20 Best LMS Software Solutions of 2020

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What is the best LMS software solution in 2020?
The best LMS software solution of 2020 is TalentLMS owing to its capability to empower organizations in providing corporate training to their employees via automated tools and robust LMS features. TalentLMS offers a wide range of robust features like video conferencing, gamification, notifications, and user profiles in a cloud-based interface.

Modern LMS tools are crucial to keeping employees on par with the demands of their jobs, current or new. They are quintessential elearning tools used to streamline administration and corporate training processes, saving time and money as a result. Fundamentally, LMS software allows for fast authoring, effective content management, accurate progress assessment, and systematic users and tutors management. However, these benefits can be illusional if you choose an ineffective LMS solution. 

In this article, we are going to present a shortlist of the best LMS software solutions from a host of offerings in the market. We do this to help you cut precious hours spent chasing around LMS applications that, in the end, could be a total waste of time. Watch out for the features that stand out according to the needs of your business, and match them with the pricing details to quickly gauge whether the application is just what the doctor prescribed.

leading LMS tools

Are you leveraging the potential of LMS to improve your company’s overall competitiveness? If not, you’re falling behind as training budgets are increasing, and newer technologies are made available on the market (2018 Training Industry Report). The same study noted that LMS topped the training products companies intend to buy this year.

Using these platforms, you can easily tackle a wide variety of learning and development challenges that many organizations are working on. As shown in the table below, some of the most important areas that businesses focus on are training employees for soft skills, identifying trends to prevent skill gaps, and understanding the impact of technology on the workplace. 

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Top Reasons Why US Firms Increase Their Training Budget

Top Reasons Why US Firms Increase Their Training Budget
Increase in scope of training programs: 65%

Increase in scope of training programs

Top Reasons Why US Firms Increase Their Training Budget
Need to add training staff: 48%

Need to add training staff

Top Reasons Why US Firms Increase Their Training Budget
Increase in number of learners: 48%

Increase in number of learners

Top Reasons Why US Firms Increase Their Training Budget
Need to implement new technologies: 34%

Need to implement new technologies


Source: 2018 training industry report

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It’s not surprising why LMS solutions have become the newest corporate secret sauce to increase business performance. People are the most valuable resource of a company. Sure, that’s up for debate, but consider the uptake on cognitive skills required by, not just tech companies, but regular businesses like retail and media. Employees are required to learn new technologies and adapt to new methodologies, to the point of disrupting their own routines.

A study by Solas notes a pragmatic motivation to improve employee skills: it simply makes the company more profitable. Here then enters LMS. With cloud and mobile capabilities, creating training programs has never been easier, cost-effective, and scalable to your real-time needs.

1. TalentLMS

TalentLMS dashboard

TalentLMS is our number one in this 20 best LMS software solutions list. This is a cloud LMS that suits corporate learning programs for employees, partners, and customers. It’s an ideal solution for businesses of any size, from freelancers to enterprises. According to TalentLMS reviews, this platform is one of the most intuitive options in the niche, with an array of custom options to suit your branding and workflow requirements. It supports a wide range of content types, including SCORM and Tin Can and offers a comprehensive feature set that includes video conferencing, course selling, notifications, gamification, branches, and extensible user profiles. It also has native apps for Android and iOS that enable learning on the go. 

Small teams can start with the small plan and scale to enterprise features like Single Sign-On on a secure and encrypted channel, automation, and custom reporting for extended learning infrastructures. Creating courses is easy with its Course Authoring and distributing it, even easier with the Course Catalog, while social media integration allows you to reach a wider audience. You can even reuse your videos, presentations, and other materials for a different set of learners or customers through online channels, primarily on your social pages.


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What is unique about TalentLMS?

  1. Blended learning. It accommodates both online and instructor-led training. You can mix both classroom settings and video conferencing.
  2. Homepage builder. You can dress up your learning portal with a homepage to highlight key messages and offers.
  3. Comprehensive but intuitive feature set. It has all the standard and advanced tools of an LMS from Course Authoring to social media integration and still maintains an intuitive UI for non-technical users.
  4. ecommerce. One of the few LMS solutions that allow you to sell online courses. The platform integrates with PayPal or Stripe.
  5. Enterprise-grade. It scales to high-level corporate learning requirements with advanced features like Branching, Single Sign-On, and custom user types.

Detailed TalentLMS Review

2. Absorb LMS

absorb lms dashboard

Absorb LMS is a scalable LMS platform designed to encourage continuous learning among employees. The platform offers plenty of core features to help you provide an effective learning experience. Its most important features include content libraries with award courses that facilitate social learning. You’ll also be able to provide more interactive content such as videos and quizzes and incorporate microlearning components into the courses.

Absorb LMS features include a Smart Administration module. This module provides scheduling and automation tools that administrators can take advantage of. All you have to do is set up triggers for your workflow. This way, you can spend more time helping learners rather than on administrative tasks.

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS

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What is unique about Absorb LMS?

  1. Pre-configured courses. There’s no need to wait before deploying courses on this platform. Pre-configured courses ensure that learning can start immediately.
  2. Learner-centric platform. The platform can make learning more engaging. The learning experience can be tailored according to customer types, business unit, and location.
  3. More collaborative learning. Instructors can use collaborative tools such as leaderboards, quizzes, and feedback loops for a more interactive learning experience.
  4. Smart Administration module. This module allows instructors to be more efficient by automating time-consuming administrative tasks. You can set triggers to automate your workflow.
  5. Course monetization. The platform has a built-in eCommerce module for setting prices, discounts, and taxes for courses. The module is also compatible with over 70 payment gateways.

Detailed Absorb LMS Review

3. SAP Litmos

sap litmos dashboard

Let’s get into SAP Litmos details: it’s a cloud-based solution that offers ready-made online courses for internal and external learning service providers, with learning management and training monetization tools to drive any learning initiative to a successful conclusion. SAP Litmos is powerful, versatile, and highly scalable, which makes it the preferred learning engine behind a good number of training programs in use all over the world.

SAP Litmos’s learning modules are available for any system or roles—customer, employee, or partner—with personalized learning resources using any media. There are tools for tests and video assessments, with gamification and leaderboards to boost engagement and learning retention.

SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos

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What is unique about SAP Litmos?

  1. Optimized for any device. SAP Litmos works on desktop or mobile systems so any learner can pick up courses from any point and proceed without delay.
  2. Instructor for classroom or virtual room. The ILT module lets any learner receive the assistance needed, no matter if it’s an online or classroom course.
  3. Learning on your level and unique needs. Courses are easily customized to fit the knowledge level of a learner and the abilities that they are expected to acquire.
  4. Do ecommerce. Sell your courses either via a built-in ecommerce tool or integrate with third-party platforms like Shopify.

Detailed SAP Litmos Review

4. Docebo

Docebo dashboard

Docebo is one of the leading LMS solutions today featuring a sophisticated but easy-to-use training management toolset. It has off-the-shelf modules and mobile support that lets you quickly design, upload, and distribute your course materials to learners anywhere in the world. The LMS is ideal for business presentations, employee workshops, and customer tutorials. The system supports Tin Can API, SCORM, and AICC.

As for Docebo pros and cons, we like how it democratizes the learning experience by combining formal and informal learning. The Coach & Share feature allows learners to ask questions and get answers from experts in your organization. The process design promotes user-generated knowledge backed by peer-review and distributed via sharing tools. Likewise, you can run analytics to identify skills and competency gaps and develop materials around these issues. We also like how smoothly you can integrate the platform with your CRM, HRM, web conferencing tools, and social media channels.



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What is unique about Docebo?

  1. Coach and Share. Employees can ask questions and receive answers from experts in your organization. The whole organization eventually builds up a user-generated knowledge base, which is validated through peer review.
  2. Scalable. It has one of the most flexible modularized designs, which allows you to scale the features based on your requirements.
  3. Multiple administrator support. A team of administrators can share access control, giving you options to delegate tasks to different teams.
  4. Salesforce integration. By integrating it with CRM, you can measure the effectiveness of your training and its impact on the overall business.
  5. Ecommerce. The LMS is one of the few solutions that allow you to sell online courses or repurpose content for other audience groups.

Detailed Docebo Review

5. Canvas LMS

Canvas LMS dashboard

Canvas LMS is a dependable LMS for educators and students. It can be customized to your scenarios, extended via integration, and accessed through the cloud from desktop and mobile devices. It has the standard tools like notifications, collaboration space, and web conferencing. The cloud solution is ideal for medium-sized businesses and enterprises.

The LMS has a pedagogical structure, which lets you add new apps to enhance your courses. The interface is intuitive to non-technical users, where both admin and students can quickly learn the features and optimize the learning process. Similarly, the platform scales to your real-time needs. Canvas LMS benefits also include the ability to accommodate peak bandwidth demand when learners log in simultaneously. If you’re selling courses openly with no clear market size, you’ll need this feature. Other key features we like about this LMS include audio and video messages, LIT integrations, social media integration, and RSS support.

What is unique about Canvas LMS?

  1. Peak demand scalability. You need not worry about simultaneous logins; the system quickly scales to your real-time need.
  2. Pedagogical structure. It follows a teacher’s traditional learning modeling where apps and content can be added to the course to meet the student’s continuous progress.
  3. Open-source. It has an open API key, security audits, and feature discussions that keep the system improving over time.

Detailed Canvas LMS Review

6. Bridge LMS

Bridge LMS dashboard

Bridge LMS is ideally suited for employee training and continuing education for regulatory compliance. It has a centralized index that makes search fast and easy, allowing learners to access relevant course materials with little trouble. The LMS supports SCORM. The LMS also features a feedback loop that instructors can leverage to enhance the course by identifying learner’s needs and requirements.

Meanwhile, analytics can be utilized to spot trends, patterns, and opportunities that build on the current overall skills set available in the organization. You can generate customized reports to display the key metrics that matter to you, such as progress indicators and performance levels. Bridge LMS features also include gamification, file sharing, custom branding, and tickets.

Bridge LMS

Bridge LMS

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What is unique about Bridge LMS?

  1. Feedback and analytics. It helps you identify skills gaps, learner issues, best practices, and other insights that aid in enhancing your courses.
  2. User-friendly content creation. Non-technical users will find the UI intuitive. You can delegate training to the right staff.
  3. Categorize contacts. You can import existing HRIS lists and categorize employees into learner groups by a variety of metrics, such as hire date, department, and skills.

Detailed Bridge LMS Review

7. SkyPrep

SkyPrep dashboard

Learning management software SkyPrep is a SCORM-compliant online training software that lets you track and optimize the training of your employees. Designing and disseminating courses, as well as undertaking assessments, are provided. The application retains all the files and documents you upload onto it, which allows you to reuse courses for as long as you need. Courses can be linked with one another for extended learning programs, with provision for creating and administering tests and surveys. You can configure SkyPrep to grade tests automatically so you can focus on more productive tasks at hand.

Skyprep benefits include support for a large number of file formats—from YouTube, Vimeo, PowerPoint, Slideshare, and Prezi, among others—to ensure you can combine copy, images, or videos to create engaging course materials. Managing users is handled by user permission controls for admins, managers, and each learner. SkyPrep readily provides email support, certificate awarding, and report generation through a simple, straightforward dashboard for smooth operations.



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What is unique about SkyPrep?

  1. Notify or message learners. Skyprep uses a strong communication tool to keep learners current on submission requirements or availability of new materials. Messages can be addressed and sent to individuals or group learners.
  2. Access report data in real-time. SkyPrep keeps a summary of your training modules, which you can refer to before generating reports for appraising the performance of learners or your training modules.
  3. Own the app. You can customize the application with your logo and other design elements to make it fully your own, including emails.
  4. Stay compliant. SkyPrep’s powerful reporting engine presents even in visual form those areas where learners are lacking and risking compliance, which should take corrective actions possible.

Detailed SkyPrep Review

8. iSpring Learn LMS

iSpring Learn LMS dashboard

iSpring Learn LMS is a simple cloud LMS software that lets you quickly upload courses and quizzes, invite learners, and monitor their learning progress. It suits small business and enterprise requirements alike. Some iSpring Learn LMS pros and cons are detailed statistics like completion rate and individual performance reports. You can spot skills gaps and address the issue right away by enhancing courses or replanning your training strategy.

Likewise, managing training activities is made simple. You have, in one place, the essentials in training, which include calendar, live training, workshops, and webinars. Learners can be grouped in different ways, and you can send unique invites to each group. The platform is accessible via the cloud from desktop, Android, and iOS devices, enabling learners to take the courses at a convenient place and time.

iSpring Learn LMS

iSpring Learn LMS

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What is unique about iSpring Learn LMS?

  1. Offline mobile access. Learners can access courses even when offline and from their mobile devices.
  2. Rich authoring tool. You can develop quizzes, courses, training videos, simulations, and presentations with quick upload into the system.
  3. Unlimited storage space. There is no cap; you can upload unlimited files, videos, courses, presentations, etc.
  4. Live webinars. The integration of webinars lends learners the flexibility to watch your courses in real-time or access a recording at their convenience.

Detailed iSpring Learn LMS Review

9. Mindflash

Mindflash dashboard

Mindflash reviews indicate that it’s a cloud-based learning management solution geared at providing trainers with a streamlined and flexible system for both small- and large-scale training programs. It not only allows you to create an unlimited number of online courses using its user-friendly interface and templates, but it also lets you upload existing learning modules and automatically convert every one of them into an online course. Updating live courses is also not a problem with Mindflash’s live course edit feature. All courses are accessible to trainees anywhere via the internet. You can access both frontend and backend from laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

As for the analytics, Mindflash does progress monitoring, grading, and generating sending reports to both trainers and students automatically and in real-time. You get more time to focus on creating online courses and analyzing how you can provide quality training.



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What is unique about Mindflash?

  1. Unlimited online course. With Mindflash, you can create an unlimited number of online courses, including customized, templated, or courses converted from existing files or formats such as animated PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos, SCORM, MP3, and more.
  2. Supports all types of files. Make your learning modules even more interesting and enticing by adding more dynamic elements such as videos and animations.
  3. Free data storage. Data storage is completely free, which means you can keep and access user data, training history, etc. in an indefinite amount of time free of charge.
  4. Easy file conversion. Upload your existing learning files to Mindlflash, and the system will automatically convert them into online courses.

Detailed Mindflash Review

10. Coassemble

Coassemble dashboard

Total learning management platform Coassemble (formerly eCoach) is an online learning tool that allows you to create your own training programs, conduct training, and view progress reports. These functionalities result in significant cost savings as they no longer require users to invest in additional software. It combines LMBs and authoring tools, making it easy to use, not requiring steep learning curves. It comes with over 40 templates that can be customized to give it that look and feel that you want in such a system. This mobile-optimized solution also allows your employees to undergo training from the comfort of their mobile devices at any given time and place.

Another thing to consider with Coassemble pros and cons is the fact that it offers student, productivity, campus usage, and completion rate data reports, which you can use to further improve your training programs. You won’t be having any problems coming up with training programs as the vendor would be with you every step of the way, providing team onboarding assistance, local support, and live chat access. And if ever you need additional features, Coassemble makes use of Zapier to integrate with pretty much any application there is, including MailChimp, Slack, and Gmail.



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What is unique about Coassemble?

  1. Customizable templates. The system comes with ready-to-use templates that can be further customized to your liking.
  2. Powerful reporting. You can view progress reports that are automatically generated by the system. These keep you informed on the progress of your employees.
  3. Rich media support. Coassemble lets you use videos to enhance your training presentations and make your point faster.
  4. Mobile and integration optimized. Responsive mobile implementation lets you conduct or proceed with learning sessions anywhere and anytime without a glitch, while integration allows you to add more extensive functionalities to your courses.
  5. Time-efficient. Templates allow for the fast creation of courses, while easy customization ensures your software purchases return value as soon as possible.
  6. Fast and responsive LMS. Coassemble allows you to edit and update learning or training materials live, which ensures smooth course operation and completion.

Detailed Coassemble Review

11. SkillCast

SkillCast Dashboard

Cloud-based LMS software Skillcast is a fully-managed solution designed to help organizations engage employees with innovative LMS tools and online compliance courses. It’s apt software for businesses in multiple sectors, including retail, services, finance, manufacturing, and technology. The platform provides the elearning tools that a company needs to train employees about compliance systems, policies, and procedures. Additionally, it helps improve employees’ understanding of the stipulated rules, thereby creating a culture of compliance and integrity.

Want more Skillcast details? It provides all-in-one course libraries with customizable compliance content. What’s intriguing is that the platform enables companies to tailor their compliance learning to their specific corporate training needs, processes, and culture. This way, it makes it easy to inform, engage, and influence employees in the best way possible. Even more, the solution offers innovative compliance tools that enable companies to deliver mandatory and optional training,  instructor-led training, CPD, compliance attestations, and a policy hub — all from a single platform.



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What’s unique about Skillcast?

  1. Innovative compliance tools. Skillcast is primarily built to enables companies to deal with the complexity and manage the cost of regulatory compliance.
  2. Customizable off-the-shelf content. Moreover, Skillcast provides instantly available off-the-shelf compliance content. The best thing is that the content is cost-effective, and it can easily be tailored to specific business needs.
  3. Comprehensive management information (MI) reports. What’s more, Skillcast provides detailed MI reports, which provide insights to help companies manage their compliance schedules effectively.
  4. Modern user interface. Besides, the platform has a clean, modern interface that gives employees one-click access to their learning essentials like assignments and performance records.

Detailed Skillcast Review

12. eFront

eFront dashboard

A robust LMS platform for enterprises, eFront offers advanced security features and extensive customization, allowing you to train large numbers of employees, partners, and customers. It provides multiple ways to distribute and evaluate knowledge, giving you complete control over your virtual training environment and your data. It blends seamlessly with any existing infrastructure and can scale as your organization and learners grow, keeping your workforce skilled, customers smart, and your partners qualified.

eFront gives you complete control over your virtual training environment and your data. It blends seamlessly with any other infrastructure and has the power to grow as you grow. It helps your business grow by keeping your workforce skilled, your partners qualified, and your customers smart. In a nutshell, this solution is scalable, reliable, and efficient. With plans starting at $750/month, eFront pricing is ideal for medium to large enterprises.



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What is unique about eFront?

  1. Branding and control. With this application, control is in your hands. You can design the theme to look like your brand. You can branch the audience to allow only relevant content to be utilized. It is a scalable solution that is great for small and big organizations alike.
  2. Flexible learning and training. Trainer-led courses can be conducted in person or over the video feed. The rich communication modes provided by the system create the bridge between instructors and learners, and as a result, getting feedback about training is simple.
  3. A new-age LMS: gamification. To motivate learners, the software makes learning like a game where they can achieve stuff. Through points, badges, and leaderboards, they create a sense of competition, which in turn taps the full potential of the trainees.
  4. Content interoperability. eFront has the latest industry standards for interoperability of contents, and you can easily reuse any of it as much as you like. You can purchase scads of courses to use that cover virtually every topic, from basic computer skills to ethics in the workplace, every kind of learning material is available.

Detailed eFront Review

13. GoSkills

GoSkills Dashboard

GoSkills is a highly adaptable learning management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline corporate training. The platform provides powerful tools that enable companies to manage, monitor, and assign online courses, webinars, and classroom courses. The best thing is that GoSkills enables the delivery of bite-sized courses that are personalized and engaging. The bite-sized lessons, coupled with short quizzes and video content, enable employees to grasp and retain information faster.

Moreover, there are quick skill tests, which are geared towards pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses of trainees. Better still, GoSkills makes it easy for trainees to track their progress and identify how far they are from reaching their goals. Also, learners earn badges for completing courses and achieving the set milestones. This motivates learners to remain on course and on their toes to reach their goals.

GoSkills pricing is flexible, too. GoSkills for Teams is free, but the GoSkills Library plan costs $2.90 per learner per month. Enterprise pricing is also available.



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What’s unique about GoSkills?

  1. Manage team progress. GoSkills provides powerful tools that help you track things such as tests taken, time to completion, course completed, and certificate earned.
  2. Create and manage courses with ease. Moreover, the platform’s library provides more than 70 on-demand courses to choose from. The courses cover a wide scope, including office productivity, design, development, soft skills, finance, project management, and lean six sigma.
  3. Customize your courses. Besides, it gives you essential tools such as xAPI, CMI5, SCORM, to tailor the courses to your unique training needs.
  4. It’s free. Better still, whether you are managing two or a thousand employees, GoSkills allows you to manage them and their training for free.

Detailed GoSkills Review

14. TalentCards

TalentCards Dashboard

Reimagining education in the form of lean learning or micro-learning as an effective counterweight to the age of distraction, TalentCards employs learning cards and the smartphone to compete with clients’ diminished attention span and aversion to long training sessions. TalentCards sees the new approach will do better, engaging users’ mental faculties towards more productive ends bit by bit.

According to TalentCards reviews, field application of the platform shows 50% more engagement rates and better retention for learning cards that only take 3–7 minutes of a user’s time. It’s three times faster to create compared to traditional methods while costing 50% less. Customers can create learning cards online and distribute them through the application. If these figures mean a ton to you, you should seriously give the application a test run.



Try out TalentCards with their free trial


What is unique about TalentCards?

  1. Rich features. The powerful editor not only allows simple text and images, but you can add video resources to the time card for more interesting content.
  2. Fun learning. Bite-size information chunks lend to presenting content in enjoyable and challenging ways via gamification methodology.
  3. Easy for fresh learners. With its pared-down approach focusing on ease and simplicity, new learners don’t get tangled up in complicated materials and information to dissuade them from pursuing learning further.
  4. Train multiple staff at once. The learning cards can be distributed via smartphones, where staff can choose topics that matter to them at once while advancing through the courses at their own pace.

Detailed TalentCards Review

15. CoreAchieve

CoreAchieve dashboard

LMS software CoreAchieve is an intuitive solution designed to help companies train in-house teams,  customers, or both. The platform provides a unique learning management platform that simplifies content distribution and drives learner engagement at affordable pricing. What’s interesting is that CoreAchieve comes with a user-friendly Course Author interface that makes it fast and easy to manage training content. The admin interface supports painless implementation, allowing companies to start training courses with ease.

Moreover, it offers a centralized dashboard from which users can access all the information relevant to their training program. Whether you are managing single or multipart courses, featuring numerous types of quizzes, content, and other components, CoreAchieve will help you achieve just that from one location. Most importantly, the platform provides easy access to courses and accords admins unfettered control over the organization’s digital assets like videos, documents, and graphics.

CoreAchieve pricing features four paid plans, starting at $299 per month or $2.99 per user per mont for the Basic plan.



Try out CoreAchieve with their free trial


What’s unique about CoreAchieve?

  1. Easy access. CoreAchieve offers easy access to training courses. This way, it improves the training and learning process, helping keep learners on the same page.
  2. Seamless integration. Besides, the platform integrates with the underlying systems, including CRM, AMS, and other enterprise systems.
  3. Centralized dashboard. Even better, CoreAchieve offers a centralized dashboard with access to all vital information from one location.
  4. Simple audit. Most importantly, the software enables instructors to view all reports regarding users, courses, and certificates. This way, they can identify the skills gap, audit their training process, and make the necessary changes to enhance learning.

Detailed CoreAchieve Review

16. LearnUpon

LearnUpon dashboard

A brief LearnUpon overview: founded in 2012, it aims to help educators engage their learners by optimizing the elearning experience through interactive courses that can be designed to have quizzes, surveys, polls, and even timed questions.  LearnUpon also allows users to divide each class into groups so you can allocate different catalogs and assignments depending on the criteria you prefer. Moreover, this tool has built-in dashboards that allow educators to see the progress of their students over time.

Another thing that makes LearnUpon a great LMS option for educational institutions and corporate organizations is that it can support various integrations. Be it CRM, ecommerce tools, G Suite tools, or social media networks; this platform can expand the LMS with key business processes.

Detailed LearnUpon Review

What is unique about LearnUpon?

  1. White-Labeling Solutions. Using LearnUpon, you can completely overhaul the look and feel of your online courses through white-labeling. This makes your lectures look more professional and also allows you to gain a more visual identity to anyone who will make use of your courses.
  2. Intuitive Course Builder. LearnUpon has a user-friendly course builder that allows users to design engaging and interactive lectures. It can support texts, images, videos, and other types of files to make your courses better than ever.
  3. Mobile-Responsive Lectures. You can give your learners the option to peruse your lessons wherever they may be using LearnUpon. This software allows you to create mobile-responsive courses, so it is easier for both you and your students to access.
  4. Gamification Options. Another way to make your courses more exciting for students is through LearnUpon’s gamification features. With this, you can give top learners incentives for their achievements as well as facilitate a friendly competition between students.

17. ProProfs LMS

ProProfs LMS Dashboard

Featuring one of the largest libraries for instructional content, courses, and professional tests, ProProfs LMS provides companies with an all-in-one system for facilitating online workshops and education. Businesses, organizations, and companies can take advantage of the platform to conduct assessment tests and quizzes to gauge employee knowledge. Assessment tests can also be adjusted to match your learner’s progress.

Aside from facilitating seminars, ProProfs LMS also allows users to create online FAQs and knowledge bases to guide employees or customers. This solution enables you to greatly reduce support tickets and provide all intended audiences with easy access to general information on any device. Security controls can be set on knowledge bases and learning materials to ensure the privacy of your instructional materials and sensitive information. ProProfs LMS features also include learner progress tracking, company branding, automated grading, reports and analytics, and much more.

Detailed ProProfs LMS Review

What is unique about ProProfs LMS?

  1. Feature-complete LMS. You can use the platform to facilitate learning and gauge your learners’ progress through exams.
  2. Configurable. Aside from creating courses that banner your company’s branding, you can also configure the app for automated course grading, assessments, reports, and more.
  3. Vast library of resources. It has millions of content comprising various instructional materials, courses, and assessment tests in multiple languages.

18. WorkWize

WorkWize Dashboard

WorkWize, a learning management system, is all about speeding up the authoring of instruction materials, providing quick delivery and real-time notifications to students in pursuit of completing their educational courses, concluding courses with fast sign off and an automated system to verify and prompt for compliance. It uses Closed Loop Compliance, a proprietary system that is capable of automating course procedures, and policy compliance. Compliance issues are quickly captured and presented by a Compliance Dashboard for fast remedial courses of action to be quickly applied by administrators.

No matter if you are coming from a small, medium or large organization, WorkWize benefits include easy implementation and adoption, with a strong suite of tools for scaling up to the number of users that you expect to have.

Detailed WorkWize Review

What is unique about WorkWize?

  1. Create courses fast. WorkWize lets you create courses quickly with full built-in version control.
  2. Automate learning. Enroll candidates, users, administer training, issue notifications automatically.
  3. Push compliance. Issue policies and ensure users understood and signed them.
  4. Excellent support. WorkWize provides professional assistance for setup, training and quick resolution that might arise

19. Edmodo

Edmodo Dashboard

For a short Edmodo overview, it’s a solid online learning framework that is offered free to school districts and teachers to help them provide extended learning programs or distance education. Schools and districts can build their networks using the LMS to collaborate for best practices and insights. Likewise, each school can network with students and parents in their community to create an extended learning space.

The LMS has a rich set of tools for teachers to help them link up with administrators, publishers, students, and parents. There are polls, community pages, badges, online classrooms, and progress tracking.  Likewise, Edmodo fully integrates with Google Apps for Education and Microsoft OneNote & Office. You can access these apps from right inside the LMS, so you don’t have to shift from one system to another.

Detailed Edmodo Review

What is unique about Edmodo?

  1. Unlimited storage. Create groups, upload courses, quizzes, homework, etc. and track your learners’ progress without worrying about storage cap.
  2. Shared resources. You can collate premium tools, games, and apps. Moreover, you can share your collection with others. You can also do the same for your original materials.
  3. Google Apps integration. The LMS smoothly integrates with Google Apps for Education. You can access the apps inside the LMS, so you need not remember various passwords. The LMS also integrates with Microsoft OneNote & Office.

20. Schoology

Schoology Dashboard

Learning management software Schoology addresses the unique learning needs of K-12 students, ensuring that they acquire the knowledge and skills best suited to their age levels. To this effect, Schoology has focused on showcasing solid success at district levels, to demonstrate the effectivity of the software platform. Its assessment management system is closely integrated with the learning module, enabling the quick measurement of student progress, while fine-tuning the program features.

Schoology lends to easy customization to ensure student learning is optimized to prepare them for further education or other objectives ahead. The platform works on any device, so faculty and students stay connected at any time; this is an important factor to consider when weighing Schoology pros and cons. The application’s interface is easy to understand, which makes learners focus on what they need rather than tinkering with the application.

Detailed Schoology Review

What is unique about Schoology?

  1. Packs all educational tools in one place. From designing courses and lessons, administering tests or short quizzes, assigning tests or grading them, and evaluating overall student performance, Schoology does away with multiple classroom tools and bundles them in handy digital learning tools.
  2. Personalize learning anytime. Individual students learn at their own unique pace. Schoology makes it possible to customize learning modules depending on the unique needs of a particular student.
  3. Grading learners like never before. Access to student submissions makes it a snap to grade the performance of students. Written and visual feedback could be included to make students pick up learning paces quickly.
  4. Learning that resonates with students. Schoology approaches learning through a system that reflects how modern students interact with the world and their environment: technology-based with the interface and processes that are common to many applications that they are already using.

Which One’s the Best LMS for You?

LMS systems are indeed a boon to many businesses that want to boost their employees’ skill sets and performance. They get rid of the need for you to hire outside experts to conduct employee training for you. Also, costs associated with staff training are kept at a minimum as in-house personnel can create your very own training programs.

So, now that you know how LMS software can help your company, should you dive straight into a deal to get things rolling? Not just yet, while these 20 leading candidates give you a good glimpse of which LMS software solution to opt for, finally, it pays to hold that one last act and try at least two or three of these products first before taking the plunge.

You can, for example, start with our top LMS product, TalentLMS. This platform offers comprehensive functionalities in an easy-to-use interface, so creating corporate training programs is a breeze. Simply sign up for TalentLMS free trial. This way, you’ll have a better idea as to what it has to offer and whether or not it is easy to use.

In case you’re working on a tight budget and are not sure if the products we’ve listed here will meet your requirements, fret not. We also have a compilation of affordable LMS applications. With this, you should be able to find a good LMS that doesn’t break the bank.

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