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Pros and Cons of ShipBob: Analysis of a Top Ecommerce Software

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What are the pros and cons of ShipBob?
The pros and cons of ShipBob are unmistakable in its functionalities as a modern ecommerce fulfillment provider. It allows you to bring your products near your customers, without the expensive overhead. While it has limited integrations, its order management system can already handle many tasks to run your ecommerce business all in one place.

How do you manage your ecommerce business? Online ecommerce platforms can only do so much. More than order management, you have to worry about product inventory, shipping, and delivery. You can use third-party delivery services, but they can be expensive and unpredictable. Also, you do not have complete control over their quality of service and processes. Do you wonder how Amazon can offer 2-day shipping?

ShipBob is a technology-first ecommerce fulfillment provider that makes 2-day delivery possible for small- and medium-sized stores. It is a logistics partner that puts you in control of your products, inventory, and shipping. Furthermore, it includes a fully-featured web-based platform that allows you to manage practically every aspect of your e-business all in one place.

This article will outline the pros and cons of ShipBob based on the tests and research of our experts. We will discuss the strong points of the ecommerce software, along with potential areas for improvements. At the end of your reading, you will have a complete assessment of ShipBob and whether it can help streamline your business processes.  

ShipBob pros and cons

The rapid expansion of the Internet has contributed to the significant changes in business and trade transactions. The number of global digital buyers has been rapidly increasing since the beginning of the decade. In 2018, there were 1.79 billion online consumers buying services and goods. It is expected to increase to 2.14 billion customers in 2021. That means about 40% of Internet users around the world have purchased something online. Furthermore, innovations in mobile technology provide better access to ecommerce portals. This makes purchasing as easy as a few clicks.

The ecommerce industry has become a financial giant in the past few years. In 2019 alone, consumers spent around $3.5 trillion or so. It is a huge jump from $2.9 trillion in 2018. Experts say that global retail sales through all channels would hit $21 trillion by the end of 2019. This would account for about three-quarters of overall retail sales growth worldwide.

Global ecommerce sales, 2016-2019

Source: Internet Retailer

In such a competitive market, your business processes should be on par with current standards. That means possessing a robust process that seamlessly integrates ordering, payment, shipping, and delivery.

Furthermore, 2-day shipping options are becoming a norm due to large ecommerce portals offering them. Does that mean you cannot compete with these giant online shops? Absolutely, not. Can ShipBob take your online business to the next level? Well, we will take a closer look at one of the best ecommerce systems out there.

What is ShipBob?

ShipBob dashboard

ShipBob is a modern ecommerce software and fulfillment provider for modern brands that allow you to offer 2-day shipping and other competitive services. It combines inventory management that allows you to manage all your logistics needs in one place. The platform is ideal for budding businesses and enterprises looking to expand. Understanding the basics of ecommerce software is difficult, but ShipBob makes it intuitive and quick to learn.

The service provider also offers a network of centers across various states. It will allow you to distribute your products in different areas strategically. That means you can be within easy reach of your customers. It makes delivery a breeze without hiring premium delivery services from shipping companies.

The innovative platform allows you to offer 2-day delivery shipping to your customers without the time-consuming and expensive overhead. You can track deliveries right on the software to ensure that your customers are receiving their orders right on time. Furthermore, the system will alert you if you are running out of stocks, the better you can manage orders. 


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Try out ShipBob with their free trial

If you are already using one of the leading ecommerce platforms, then ShipBob is the right tool to power your backend processes. It integrates with most online shops with just a few clicks. The two-way communication between ShipBob and your online store ensures that your database of products is always updated. It also makes monitoring your inventory quick and easy.

Just like any business, the pros and cons of ShipBob will determine how it fits your current needs. You will have to weigh and balance various aspects of your business, such as critical processes, current trends, budget, timeline, and more.

ShipBob provides you with the following features:

  • Distributed inventory centers
  • 2-day shipping
  • Order management
  • Delivery tracking and management
  • Warehouse kitting
  • On-site customer success agents
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) preparation services
  • Inventory management
  • Return management
  • Product warehousing
  • B2B and wholesale orders
  • Tie-ups with DHL, UPS, FedEx, and USPS

Pros & Cons of ShipBob

Fast Delivery With Modern Ecommerce Fulfillment Services

ShipBob combines technology with efficient order fulfillment services that will allow you to offer fast delivery to your customers. The company stores your inventory in one or multiple of its fulfillment centers located in different cities in the US. Each fulfillment center has its own staff that will oversee your products and orders. 

With its powerful geographic footprint, you have the opportunity to split your inventory to the best areas. This will allow you to reduce shipping costs significantly. You may need to do an in-depth analysis of your sales trends before you sign up for the service. Your current online shop may be able to collect geographic and relevant information. While it may take work, having these insights ready before you register to ShipBob will allow you to distribute your products in the correct centers.

shipbob dashboard order management

Monitor your orders in ShipBob dashboard

Complete Control of Your Operations With Robust Platform

Managing your inventory across different centers can be daunting. ShipBob includes a web-based software that lets you control the entire operation in an intuitive software. You can manage orders, track stock levels on different fulfillment centers, and even receive alerts when your inventory is running low. 

You can add as many users can you want to let your team access and supervise various parts of your business. Furthermore, you can generate reports and analytics using the built-in modules that will gather current data from your orders and stocks. ShipBob can power your enterprise, whether you have a web store, a crowdfunded project, or an entire marketplace.

shipbob dashboard inventory management

Manage your inventory in Shipbob dashboard

Streamline You Entire Ordering Process

ShipBob comes with a fully functional order management module that allows you to track your orders closely. You can view and filter orders by status, so you know which ones to prioritize. Additionally, you can search for specific orders, which are helpful during customer inquiries. You can monitor the progression of your orders, including time-stamped history. 

The system also provides robust post-shipping functionalities. You can make changes to the order in cases of updates. Also, you can map shipping options in ShipBob and automatically share tracking information with your customers, so they are always in the know. 

It also includes a return management section, which makes returns fast and painless for your customers. ShipBob provides seamless processing and updating of your inventory during the return. You can even allow your customers to generate their own shipping labels for a more automated process. The system can track the returned product every step of the way. 

shipbob dashboard order tracking

Track orders in ShipBob dashboard

Integration With Popular Ecommerce Platforms

ShipBob is a robust system that can power your online store on multiple channels. It integrates readily with some of the most popular ecommerce platforms, such as BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, and eBay. If you are using a non-supported ecommerce portal or a custom shopping site, you may need assistance setting-up ShipBob’s API to work with your current system.

The two-way information flow ensures that all data between ShipBob and your various online shopping portals are in-sync and updated. That means it is easy to manage your inventory and stocks, even in distributed fulfillment centers. Each order received by your store is immediately updated on your order management system so you can initiate the purchase process.

shipbob dashboard integration

Integrate popular ecommerce platforms in ShipBob dashboard

Customized Pricing With Personalized Services

The order fulfillment company offers a wide array of services–from storage, shipping, inventory management, to order management, and more. ShipBob charges a monthly fee for the services that you avail. You can customize which ones you need for your business during registration. The company will provide a custom quote based on the services that you use. You can easily upgrade and add more once your company starts growing.

ShipBob’s pricing is slightly towards the higher end of the current market average. For example, storage solutions start at $5 per month for bins and up to $40 per month for pallets. However, the company offers more than just an order fulfillment solution. It provides onboarding, standard packaging, software, integration, and discounted shipping rates for all its customers. On top of that, you can also use their web-based inventory, order, and returns management applications without additional charges. These services will allow you to take advantage of the current trends in ecommerce, such as customized packaging.

shipbob dashboard price calculator

Easy pricing calculation with each order in ShipBob dashboard

Can ShipBob Improve Your Ecommerce Business?

ShipBob is a tech-first service provider that makes 2-day delivery possible for small and medium-sized enterprises. The order fulfillment company maintains a network of centers spread out strategically in major cities. This allows you to distribute your inventory to areas with high sales demands.

Aside from storage, pick up, and shipping solutions, they provide a modern solution that allows you to manage your inventory and orders. Furthermore, you can customize the services that your business needs. This will enable you to work within your budget and upgrade later on.

The pros and cons of ShipBob will enable you to evaluate its features objectively. You can easily select the services that you currently need. Eventually, you can add more functionalities as your business grows.

Should you want to investigate the platform firsthand, you can easily do so when you sign up for ShipBob free trial here.

By Louie Andre

B2B & SaaS market analyst and senior writer for FinancesOnline. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. No stranger to small business hiccups and drama, having been involved in a few internet startups. Prior to his for-profit ventures, he has had managed corporate communications for a Kansas City-based Children International unit.

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