Direct Lender Payday Loans UK: A Secure Way To Get Fast Cash

Direct lender payday loans UK are more accessible and flexible today, thanks to the proliferation of online application sites. They are your financial solution in times of crisis, or they can trap you in a debt spiral. The best way to avoid the pits is to pay them back. Richard wants to know the effective way to pay it off.

“I thought to save my tuition for my last semester in college and, instead, apply for a student loan. I’ll use the cash as seed money to help me get a pad and start my life as soon as I get out of school. Anyway, I’m confident to land a job since I have offers waiting even as I write this. I thought I can pay off the loan on my first paycheck, but I want to stretch it longer because I’ll be needing cash on my first few months after graduation. What’s the ideal period to pay off the debt given that, give and take, I have a limited cash flow temporarily.”

– Richard

Hi, Richard

Direct lender payday loans UK are unsecured and often guarantee a fast online approval, but they have higher interest rates and stiffer penalties. They are designed to be paid back fast as soon as you have the cash. But this is where things get muddled. How soon is soon?

In your case, you probably have low credit score for now since you’re still in college and direct lender payday loans UK are your best bet to get a loan, right? Usually private lenders of

direct lender payday loans UK are willing to give instant approval even if you don’t have a job yet, although the Financial Conduct Authority is lobbying for a mandatory affordability check in the U.K. But you need to check the terms closer. In short, you’re more likely to even have stiffer rates.  The more reason you should cut short the pay period.

I’d suggest that you prioritize paying off the loan before even getting a nice pad. Why not arrange for a room space for the next few months (with your friends, perhaps), while you pay off the loan? A little sacrifice at the start will go a long way. You’ve probably read or heard debt trap stories about direct lender payday loans UK. This often occurs when the borrower, thinking he’s got money today, would procrastinate paying back and, by tomorrow, he’d face more financial troubles.

Besides, you owe yourself to avoid bad credit at the onset of your career by settling your debt fast. Saving up for seed money is a good start for you, but don’t put your credit at unnecessary risk.

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Here’s the bottom line: instant approval loans are meant to be paid on your next income. In your case, as soon you land a job, which, according to you, won’t be a problem.

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