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To give you the most recent details about the industry, we have recently updated this article with information on 2019’s best HR software companies and their products.

When shopping for an HR software, one is usually advised to know a platform’s features first, compare prices and go for free versions. These all amount to good purchasing practice but one should also consider vendor reputation. Software companies abound, with many offering myriad products making it hard for some to decide which one to choose. This not need be a dilemma for businesses, all one has to do is identify which one is highly-trusted.

At this age, no business should be without an HR software solution which may come in one form or another. This being the case, the market for software solution continues to grow at a steady rate. In fact, the global HR software market is forecast to reach $10 billion by the year 2022. Increased adoption of cloud-based platforms is seen to drive this growth.

This is owing to the benefits that these systems offer, which include document control and automatic updates. It could also be driven by the shift of workforce management from millennials to baby boomers. Meanwhile, many of today’s HR software companies have been diversifying their product base to achieve growth, more than a handful of whom market their products as bundled suites. 

In this article, you’ll find out the top HR software rankings and the key features of top solutions. We hope you’ll have a better understanding of the different solutions in the market today after reading this post.

HCM Applications Market Forecast for 2016 to 2021 (Source:

Likewise, a number of major HR technology software trends have been making waves. These include shift to cloud-based solutions, social media and learning management integration, use of predictive analytics to collect employee information and mobile optimization. These trends are seen to shape the future of HR management around the world.

What To Look For in An HR Software Solution

  1. What do You Need? The first thing you should do is determine what you need in an HR solution and compile them in a list. The problems that need to be resolved must be defined in simple terms to be able to get stakeholder approval. For potential vendors, the problems must be detailed in technical terms and written as a requirement document, the readers of which should be able to provide you with accurate deployment time and price quotes.
  2. Software Benefits. It is always good practice to identify the advantages of using a product, which may include time and money savings, improved workflows and employee morale. Depending on the type and size of your business and the software you’re looking at, specific HR management software features may vary. This step is critical as it can result in purchasing the wrong solution if not done correctly which can cause losses.
  3. Graph Software Benefits Against Implementation Cost. Before you decide to commit to a platform, consider calculating cost against potential return-on-investment. Try to determine if the solution’s benefits can be improved or negotiating a lower price or better yet, you may opt to look for an alternative that will not break the bank.
  4. Future Changes in the Software. If you are already eyeing a particular solution, take time to evaluate ongoing trends, not only in your organization but in your sector as a whole. Be on the lookout for possible changes that could impact your platform of choice. This way, you can avoid being binded to a software that could be rendered antiquated by new technology in a matter of years.
  5. User Testimonials. When it comes to reading user testimonials, do not limit yourself to what a vendor gives you. There are lots of unsolicited user reviews on the Internet that could give you unbiased opinions about an HR software. Take in as much pro and con reviews as you can and weigh them with your business requirements.
  6. Can You Handle Software Implementation? There will be times that you may be certain that a comprehensive HR suite will greatly benefit your organization. However, you also have to make sure that you can handle the full implementation process. This is not limited to the monetary side, there are other matters that must be taken into account like the technical knowledge of prospective users, implementation duration and potential changes to existing processes. 
  7. Are You In It For The Long Haul? Many vendors hand out multi-year contracts and in the event you encounter one, there are ways by which you can ensure that a product would perform to your satisfaction. You can request for free trials, short-term contracts and even guarantees. With the competition in today’s HR software market, sales representatives are authorized to negotiate contracts to get a sale

Factors that Make a Great HR Software

We have come up with a list of HR software companies using a set of criteria for selecting the ideal vendor. The following factors were considered in compiling our picks:

  1. Pricing. It’s a known fact that different HR software vendors offer different pricing plans. Some may come inexpensive while others market their products at quite high prices. But the main thing to consider in purchasing software is its value for money. Expensive may not necessarily be so in the long-run while cheaper solutions may entail not only hidden fees but costly add-ons and maintenance fees as well.
  2. Company Track Record. Knowing a software provider’s track record in offering solutions to specific business types, sizes and sectors is also critical. Vendors who have vast experience in delivering the system you desire are more knowledgeable in potential problems that you may encounter and could give you the ideal platform on time.
  3. Software Features. A solution’s features, although a staple in evaluating one greatly helps in determining if an HR software is right for a business. Basically, what everyone needs is automation of HR processes that are not only tedious but also time consuming. Try to look for functionalities that cover areas such as payroll, time and attendance tracking and employee engagement, among others.

All of the software providers that made it to our list of HR companies have successfully met these criteria. The list is based on platform features, functionalities and value for money. Here they are:

List of Software Companies of 2019

1. BambooHR

Founded in 2008, BambooHR provides small to medium-size businesses with an online HR software on a subscription-based pricing. Its flagship product BambooHR is designed to help companies manage employee data and is highly-suitable for businesses that have between 50 and 500 workers and can manage both employee recruitment and administration. Other features include applicant and time off tracking and payroll and leave management, among many others. It can create categorized reports and can customize workflows. eSignature is supported, along with third-party software integration. The vendor offers a great free trial plan for those who’d like to try out the key features of the product first. You can easily sign up for BambooHR free trial here.


This award is given to the best product in our HR Management Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.

BambooHR won our Best HR Management Software Award for 2017

Our score
User satisfaction

Pricing: Bamboo HR pricing is not publicly disclosed. You have to contact the vendor to get a quote.

Headquarters: Lindon, Utah, United States

Main Product: Bamboo HR

2. Zoho People

Zoho is a software provider that markets a suite of collaboration, productivity and business apps. It has a wide range of platforms that include HR CRM, mail, office and project management, among a host of others. One the most popular of these is Zoho People. It is a popular HR management software that offers a myriad tools for small and medium-size businesses. Its key features include workforce, leave and time and attendance management, all of which are controlled from a centralized hub. The product enables HR departments to save both time and money while giving employees a working environment that supports collaboration. If you want to try the features at no cost you can easily do so when you sign up for a Zoho People free trial here.

Pricing: Zoho People comes in different pricing models, which include a free version. Its Essential HR package costs $1/employee plus tax or $0.83/month plus tax (billed annually). A Professional plan comes for $3/employee plus tax or $2.5/employee per month plus tax (billed annually). Its Premium package costs $3/employee plus tax or $2.5/employe per month (billed annually). Finally, the Enterprise plan is priced at $5/employee plus tax or $4.16/employee per month plus tax (billed annually).

Main Products: Zoho People Zoho Projects, Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Books

Headquarters: Chennai, India

3. Gusto

Founded in 2011, Gusto is a provider of payroll, benefits and HR management solutions for modern businesses. The company offers the Gusto payroll platform, which is essentially a payroll, HR, benefits administration and HR management solution rolled into one. The product is targeted at small businesses, providing robust payroll management features, an easy-to-use interface and automation capabilities. Other notable capabilities include compensation insurance, 401(k), payroll tax computation and payment via direct deposit or check. The best way to evaluate the features is for you to try them. 

You can easily sign up for Gusto free trial here.


An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Gusto won our Expert's Choice Award for 2017

Our score
User satisfaction

Pricing: Gusto is being offered in a single pricing model, which starts at $39 and an additional $6 per person, which comes with all needed features. Add-ons such as health insurance, other benefits and HR tools are also available.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Main Product: Gusto HR

4. Trakstar

Founded in 2000, Trakstar offers a cloud-based employee evaluation solution to local government units. The product called Trakstar is designed to help users track worker performance, manage goals, reviews and feedbacks. Employee appraisal is done through performance reviews, goal management and succession planning. It likewise provides users with customizable, user-friendly and robust performance management tools that are suitable to businesses of all type and size. With the system, companies can better provide feedback, align goals and enable employees to access their evaluations. The vendor offers a great free trial plan for those who’d like to try out the key features of the product first. You can easily sign up for Trakstar free demo here.


An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Trakstar won our Expert's Choice Award for 2018

Our score
User satisfaction

Pricing: Trakstar’s pricing plans depend on the number of employees. There’s a price calculator on the vendor’s website that you can use to find out how much an annual subscription costs.

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Main Product: Trakstar

5. Freshteam

Freshworks is a support and sales software developer, providing platforms for businesses around the world. Company offerings include IT service management, customer support, CRM and call center solutions. Founded in 2010, the company was formerly known as Freshdesk. Among the company’s key products is Freshteama productivity suite that sports features like employee recruitment, applicant tracking and CRM. The platform allows users to focus on applicant quality while maintaining control over the whole hiring procedure. Data security is ensured as all applicant information are safely stored in a searchable database, making it ideal for teams who need to manage all recruiting and tracking processes from a singular dashboard. The vendor offers an attractive free trial plan. Simply sign up for a Freshteam free trial here.

Pricing: Freshteam is being offered in three pricing models–a free version, a Blossom plan which comes for $50/month, a Garden plan for $100/month and an Estate package, which is priced at $200/month.

Headquarters: San Bruno, California, United States

Main Products: Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshsales, Freshcaller, Freshteam

6. ClearCompany

HR software provider  ClearCompany is a developer of talent management solutions designed to improve hiring experiences, goal alignment, employee onboarding and performance management. Offering a robust talent management suite, the company’s main product ClearCompany helps businesses in managing employee recruitment. It effectively manages the whole employee lifecycle by providing easier hiring and onboarding, along with the promotion of goal alignment among teams. It has an applicant tracking feature that not only attracts, but screens and evaluates qualified individuals as well. An integrated sourcing tool offers access to millions of talent profiles. However, the software’s best feature is its support of best practices.

Pricing: ClearCompany is being offered on a subscription-based enterprise pricing model. All pricing plans are customized according to number of users and solutions.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Main Product: ClearCompany

7. Workday

A leading SaaS provider, Workday offers enterprise-grade software for a variety of tasks, which include payroll, HR and financial management. Its HR software Workday combines HR and financial management in a single system. This cloud-based platform was developed with customers in mind, which is why a single version the product can meet all the needs of any company. It also seamlessly integrates with many applications and business systems.

Pricing: Workday is available in both SMB and enterprise pricing plans, which you can get upon request.

Headquarters: Pleasanton, California, United States

Main Product: Workday

8. ADP Workforce Now

ADP is a leading provider of payroll, tax and compliance services and HR solutions for midsize businesses. Its more popular product ADP Workforce Now is a total HR management platform, which is designed to collect data and automate all HR processes from a single console. Employees can be empowered using the software as additional user permissions can be created. Other prominent functionalities include holidays, benefits, time and attendance, payroll and talent management. The system can also be used to manage employee onboarding processes.

Pricing: The vendor does not publicly disclose its pricing plans. Enterprise pricing information is available upon request.

Headquarters: Weston, Florida, United States

Main Products: ADP Workforce Now, ADP Resource, ADP TotalSource, ADP SmartCompliance, ADP Vantage HCM, ADP Enterprise HR

9. UltiPro

Established in 1996, The Ultimate Software Group, Inc. is a provider of cloud-based HR management software solutions. The company’s product UltiPro is a total human capital management suite that offers HR, talent, compensation, time, payroll and labor management applications. The platform is highly-configurable and is capable of hiring and onboarding employees, developing worker skills and performance, conducting office surveys and measuring staff member opinions using sentient analysis.

Pricing: UltiPro is marketed on a price-quote basis. You can visit the vendor’s website and ask for a customized quote.

Headquarters: Weston, Florida, United States

Main Product: UltiPro

10. Dayforce HCM

Ceridian Corporation is a developer of employee benefits services and outsourced processing. It operates in three distinct segments–HR solutions, comdata and stored value solutions. Its flagship product Dayforce HCM is a web-based software that is designed to help businesses manage payroll, workforce, analytics, tax, benefits, talent, document and HR. With the solution, users get to access real-time information across all HCM processes. As it is web-based, Dayforce HCM can run on all popular browsers. Integrations with third-party applications are also available.

Pricing: Dayforce HCM’s pricing plans are available upon request. You can visit its website to ask for a price quote.

Headquarters: East Old Shakopee Road Minneapolis, MN 55425

Main Products: Dayforce HCM, PowerPay, Ceridian HR/Payroll

11. Kronos Workforce Central

Kronos Workforce Central is being marketed by developer Kronos Inc., which offers both workforce and human capital management solutions. The application aids businesses from any sector in workforce management owing to the fact that is aligned with modern workforce trends. Prominent features include mobile optimization, employee engagement and retention through self-service and scheduling, analytics and compliance management. It is also highly-configurable, making workforce management easier than ever.

Pricing: Pricing plans for Kronos Workforce Central is not available on the vendor’s website. You have to contact the company to get a customized quote.

Headquarters: Chelmsford, Massachusetts, United States

Main Products: Workforce Central, Workforce Dimensions, Workforce Ready, Workforce Planner, Workforce TeleStaff for Utilities, Kronos EZcall

12. iCIMS

Founded in 1999, iCIMS offers web-based HR management solution iCIMS Talent Acquisition. This talent management platform can automate resume acquisition using a parsing tool. It is a feature-rich system showcasing a native career portal which allows applicants to search for career positions. With the software, businesses can speed up and make simple talent acquisition while retaining high-quality candidates. It can also engage the right applicants, boost the hiring process and follow critical metrics. Key functionalities include career site search engine optimization, job board posting and social media distribution.

Pricing: iCIMS Talent Acquisition comes in SMB and enterprise pricing plans. However, you will have to contact the vendor to get a customized quote.

Headquarters: Matawan, New Jersey, United States

Main Products: iCIMS Talent Acquisition

13. CivicHR

Integrated software provider CivicPlus is known for serving local and municipal government in the US. It offers a number of solution suites that have allowed the company to partner with thousands of local governments, providing them with custom solutions to streamline their workflows. Among its popular products is HR management software CivicHR, a system that is highly-designed for local governments. This easy-to-use product helps local offices in attracting, recruiting and onboarding new personnel. It can likewise appraise employee performance to ensure that only the right individuals are filling responsible positions. The system is quite secure, with all employee information stored in a central database, which can be accessed only by authorized users.

Pricing: Interested parties can contact the vendor by phone, email or web form to get a price quote.

Headquarters: Manhattan, Kansas, United States

Main Product: CivicHR

14. PurelyHR Time-Off

PurelyHR Time-Off is a leave management platform that is part of software developer PurelyHR Solutions’ HR line of information modules. It is popular for its ease-of-use and scalability and is designed to cater to SMBs. The software’s main functions are employee time-off, vacation, paid time-off, and sick leave management, among others. This web-based tool can help organizations save precious time and avoid errors from complex computations associated with manual time-off processes and attendance handling. It can track employee leave and supports integrations with popular calendar apps.

Pricing: PurelyHR Time-Off’s pricing starts at $30, which accommodates up to 11 users. However, there is also an SMB plan that comes in monthly subscription. Pricing is scalable as the number of users increase.

Headquarters: 77 City Centre Drive, Suite 602, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Main Products: PurelyHR Time-Off, PurelyHR Time-Clock

15. 7Geese

An Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and Performance Management solution, 7Geese helps businesses and organizations improve employee performance by merging goal-setting with coaching, 360 feedback and core values. It has robust yet easy-to-use tools that allow users to manage and monitor in real-time team, individual and organization performance. The platform also promotes fun work environments using a social recognition program. For those who want to streamline the system, integrations with popular HR applications are available. Security is tight as the software uses 256-bit encryption. It is scalable, allowing it to grow as businesses do.

Pricing: 7Geese is available in a single pricing scheme of $12.50/user per month, which is billed annually.

Headquarters: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Main Product: 7Geese

16. Collage

Canada-based Collage Technologies Inc. Collage Technologies, Inc. is a leading vendor of software solutions. It offers solutions for HR processes such as employee records, payroll synchronization and employee records, among many others. Its product Collage is a total HR and benefits platform for businesses in the healthcare, construction, nonprofit, real estate, retail and technology sectors. The platform is capable of automating processes like employee onboarding, records management, tax forms, time off management and group benefit enrollment. SMBs can greatly benefit from using the product as it reduces time and costs associated with HR management. The system is intuitive, making easy tasks of recruiting, hiring and onboarding. Users can also create custom career pages, interview funnels and invite hiring collaborators.

Pricing: Collage is being sold on a single enterprise pricing plan of $7/employee per month.

Headquarters: Toronto, ON, Canada

Main Product: Collage

17. Perdoo

Germany-based Perdoo is a popular provider of goal management platforms and one of the most popular OKR products today. Its web-based OKR goal management solution Perdoo is meant for any type and size of business. It is intuitive and highly-scalable, making it also ideal for large enterprises. The solution has robust features that enable it to implement complicated OKRs. Using the software, business can align corporate strategy and execution, initiatives and people and gain visibility into the entire organization.

Pricing: Perdo is being sold based on the number of users or coaching plan. For 25-99 users its $7.50/user per month, 100 to 249 users: $6.75/user per month, 250 to 499 users: $6.08/user per month, 500 to 999 users: $5.47/user per month, 1000+ by quote. Pricing based on coaching plan include a Lite package, which comes for $2,490/year, a Standard plan for $4,990/year and a Premium package for $9,990/year.

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Main Product: Perdoo

18. Qandle

India-based Qandle’s HR management solution Qandle is designed to integrate core HR processes with functions like payroll, talent and expense management in a single tool. It is capable of recording attendance, analyzing leaves and time offs, tracking field employees and expenses and resolving worker issues, among many others. The product eliminates unneeded information and offers insights to improve employee engagement. Sound business decisions also result from its use of real time analytics. Processes such as hiring, onboarding and payroll are likewise accelerated using the software.

Pricing: Qandle is available in three pricing schemes–a free version, a Regular plan, which comes with Core HR (Essential and Advanced) and Talent management tools is sold for $3/month or $2/month, respectively. Finally, a Regular plan, which comes with Core HR (Essential and Advanced) and an expense management tool comes for $6/month or $/month, respectively.

Headquarters: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Main Product: Qandle

19. Zimyo HRMS

India-based company Zimyo is committed to provide businesses with cloud-based solutions and hopes to cover all SaaS solutions in the future. Their main product, Zimyo HRMS, covers all the essentials for effective HR management, including attendance management, roster management, time tracking, leave management, and more. Zimyo HRMS provides you with a clear view of your employees’ efficiency and productivity through its real-time tracking and activity logging functionalities. This also allows for more accurate time logging and employee attendance. Adjusting shifts based on employee availability is also a breeze with its roster management, giving you the ability to quickly create shifts and notify your workforce regarding any changes. Meanwhile, employees can enjoy accessibility in managing their leaves and sending leave requests through an online portal.

Pricing: Zimyo HRMS offers various basic and enterprise pricing options. Contact the vendor to get a quote. The company also has a free trial so businesses can test firsthand if it matches their requirements.  

Headquarters: Gurugram, India

Main Product: Zimyo HRMS

20. Xobin Interact

India-based Xobin is a provider of innovative HR systems, the company is trusted by organizations worldwide, including Smart Transfer, Survaider, Moonraft and Tally. Among its popular products is applicant screening solution Xobin Interact. The software enables organizations to screen their applicant pools and come up with a shortlist of candidates.It provides users with a variety of pre-employment tests that include online coding, general aptitude and analytics and psychometric assessment tests. Using Xobin, businesses can speed up the recruitment and hiring processes while ensuring that only right individuals are selected.

Pricing: Xobin Interacts is available in different pricing plans. Its Startup version comes for $49/month or $39/month (billed annually). A Growth plan is priced at $189/month or $149/month (billed annually). A Scaleup package comes for $499/month or $399/month (billed annually. Finally, its Custom plan is quote-based.

Headquarters: Chennai, India

Main Products: Xobin Interact, Xobin Reskill, Xobin Spot, Xobin Bootcamp

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