List of Best Service Desk Software Solutions for 2019

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Service desk software facilitates the delivery of customer support at various levels of an organization through multiple channels. Levels may start from the front desk for simple customer queries and could go up to supervisory or managerial levels for bigger problems. Channels refer to contact points where customers can reach the company and vice versa such as email, phone, live chat, ticket system, and social media. Service desk software is used by companies and organizations in order to quickly respond to customer issues as part of the overall objective of providing quality customer service and experience.

Service desk software is often equated with help desk software. However, help desks fall under the scope of service desk software, and are the specific solutions applied when it comes to customer queries. Despite being interchangeably used, both software systems have the common purpose of extending efficient customer support. Service desk systems simplify the connection between customers and the help desk or customer support team and usually carry tools and features for issue tracking, ticket management, knowledge base, reporting metrics and statistics, and help desk portals, among others. In this list of best service desk software solutions, we’ll go over some of the most feature-rich and top-notch systems as compiled by our editors.

Resolving customer issues in a timely manner and providing responsive customer support is crucial. In a study published by Harvard Business Review, it was found out that customers prefer having their problems solved quickly and easily than they do being “delighted.” Meanwhile, customer service statistics shows that 67% of consumers want a response to their queries within 24 hours. Speed is a decisive factor when it comes to extending customer support and a good service desk software that automates and streamlines your response processes will give you the capability to efficiently address customer concerns.

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Below we provide you a list of best service desk software solutions that you can try out. We’ve selected 20 of the leading service desk systems from our database and summarized their key features, main benefits and other useful information so that you can match them with the requirements of your company. Finding the perfect system is a tedious, time-consuming task. We’ve made it easier for you with this list of best service desk software solutions.

List of Best Service Desk Software Solutions

1. Freshservice

Freshservice takes pride in having everything you need for IT support. It is a cloud service desk software that features built-in CMDB functions and is fully ITIL-ready. Companies that are not ITSM compliant will find it convenient to adopt the system while those that are already compliant will gain an even more efficient system. It is the IT service desk of choice by more than 10,000 customers worldwide using its capability to modernize IT and other business functions. It brings with it solutions to manage tickets, assets, problems, changes, releases and service catalogs. You can also check this software up close at no cost by signing up for a Freshservice free trial here.

This award is given to the best product in our Customer Service Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.
Freshservice won our Best Customer Service Software Award for 2016

With Freshservice you’ll be able to track, prioritize and automate resolution processes; efficiently resolve tickets sent via email, self-service portal, phone, or in person; set multiple SLA policies; convert solved incidents into knowledge base articles; offer multiple services through user friendly service catalog; eliminate manual tasks with automated functions; and collaborate better with your team with built-in chat feature. You can standardize processes and service delivery with an ITIL-aligned set up that can isolate problems, perform root cause analyses, plan and rollback changes, and document build and test plans, among others. You get to streamline individual and team workflow and collaborate with team members in real-time, monitor project progress, as well as gain complete visibility into project details and timelines.

A full range of asset management features lets you take complete control of your IT and non-IT assets so you’ll never lose track of them or miss renewing a contract again. You can manage inventory, main complete repository of assets, monitor assets through their lifecycle, update asset information, and more. Freshservice is accessible from any internet connected device and integrates with dozens of third-party apps and services. It has three subscription plans but also offers a free version for use by up to three agents.

2. Samanage

Samanage is our top choice in the service desk category based on its features, performance and capabilities. It is an award-winning IT service desk and asset management software that is fully cloud-hosted and offered as a SaaS. Samanage works immediately upon deployment by automatically collecting all IT asset configuration data, boosting IT with comprehensive information, reporting, and reminders. Anytime you or your employees submit requests online, the IT support desk quickly gets access to related asset configuration which results in speedy issue resolution. Suffice to say that response times are significantly reduced while productivity and efficiency are improved.

Samanage is anchored on three core operational functions – streamline, monitor, and keep everything flexible. In pursuit of those, the software is equipped with nearly three dozen features and capabilities to help you successfully manage services in your organization. It can consolidate, manage, and prioritize incoming tickets; analyze symptoms and root causes of issues; execute change plans based on ITIL best practices; manage continual change across the organization while minimizing disruptions in business processes; standardize service requests; automate ticket routing; handle IT assets; set SLA rules; manage contracts and POs, and many  more. It provides service catalogs, service portal, CMDB, knowledge base, dashboards and real-time visuals, data reports, benchmarking, and license management.

The solution empowers your service desk with its ability to integrate with 200 applications including Jira, Gmail, Salesforce and Zapier. Samanage can be used by businesses of all sizes and has its own mobile apps for Android and iPhone/iPad. It works with all OS and is available in more than 40 languages, making it an ideal solution for global organizations. The software is offered through three affordable pricing plans that come with extensive knowledge resources and multiple-channel customer support.

3. Zendesk

Zendesk is another top choice on our service desk list and, with such breadth of feature set, intuitiveness and flexible pricing that can scale quickly to your growing needs. It is intended to make your customer service standout by focusing on speed and efficiency, transforming your service agents into experts. It simplifies customer service support across all channels in your organization to improve resolution rates, lessen support costs, and enhance customer experience. Zendesk is a popular help desk that can work as a service desk known for its reliability, flexibility, and scalability. The main components of the software include integrated customer support, knowledge base and self-service, live chat and messaging, and call center system. It also has analytics and reporting, shared team inbox, and proactive campaign functions.

All its features and capabilities are meant to level up the communication process and make sense of the massive amounts of data you and your support personnel collect in the daily interaction with customers over various support channels. With the software, you can bring in customer queries from almost any channel through pre-defined ticket responses, web widgets and customer search history, enabling you to respond faster and in the right context. You can customize the platform to fit your customer service workflows and you can get insights with customer satisfaction ratings and analytics using performance reports and dashboards. The guide module helps you build a customer portal or help center, while the call center module gives you the option to build your web, mobile and messaging channels.

For live chat, you can engage high-value leads when people visit your website. This CRM functionality extends Zendesk’s capabilities, letting you organize and track customer engagement. Likewise, Zendesk boasts of massive integration with over 600 applications and services, giving you unparalleled flexibility. The software has five pricing plans with features that can address the basic needs of freelancers and SMBs or the more requirements of large enterprises. The platform is cloud-hosted and accessible with any web-enabled device.

4. ManageEngine ServiceDesk

ManageEngine ServiceDesk is a help desk and asset management software designed to help IT teams deliver fast customer service support when dealing with IT issues. It counts among its users some 120 organizations across 190 countries including global brands like Disney, Dell, and Honda. The software puts together help desk requests and assets to let you efficiently manage your clients’ IT concerns as well as monitor your own performance. The software implements ITIL best practices and brings several tools to enable you to address IT service requests in significantly shorter times. For a firsthand experience with this software, we recommend that you sign up for ManageEngine ServiceDesk free trial here.

As an ITIL-ready platform, ManageEngine ServiceDesk is able to handle incident, problem, and change management, and configuration management database (CMDB), all of which are aligned to the business and IT needs of your organization. Its help desk functions allow you to manage and set up knowledge base, self-service portal, SLAs, business rules, automatic ticket dispatch, notifications, and reports. Meanwhile, its asset management function includes tools for IT asset and inventory management, asset discovery, asset tracking, software asset and license management, PO tracking, contract management, and more.

ManageEngine gives your customers a variety of communication channels and unobstructed access to your services. They can reach you any time from any location since the platform is fully-mobile, and works with any OS. Your customers are provided a comprehensive knowledgebase with unlimited number of articles, and a web-based service portal where they can easily report incidents and submit tickets. On the other hand, your teams are able to quickly address and resolve customer issues, converting support into a potent retention mechanism. The software is applicable for SMBs and large organizations and can be deployed on-premise or on-cloud. It is offered through several subscription packages but can be used free for up to 5 technicians.

5. SysAid

SysAid is an integrated help desk, asset management, and ITSM solution that provide all the essential tools for analyzing and optimizing IT performance. The platform uses a modular approach which allows you to start with a single module and add others as your team and operations require it. Over 10,000 companies worldwide including top brands such as Coca-Cola, Ikea, and AdobeThis rely on the flexible and scalable SysAid software that consist of core modules for help desk, ITSM, asset management, and analytics. For a more insightful look at this software you can sign up for a SysAid free trial here.

The help desk module gives you a platform that includes ticket management tool, IT asset management, self-service portal, mobile device management, chat, password reset, mobile apps, industry benchmarking, and more. With SysAid can automate your IT activities and processes from logging tickets to managing issues, and resolve customer IT problems from anywhere with the software’s native remote control capabilities. SysAid’s ITSM functions let you manage incidents, problems, changes, SLAs, knowledge base, and many other related areas. You’ll have full control and insights over all your IT assets – hardware, software, licenses as well as mobile assets. Meanwhile, the software’s range of sophisticated and user-friendly analytics tools provide you an accurate and holistic view of your IT service performance.

SysAid’s targeted at medium and large businesses and can be deployed on local machines or on cloud. It comes with three embeddables – BI analytics, TeamViewer for remote control capability, and GFI Software for patch management – all built into the solution. It integrates with several add-ons and third-party applications, supports over a dozen languages, and runs on all OS and mobile devices. The software is available on a quote basis, depending on the modules that you need.

6. bpm’online service

Bpm’online service is an intelligent service management platform based on industry best practices. It is designed to help organizations deliver end-to-end omnichannel customer service and provide faster request resolution and top-notch customer experiences. The solution comes in two offerings – Customer Center with tools for extending quality customer service and managing communications on multiple channels, and Service Enterprise with advanced tools for handling complete service cycle and supporting customers and internal users. Both are intended to automate service operations and manage customer requests through pre-defined processes that result in world-class customer care.

Customer Center gives you capabilities and features that include 360° customer view, omnichannel communications, contact center, case management, knowledge management, service catalog, business process management, synchronization and integration, and system designer. On the other hand, Service Enterprise provides you features of Customer Center plus unified customer database; request, problem, change, and release management; service level management, and configuration management. The solutions enable you to leverage industry best practices and built-in processes to personalize communications with your clients and manage all client requests in a single view no matter from what channel they are from – phone, email, chat, social network or customer portal – or what devices are used. This gives you’re the ability to respond and resolve issues quickly and effortlessly.

Bpm’online service uses a simple and easy to navigate interface that display contextual information, letting you view data needed for current tasks. The platform is cloud-based, supports all connected devices, and ideal for businesses of all sizes. It works with MS Excel, Exchange and Outlook; Google apps; PBX and cloud telephony services; and has mail integration via IMAP/SMTP. Customer Center and Service Enterprise carry separate per user monthly subscriptions.

7. InvGate Service Desk

InvGate Service Desk is an asset management and service desk solution meant to optimize IT delivery and support. The ITIL-compatible software is designed for organizations looking to effectively manage, analyze, and automate their IT services. The platform brings collaborative, data-driven, and automated oriented functions to enhance overall service performance without need for users to have coding expertise. Even with its robust features, the software is kept intuitive and easy to use, making it an ideal platform for small and novice teams.

InvGate Service Desk revolves around a team-based ticket structure that links your service department and business workflows with decision-makers and external suppliers for quick issue resolution. Its thread-centered ticket system lets you follow discussion flows and drill down with real-time data updates. Aside from ticket management, you also get features for problem and change management, knowledge base, reporting and analytics, self service, automated workflows, SLA management, gamification, and multi-department support, among others. Its asset management function gives you a focused view on all your assets with tools for inventory, monitoring, license management, asset discovery, software metering and deployment, and remote desktop control. All these capabilities lets you improve IT service delivery, standardize best practices, boost productivity of IT support staff, and lower cost of IT support operation.

The software is applicable for use by small, medium and large businesses, and supports all types of connected devices and operating platforms. It integrates with MS SCCM, HTML email, and LDAP and active directory servers. It offers separate quote based pricing for service desk, asset management, or an integrated ITSM and ITAM suite.

8. JIRA Service Desk

Jira Service Desk is a full-featured service desk software from Atlassian, a leading technology solutions provider. The software is intended to provide organizations end-to-end solutions for ITSM and customer service with features designed for modern IT teams. The simple but powerful service desk software comes with tools to help customers easily connect with your company and further enhance customer service. Over 25,000 organizations worldwide rely on the software to provide them the means for speedy customer response and issue resolution.

Jira Service Desk simplifies and automates service support tasks through its intuitive features including self-service that allows customers to find helpful information; automation for repetitive tasks; SLA management; metrics reporting; real-time collaboration, and more. The self-service help feature is aided by an AI engine that recommends the right service and learns from every interaction, so that customers can easily find answers to their queries. This solution is a favorite of IT teams because of its collaborative capability. By simply integrating with Jira Software, it lets you link IT tickets to your dev team’s backlog to find root causes of problems before they escalate. IT and developer teams can collaborate on one platform to fix incidents faster and effectively implement changes in line with ITIL best practices.

You can customize your service desk with over 350 compatible apps. The solution can be self-hosted or on cloud and can be started quickly with preconfigured IT and customer service templates, suggested business process and automation rules, and built-in email support. Applicable for use by IT teams of all sizes, Jira Service Desk is offered at an affordable monthly flat rate for a team of up to 3 agents, and a monthly per user subscription for teams of 4 to 15 agents. Larger teams can get discounted quote-based prices.

9. CA Service Desk Manager

CA Service Desk Manager is a unified service desk application that provides the essential tools for all stages of service desk operations. Aside from a full set of support and service functionalities ranging from service requests, change, incident, knowledge, and configuration management for businesses from various industries, the software also offers users with integrated collaboration and social media features. It is designed to help IT service desk analysts deliver great customer service without complicated processes or convoluted metrics. With CA Service Desk Manager, teams can perform collaboratively and focus on what matters.

Built as a compact and comprehensive platform, CA Service Desk Manager comes with mobility capability, collaborative self-service, and the new xFLow analyst user interface to provide modern user experience for accessing services and performing tasks. It can capably handle change management, extensive automation and out-of-the-box best practice content for a proactive approach to IT service management and reduce business risks and costs. The system provides business users a simple way to connect with IT and remain engaged across the entire service delivery and restoration process, enabling your company to extend the necessary help when IT service desk support is needed. The solution gives your analysts contextual information to understand the complete state of their environment in order to make better-informed decisions.

Some of its features include integrated request, incident, problem, change, knowledge, request, service-level and configuration management; unified self-service, collaboration, social media and federated knowledge search; mobile-optimized capabilities; advanced reporting and dashboards; root cause analysis, automated change verification and unauthorized change prevention. CA Service Desk Manager is available as a SaaS and on-premise software, and is recommended for medium and large enterprises. It integrates with nearly a dozen apps and services, and offered as a quote-based solution.

10. HP Service Manager

HP Service Manager is a service desk solution designed to help businesses handle change and incident management. The solution was the erstwhile PNMS (Peregrine Network Management System) before Hewlett Packard acquired it in 2005 and rebranded it as the HP Service Manager and equipped it with ITSM capabilities. Its core features include a complete service desk, Big Data intelligence, automated and social self-service, best practices, and agile and automated incident, problem, request, knowledge and change management.

HP Service Manager offers you a singular point of contact for all key IT processes and utilizes codeless configuration to simplify the customization and management of future upgrades. Your clients can access service desk functions like self-ticketing and knowledge search while your team can take advantage of smart analytics for faster ticket request response. Teams can likewise collaborate remotely via mobile devices. The solution offers a self-service portal for handling service desk load and lets you customize and create your own IT process workflows.

The solution is optimized for phone and tablets, works with about a dozen third party apps, and is available for deployment on-premise or on cloud. HP Service Manager is offered on a subscription basis or as a perpetual license for a one-time fee. Support is available via phone and through an online knowledge base. HP is a market leader when it comes to technology solutions with its products and services used by millions in over 135 countries worldwide. Likewise, it boasts of 17,000 personnel with ITIL certifications and more than 12,000 with Microsoft certifications.

11. Re:Desk

Re:Desk is a help desk system ticketing system ideal for small and mid-sized businesses especially those who are into e-commerce or have multi-vendor store. It lets you organize your support system from the ground up, reduce customer support service workload, and control the working process of your support agents to enhance customer satisfaction. If you have an e-commerce operation, the Re:Desk ticketing software can show you customer order details and you can let your customers log in to Re:Desk helpdesk with the same login access as they have in your shopping cart store.

The software has the ability to convert your incoming emails or Twitter and Facebook comments into tickets, allowing you to track all the clients’ messages efficiently in one place. With Re:Desk automation feature, you can set the system to receive and filter emails, and send them to the most qualified support agent of the appropriate departments. It centralizes and streamlines ticket access, tracking and resolution, enabling you and your support team to simultaneously handle volumes of emails and ticket requests efficiently and accurately, with no precious time lost on manual operation. Re:Desk also lets you set staff permission and define roles inside departments where staff can see only tickets assigned to them. A nifty feature in the ticket process is the ability of the software to translate to any language you need just by translating phrase variables in a special language file.

The software can be downloaded and installed on your local server for a one-time payment depending on the number of staff. It can also be availed as a cloud solution for a monthly subscription per agent. The software is adapted for mobile use and is e-commerce ready with integration add-ons.

12. EasyVista

EasyVista is an integrated solution for IT service management, asset management, and financial management. As implied by its name, the software is designed to simplify ITSM by making it easy to deliver and easy to use by modern enterprises. As such, it carries intuitive features in one unified ITSM, ITAM and ITFM service management platform with extensive capabilities to help today’s organizations manage their technology and extend engaging services from anywhere on any device.

EasyVita revolves around three core technologies – a powerful service manager with embedded ITIL processes; a self-help for easy capture and delivery of knowledge; and service apps that allow users to request services, get information, or resolve problems anytime and anywhere. The service manager carry nearly two dozen features that cover all the essentials your IT team need to manage the entire service management lifecycle. Self-help makes your knowledge dynamic with web-based Q&A decision trees to answer user questions faster. On the other hand, service apps gives you a single place for all your user service needs such as applications and mobile services.

The software’s ITSM brings with it features such as automation for quick issue resolution; codeless drag-and-drop editor; interoperability across and any device or OS; user-defined reports and dashboards; role-based workflows for fast task completion; flexible deployment; and mobile-first design services. Its key features for ITAM include “cradle to grave” asset management, configuration management, and asset discovery, while those for ITFM include renewals, invoice, investment request and tax management as well as logistics. EasyVista is offered through quote-based plans and can be deployed via SaaS or on site with the same functionality.

13. BMC Remedy 9

BMC Remedy 9 is an IT service management software dubbed as the “service desk in your pocket.” It is designed specifically for mobile devices to boost the productivity of employees and IT personnel with tools like detailed reports, visualizations, and other ITSM features. It delivers a modern, social, and mobile service desk that enables you to manage incidents, problems, and service requests anytime and anywhere.

The mobile-first solution provides you intuitive mobile apps that help you work smarter by using native device capabilities including touch screens, cameras, GPS, push notifications, predictive text, and barcode scanners. The platform gets rid of forms; you simply type and the smart recorder lets you register and resolve incidents faster by automatically suggesting relevant content as you type. The social collaboration feature of Remedy 9 allows you to comment on incidents, chat with customers, tag specialists, follow items of interest, and pin relevant knowledge articles for a fun approach to delivering service. Its analytics and smart reporting can create detailed reports and visualize them through stunning dashboards. It lets you work smarter with context-aware searches to get relevant content. You get to easily access all your tools with a people-centric service desk that focuses on user roles instead of modules.

Remedy 9 taps into BMC’s industry leading CMDB to keep your data clean and current. It has embedded ITIL processes to give you best practice reports, KPIs as well as rapid time to value, and seamlessly supports ITSM processes by providing a single source of reference for all your IT infrastructure and services. The platform is built on a brand new Java codebase with RESTful APIs to help you integrate with popular business tools. Remedy 9 Desk is available as a standalone software or as part of the Remedy Service Management Suite.

14. BMC FootPrints

BMC Footprints is complete solution for incident and problem management. It is meant to help you build personalized working experience; improve personnel productivity; and provide tools that let you configure end-to-end business services for IT. You can simplify and automate routine processes; document, record, and centralize IT tasks while complying with industry standards; and get full visibility into the IT environment to lessen risks and generate more business value.

The solution’s main features include a service desk for swift creation of service requests and easy tracking of activity history. You get visual impact analysis to restore service and lessen business impact as well as coordinate complex problem investigations. The change management function lets you plan changes to minimize service outages, and manage assessments and approvals. Meanwhile, the service catalog and portfolio management feature allows you to define, develop and publish IT services. With BMC Footprints you can build knowledge bases, configure management database, automate workflows, create customized reports, manage SLAs, define business rules, and design portals for different users. The software comes with proven fast time to value, out-of-the-box best-practice templates, and flexible licensing options, giving you the ability to provide solutions for project management, bug tracking, HR, facilities, and more, in one application.

The software is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. It is mobile compatible, letting you access the system where and when you need it on any device. It can connect to external systems to pull relevant data into your tickets from any MS SQL or PostgreSQL database source. It can also link to your CRM to use as the source of contacts in your address book, and pull information from any asset management system into your incidents and changes. Pricing for BMC Footprints is by quote.

15. Wolken

Wolken Enterprise Service Desk is a cloud-hosted, ITIL compliant help desk application designed to assist you in managing all internal incidents, issues, and queries within your organization. It also helps you standardize and simplify internal business processes for faster and smoother operational workflows. From a single platform, you get total control and capability over internal structure and workflows to effectively manage and address all incidents, service requests, change requests and more across the entire organization.

The service desk software gives you built-in workflows, detailed dashboards, and easy-to-generate reports so you can set up essential service management processes quickly. You can easily integrate the service desk solution with your existing IT applications and infrastructure or choose from a range of platform components to design a solution that suits your unique business requirements. Wolken is platform-based and can be built from components features such as multiple module access, approval workflows, action workflows, notifications, auto assignment rules, and metric reports. Additional features include data migration, solutions integration, interactive dashboards, in-app support, and open source network monitoring. The system provides multiple channel support for service requests raised through email, chat, social media, voice calls, mobile apps, and customer portals.

Wolken Enterprise Service Desk helps drive productivity and efficiency of internal support teams through effective task management that can list tasks, set schedules, and delegate tasks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Moreover, agents can collaborate and share information, attach files, and document their progress. The platform is accessible from multiple devices, deployable on cloud or on premise, and can integrate with VoIP, network monitoring, CRM and other solutions. It is quote-based – you just pay for the components or modules that you need and build on them later.

16. Teamwork Desk

Teamwork Desk is a help desk software that combines ticket management and customer self-service into one platform equipped with robust and responsive features, minus the costs and complications. It helps you solve problems faster by letting you efficiently manage every inquiry from the moment it arrives to the time it’s solved. The software carry features such reporting, time tracking, automated triggers, customer portal, and smart inboxes.

Through unified inboxes, the software is capable of handling customer emails in a shared environment, enabling teams to collaborate on queries to provide better and faster solutions for customers. Teamwork Desk also simplifies ticketing for agents through tickets assigning and ticket statuses, improving their productivity and performance and positively impacting customer service experience. A customer support portal allows you to build stronger relationships with your customers, providing them a single destination where they can find answers, get help, and track their tickets. It reduces customer email queries and ticket requests, lessening the load on your agents and customer support team. Customer portals are completely customizable so you can match it with company’s branding and further reinforce your corporate name. It serves an extended role as a marketing tool that lets you better engage and retain your customers.

Teamwork Desk is cloud powered and designed to be fully responsive on any device whether laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone. The software offers native iOS and Android apps for customer support on the go. It is applicable for businesses of all sizes, integrates with popular third party business and productivity apps, and is available in three SMB and enterprise pricing packages.

17. LANDESK Service Desk (Ivanti)

LANDESK Service Desk now goes by its new name which is Ivanti, a company established in January 2017 when Clearlake Capital acquired LANDESK. Ivanti is an ITSM service desk powered by Heat (a cloud solutions provider) that enables you to take more control over IT changes. The LANDESK solution fundamentally streamlines IT, and Ivanti has added Change Management and Configuration Management functionality to come up with a more robust platform that can handle IT changes quickly and efficiently to ensure high levels of service availability and quality for your IT service desk.

With Ivanti, you get to reduce risk while speeding delivery of services by leveraging automation capabilities, and tools that can manage and track configuration and changes to your IT assets, processes and services. The software comes with problem management feature that lets you proactively correct and mitigate business impacts from problems. You’ll get to understand incident trends and identify problem source, enabling you to quickly resolve issues. You’ll also be able to use best practices templates for complete end-to-end change management processes, letting you manage, track and optimize changes to IT assets, documentation, and processes.

Meanwhile, SLA management lets you design, build, manage and monitor your service agreements throughout their life-cycle to lower compliance costs while increasing service quality. Also, the system lets you use automation with analytics to pinpoint potential problems before they affect business productivity. Ivanti is fully multi-tenant SaaS or on-premise solution offered through quote-based pricing. It supports multiple OS and web-connected devices.

18. Abhisi

Abhisi is an all-in-one cloud-based help desk solution that enables companies to provide timely and personalized support to their customers. The software puts emphasis on communication to empower your team to respond quickly to customer issues. Hence, its main functionality is anchored on facilitating smooth and enhanced communication between your internal or external customers and your support team to provide improved customer service and at the same time grow your business. Its main features include conversations, knowledge base, reliable security, reports, and help widgets.

Over 20 tools comprise the conversations feature including notes for internal communication of team members, unlimited mailboxes, auto and quick replies, automated workflows, custom signatures, message search, message formatting, message history, email forwarding, email notification, real-time message collision detection, phone call logging, customer surveys, social media integration, and more. The knowledge base feature provides self-service portals for the convenience of customers and while reducing the load of customer support teams. The system can generate various types of reports, and the help widget gives you numerous options for customization. Abhisi underscores the importance of having reliable security when using their service desk platform which is why it made sure that their system uses bank level security, third party testing, and Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure for guaranteed 99.95% uptime.

Abhisi is recommended for freelancers, and small and mid-sized businesses. It integrates with half a dozen apps and platforms such as MailChimp, Slack, Shopify and Twitter, and being web-based runs on any browser. Three pricing plans are available with varying number of features and capabilities.

19. Vivantio Service Desk

Vivantio is a modern service management platform that is capable of addressing all sorts of service issues from simple incident management to enterprise ITSM. The solution can give you speedy and consistent service for your help desk, applying ITIL best practices to handle task management, client and customer management, service level milestones and customer SLAs, service configuration, and data gathering and reporting. Vivantio helps you organize and automate your ITSM operation and service desk not only in IT but also in any service environment throughout your organization.

With its task management feature, you’ll be able to maintain ticket ownership, delegate tasks, track task progress, schedule auto tasks, and report on task service levels. With client management, you get a built-in database of all the organizations and individuals that you work with, complete with detailed client records. You’ll also be able to manage assets throughout the entire lifecycle for more informed purchasing decisions and more help desk efficiency. You can move beyond single stage SLA with configurable service levels, SLAs per ticket type, and client or customer specific SLAs, among others. Vivantio gives you highly configurable options with tools to maintain an optimal service environment like custom forms and fields, custom ticket types, and department/user specific processes.

Vivantio is a full web-based platform that comes with a mobile edition, making it always within reach. The software can connect with in-house and external applications and data sources, enabling you to have complete control of all your service operation from one centralized hub. Two pricing plans are offered – one is for small and mid-sized service desk operation and the other for complex needs of larger multi-site organizations.

20. Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk is a cloud-hosted, all-in-one customer support software that comes with three solutions – a help desk software, satellite help desk, and service desk – which are designed to help you manage various channels such as email, chat, calls, web forms, and social media. The Help Desk software provide multi-ticket management functionality to enable your support personnel to receive, process, and respond to incident or service requests, and centralize all your customer conversations from e-mail, web portal, Twitter, Facebook, phone and chat.

On the other hand, Service Desk is an ITIL compliant software that includes modules like CMDB, asset Management, incident management, problem management, solution or knowledge management, change Management and release management. Meanwhile, Satellite Help Desk provides you customer support or IT service desk functionality for organizations that have multiple companies, brands or products. They can have a single centralized portal while each company or brand can have its own branded client portal. Vision Helpdesk carry a comprehensive lineup of features that include workflow automation, SLA management, calendar and task management, client management, multiple channel support, multiple company support, online issue tracking and ticket management, reports and analytics, and many more. Its features give you the capability to track ticket lifecycle, prioritize tasks, improve resolution times, and boost employee productivity.

The three solutions are sold separately and offered on a per agent monthly subscription. They can be hosted on cloud or on your local server. Vision Helpdesk is applicable for businesses of all sizes, and integrates with leading social media platforms, chat apps, payment gateways, CMS, and other third-party software and services.

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