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Comparison of 15 Leading eCommerce Software Companies

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Businesses can use ecommerce software to manage all elements of their online store including adding and removing products, organizing inventory, calculating taxes and other aspects required for their website’s order fulfillment. Most solutions typically have a user-friendly interface to help users easily manage their ecommerce operation. Though it is simple to use, this software is in fact quite complex. In short, good ecommerce companies will offer all that you need to manage your online store. Therefore, it is essential to select a quality product for your business needs. You can do that by reading this article which details the main features and benefits of the top ecommerce software solutions available in the market. Our in-depth reviews provide a good comparison of ecommerce software companies. This time, Wix came out on top as determined by thorough analysis by our experts.

ecommerce software companies

1. Wix

Our team of SaaS experts reviewed all the leading ecommerce products and recognized that Wix should be in the first place due to its ease-of-use, robust feature set, functionality, and overall value.

Wix is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms for small and medium-sized retailers with its out-of-the-box tools that are packed in affordable plan packages. It lets you build your own online store easily and customize it according to your branding without coding and technical skills required.

You can showcase your products in beautiful galleries, manage and track your orders, and offer multiple payment options to your customers. Some of its main features include gallery customization, seamless checkout processes, and sales promotions. If you want to discover on your own how it landed our top spot, you can explore the software at no cost.  You can check the solution closely when you sign up for Wix free trial here.


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Try out Wix with their free trial

What factors made Wix a top ecommerce software? It combines usability with functionality. For instance, making your online storefront look professional can easily and quickly be accomplished with designer-made templates and drag-and-drop interface for customization. It keeps track of your inventory, tax, and shipping rules. The ecommerce functionality is available at a low cost starting from $16.50 per month. This already includes your online store, unlimited bandwidth, free domain (you can also connect your own domain and apps for site booster) and form builder.

2. Bigcommerce

BigCommerce is second on our list due to its ability to offer all the necessary tools to set up and manage an online store. It provides a range of customizable templates that you can use to integrate your company’s designs and aesthetics. You can sell physical and digital products and also market effectively to attract new customers. Plus, the vendor has tied up with shipping and delivery services for timely product shipments.

What benefits does BigCommerce bring to the table? You can build an online store that showcases your brand and use the app’s features to turn visitors into buyers. The solution offers templates designed for mobile selling. You can add new services and products easily and customize the items with high-resolution images.

Make shopping easy with convenient checkout practices. Get access to real-time info on inventory. Finally, get actionable insights from detailed and reliable eommerce analytics to improve your business. The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for BigCommerce free trial here.

BigCommerce is often tagged as the total ecommerce solution. However, its value is limited only by how it is used as it comes with numerous features that you do not see in your average ecommerce tool. These include marketing tools, marketplace integrations, analytics, and site hosting. When used properly, these can give your business’ performance huge improvements. The software also effectively simplifies your checkout process, making it possible for you to capture transaction information that can be used to benchmark organizational performance. Its central control panel, meanwhile, gives you total control over all your transactions, making order accommodation much faster.

The platform sports a number of functionalities, including payment processing, SEO, social media marketing, and warehouse management. It can seamlessly integrate with any existing system while its API capabilities allow it to work with third-party apps. Site visitors are bound to have richer online shopping experiences as BigCommerce creates not only beautifully designed online stores but also promotes customer engagement. The product is mobile-optimized and SEO-friendly, allowing users to boost their search rankings, site traffic, and ultimately, lead conversion.

3. Shopify

Shopify ranks third in our list. Not only is this tool highly popular, but it is also very reliable in offering an ecommerce solution for SMBs. What makes Shopify one of our leading choices in our comparison of ecommerce software companies? To start, it offers a range of tools to help businesses develop and operate online stores and also sell products in person.

This solution also provides features designed for offline retail. For these reasons, it is used by greater than 120,000 online stores. What benefits does Shopify bring to the table? The setup is fast and easy and you can select from more than 100 professionally designed themes to give a corporate look to your online store.  Second, the vendor hosts your online store so your data is secure and you don’t need to worry about maintenance and upgrades.

Moreover, you are assured of reliable 24/7 customer support when you use Shopify. Lastly, you get easy-to-use reports and robust marketing features. You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for Shopify free trial here.

4. 3dcart

3dcart is a robust ecommerce platform that offers a wide range of features for online stores. It has tied up with more than 200 business service providers including payment solutions, tax calculators, shipping carriers and more. Plus, it offers useful tools for store building and management. Key features include marketing and order management tools, zero transaction fees, bulk importing/exporting, plenty of SEO tools, and support for digital products.

What are the main benefits you can expect from 3dcart? Sellers get a robust and effective solution to market their products online, while customers can effortlessly order online. The app offers a secure administration interface that you can use to access the system, invoices, shop inventory, and customer data from any internet-connected device. You can select from a wide range of professional templates or customize your own theme to fit your brand, image, and store. Finally, you can rely on expert help from the support team to get your issues resolved quickly.

5. Volusion

Volusion is an ecommerce solution that can scale with your business. The app has a user-friendly interface and offers a simple and helpful design wizard. Using this tool, you can easily create an ecommerce website and manage its different aspects. Plus, you can use the customization features to make your online store fit your brand or company’s aesthetics. There are also excellent marketing and shopping tools you can make use of.

Why should you opt for Volusion to operate your online store? To mention a few, you can build your store and start selling in minutes. You can do this by installing attractive templates without needing any coding skills. The app offers easy-to-use features to help you seamlessly manage processes such as order tracking, shipping, and inventory management. Finally, you can count on the help of a dedicated account manager as well as expert support agents all based in Austin, TX to resolve any issues and make the best use of the software.

6. Brightpearl

Brightpearl is a multichannel retail management solution that can be used by companies to manage business aspects such as orders, inventory, reporting, accounting, and customer data in one place. Multichannel retailers can use this app to boost their growth and revenue. A big advantage is that the tool offers real-time reports on customer buying behavior, profitability by channel and SKU, cash flow, inventory and more.

Why is Brightpearl in fifth place? It gives retailers the peace of mind that their core operations are in control and enables them to focus on important issues such as merchandising. You can seamlessly integrate this app with ekmPowershop, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento, eBay, and Amazon to get access to new channels to boost your business. Plus, you can use the built-in accounting and reporting features to get insights on channel, SKU, and customer levels. Finally, the provider has integrated with leading shipping carriers to ensure timely and accurate product shipments.

7. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a robust ecommerce toolkit. This app can be used to transform WordPress websites into attractive online stores. Not surprisingly, it has been designed using WordPress best practices. It is a suitable solution if you want to build a standalone online store from scratch and you can also use it to sell products using an existing WordPress site or blog. The plugin is offered free and if you need advanced features you can pay for updates and upgrades.

You can count on full support from the vendor as well as from user communities that include business owners and software experts. The interface is intuitive and robust and you can use the onboarding wizard to set up the system. An important benefit is WooCommerce offers a vast range of official extensions (add-on features) such as anti-fraud, subscription management, membership system management, advanced tax calculators, shipping calculators for your specific country, payment gateways and more. On top of that, this library is bolstered by community-developed extensions.

8. Episerver Digital Commerce

Episerver Digital Commerce is a complete ecommerce system that offers premium features, which you can use to establish online business success. It combines content management with digital marketing capabilities and also enables you to provide a delightful customer experience.

With Episerver, you can offer engaging content to market your company’s services and products. Thus, you can provide relevant info and excellent buying experiences to motivate your customers to purchase more. This can boost your revenue and expand your business. Plus, you can make the best of both worlds by combining content management with marketing. Make use of beneficial features that include merging of content and commerce, on-page editing, and content targeting to sell more.

9. Magento

Magento is an open source ecommerce solution owned by eBay. The tool offers robust tools to give great flexibility to online businesses in managing their stores. The main advantage is the app’s deep integration with eBay.

More than 240,000 merchants use Magento to attract more customers, convert prospects into buyers, and boost their sales. This is because the solution offers a range of benefits including full control over your online channel, enterprise-level functionality, and ability to scale easily to meet growth and demand. Top features are search engine optimization, product management, mobile commerce, order management, customer service, a shopping cart, and web design.

10. Infusionsoft

More than 23,000 businesses use Infusionsoft to save time, get organized, and improve sales. The app is useful for online and physical stores as well as on-the-go services. A big advantage is the solution’s streamlined integrations with popular third-party software systems. Plus, you can count on anytime assistance from the vendor’s tech support team to learn to use the product effectively.

You can use Infusionsoft to automate routine tasks and map out the steps of your marketing and sales strategy. The app can help you enrich leads, build profitable long-term relationships with customers and more. It enables you to centralize all daily activities and customer interactions in one place, get promising leads and convert them into buyers, sell your product and collect payments online, and boost your productivity.

11. PrestaShop

PrestaShop is an open source ecommerce solution that offers both cloud-hosted and downloadable versions. The app is used by thousands of individuals and organizations around the world. You can utilize this starter solution to develop your online store from scratch. The big advantage is you can count on the help of a strong community of 800,000 members who support this open source system.

Why should you select PrestaShop over other products? Here are the reasons: You can easily customize store elements and add your company’s corporate insignia. Plus, you can use add-on modules to improve internal functions and your stores. The vendor provides expert training materials to help you make full use of the software. You can count on extensive feature sets for managing suppliers, manufacturers, product listing, payments, and shipping. Finally, the app integrates seamlessly with popular business services and systems.

12. Nomad eCommerce

Nomad eCommerce connects one’s ERP and ecommerce data for a seamless information exchange between both applications. With backend data accurately reflected on your storefront in real-time, you can have peace of mind that your teams manning product information, order processing, and sales are always working with the same information. Displaying consistent information on the frontend also leads to an improved customer experience.

Nomad eCommerce can integrate with any ERP out in the market. It’s also user-friendly and does not require IT assistance for integrating with other systems. Furthermore, it is fully configurable to meet custom business requirements and gives better control over one’s budget. Nomad eCommerce also features customer portals, a powerful search functionality, marketing tools, reports and analytics, customer service module, and much more.

13. NetzCart

NetzCart is a wholesale-ready ecommerce shopping cart software built for B2B and B2C transactions that allows for easy management of multiple store domains  It is equipped with a user-friendly admin panel for painless business management, allowing you to get a quick overview of your real-time store information, manage inventory, track orders, and monitor shipping. Basically, this allows users to have complete control and manage their entire inventory and pricing on a single platform.

With NetzCart, users will no longer have to worry about storage capacity as it provides for unlimited listing of products and order management The platform also supports multiple popular payment gateways, multiple shipping methods, high-grade security, fully optimized mobile support, and a fully integrated CMS, among others.

14. Sellbery

A product feed optimization solution, Sellbery streamlines and automates all operations of e-commerce businesses and online merchants that are selling on multiple marketplaces. This user-friendly tool gives you full control over your business while simplifying time-consuming tasks through automation, removing the need for making manual product profile updates and ensuring that you stay on top of your business across all online marketplaces.

With Sellbery, you can manage all your inventories, customers, sales, and orders on a single platform and sync all pertinent information instantly. With its ease of use, you can likewise benefit from increased productivity and efficiency. Sellbery also prevents users from running out of stocks and ensure that they meet customer demands by sending a notification once their stock levels drop below their custom-set limit.


CLORAS handles all the grunt work by integrating all your ERP and ecommerce data. This platform automatically handles the integration process, freeing you from the complexities of integrating multiple business systems or managing data between disparate platforms.

This business automation middleware solution only requires a three-step process to set up, simply requiring users to input their credentials, define integration flow, and flick a switch to set the integration process on autopilot. Industry-grade security measures are in place to ensure utmost security for all integrations. Furthermore, with this software, you can configure your integrations while having the flexibility and scalability to meet your requirements.

Go for the Best Ecommerce Solution

We looked at the features and offerings of the 15 leading ecommerce software companies. Each of their product comes with its own strong set of features in competitive prices. Looking at their overall functionality and value, our team of experts ranked Wix first due to its ease-of-use and the fact that it is packed with robust site builder features. Being so, it is a piece of software that is truly worth looking into.

Other high-ranking products include BigCommerce, Shopify, and 3dcart. These ecommerce platforms are popular for their ease of use and rich feature sets. There are also products worth looking at based on your needs. For instance, Woocommerce is ideal for users who are currently using WordPress for their website. The plugin transforms your site into an online storefront.

To help you in determining if a product is suitable for your needs, you can sign up for free trials to check out the software firsthand without spending anything. Deploying the right ecommerce software is crucial to successfully run your ecommerce business. If you want to try out the leading ecommerce platform, you can easily do so when you sign up for Wix free trial here.

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