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MightyCall: Top Phone Application


Small businesses and freelancers wanting to level up their image will find MightyCall useful both in function and branding. This cloud-based phone service solution lends to your business a sophisticated telephone system that helps you turn up nationwide toll-free, vanity or local area numbers wherever you are.

We’ve discussed the technical features of the software in our detailed review of MightyCall. This time, try to find out if the price tag is worth your dollar. But first, let’s briefly recap the key benefits of the software so you have an overview of what you can expect for your money.

MightyCall Main Benefits

You’ll quickly notice that setting MightyCall up is very easy. No hardware is needed other than the mobile phone on your hand or the computer on your desk. Equally important, it integrates easily with your workflows. Your employees are up and running with MightyCall in seconds as if they simply changed numbers.

You will also be able to breathe in peace seeing that no clients will look down on you just because you use a residential number. In essence, MightyCall isn’t just a phone system, but a tool to business legitimacy. In this Econsultancy study, look how much user trust you stand to gain by simply displaying clear contact details on your website:

In our extensive tests MightyCall earned an 8.4/10 Smart Score from us. Likewise, we granted it our Supreme Software Award and Expert’s Choice Award for 2017.

The benefits and awards aside, let’s zero in on MightyCall pricing in this article. We’ll show you how the app is priced, the key differences among plans and their shared features. This should help you cherry pick the best terms.

How  much does MightyCall cost?

The web-based phone service solution offers three price tiers with monthly and annual subscription options. The plans are bundled based on talk minutes, text message volume, number of users and how many toll-free numbers you want. There are also add-ons sold separately. Some of these are really useful. For instance, call recording is a must if you can’t field that many customer reps.

Here are MightyCall pricing details:

Basic Plan – $14.92/month

  • 500 Talk minutes
  • 2 Team members
  • 1 Toll-free or local number

Standard Plan – $37.49/month

  • 3000 Talk minutes
  • 500 Text messages
  • 7 Team members
  • 3 Toll-free or local numbers

Ultimate Plan – $69.99/month

  • 10000 Talk minutes
  • 4000 Text messages
  • 25 Team members
  • 5 Toll-free or local numbers


  • An extra number for $5
  • An international number for $10
  • Voice-to-text transcription for $10
  • Call recording for $15
  • 250 Text messages for $15

MightyCall free trial

The best way to experience the myriad benefits of this app is to try it. You can easily schedule a MightyCall demo here. No credit card or any form of commitment is required.

Pricing highlights and key differences

Much of the differences among plans depend on talk minutes, text message volume, number of users and toll-free numbers. Note that Basic Plan doesn’t support text messaging. This can be a deal buster if you want an SMS line for customers.

Getting the right plan looks as simple as calculating how big your customer base or high your  web traffic and matching it with how much calls and text messages you need month to month. But not always, especially between Standard and Ultimate plans. As your sales and traffic can fluctuate by season or any other factor, you need to keep an eye on how much of calls and texts you’re actually getting each month. If, for example, you’re up to using more than 1,000 text messages this month, it may be cheaper to upgrade to premium next month, than stay on Standard with SMS add-ons. That said, penny-pinchers will like the flexibility afforded by MightyCall during sale spikes.

Click2call button. This is not available in Basic. Web visitors can easily click this button to call you for free via the internet. This convenience can easily translate to more conversions, noting that you can capture customers when they’re most interested or a burning question about your product.

Other features unavailable in Basic but present in the other two plans include:

  • Contact Us for website
  • Call back requests from website
  • Email requests from website

Meanwhile, only Ultimate allows for Facebook/Twitter messages and softphone to make and receive calls.

The add-ons, of course, are also key differentiators depending on your need. Two of these extra features can add profound value in these scenarios:

Pro Voice Studio. It’s annoying to hear voicemails and automated greetings, but it’s doubly annoying to hear a creaky or throaty one. Do your business a favor–get a professional to do the voicing. MightyCall offers eighty different voice talents for a few dollars more.

Call recording. Recording conversations goes a long way in myriad ways. You can use call recording to remember key discussion points. You can also use it for legal proof. Furthermore, you can track the nature of calls over time and get a pattern, if any, that may reveal a market insight. How much calls are you getting? Where are they calling from? What are the usual nature of their calls? There are a lot of ways to skin the cat with these insights.

Features shared among all plans

All plans have email, phone and chat support. Likewise, all three plans offer Android and iOS platforms. You also get these MightyCall features across plans, albeit in varying degrees.

Auto greet. Set up an auto-attendant with a personal greeting to welcome customers using your phone or computer. The automated greeting can forward calls or play a recorded message. You can change it any time you want or use the default MightyCall outgoing generic greeting. Moreover, you can customize the voice menu and the process algorithm to fit your workflows.

Extensions. Here’s the fun part–you can create extensions for the sake of it. Why? Project an image that you’re a well-invested business with multiple departments. The app can route a call to an imaginary extension only to divert it back to your phone, all the while the caller is left clueless. You should, however, use this with care. Assign an employee a role who’ll be accepting the forwarded call. You don’t want to receive the call and forward it to the same voice, yours. That’s just weird, the caller will think.

Voicemail. It’s a handy tool after stepping out of your working hours. Capture calls even when you’re at home or on vacation. You or your employees get voicemail notifications via email, so no messages slip into cracks. You’ll also be alerted once your voicemail is full. MightyCall provides standard voicemail elements including recording caller’s name, company and address to help you prioritize your response.

Search vanity numbers. MightyCall lets you search for available vanity numbers. You can also transfer existing vanity numbers to the cloud platform. Essentially, you can use it or any other 800 toll-free and local numbers anywhere. You’re more able to project a nationwide operation or a locally based business.

Comparison with MightyCall competitors

MightyCall is slightly cheaper than Avoxi Core. The latter starts at $14.99 per month versus MightyCall’s $14.92 entry plan. On the other hand, Predictive Dialer is significantly more pricey than MightyCall. The former charges $250, but it’s targeted more at medium and large enterprises. Lastly, MightyCall has more features than its close competitor, Grasshopper, and is available at a lower monthly price, too.


Notwithstanding its clear benefits, MightyCall is a good tactic for small business and freelancers to gain business legitimacy at once, that, only years ago, was expensive to pursue. It isn’t just the triviality of having a business number; it’s the knowledge that you now can operate on the same sphere as any other large enterprise, meaning, you’re within reach of their clients as well. All these for a low monthly fee.

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