflows that will increase your operation’s efficiency. Also, if you are already using business applications such as Oracle PeopleSoft, Informatica PowerCenter, and similar platforms, ActiveBatch easily integrates with the existing process cycles.

ActiveBatch Job Steps Editor dashboard

Creating Job Workflows in the ActiveBatch Job Steps Editor

2. Add-In License: ActiveBatch Web Console for Ease of Access

ActiveBatch’s Web Console allows you to manage, monitor, and develop automated processes from any location. You can easily create and manage Objects, develop workflows, and more right on your browser. With the Web Console, you can easily take your automation on the Web.

What is included in the Web Console add-in

  • Access ActiveBatch anywhere in the world through the web
  • Powerful web-based option for ActiveBatch Thick Client
  • Use any modern web browser – Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, and Safari
  • Reduce Thick Client installation and updates by running everything on the browser

The simple and intuitive user interface is optimized for most modern browsers. This ensures that you have a consistent experience, whether you are on-premise or off-site. You can easily access the Integrated Jobs Library and Property Sheets in one single view. The simultaneous access makes it easy to create and manage tasks right on your browser.

ActiveBatch Web Console dashboard

Access ActiveBatch Job Scheduler anywhere using the Web.

3. Add-In License: ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal for Self-Service Workflows

The Self-Service Portal allows the Help Desk and Business teams to handle day-to-day and ad-hoc tasks without the constant need for IT assistance. Repetitive requests are minimized by allowing your non-tech staff to run and monitor their own Jobs and Plans. 

What is included in the Self-Service Portal?

  • User-friendly interface for non-IT personnel
  • Execute IT-related actions without relying on tech staff
  • Built-in security layer
  • Centralized control of Jobs, user access, and security
  • Accessible on all modern browsers and devices

The add-in is suitable for service providers with diverse teams. It allows your IT-team to set-up the environment to your specifications. Then your business units can run specific Jobs based on their workflows. Your team members can easily query data, generate BI reports, and share files. On the other hand, your Help Desk agents can execute actions such as rebooting systems, provisioning machines, resetting passwords, and more without having to escalate issues to your IT team.

With all the routine and repetitive tasks handled, your IT experts can now focus on mission-critical infrastructure and operational processes. The Self-Service Portal allows your business to keep up with accelerating business processes. With your Help Desk, Business, IT teams’ enhanced access to information, tasks, and automation, you can implement solutions faster than ever.

ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal dashboard

Allow you Business and Help Desk teams to run automation with Self-Service Portal

4. Add-In License: ActiveBatch Mobile Ops for Businesses On-the-Go

ActiveBatch’s Mobile Ops add-in provides secure access to the platform’s powerful environment using Android and iPhone. It features a mobile-friendly interface and simple navigation. This allows you to access ActiveBatch quickly and provide a faster response time to customers.

What is included in ActiveBatch Mobile Ops?

  • Responsive layout made for mobile devices
  • Content-aware alerts and push notifications
  • Search and filter
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Connection to multiple Job Schedulers, Jobs, and more
  • Strong security including encrypted connections and multi-factor authentication

Organizations with a high number of critical-mission projects and SLAs can benefit from having 24/7 access to ActiveBatch. The feature-rich mobile application ensures that you can access many functionalities just like you would on a computer. Furthermore, your organization can set-up critical workflows that you can respond to immediately even if your experts are out of the office.

Additionally, if you have field agents, the Mobile Ops app allows them to stay connected with all workflows and relevant processes. Whether they are in-premise or out meeting clients, they can access information, initiate Jobs, manage workflows, and more. Furthermore, the integrated robust security ensures that all company assets are safe even when accessed remotely.

ActiveBatch Mobile Ops dashboard

Automation on-the-go with ActiveBatch Mobile Ops

Selecting the Best ActiveBatch Configuration For Your Business

So, how much does ActiveBatch cost? That really depends on your specific needs. By combining your business goals, budget, current requirements, and architecture, you can get a quote-based plan from the service provider. The custom pricing will depend on the number of agents you require for execution and the number of environments such as development, testing, quality assurance, and more. You get to enjoy virtually all features and capabilities of the platform on all parts of your operation. Also, the core license comes with the Change Management tool that will allow you to promote objects from one environment to another. You can easily upgrade to more add-in and extension licenses once your business grows.

ActiveBatch allows you to create automated workflows for various aspects of your business. The layered architectural approach makes it easy to integrate your entire organization into one seamless platform. That means you do not have to purchase independent automation systems for each of your departments. This flexible and configurable platform allows you to take advantage of the countless benefits of business process management platforms without the hefty price tag.

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