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Top 10 Alternatives to AirWatch: Analysis of Leading IT Security Software Solutions

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IT security software protects computers and networks from hackers and security risks. Take a look at these alarming stats on cybersecurity: Costs due to cybercrime are predicted to top $6 trillion each year by 2021. Spending on cybersecurity is expected to exceed $1 trillion from 2017 to 2021. Cybersecurity jobs are likely to triple and reach 3.5 million by 2021. Damage costs due to global ransomware attacks are expected to exceed $8 billion annually by 2019.

Now, mull over these stats on cyber threats: since 2013, over three million records have been stolen because of security breaches. By 2018, the total cost of cybercrime has already amounted to more than a trillion dollars. Currently, less than half of global companies are prepared to handle advanced forms of cyber attacks. Lastly, there there is approximately 230,000 new malware samples being launched in a day.

The above stats show how important IT security software is to protect the confidential data and computer systems of individual users and businesses. You can select a suitable solution for your needs by continuing to read this article as we detail the key features and tools offered by AirWatch and the top 10 alternatives to AirWatch.

What is AirWatch?

AirWatch is a scalable platform for enterprise mobility. The tool is a product of VMware which is a leading provider of quality mobile device management products. AirWatch offers consumer-centric solutions that enable employees to utilize their own devices without endangering the security of their systems and data. You can sign up for a fully functional 30-day trial and use up to 100 devices. After that, you can upgrade to any of the 4 affordable pricing packages. This software product is used by many top brands including Delta, Columbia, and The Home Depot.

Benefits of AirWatch

  1. AirWatch manages all the endpoints to enable your employees to use their own devices in the workplace.
  2. Employees can separately manage data on their personal and work applications on the same device to ensure privacy.
  3. The app provides seamless access to all applications in any geographical location.
  4. It synchronizes operations performed in company-owned and employee-owned devices.
  5. It enables you to automate processes to align them with policy engines.
  6. Automation reduces the need for manual tasks and as a result minimizes the risk of human errors.

If you think AirWatch is not suitable for your needs, we will still help you. Read on to learn the main tools offered by the top 10 alternatives to AirWatch. You get 3 good points to consider the alternative solution instead of AirWatch and vice versa.

Top 10 Alternatives to AirWatch

1. QuickLaunch

QuickLaunch is a Single Sign-On tool that allows you to sign into your device once and use multiple web apps without needing to re-enter the details. The advantage is you don’t need to remember usernames and complicated passwords, or bother to regularly update or change them. Plus, the service guarantees tight security and protects your devices and accounts from being hacked by unauthorized parties. In short, QuickLaunch saves time and enhances efficiency and productivity in a secure environment. You have the option of deploying it on premise or in the cloud. You can sign up for QuickLaunch free trial here or you can compare it with these QuickLaunch alternatives to see why this app is our top choice.

Why use QuickLaunch instead of AirWatch?

  1. Its Password Manager feature enables you to easily recover lost username or password.
  2. The Identity Provider module helps you to provide permissions centrally, set restrictions, and manage user access.
  3. It provides a native mobile app to assist your mobile workforce to work productively.

Why use AirWatch instead of QuickLaunch?

  1. It enables you to use apps customized for mobile devices to send and receive email and for other purposes.
  2. The above benefit eliminates the need to return to the system every time such a need arises.
  3. It supports smooth flow of data by configuring devices with VPN, content, Wi-Fi, apps, intranet sites, and email.

2. CA Technologies Secure

It is important for businesses to provide up-to-date data to their partners, clients, and consumers. Plus, it is important for them to protect all devices, passwords, and access points from unauthorized access and data breaches. CA Technologies offers effective security solutions for this purpose. It delivers quality security management tools that enable you to improve and streamline important elements of network security including advanced authentication, account discovery, single sign on, payment security, privileged access management, and identity management. Thus, you can secure your devices, accounts, passwords, and access to eliminate risks and focus on boosting revenue. For more good choices, browse these CA Technologies Secure alternatives here.

Why use CA Technologies Secure instead of AirWatch?

  1. It provides an identity management module that enables users to easily access data and perform self-service.
  2. Managers can easily approve user access within the module.
  3. It offers advanced authentication and payment security features.

Why use AirWatch instead of CA Technologies Secure?

  1. It can be seamlessly integrated with most backend platforms.
  2. Everything is secured through data loss prevention policies and high-end security procedures.
  3. It enables your employees to use their own device in the workplace.

3. Keeper

We have included Keeper in this list of top 10 alternatives to AirWatch as it is a security solution that offers digital vault and password management to help business groups and individual users protect their important data from security breaches. This password manager tool produces secure passwords and enables companies to implement password policies and track the compliance of these policies via consoles. The platform utilizes robust 256-bit AES encryption merged with PBKDF2 to reduce the risk of security breaches and data theft. Managers can provide role-based permissions to employees to control their access to confidential data. They can also use the solution to schedule the password rotation setup. You can also consider these useful Keeper alternatives here.

Why use Keeper instead of AirWatch?

  1. The license includes unlimited devices so you can install the tool on all your devices.
  2. It offers security, access control, and privacy in one place.
  3. It provides added management features such as user provisioning and delegated administration.

Why use AirWatch instead of Keeper?

  1. It provides support for multiple mobile platforms.
  2. It offers mobile email management and laptop management features.
  3. It also provides mobile browsing management and multiuser management tools.

4. ManageEngine Key Manager Plus

ManageEngine Key Manager Plus provides a web-based key management solution that enables the monitoring, management, control, consolidation, and audit of the whole lifecycle of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and SSH (Secure Shell) certificates. You get full visibility into SSL and SSH environments. Administrators can exercise full control over the keys, reduce the risk of breaches, and make sure compliance policies are adhered to. The tool enables companies to detect SSH systems in their network, group them, and save them in a central storage place. Plus, you can generate new key pairs and use them on target solutions. Administrators can monitor and audit all user activities and easily create reports. For more good options, browse these ManageEngine Key Manager Plus alternatives here.

Why use ManageEngine Key Manager Plus instead of AirWatch?

  1. It enables you to rotate keys periodically.
  2. You can regulate and restrict access based on employee roles.
  3. You can schedule regular database backups.

Why use AirWatch instead of ManageEngine Key Manager Plus?

  1. It enables app, device, and native email management.
  2. It offers a custom app catalog.
  3. It facilitates content, identity, and browsing management.

5. Centrify

Centrify provides IT security services that enable enterprises to protect their on-premise, mobile, and cloud applications from cyber threats and attacks. The tool especially offers better protection for these apps from compromised credentials that result in data breach. It does this by securing you company’s external and internal servers, and privileged accounts. Currently, Centrify is used by more than 5000 companies including numerous Fortune 50 behemoths. This identity and access management provider has been named an industry leader by two top independent research companies. Key features include: auditing and compliance, privileged management, secure remote access, multi-factor authentication, and automated account management. If you think this solution does not fit your needs, you can browse good Centrify alternatives here.

Why use Centrify instead of AirWatch?

  1. Its Identity Service feature secures and manages the identity of all users.
  2. It facilitates security management on Macs and mobile devices via cloud identity stores, LDAP, and Active Directory.
  3. It offers simplified shared account password management for internal users, third-party vendors, and outsourced IT providers.

Why use AirWatch instead of Centrify?

  1. It manages all the endpoints to enable your staff members to use their own devices in the workplace.
  2. It offers seamless access to all applications in any geographical location.
  3. It helps you to automate processes to align them with policy engines.

6. Avast

Avast is a leading antivirus software product that provides free and premium editions to users. The Avast for Business Edition offers top quality endpoint protection. It provides your systems, devices, and servers advanced industry-grade protection on both Windows and Mac operating systems. The tool offers a browser-based console that gives you complete control over the antivirus solution installed on your endpoint devices. Plus, the platform is cloud-based so you don’t need to invest in additional hardware. It is fast and light, and yet offers complete device and network security. You can also consider these Avast alternatives here

Why use Avast instead of AirWatch?

  1. Avast for Business is easy to use even for novices.
  2. Its console centralizes your access to all your workstations and desktops.
  3. Its in-product chat tool provides you fast access to the support team if you need any help.

Why use AirWatch instead of Avast?

  1. Employees can separately manage data on their work and personal applications on the same device to ensure privacy.
  2. It synchronizes operations performed on employee-owned and company-owned devices.
  3. Automation minimizes the need for manual tasks and this reduces the chances of human error.

7. Sift Science

Sift Science is a top rate automated fraud detection and prevention tool that is run by a cloud-based machine learning platform. This app is designed to prevent abuse and fraud, and enable your customers to do shopping with peace of mind and not worry about their confidential data being stolen. Sift Science employs more than 16,000 fraud signals that are updated in real time from activities and events across over 6,000 apps and websites. This enterprise-grade security tool can capably manage the demands of companies of any size. It offers a range of features such as social data analysis, IP address analysis, and device ID finger-printing to help businesses detect and fight fraud, and provide security to their customers. Finally, the solution presents complete details of fraudulent activities via raw data access, suspicious signals, and data visualizations. For more good choices, peruse these Sift Science alternatives here.

Why use Sift Science instead of AirWatch?

  1. It helps to prevent payment fraud and boosts your company’s revenue.
  2. It accurately identifies fraudsters by using its directory of 16,000 fraud signals.
  3. It automatically blocks fraudsters at scale, saving you the funds and resources needed to perform fraud review.

Why use AirWatch instead of Sift Science?

  1. It enables you to use applications customized for mobile devices to send and receive email and for other purposes.
  2. It can be smoothly integrated with most backend solutions.
  3. It provides support for multiple mobile platforms.

8. ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is a secure end-user password reset management platform.  You can use this reliable tool to perform self-service account unlock, self-service password reset, and employee self update of personal info (emails, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) directly in Microsoft Windows Active Directory. Administrators can easily automate password resets, perform account unlocks, and manage the optimization of expenses incurred for help desk calls. The best part is you don’t need advanced IT skills to perform most of these tasks. The system’s functionalities significantly boost employee productivity and enable all team members to focus on important tasks. Admins can rest assured that all business data is stored securely and protected from breaches and misuse. If you think this platform is not suitable for your needs, take a look at these excellent ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus alternatives here.

Why use ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus instead of AirWatch?

  1. It offers tight security during password resets using an enrollment and identity verification questionnaire.
  2. It provides a password synchronizer.
  3. It facilitates mobile password management.

Why use AirWatch instead of ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus?

  1. It supports seamless flow of data by configuring devices with email, content, VPN, Wi-Fi, apps, and intranet sites.
  2. It secures everything through high-end security procedures and data loss prevention policies.
  3. It offers laptop management and mobile email management features.

9. EventLog Analyzer

EventLog Analyzer is a platform that stores log data generated by applications, devices, and network systems in a centralized repository. It encrypts the log data and secures it for compliance audits and forensic analysis. The archived data is time-stamped and hashed to show evidence that no one has tampered with the logs. In addition, EventLog Analyzer gathers log data from agent and agentless data sources such as WMI or syslog sources. By default, it utilizes a PostgreSQL database and you can select other databases such as MS SQL or MySQL depending on your needs. The platform also supports log import from a remote/local host via FTP and HTTP/HTTPS. To sum up, this application ensures your data is fully protected and regularly updated from both external and internal threats. For more good choices, you can peruse these EventLog Analyzer alternatives here.

Why use EventLog Analyzer instead of AirWatch?

  1. It comes loaded with the tools you would expect in a security information and event management (SIEM) platform.
  2. You can complete the initial setup quickly and easily in less than 30 minutes.
  3. Its intuitive interface aids even novices to master the platform in a few hours.

Why use AirWatch instead of EventLog Analyzer?

  1. It helps your employees to use their own device in the workplace.
  2. It offers multiuser management and mobile browsing management tools.
  3. It enables device, app, and native email management.


Last on our list of alternatives is, a web vulnerability scanning application purpose-built for developers. It aims to minimize false positives, ensure compliance, and safeguard your data on the web from potential vulnerabilities using robust probing systems and anomaly detection features. Moreover, it comes equipped with advanced fingerprinting modules and scanning modules for better vulnerability identification. The software is overall easy to use, making it possible for developers to fully maximize its capabilities. In case you are looking to extend the capabilities of this platform to have a more unique user experience, also has API functionalities for your convenience. Considering each business has unique needs and requirements, it’s best to take a look at our Probe.lyalternatives for similar quality options.

Why use instead of AirWatch? 

  1. It offers a developer-friendly interface.
  2. This open platform has API capabilities making it highly extensible.
  3. The platform has a more no-fuss, streamlined set of features.

Why use AirWatch instead of

  1. The platform has a more extensive set of functionalities.
  2. It is mobile-ready which is good for teams with remote workers.
  3. The vendor offers more affordable pricing plans, making it more ideal for smaller businesses

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