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What are the best Grammarly alternatives for Google Docs? Here are ten grammar checker apps you can try:

For people who make a living out of the written word, grammar rules pose no problem in carrying out their daily tasks. Professional writers derive this skill from years of school training and experience in the real world. But for those who lack the skill, writing could be a very daunting undertaking.

For this reason, grammar checker software were developed. These tools can come as a stand alone system or a program within a platform. Many word processors are equipped with these tools, enabling users to write and edit their work from a single console. Grammar checker solutions are very useful as they automate just about every text editing process there is.

Grammar checker software have been around since the 1970s, starting out as simple tools that reviewed punctuation and inconsistencies in writing styles. Unlike today’s applications, these did not have the capability to detect and correct a wide range of potential grammatical errors. Up until 1992, such software came as add-on for larger programs, most of which are word processors but nowadays, many such solutions are marketed independently. They have also become very powerful with some even able to check context grammar.

Despite the milestones that developers have achieved with grammar checker software, such tools still suffer from criticisms. They are known to fail to detect errors, with correct text sometimes misconstrued as erroneous. Some critics even contend that such inaccuracies can do even more harm than good. This may be the reason why many writers are reluctant to use grammar checkers in reviewing true grammar.

This problem was highlighted in a study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh, which involved 33 undergraduates. The subjects were tasked to edit documents, with only half of the group using grammar checker software. The results suggested that individuals who depend on grammar checkers are most likely to commit errors than those who rely on personal skills.

However, grammar checker had been proven to be useful when employed in statistical machine translation, which is known to suffer from grammatical inaccuracies. A study by the Link¨Oping University in Sweden has revealed that the use of such tools in SMT evaluation and post-processing significantly improved SMT output.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar checker software around and comes for free as a personal application. The tool is quite handy as it easily embeds on Chrome and Firefox browsers. It is capable of checking and polishing text across different platforms and websites. The app boasts 10 million users worldwide and is commonly used in checking email and social media posts for grammatical errors.

This certificate is granted to products that offer especially good user experience. We evaluate how easy it is to start using the product and how well-designed its interface and features are to facilitate the work process.
Grammarly won our Great User Experience Award for 2018

The platform is capable of correcting most grammar, spelling and punctuation errors while helping users improve their vocabulary as it can check contextual text. Suggestions to improve users’ writing style are also provided, making document readability a lot better. It can detect mistakes associated with verb-to-adjective rules and recommends proper word placement.

What sets Grammarly apart from the competition is its ability to handle contextual issues, allowing users to improve their use of the English language in writing. It’s features are not confined to filtering simple spelling and grammar errors like other grammar checkers do. The solution can detect and correct the smallest expression errors with pinpoint accuracy. It focuses on details such as redundant words, spelling errors, punctuation and inappropriate adjectives.

Although a free software for personal users, Grammarly is also available for commercial use. You have to contact the vendor directly for a price quote or you can read more about how much does Grammarly cost and its Premium plans in our other article. However, if you wish to try other software of its kind, you can check out these Grammarly alternatives for Google Docs. You can also easily sign up for Grammarly here. It’s free!

In this article we list, the top 10 Grammarly alternatives for Google Docs. Their features, functionalities and pricing will be discussed. The rankings, however, do not denote that one platform is better than the other and should not be construed as such. Here are our picks:

10 Grammarly Alternatives for Google Docs

1. Ginger Software

A complete writing platform for both desktops and mobile devices, Ginger Software comes with a grammar checker that is capable of identifying document errors and making recommendations for improvement. It is also equipped with tools that allow you to rephrase sentences to avoid repetitive words. You are also able to constantly check words for accuracy using the app’s built-in dictionary. 

What’s nifty about the software is that it can help you communicate in over 40 languages with its robust translation feature. You are likewise able to save valuable editing time as the solution makes suggestions as you type. Ginger is able to correct contextual content with it smart algorithms, making correction more accurate than most platforms. It even has a learning center where you can improve your English writing skills.

The product can be purchased in three enterprise pricing models. A Monthly plan comes for $29.96/month, a Quarterly plan is available for $41.97/quarter and an Annual plan comes for $89.88/year.

What Makes Ginger Software Unique?

  1. Sentence rephrasing
  2. Translation
  3. Dictionary
  4. Text reader
  5. Personal trainer
  6. Mistakes practice
  7. Errors analysis

2. LanguageTool

Second on our list of Grammarly alternatives for Google Docs is open source online grammar checker solution LanguageTool. This piece of software is ideal for use by individuals and businesses alike. It is highly-designed to detect and correct grammatical and contextual inaccuracies in any document. It can likewise identify text errors in more than 20 languages, including Spanish, French, Polish, Russian and German. What’s even better is the software’s ability to distinguish between American and British English.

What’s great about the app is that it can be added to Google Chrome, Google Docs, Libre Office, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Word as a browser extension. A personal dictionary also comes with the app, to which users can add commonly used words if they wish to. These words are automatically exempted from the tool’s spelling and grammar rules. To make matters even better, LanguageTool offers keyboard shortcuts, making proofreading a much faster task.
The platform can be purchased in a variety of pricing schemes starting at $19/month. If you want to try it first, a free version is also available.

What Makes LanguageTool Unique?

  1. Multiple Language support
  2. Grammar, spelling and style check across a variety of languages
  3. Personal dictionary
  4. Suggested correction
  5. Auto correct
  6. Rule-based
  7. Enable and disable rules
  8. Use as an add-on Or extension
  9. Stand-alone for desktop
  10. Keyboard shortcuts
  11. Privacy

 3. Reverso

Another ideal alternative to Grammarly is grammar correction tool Reverso. This platform is capable of expanding users’ vocabulary by providing contextual translations. All that is needed is to type or say what needs translating. Translation is fast with results showing in just seconds. Conversions can come in different languages such as English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Italian and German, among others.

However, there’s more to the platform as it comes with a myriad of tools that can help you in mastering foreign languages. All translations come with instruction on pronunciation, along with examples that can be used in learning proper reading, writing and spoken words. Aside from simply translating words, Reverso’s comprehensive tools can help individuals who are looking to fully master a foreign language. This is because of how translations are provided with pronunciation instructions and relevant examples so that users can learn how to read, write, and speak new words. You can even familiarize yourself with expressions, helping you sound like a native speaker. A linguistic search engine and a database of real-life examples are integrated with the tool.

The vendor does not publicly disclose its prices. You have to go to the website and request a price quote.

What makes Reverso Unique?

  1. Instant translation in 11 languages
  2. Examples of use in context
  3. Indexes of hundreds of millions of words
  4. Guide to natural pronunciation of example sentences
  5. Vocabulary lists user examples and translations
  6. Offline access
  7. Search history
  8. Reverso Context website for registered users
  9. Real time suggestions
  10. Document and website translation
  11. Share results via email or social media

4. Hemingway Editor

Essentially a word processor and proofreading solution, Hemingway Editor is designed specifically for writers. The app can be accessed through the internet or downloaded to your desktop. It  can help you write with simplicity and clarity but in a powerful manner. The software is able to detect grammatical problems such as adverbs, hard to read statements and complicated words and phrases. It uses color coding to help you to easily identify such errors.

What’s even better is that the latest version of the software sports formatting functionalities, giving you control over font styles, use bullets and headings in your documents. It can integrate seamlessly with online publishing tool Medium and content management system WordPress. This enables you to publish your work to the platforms directly from the app.

What Makes Hemingway Editor Unique?

  1. Write with power and clarity
  2. Color-coded writing errors
  3. Fixes complex sentences
  4. Detects adverbs, passive voice and common grammatical errors
  5. Formatting functionalities
  6. Direct publication to WordPress and Medium
  7. Imports and exports files from and to Microsoft Word and other platforms
  8. Can be accessed offline

5. PaperRater

One of the better Grammarly Alternatives to Google Docs is Web-based proofreading tool PaperRater. It is designed to improve students’ writing skills and help teachers review student documents. It uses technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning and computational linguistics to accomplish proofreading tasks and is capable of running grammar, spelling and plagiarism scans.

The app is easy to use, all you need to do is to copy-paste text onto a dialog box in its website. You can also directly upload files into the portal. To better make corrections, the system requires you to indicate the author’s educational level and the type of paper submitted. What’s good about the product is that it is ideal for students and entry-level workers owing to its price and deployment.

PaperRater comes in two pricing models. A free and a Basic plan, which comes for $7.48 per month or $47.70 per year.

What Makes PaperRater Unique?

  1. Grammar checker Spelling checker
  2. Suggests corrections
  3. Enhanced plagiarism detector
  4. Vocabulary builder
  5. Grammar exercises
  6. Automated Scoring
  7. Maximum submission length of 20 pages per submission
  8. Unlimited total submissions
  9. Free from ads
  10. No hidden prerequisites such as signups, trial periods and more
  11. File upload (doc, docx. txt, rtf)
  12. Premium-only modules
  13. Faster processing

6. ProWritingAid

Online writing editor and personal writing coach ProWritingAid is marketed as a tool capable of correcting virtually any document. It easily identifies content problems such as grammar and spelling errors, plagiarism and contextual mistakes. What sets the solution apart from other products is that it suggests changes to text that contain elements such as redundancy, vague content, passive voice and complex sentences, among many others.

Users are also able to expand their vocabulary and write with more clarity with the help of the app’s native word explorer and contextual thesaurus. It also has tracking and reporting tools that can aid in identifying users’ usual writing mistakes, facilitating learning and improved writing skills. Detailed explanations of errors are also provided accompanied by recommended corrections.

ProWritingAid is available in four pricing options. A 1-year plan comes for $50 per year, a 2-year plan is priced at $75 per year, a 3-year plan comes for $100 per year and a Lifetime license can be purchased for $175.

What Makes ProWritingAid Unique?

  1. Grammar checker
  2. Spelling checker
  3. Detailed explanations
  4. Find repeated Words
  5. Context sensitive style suggestions
  6. Word explorer
  7. Contextual thesaurus report
  8. Visualize sentence lengths and variation
  9. In-depth reports
  10. Time-saving integrations
  11. Plagiarism checker

7. SpellCheckPlus

Online grammar and spelling checker solution SpellCheckPlus is specifically targeted at students who are non-native English speakers. This teacher- and student-friendly software is capable of helping students improve their writing skills by identifying errors and learning from their mistakes. Students can gain an understanding of why they commit such errors and what are needed to correct them.

Common mistakes that the platform can detect include grammar errors, punctuation and capitalization and other issues. It likewise provides a summary of errors that are categorized for students’ convenience. They are also able to distinguish between grammatical and spelling errors. Users can interact with feedback as the system lets them manually correct mistakes detected by the solution.

SpellCheckPlus comes in two pricing plans. SpellCheckPlus Pro can be purchased for $14.99. If you want to give the tool a try first, a free version is also available.

What Makes SpellCheckPlus Unique?

  1. Designed for second language learners
  2. Teaching tool
  3. Process-based learning
  4. Error summary
  5. Summarizes errors into categories
  6. Second language errors
  7. Commonly confused words
  8. Grammar and spelling errors
  9. Punctuation and capitalization

8. WhiteSmoke

A total grammar checker solution, WhiteSmoke supports desktop, mobile and web devices. It is equipped with tools that are designed to provide richer user experience and learning. The solution prides itself in making more accurate text error identification and recommended changes than other products.

The platform uses Natural Language Processing technology to examine text and recommend optimal changes. It also comes with customized apps that cater to businesses’ specific requirements for boosting their professional images. The product supports machines running on Windows and MacBooks, integrating with their word processors. You can make corrections even as you type on your browser using algorithms that make it intelligent.

WhiteSmoke comes in two pricing options. The Essential plan can be purchased at $8.33 per month while the Premium package comes for $13.33 per month.

What Makes WhiteSmoke Unique?

  1. Style checker
  2. Punctuation checker
  3. Translator and dictionary
  4. Video tutorials
  5. Error explanations
  6. Text enrichment
  7. Document and letter templates


A basically free online grammar checker solution, is used by students and professionals alike. It is able to check text for grammatical and spelling errors and issues on style. The software can spot and correct mistakes in documents such as articles and essays. Developed with the use of text analysis platforms Hunspell, Language Tool and DICTION. The website sports simplicity, all you have to do is enter the text that need proofreading.

Issues and errors in text are highlighted with a single click and are displayed in a separate web page. What makes it even better is that you can improve your writing style and written content as the platform provides stylistic hints. The submitted content is also automatically deleted after an hour. Errors relevant to grammar, spelling, typographical, duplication and spacing are displayed on the web page and are highlighted in a variety of colors.

What Makes Unique?

  1. Minimalistic design
  2. Simple text box field
  3. Ease of use
  4. Grammar and spelling correction
  5. Checks for stylistic issues and provides hints
  6. Auto correction
  7. Suggestions for sentence construction and vocabulary
  8. Reporting feature
  9. English dialects support
  10. Privacy

10. Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor is an English-as-a-second-language grammar checker solution targeted at students and language teachers but can also be used by writers, bloggers and other professionals as well. The software does not only detect and correct document errors, it also helps students in learning how to improve their writing.

The product can reduce teachers’ workloads as it automates proofreading and editing processes while aiding in providing feedback to students. It makes use of grammar, spelling, paraphrasing, punctuation and vocabulary checkers in correcting text errors. A word counter allows users to know how many words there are in any document. For students, an essay outliner can help them come up with outlines for their essays, making the writing process much easier and accurate.

What Makes Virtual Writing Tutor Unique?

  1. Check and enrich vocabulary
  2. Vocabulary checker tools
  3. Academic and conversational vocabulary
  4. Cliches and power words
  5. Field-related vocabulary
  6. Target structures
  7. Grammar checker
  8. Check spelling and punctuation
  9. Paraphrase checker
  10. Essay checker
  11. Word counter
  12. Essay outliner
  13. Feedback and links
  14. Error correction game
  15. Grammar checking API service
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