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What is the best HR software?
The best HR software is BambooHR. It tracks applicants so that the best candidates do not fall through the cracks. Once they are hired, the system also takes care of their onboarding process and ensures they sign the necessary documents, leveraging the software’s e-signature support. It also includes time tracking and payroll, leaves management, and other essential modules.

To give you the most recent details about the industry, we have recently updated this article with information on 2020 best HR software companies and their products.

When you start shopping for an HR software, you may receive advice to know a platform’s features first, compare prices with other vendors, and sign up for free trials and demos. These all amount to good purchasing practice–however, you should also consider vendor reputation. Software companies abound, with many offering myriad products, making it harder for you to choose. This does not have to be a dilemma, though, as all you have to do is identify which one is highly trusted.

That is why we came up with this list of HR companies. These are well-known organizations across different industries and have broad user bases. By the end of the article, you should be able to familiarize yourself with the HR software as well as the company behind it. Then, you could create a shortlist for selection or further trim down your list before making your final decision.

top hr software companies

At this age, no business should be without an HR software solution. This being the case, the market for software solutions continues to grow at a steady rate. The global HR software market is forecast to reach $30.55 billion by the year 2026. Authorities are optimistic and confident in their forecast, as organizations increasingly adopt cloud-based platforms.

global hcm market size

This is owing to the benefits that HR management systems offer, which include applicant tracking, onboarding, and benefits management, depending on the vendor. It could also be driven by the shift of workforce management from baby boomers to millennials and Gen Zers. Many of today’s HR software companies are also diversifying their product base to achieve growth to accommodate this shift. Indeed, more than a handful of these software developers market their products as bundled suites. 

Likewise, a number of HR technology software trends have been disrupting traditional processes. These include the shift to cloud-based solutions, social media and learning management integration, the use of predictive analytics to collect employee information, and mobile optimization. These trends are seen to shape the future of HR management around the world.

All of the software providers that made it to our list of HR companies have successfully met the criteria for a modern HR system. The list is based on platform features, functionalities, and value for money.

1. BambooHR

BambooHR dashboard

Founded in 2008, Bamboo HR provides small- to medium-size businesses access to an online HR software that is powerful yet economical with its subscription-based pricing plan. The company’s flagship product goes by the same name, BambooHR. It is designed to help organizations manage employee data and is highly suitable for entities that have between 50 and 500 workers. Some of the main features of BambooHR are employee recruitment, administration, applicant management, time-off tracking, and payroll and leave management, among many others. It can create categorized reports and can customize workflows. It supports esignature, and you can extend its capabilities through third-party software integrations. 


An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out BambooHR with their free trial

Pricing: BambooHR pricing is not publicly disclosed. You have to contact the vendor to get a quote.

Headquarters: Lindon, Utah

Main Product: BambooHR

Detailed BambooHR Review

2. Gusto HR

Gusto HR dashboard

Founded in 2011, Gusto is a provider of HCM management solutions for modern businesses. The company offers the Gusto HR platform, which is essentially a payroll, HR, benefits administration, and HR management solution rolled into one. The product is targeted at small businesses, providing robust payroll management features, an easy-to-use interface, and automation capabilities. Other notable functionalities include compensation insurance, 401(k), payroll tax computation, and payment via direct deposit or check. The best way to evaluate the features is for you to try the software out. 



Try out Gusto with their free trial

Pricing: Gusto HR has three enterprise pricing options: Concierge, Complete, and Core. You can pay for your selected plan monthly or annually. You also have the option to purchase add-ons. 

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Main Product: Gusto HR

Detailed Gusto Review

3. dashboard is a project management and collaboration platform that an independent startup, of the same name, launched in 2012. While it is categorized as a project management software, it has a flexible interface that enables users to utilize it for a wide array of tasks. Thus, organizations can apply it to HR management, applicant tracking, employee onboarding, and other related undertakings. Whatever the case, users are bound to enjoy working on its clean and engaging interface where it is easy to find tasks, projects, and pertinent information. Moreover, has native apps for both Android and iOS, so users can continue doing their tasks comfortably on mobile.

Try out with their free trial

Pricing: has four pricing plans: Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. The prices vary depending on the number of users and whether you are paying monthly or yearly. 

Headquarters: New York, New York

Main Product:

Detailed Review

4. OnPay

OnPay dashboard

OnPay is a payroll, benefits, and HR platform combined offered by a company of the same name. What sets it apart from other solutions is that workers’ insurance is offered in-house. That is because OnPay, the company, also has a licensed insurance agency. This reduces the work of small businesses and their HR professionals, as they can finish their HR tasks and take care of insurance on the same platform. This also applies from the implementation period, so the platform makes work stress-free.



Try out OnPay with their free trial

Pricing: OnPay has a base fee of $36 plus $4 per person. 

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Main Product: OnPay

Detailed OnPay Review

5. CakeHR

CakeHR dashboard

CakeHR is a confection by HR Bakery, a software developer based in London that has been acquired by Sage. It simplifies HR processes and enables staffers to become productive in a few steps. It can also be considered as a complete HR solution because it already has tools for time-off approvals, performance reviews, shift schedules, expenses, and recruitment. CakeHR empowers employees as well because it offers an employee-facing portal. With it, users can request leaves and complete onboarding requirements. Plus, it is mobile-accessible, just like the rest of the platform.



Try out CAKE with their free trial

Pricing: Each of CakeHR’s modules is standalone. Therefore, you can acquire one or two now and add more later. For example, the Recruitment module starts at $99 per year or $145 per month.  

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Main Product: CakeHR

Detailed CAKE Review

6. Paycor

Paycor dashboard

Payroll and tax software solutions provider Paycor has a comprehensive human resource information system. Also called Paycor, this enables users to keep and complete their tasks on one interface. This not only saves time, but it also saves money for the organization. This modern solution is custom-built for small businesses as well. That means that it would have the modules and tools necessary for a business only. If there are HR solutions present already, a company can simply choose to integrate them to create a cohesive system.



Try out Paycor with their free trial

Pricing: Paycor has three payroll and HR packages for small businesses. These are Basic, Essential, and Complete,  which start at $99, $149, and $199 per month for up to 10 employees, respectively. If you have more than 10 employees, you can contact Paycor’s sales team. 

Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio

Main Product: Paycor

Detailed Paycor Review

7. Freshteam

Freshteam dashboard

Freshworks, formerly known as Freshdesk, is a support and sales software developer. It also offers IT service management, customer support, CRM, and call center solutions. Among its key products is Freshteama productivity suite that sports features like employee recruitment, applicant tracking, and CRM. The platform allows users to focus on applicant quality while maintaining control over the whole hiring procedure. Data security is ensured as all applicant information is safely stored in a searchable database. This makes it ideal for teams who need to manage all recruiting and tracking processes from a single dashboard. 



Try out Freshteam with their free trial

Pricing: Freshteam is being offered in three pricing models–a Blossom plan that comes for $75/month, a Garden plan for $150/month, and an Estate package, which is priced at $250/month. If you sign up for a yearly subscription instead, you can get up to 33% off. There is a free version as well for organizations with 50 employees or fewer.

Headquarters: San Bruno, California

Main Products: Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshsales, Freshcaller, Freshteam

Detailed Freshteam Review

8. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey dashboard

SoGoSurvey is an enterprise-grade survey management solution developed by a company of the same name. It can help you gauge employee satisfaction and engagement with its Employee Experience module. There are templates as well that allow you to start measuring employee KPIs from the get-go. With this, you can make seamless employees’ entry to, stay in, and exit from the organization. Moreover, during their tenure, you can ensure that they are engaged to reduce dissatisfaction and churn. Thus, you can prevent frequent employee turnovers from affecting your bottom line.



Try out SoGoSurvey with their free trial

Pricing: SoGoSurvey’s Employee Experience module does not have a publicly available pricing plan. If you are interested in the platform, you can get in touch with the vendor. 

Headquarters: Herndon, Virginia

Main Products: Employee Experience, Customer Experience, Online Survey Tool

Detailed SoGoSurvey Review

9. Toast Payroll

Toast Payroll dashboard

Toast is a company that offers restaurant POS primarily but has a payroll and team management solution called Toast Payroll. It can synchronize with a restaurant’s POS to automate the payroll process as well as tax calculations. The platform has a management dashboard, too, which allows users to oversee the onboarding of new hires. On top of it all, Toast Payroll has a timesheet that lets users keep track of time accurately. This way, there is no more manual editing of time and possible dishonest manipulation

Toast Payroll

Toast Payroll

Try out Toast Payroll with their free trial

Pricing: Toast Payroll is currently being sold on a price quote basis. You can easily contact the vendor through their website. 

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts 

Main Products: Toast POS, Toast Payroll

Detailed Toast Payroll Review

10. Recruiterbox

Recruiterbox dashboard

Applied Training Systems, Inc. is a Seattle-based company that aims to streamline the whole hiring process with its platform Recruiterbox. It organizes job applications in one place and allows multiple team members to work on them simultaneously. This gives way to active collaboration that fast-tracks applicant processing. Within the platform, hiring professionals can also communicate with candidates. Since they can do this within the system, they can go through their daily work process efficiently.



Try out Recruiterbox with their free trial

Pricing: Recruiterbox has three plans, which are Starter, Pro, and Pro Plus. The pricing is not available publicly. You must contact the vendor for pricing details.

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Main Products: Recruiterbox

Detailed Recruiterbox Review

11. Reviewsnap

Reviewsnap dashboard

Reviewsnap is a web-based employee performance management solution developed by ATSI. With this, HR professionals, managers, and employers themselves can generate comprehensive employee performance reviews. This is possible, as the platform has multi-rater feedback and 360-degree feedback. These are then integrated with compensation tracking to ensure that employees receive raises and benefits that are commensurate with their final employee performance reviews.



Try out Reviewsnap with their free trial

Pricing: Reviewsnap is a quote-based product, so if you are interested in trying out this solution, you have to get in touch with the vendor. 

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Main Products: Reviewsnap

Detailed Reviewsnap Review

12. Trakstar

Trakstar dashboard

Founded in 2000, Trakstar has a cloud-based employee evaluation solution to local government units. The product called Trakstar is designed to help users track worker performance, manage goals, reviews, and feedback. Employee appraisal is done through performance reviews, goal management, and succession planning. It likewise provides users with customizable, user-friendly, and robust performance management tools that are suitable for businesses of all types and sizes. With the system, companies can better provide feedback, align goals, and enable employees to access their evaluations.



Try out Trakstar with their free trial

Pricing: Trakstar’s pricing plan is not available publicly. If you are interested in the product, you can get in touch with the vendor. 

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Main Product: Trakstar

Detailed Trakstar Review

13. EPAY Systems

EPAY Systems dashboard

EPAY Systems packages multiple HR solutions into one comprehensive platform with the same name. With these key modules, the information of applicants and employees can flow through different sections without getting lost or losing integrity. But what makes EPAY Systems different is its design for mid to large businesses who have hourly wage workers. Using this unique workflow, the HR department can make sure that no wage earner goes through the cracks, especially when it comes to time tracking and wage dispensing.

EPAY Systems

EPAY Systems

Try out EPAY Systems with their free trial

Pricing: The pricing for EPAY Systems is not publicly available. You can, however, send a message to the vendor to ask for a quote.

Headquarters: Rolling Meadows, Illinois 

Main Product: EPAY Systems

Detailed EPAY Systems Review

14. Deputy

Deputy dashboard

Deputy is the brainchild of Deputechnologies, a company based in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a staffing software that you can use to optimize scheduling to give everyone good working hours. It has a time tracking tool as well that integrates with payroll to ensure the accurate pay of every employee. What’s more, it enables workplace communication with its built-in messaging and document sharing features. Aside from these, Deputy lets you engage employees through its performance management module. That is why it is one of the top 3 employee scheduling software.



Try out Deputy with their free trial

Pricing: Deputy has two main plans, Premium and Enterprise. The former goes for $4 a month with a yearly option while the latter is on a price quote basis. However, if you need either the Scheduling or the Time & Attendance module only, you can acquire them as standalone tools, starting at $2.50 per user per month.

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Main Product: Deputy

Detailed Deputy Review

15. Homebase

Homebase dashboard

Homebase is a product by Pioneer Works, a company based in San Francisco, California. It was created by people who ran small businesses who shared it with the public in 2015. The basic features of the solution, which are the schedule builder, time clock, job postings, and mobile, are free. You only need to start paying when you need advanced tools. In this case, going for its subscription plans will be cost-effective. But even with the free plan, you already have access to robust and intuitive tools that streamline HR management tasks.



Try out Homebase with their free trial

Pricing: Homebase offers its basic tools free and has three paid plans, Essentials, Plus, and Enterprise, for those who want more out of their HR and employee scheduling software. 

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Main Product: Homebase

Detailed Homebase Review

16. untapt UNLOCKED

untapt UNLOCKED dashboard

untapt brings to the table an AI-powered recruitment platform called untapt UNLOCKED. This is a customizable solution with data science and innovative technologies at its foundation. With this, organizations can have a bespoke hiring marketplace that can increase hiring productivity by removing menial tasks from your clients’ recruitment team’s plate. Despite that, the platform still makes certain that the best applicants are shortlisted or selected for open jobs. It also paves the way for a community, as it allows you to create relationships with candidates that last. This way, you can tap into talents that are a perfect match for clients even when they are not active on the platform.



Try out untapt UNLOCKED with their free trial

Pricing: untapt UNLOCKED is a bespoke solution. You need to contact the vendor for a price quote based on your requirements. 

Headquarters: New York, New York

Main Product: untapt UNLOCKED, untapt INTELLIGENCE 

Detailed untapt UNLOCKED Review

17. OpenHR

OpenHR dashboard

Advanced is the company behind OpenHR, now called Cloud HR. It has new and improved features, as it now incorporates full employee lifecycle management. Also, one of the main changes in the platform is that it is now in the cloud. This allows for constant access to tasks and information, which provides mobility to HR professionals. Moreover, Cloud HR has capacities for employee self-service. Because of this, members of the HR team are not inundated by menial tasks and can do human resource management.



Try out OpenHR with their free trial

Pricing: Advanced does not offer publicly the pricing for OpenHR, now Cloud HR. If you are interested in the solution, you can request pricing information from the vendor. 

Headquarters: Datchet, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Main Product: OpenHR (Cloud HR), OpenPeople, Managed Payroll

Detailed OpenHR Review

18. Xoxoday Empuls

Xoxoday Empuls dashboard

Xoxoday Empuls is a collaboration software from renowned developer Xoxoday. You can customize this solution to track your HR tasks. With this, no matter how small or large your organization is, you have full visibility over the recruitment and hiring processes. Of course, this also means you maintain an overview of employee development, retention, and exit. Additionally, this application enables you to create polls. Thus, you can make decisions based on the preference of the majority. You can also utilize the same tool to find out how people feel regarding policies, benefits, and more.

Xoxoday Empuls

Xoxoday Empuls

Try out Xoxoday Empuls with their free trial

Pricing: You can check out Xoxoday Empuls with a free trial. When you are ready, you can subscribe to the platform for only $3 per user per month. 

Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Main Product: Xoxoday Empuls, Xoxoday Plum, Xoxoday Compass

Detailed Xoxoday Empuls Review

19. Pinpoint

Pinpoint dashboard

Pinpoint is an end-to-end recruitment solution for in-house recruitment teams designed by a company of the same name. It enables recruitment professionals to start with the best possible candidates for open positions. This way, they can be certain that they are hiring only excellent individuals without needing the assistance of recruitment agencies. The solution also greatly reduces the time spent on redundant administrative tasks so the HR department can focus on critical hiring, onboarding, and employee management tasks.



Try out Pinpoint with their free trial

Pricing: Pinpoint’s Growth plan is yours for £5,000 annually. There is an Enterprise option available as well with custom solutions. 

Headquarters: St. Helier, Jersey, United Kingdom

Main Product: Pinpoint

Detailed Pinpoint Review

20. Zoho People

Zoho People dashboard

Zoho is a software provider that markets a suite of collaboration, productivity, and business apps. It has a wide range of platforms that include HR, CRM, mail, office, and project management, among many others. One of the most popular of these is Zoho People. It is an HR management software that offers myriad tools for small- and medium-sized businesses. Its key features include workforce, leave, time, and attendance management, all of which are controlled from a central hub. The product enables HR departments to save both time and money while giving employees a working environment that supports collaboration.

Zoho People

Zoho People

Try out Zoho People with their free trial

Pricing: Zoho People comes in four economical pricing plans: Essential HR, Professional, Premium, and Enterprise. The monthly subscription price per user is $1, $2, $3, and $5, respectively. If you want to save on costs, you can sign up for the yearly payment option instead. There is a version that is free for up to 5 users as well. 

Main Products: Zoho Payroll, Zoho Connect, Zoho Expense, Zoho Projects

Headquarters: Chennai, India

Detailed Zoho People Review

What To Look For in An HR Software Solution

  1. What do you need? Ask yourself and your team what you are looking for in an HR solution and list them. Share the list with potential vendors and determine whether they provide an adequate answer or solution to each item. 
  2. Software benefits. HR management software features may vary from vendor to vendor. That is why it is imperative that you educate yourself on the benefits a brand offers and whether those are what you are looking for.
  3. Graph software benefits against implementation cost. Before you decide to commit to a platform, consider calculating cost against potential return-on-investment. Try to negotiate a lower price or look for another software provider. 
  4. Future changes in the software. If you are already eyeing a particular solution, take time to evaluate ongoing trends in your industry and the HR software niche. In this way, you can avoid being bound to an application that is not future proof.
  5. User testimonials. Read user testimonials on the internet to help you weigh the pros and cons of a software product and the risks of doing business with an HR software company. 
  6. Can you handle software implementation? Implementing a full HR suite is not all about the money but also involves the technical knowledge of prospective users, the implementation period, and potential changes to existing processes.
  7. Are you in it for the long haul? Many vendors hand out multi-year contracts. This can either be a boon or a bane. To protect your organization, you can request free trials, short-term contracts, and even guarantees.

Factors that Make a Great HR Software

We have come up with a list of HR software companies using a set of criteria for selecting the ideal vendor. The following factors were considered in compiling our picks:

  1. Pricing. The main thing to consider in purchasing software is its value for money. Some options may sound expensive in the outset but not in the long run, while cheaper solutions may have hidden fees.
  2. Company track record. Vendors who have vast experience in delivering the system you desire are more knowledgeable about potential problems and could give you the ideal platform on time.
  3. Software features. Look for functionalities that cover areas such as payroll, time and attendance tracking, and employee engagement, among others.

How Will You Use Your HR Software?

As you could see from the list above, there are different types of HR software. There are comprehensive suites, and there are packages with select HR tools. There are also those that have features that may seem like they are not suitable for HR management in the outset but are actually flexible. We hope that as you went through this list of 20 HR software companies, you’ll keep in mind what your requirements are. This is because that would be your basis for your selection.

But if you have not yet settled on one, you may want to consider BambooHR. While it is comprehensive, it does not have unnecessary bells and whistles that cost you money–every aspect of the platform is practical. Plus, it gives you control over the kind of information you want to see on dashboards and reports. This way, you can immediately dive into the data that matters most to you.

Additionally, you may want to think about adding an employee monitoring solution to your tech stack. You can start with the top 3 employee monitoring software options, Time Doctor, InterGuard, and Kickidler.

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Thank you for compiling this list. It's made my research easy into the top HCM providers as I'm currently in a job transition seeking to bring my sales and HR experience together to sell HR SaaS into the Hr space.


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