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How HubSpot Free CRM Helps You Get More Sales & Grow Your Business

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What is HubSpot CRM and why successful businesses use it?

HubSpot CRM is a 100% free app created by the experts of inbound marketing and lead generation. The people behind HubSpot poured in their combined years of lead gen experience into this app, making it one of the most robust toolkits to help you nurture leads to deals and to sales. Despite the powerful set of options it delivers, the free CRM is surprisingly simple to use, intuitive even to the least tech-savvy employees. It is designed primarily for salespeople, and small businesses looking to declutter their customer data and gain a blue-sky clear visual pipeline to manage their deals.

You can easily sign up for free HubSpot CRM here you right away you will get access to all core CRM features: contact management, deal management, pipeline, email integration and reporting. With these tools you will be able to quickly create a visual pipeline, associate your records and start tracking deals.

Why choose HubSpot CRM?

  1. It’s 100% free forever
  2. It’s trusted by 52,000+ users worldwide
  3. It has intuitive tools anyone can figure out quickly
  4. It easily scales from small business to enterprise
  5. It offers robust tools equally efficient as those of paid CRMs
  6. It’s a solid foundation for your growth tech stack

What other companies think about HubSpot CRM?

Businesses that had incorporated the free CRM into their sales and marketing process realized these immediate benefits:

“It was super-easy to implement HubSpot.”

There’s a 1-2-3 simplicity to it that even a tech-averse CMO can’t ignore: set it up, learn the tools and use it all in minutes. You will find HubSpot to be one of the most intuitive CRM tools just as businesses have found the free CRM empowering their sales reps, not bogging them down. It suits people with no coding skills or those who are simply too busy selling.

“With HubSpot we kickstarted a solid CRM despite our low budget.”

They grew their business despite the financial odds. Freelancers, startups, small businesses on a shoestring budget or sales managers working with a stingy accounting were able to use a powerful CRM.

“We dived straight for the best tool, saved us time and money.”

One of the best ways to fast track your success is quite frankly to “steal the secret tool” of successful companies. 52,000 HubSpot users can’t be wrong, right? They have had the same problems you are facing now—stagnating sales, sales-marketing gaps, clunky tools, disorganized customer records—and solved them with HubSpot. Would you rather spend precious time experimenting with tools or use one that’s been proven to work for others?

“HubSpot cleared our table of data clutter.”

Companies that turned to HubSpot CRM found themselves free from spreadsheets. Everything started to fall into place. Leads are sorted in meaningful ways. Prospects are identified, their unique needs clear. Email messages and campaigns are personalized. Deals are followed up and won faster. Sales and marketing teams work together. ROI shoots up.

Successful business owners that had grown their small company to a big enterprise often quote building their CRM process on the HubSpot architecture as a significant milestone on their road to success.

Get HubSpot CRM for free here and make it your company’s milestone too!

How HubSpot CRM can help your company grow?

In my years of covering small business ventures, I’ve seen companies eagerly set up with good funding and talents only to fall apart in the second or third year. I see a lot of promising startups, too, that, for some reason, languish in mediocrity after an exciting rollout and forecast due to poor sales.

Either they focused on the details and failed to see the big picture (lack of strategic planning) or they focused too much on strategy and failed to act on their insights. I thought these two scenarios could have been addressed easily by CRM, especially by one that is free and doesn’t affect the overhead.

So I put HubSpot to the test. Let me tell you what happened, how fast we were able to get a CRM process up and running, the immediate problems it solved and the promising future we see with it.

The Baseline

We had three ongoing lead channels at the start of HubSpot CRM adoption: a Facebook boost post, a drip email campaign and a homepage signup form. We’re getting like 50 leads per month but I knew we could do more. We were using a spreadsheet with a dozen tabs to sort the numbers based on channel, sales stage, digital asset, product and so on. Yes, we needed to use the spreadsheet’s horizontal scrollbar. It is that bad.

Setting up the free CRM

This is how we managed to get our CRM up in minutes. We imported our contact list in CSV into the HubSpot contact management. With a few clicks, we configured a visual pipeline to our custom stages. From the pipeline dashboard we created the existing deals and moved the deal cards with drag-and-drop ease to their appropriate stage. We also associated each deal with contacts and tasks to populate each record with key information. This is as simple as opening the deal card and searching the contact inside it. Both contact and deal are now synced in real time with any update you make on either record.

We now have a sales pipeline and a single place to manage our contacts, deals and tasks

The next step is to attach this pipeline to our three lead channels. A designated Gmail account captures each prospect’s data from these channels. It’s a simple setup that you’re probably also using. Connecting our lead channels to the HubSpot CRM is as simple as embedding a HubSpot Chrome plugin into our Gmail dashboard. It’s neat, quick and would work wonders for us as you will see later.

There you go, our CRM process fully set up in minutes!

See how fast you can set it up, too. Download the free HubSpot CRM here.

So now, we could put this pipeline to the test. Let me share with you the problems we addressed.

By the way, you can also integrate an order management system with the free CRM if you have an e-commerce site. This way, you get to add a customer’s past orders and transactions to your CRM data. Pretty useful to identify your top customers.

What problems HubSpot can help you solve?

Problem #1: HubSpot improved our conversion

HubSpot CRM helped us increase our conversion with the aid of their visual pipeline. Suddenly, I could see crystal clear what was going with our leads neatly laid out in the pipeline.

HubSpot CRM allows you to create a deal and assign a task owner and sales stage right inside your email dashboard. The wonder of having a CRM setup, I could now follow our leads in one place and monitor the conversion in each stage. Our lead generation campaigns stayed the same but we managed to get more sales just by improving our conversion rate across the sales stages.

Problem #2: HubSpot helped us find buried opportunities

Our Gmail account is also our support channel, a place where it’s easy to lose track of engagement that promises an opportunity. I’m sure we lost a great number of queries that could have been a deal, I just didn’t know where to look for them.

But by integrating our Gmail with HubSpot CRM, our customer queries are now on the same pipeline as our leads. I can convert a query to a lead with a tick of a box using the HubSpot plugin. Right off the bat, we have increased our lead volume without rolling out a new campaign. You’ll be surprised at how many opportunities are staring at you right now, right in your inbox,  if only you have a system in place.

Problem #3: HubSpot helped us organize our records

If like us you didn’t use a CRM before, you’re probably drowning in spreadsheets now. Searching for records used to be a pain, wasting much of our time. By setting up HubSpot CRM, our contact list became a contact management portal, almost in a magical way. Records between contacts and deals are synced. Searching for details is streamlined. We can sort records in different ways, by deal, date, persona, task owner… whatever label we need, because HubSpot CRM allows you to create up to 1,000 custom properties.

If your customer data is a huge mess HubSpot CRM can organize it quickly.

Problem #4: HubSpot structured our siloed operations

Before HubSpot, my sales and marketing guys had their own best strategy to grow the business. I’m sure you had this experience too. With the same goal but out of sync, both teams would hardly move the business forward, and with an occasional hit on the curb because, frankly, we didn’t know where we were going. Then we got a visual pipeline. Everyone was looking at the same metrics, the same data. Everyone knew his or her role in this grand scheme of pushing leads to deals.

Team goals gradually melded into a single, clear business goal driven by HubSpot CRM: Finding and keeping customers.

Problem #5: Passive customer support

Our support used to be reactive and passive. But with a free CRM like HubSpot, it became possible to shift our customer support to high gear. Tickets in HubSpot support properties, so you can associate them with contacts and engagement. What this means for us is, we can now nurture some of our tickets into leads and deals

Every customer query, post, email is a chance for us to show the value in our product using ticket details as context.

With ticketing integrated into our HubSpot CRM, we can:

  1. Turn our support agents into proactive members of the company
  2. Our agents don’t just solve problems, they create value in the customer’s mind
  3. Our agents create opportunities for cross-sells, upsells by funneling promising tickets into the sales pipeline

Do you think your agents are up for this high-level transformation? You can find out on your own. Just sign up for free HubSpot CRM here.

HubSpot CRM is completely free!

It’s the closest thing to a free lunch. It’s not a pared-down version, a freemium or a free trial and there’s no user limit. You get a full product with access to all the features at no cost whatsoever. What’s more, HubSpot CRM features are easily the most robust among all free CRMs and rival those of paid tools as well.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Free access forever
  2. Unlimited users
  3. Up to 1 million contacts and companies
  4. Contact management
  5. Contact and company insights
  1. Deals
  2. Tasks
  3. Gmail and Outlook integration
  4. Email scheduling

Enjoy integrated extra features from other HubSpot suite tools:

  1. Documents
  2. Forms
  3. Website activity
  4. Ad management
  5. Reports
  6. Conversational bots
  7. Email tracking & notifications
  1. Live chat
  2. Calling
  3. Ticketing
  4. Custom support form fields
  5. Email & chat to ticket
  6. Meeting scheduling

You can also connect the free CRM to Gmail, G Suite and Outlook to create a seamless lead-to-sales pipeline, and enjoy great support from HubSpot Community, one of the most active and biggest in the CRM industry, where you’ll find FAQs, resolutions and best practices.

Is HubSpot better than paid CRMs?

Why pay for features that you can get for free? When you sign up for the free HubSpot CRM you get a robust CRM tool that will let you grow your business. It’s like getting a free car to start moving your business. You can pimp your ride later with premium features, yes, but the basic car is good enough to move you from point A to B.

The cost you’d otherwise spend for SaaS subscription can be reallocated to your campaigns.

Here’s the deal, we realize having a free CRM tool is great, but it isn’t really the best value you get from HubSpot CRM. It’s the fact it provides you with a solid foundation to build your entire growth suite on. In short, you start off on the right foot. No guesswork. No cost. You can easily take that first step towards a bright future for your company.

Avoid bad free CRMs

Not all free CRMs are created equal. Some are freemium with limited features, which set you up for a paid subscription. There is simply no way you can continue using a free CRM that only allows 5 users. That’s too few even for a small team. Then there are pared down free CRMs. You can use them forever, just like HubSpot CRM, but they, too, are lacking key features. Some free CRMs are open source. You can add all the bells & whistles. The catch is, you need coding skills and the base infrastructure may not be as stable as a native ecosystem.

Here are 7 free CRM traps you should avoid:

  1. The vendor owns your database
  2. The vendor sells your contacts
  3. The free app can’t integrate with third-party apps
  4. There are hidden charges like fees for additional records, basic support, data recovery
  5. There are caps on no. of users, records, access period, storage, etc.
  6. Unstable system, plenty of downtime and glitches
  7. Unreliable or shady vendors bereft of online footprint

HubSpot is the only free CRM we know
that gives away a robust core feature set
with no expiry and no strings attached.

Grow, Grow Grow.

This is your one crucial goal for your company this year. And it’s more than feasible now. You have a free CRM that can do wonders with your sales in a timespan of just months, even weeks. If you’re stuck in a sales muddle or losing steam into your third year in business, free HubSpot CRM can breathe new life into your sales. You just have to take the first step.

By Louie Andre

B2B & SaaS market analyst and senior writer for FinancesOnline. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. No stranger to small business hiccups and drama, having been involved in a few internet startups. Prior to his for-profit ventures, he has had managed corporate communications for a Kansas City-based Children International unit.

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