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What is the top ERP Tool?

The top ERP tool is NetSuite ERP. This platform is designed to simplify key business processes and adjust as a business expands. This robust capability allows businesses to focus more on expanding their operations and to better respond to emerging opportunities as they arise. NetSuite ERP provides businesses the essential tools—from financial planning and order management to supply chain management and warehouse and fulfillment—to propel innovation and promote business expansion.

Which vendors are leading in the ERP software category? As more businesses are looking for a solution to standardize their most crucial business processes to improve efficiency and ROI, enterprise resource planning systems are becoming a go-to solution for companies of all sizes, even for small and midsized businesses.

Aside from learning about the product, it’s just as important to know the companies behind them through this list of ERP software companies. Which is why we took considerable time and effort to prepare this Top 20 List of ERP Software Companies together with their flagship ERP tools to allow you to learn more about these wonderful technology applications that are designed to provide efficient help in managing your business.

erp software companies

Frustrated customers, frantic searches, and missed opportunities are common scenarios faced by a company due to poor communication. When you are running a business that involves different departments and corresponding systems, not having a centralized system exposes your information into falling through the cracks.

Companies—big and small—suffer monetary impact due to miscommunication. Large companies lose an average of $62.4 million per year. Small businesses, meanwhile, lose up to $420,000 per year. In addition, it wastes time—employees lose 40 minutes of productivity each day.

To solve the issues faced by companies, including miscommunication, among others (such as manual data entry and insufficiency of standalone systems), getting one of the popular ERP tools brings various solutions—like accounting, HR, supply chain management, and CRM—together in a centralized platform. To understand the software, we recommend reading this what is ERP software guide for an in-depth analysis of its features and benefits.

In fact, the implementation of ERP solutions showed an increase of 33% improvement in inventory returns, 18% faster cycle times, and 17% more compliance for internal schedule according to a report by Aberdeen Group. Meanwhile, it reduces administrative costs up to 13% and operational costs up to 14%.

Plenty of companies are offering an ERP solution in a wide variety of systems, offered features, and industry-focused packages. If you are interested to look at more products, here are the top 20 ERP software tools chosen by experts. Meanwhile, let’s proceed with the leading ERP software companies.

1. NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP dashboard example

NetSuite is one of the pioneer companies in cloud computing. A few years ago, it was acquired by Oracle Corporation, a tech giant in computer technology. The company continues to provide ERP solutions and cloud-based financials for business in more than 100 countries.

NetSuite ERP is a complete, highly scalable ERP software built for fast-growing, mid-sized and large businesses. It provides a centralized solution for your enterprise from the top management to the key clerical staff. Automation covers front- and back-end processes involving order management, inventory management, financial management, revenue management, billing, and fixed assets. What makes it an industry-leader is its combination of business intelligence (BI) and financial management operations.

It is easy to try the software’s advanced features when you sign up for a NetSuite ERP free demo here.

NetSuite ERP

This award is given to the best product in our ERP software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.

NetSuite ERP won our Best ERP Software of 2018

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Why choose NetSuite ERP?

  1. Supply chain visibility. The supply chain is made more efficient with end-to-end, procure-to-pay processes. It has collaboration and self-service features as well.
  2. Fast order-to-cash process. Its order and billing management module creates a seamless flow—from order fulfillment and processing to invoicing and payment.
  3. Revenue recognition management. You can calculate and create accurate financial statements for compliance with accounting standards that are generated in a timely manner.

2. Business Cloud Essentials

business cloud essentials dashboard example

Second on our list is Business Cloud Essentials by Advanced. It’s a fully integrated platform that enables businesses to understand key issues and standout in the competitive arena. The solution empowers forward-thinking businesses to handle supply chain management, customer relationship management (CRM), and accounting. Because of this, accountants, sales teams, and HR teams will find Business Cloud Essential to be a reliable platform.

Should you want to investigate the platform, you can easily sign up for Business Cloud Essentials free trial here.  

With the software, business owners can understand issues such as customer expectations, growth & performance, and production workflows, and sales & invoicing. This way, it becomes easy for businesses to deliver services that make a positive impact without losing sight of profitability.

Even more, Business Cloud Essentials provides tools that increase financial visibility. It simplifies financial management, thus eliminating financial worries that often jeopardize growth. Overall, the platform streamlines all business processes, setting the stage for revenue growth, and seamless customer service. Some of its salient features include logistics, payroll, stock control, reporting, tax filing, and supplier management.

Why Choose Business Cloud Essentials

  1. Understand key issues: Business Cloud Essentials allows businesses to understand the most pressing issues. With the platform, business owners remain on top of customer expectations, production processes, financial health, business growth, and performance.
  2. Simplify financial management: Sound financial management makes it easy for a business to boost profits and increase capital value. When it comes to fo financial management, Business Cloud Essentials streamlines the process to curtail all financial worries.
  3. Bring an entire organization together: Even more, Business Cloud Essentials brings together all core business activities via automation and integration. This way, it increases the visibility of internal business processes, empowering business owners to make informed operational and financial decisions.

3. Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct dashboard example

Sage Intacct is an ERP product that specializes in financial management. Intacct was purchased by Sage in 2017. Sage Group—now its parent organization—is a multinational enterprise software company that’s headquartered in the United Kingdom. With the combination of two companies comes the integration of cloud technology in finance and accounting.

The product is preferred for AICPA business solutions due to its robust financial application. Its primary features include cash management, accounting, vendor management, project accounting, inventory management, and financial reporting, among others. The system’s default dashboard is familiar for users who have experience in using accounting tools, hence, training is easier and faster. It is also customizable to boost productivity and eliminate time-consuming tasks according to your workflow.

Why choose Sage Intacct?

  1. Built-in, customizable reporting tool. It has built-in report templates as well as charts, dashboards, and graphs for creating financial reports.
  2. Security and user limits. Access controls are segregated by user and profile. This ensures features and actions are limited to their role. It also prevents virus and hacks.
  3. Core accounting capabilities. It has multicurrency management tools, sales tax automation, and general ledgers, among others. This helps businesses get a tighter grip on their accounting and finance.


SYSPRO dashboard example

SYSPRO is a software company that develops integrated business software applications, most notably its ERP solution with the same name. Since it was founded in 1978, the company has grown and established its presence in its category with a large customer base, particularly in the mid-sized enterprise market.

SYSPRO ERP product is an industry-built solution, especially for manufacturing and distribution. Available in the cloud or on-premise, it features a rich set of modules to help businesses streamline their operations. It eliminates repetitive tasks and manual entry from handling manufacturing processes to managing costs using BOT agents. SYSPRO is full-featured, hence, it is best to try out its functionalities first to help you determine if it suits your workflows.

It is suitable for businesses looking for a highly-scalable solution to support their company’s growth. If you’re coming from a manufacturer’s standpoint, for instance, you can increase profits and meet high demands by having a centralized solution to monitor your financial, operational, and manufacturing management.

Why choose SYSPRO?

  1. Trusted ERP name. Being in the business for 40 years, SYSPRO is built to suit the preferences of many businesses with industry-grade features.
  2. APIs and integrations. Regardless of its deployment type, you can seamlessly integrate the product with external systems and intelligent devices.
  3. BOT agents. It uses BOT agents to expedite redundant processes, improve supply chain collaboration, and make operations more efficient.

5. Odoo

Odoo dashboard example

Led by its founder and CEO, the company, Odoo S.A., first developed the software in 2005. Since then, it became one of the fastest-growing companies. To further allow company growth, its main product was renamed from TinyERP and OpenERP, respectively, to Odoo.

While the company now has various products, its main software, Odoo, is an ERP solution that unifies sales and project management, e-commerce, point-of-sale (POS) and material resource planning (MRP) in a single tool. But not only that, the system also integrates with a wide array of sales channels and business management solutions so you can successfully run your key processes.

Why choose Odoo?

  1. Universal solution. By providing a solution to all your business operations (project management, inventory, HR, CRM, and omnichannel sales), it replaces the need for having multiple applications to handle them.
  2. Hosting types. Deployment is available based on your preference through cloud hosting, on-premise, and dedicated cloud.
  3. Highly modular. The system has over 100 modules with the freedom to add more.

6. Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud dashboard example

Oracle ERP Cloud is a product by the tech giant, Oracle Corporation. It is an American multinational tech corporation that’s recognized as the second largest software maker in the world according to revenue in 2015. Oracle ERP Cloud was first introduced in 2012.

This end-to-end SaaS suite is built to manage enterprise operations. The comprehensive cloud-based solution delivers built-in industry standards and the best, modern practices. This suite consists of 7 software modules to automate core business processes. It aims to simplify and offer scalability to planning and procurement, project planning, financials, product lifecycle, risk management, and compliance and governance, among others. The tech also offers a strong foundation for organizations that include, but not limited to IT, marketing, consulting, professional services, and sales.

Why choose Oracle ERP Cloud?

  1. Financials Cloud. This module offers a scalable, integrated and all-inclusive system for generating reports that are built on the analytical model.
  2. Procurement Cloud module. A self-service portal developed for suppliers and contract billing.
  3. Risk Management Cloud. Built for financial compliance, this module offers a secured risk control repository to decrease the risk of financial reporting.

7. Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP dashboard example

The largest software vendor in the world in the world in terms of revenue, Microsoft is one of the most reputable companies in the tech industry for decades. Its flagship products, Microsoft Windows operating systems and MS Office productivity suites, had been among the most dominant software ever. Its venture into other consumer and enterprise software products had also been successful, due to its long tradition of innovative leadership and expertise.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an ERP platform that helps SMBs to more efficiently manage their operations, supply chain, finance, and a whole lot more. Built on the proven efficiency of Microsoft’s widely-used solutions, this ERP is designed to allow businesses to work smarter at a faster rate, carry out evidence-based decisions, and operate from anywhere using any device. A scalable, configurable, and flexible ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics GP is a full-suite platform for enabling SMBs to manage and integrate its various operational areas like HR, customer relationship, field service, project accounting, SCM, e-commerce, and finance.


  1. Technology savings. SMBs take advantage of The cloud service allows small and medium businesses to cut IT infrastructure costs without compromising the accounting power of the software.
  2. Deep analytics. Business intelligence and reporting. Get real-time visibility and analytics to track performance and act with insight.
  3. Service Plan. Dynamics GP puts your company at the top of its game—and a service plan helps keep it there. With flexible options to choose from, depending on where you do business, a service plan helps you stay compliant and competitive—so you get the highest return on your software investment.


SAP ERP dashboard example

Founded in 1972, SAP is a German software firm that is among the pioneering ERP vendors. Its first ERP solution, a financial accounting system, has trailblazed the market that is still dominated by traditional business devices like punch cards and calculators. This tech giant serves over 335,000 clients in more than 180 countries worldwide.

SAP ERP is a widely-used full-suite ERP platform that provides robust access to key data, analytical apps, and robust tools designed to simplify the business process and enable businesses to achieve competitive advantage. This integrated platform includes CRM, financial management, human capital management, product lifecycle management, and supply chain management. It can be deployed on-premise, online or a combination of both to provide ready access to any user at all times.

Why choose SAP ERP?

  1. Complete and scalable. SAP ERP is essentially an all-in-one business platform that can be used by any business of any industry and size. It can be readily scaled to adjust to the scope and demands of your business.
  2. With worldwide partner support. Aside from its extensive experience in the industry, SAP also has a broad network of third-party partners that offer extensive customization and integration support.
  3. Comprehensive coverage. SAP ERP empowers businesses to achieve managerial efficiency and increased staff productivity, including business processes from materials procurement and HR to new product planning and CRM.

9. Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP dashboard example

Epicor Software Corporation is a Texas-based global business software company. It was founded in 1972 with products specializing in manufacturing, distribution, retail, and services. The company has experienced various acquisitions and growth in the industry.

In its ERP category, the company offers Epicor ERP. It is software targeted towards medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. Delivering smart and flexible manufacturing and business support, it effectively harnesses new technologies to leverage its processes. This includes the utilization of the Internet of Things, mobility, business analytics, and Big Data. The fully-integrated ERP package handles CRM, project management, inventory, pre-production, human capital, finance, accounting, and supply chain, among many others.

Why choose Epicor ERP?

  1. Modular architecture. Customize your system following your requirements by only opting for the modules you need while not compromising on the system’s full-level performance.
  2. A familiar user interface (UI). The platform comes with two UI set: classic and modern. This offers a familiar platform for client-based and browser-based navigation.
  3. Mobile app. It supports remote or on-location employees through its mobile app that is available on iOS and Android devices.

10. Brightpearl

Brightpearl dashboard example

Brightpearl is a privately owned company that is funded by Notion Capital and Eden Ventures. From its first customer in 2008, the company has grown to serve thousands of companies as an ERP solution specializing in omnichannel retail management. It has offices located in the US, UK, Bristol, and Austin.

The product, Brightpearl, brings together solutions for order management, inventory management, customer data, real-time accounting, and reporting. It also handles cash flow, shipments, and insights for SKU, channel, and customer levels. Additionally, it has tight integration with various e-commerce sites such as Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce and online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Why choose Brightpearl?

    1. Inventory management. With a specialty in retail, you can trust its streamlined inventory processes for single retail, multiple warehouses, and outsourced/dropshipped businesses.
    2. Real-time accounting. Stay on top of your accounting with full multi-currency capability.
    3. Online marketplace and e-commerce connectors. As mentioned, it has a robust connection with various ecommerce and online marketplaces. It is also capable of managing high volumes of order—up to 25,000 orders per hour.

11. Sage 100 ERP

Sage 100 ERP dashboard example

Sage Group is a British multinational enterprise software company. It is recognized as the 2nd largest tech company in the UK where its headquarter is located. Meanwhile, it is the largest ERP software supplier to small businesses and the third largest supplier in the world. Among its various products is Sage 100 ERP.

It is designed to help SMBs streamline their resources using a robust ERP toolkit. It has out-of-the-box features for inventory and manufacturing which are included in its financial and operational functionality. Some of its key modules include BI, CRM, HR, time and project management, distribution, and core accounting.

Why choose Sage 100 ERP?

  1. Highly modular. The comprehensive, easy-to-use enterprise planning system lets you deploy on the features you need.
  2. Customizable system. Record historical budgets or build them from scratch so you can seamlessly plan expenses for the fiscal period.
  3. Financial Statements. When creating financial statements, you have the option to choose from pre-built, pre-defined templates or create your own to make it more industry-specific.

12. FinancialForce ERP

FinancialForce ERP dashboard example is a company that offers cloud-based applications. It was founded in 2009. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company supplies various applications such as cloud computing for and cloud ERP for

FinancialForce ERP is its ERP solution targeted towards mid-market organizations. This product aims to steer clients away from the confusion that comes with transferring from a CRM tool to an ERP solution. It unifies the processes in a single platform to avoid bouncing customers from one department to another and remove internal confusion by only seeing a portion of the client’s issues. Instead, it provides a consistent and complete view of your entire customer journey by connecting customers, employees, partners and products.

Why choose FinancialForce ERP?

  1. Highly configurable. The product is built to adapt to change. Hence, it is easy to configure, upgrade, and configure. It also has a “configure before coding” approach for companies to quickly customize the solution one app at a time.
  2. Complete ERP solution. Integrating with the company’s 5 main suite of products, it provides a 360-degree solution to companies for HRM, SCM, PSA, ordering and billing, and financial management.
  3. Financial management module. Often regarded as a crucial mid-market component, it has essential features for revenue recognition, spend management, accounts payable and receivable, fixed assets and invoicing.

13. Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management dashboard example

Sage is a global leader in unified financial platforms like payment systems, payroll, and accounting to help businesses better manage their operational concerns. Starting as a small business in Nevada in 1981, the company has grown to become one of today’s technology giants, with 13,000 employees serving millions of small and medium enterprises across 23 countries worldwide.

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management is an enterprise management designed to help advance the workflow of your operations, from planning and manufacturing to marketing and sales. With its robust and intuitive designed, it can provide quicker management reports and insights into your teams’ performance and operational costs, enabling you to make sound and more timely decisions to support business growth.


  1. Get things done fast. At the core of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management ERP is agility and efficiency, which is why it delivers all the help that you need quickly to allow your business to grow at the same pace.
  2. Streamline your workflow. This ERP solution works to simplify how you manage and run your business using an integrated suite of tools, which also adapt to the unique requirements, function, and processes of your business units.
  3. Highly flexible. Sage Business Cloud provides a wide array of scalable options and tools to configure your ERP solution that directly addresses your specific needs.

14. Dolibarr

Dolibarr dashboard example

One of the popular technology organizations that promote free and open-source software (FOSS), the Dolibarr Foundation was established in April 2009 in France to spearhead the distribution of free applications to both government agencies and start-up businesses. Its flagship apps, Dolibarr CRM and ERP, is currently being used in many countries and had been translated to over 50 languages all over the world.

Dolibarr ERP is a robust open-source ERP and CRM application that is ideal for SMBs, non-profits, and freelancers that require a configurable and flexible ERP solution that addresses their specific needs. It is programmed to be an ERP platform that is easy to install, use and change, which made it as the ERP-CRM solution of choice of numerous small and medium business and organizations all over the world.

Why choose DOLIBARR?

  1. Leading open-source, free ERP. Free and readily customizable to suit a business particular needs, Dolibarr ERP is used by millions of users globally and is the acknowledged leader in free software and open-source ERP and CRM software.
  2. A constantly developing solution. Being an open-source app, it enjoys the unlimited support of a global community of users and programmers who constantly contribute to its continuous improvement, especially in addressing the current and emerging needs of organizations of today.
  3. Adapts to your business context. Dolibarr ERP is high scalable, being designed to correspond to your specific needs, whether for your customer support, accounting, inventory management, customer engagement, sales, and others.

15. Deskera

Deskera dashboard example

Deskera is a market leader in smart cloud-based business management software and caters to multiple industries across the world. Founded in 2008, this award-winning software maker is trusted by over 100,000 users, including Google, Starbucks, and Baker Tilly. With main offices in Singapore, Deskera creates and markets a wide range of business solutions, ranging from ERP and CRM to LMS and HRMS, to numerous business sectors like construction, engineering, and manufacturing.

Deskera is a full-suite ERP management solution that offers a wide array of tools and functionalities for solving business issues in the short and long-term. This user-friendly ERP has flexible solutions to address all your business requirements, including financial reports, stock management, chart of accounts, vendor and customer management, billing and sales management, purchase management, and books and invoices.

Why choose DESKERA?

  1. Streamlines your workflow. Integrate your sales, finance and fulfillment teams with our smart platform—eliminate billing errors, improve quote accuracy and strengthen revenue recognition processes.
  2. Simplify supplier management. Deskera’s intuitive approval process management allows you to efficiently monitor generated orders, existing and upcoming deliveries, third-party orders, and buyer workloads, from start to finish.
  3. Smart inventory planning. Deskera provides intuitive tools to help you better track your inventory and stock levels. Using multiple planning and counting approaches, you can easily maintain optimum inventory levels on a daily basis.

16. Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV dashboard example

Also from Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics NAV (which recently rebranded as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central) is an ERP designed to help SMBs and local branches of multinational firms in their e-commerce, analytics, supply chain management, CRM, manufacturing, and finance operations.

A part of the six-product Microsoft Dynamics ERP family, Microsoft Dynamics NAV functions to help enhance user experience and empower teams to continue completing their work from anywhere, at all times. This platform is also known for its continuous collaboration with its partner organizations which expands its customization capacities and add-ons.


  1. Adapts to your business growth. Dynamics NAV is readily scalable to adjust as you develop your business, focusing on integrating and automating key growth areas like inventory, accounting, operations, purchasing, and sales.
  2. Address changing business needs. Microsoft’s worldwide network of partners has the knowledge and skills to readily support you in creating and deploying the ideal ERP platform for your evolving requirements.
  3. A well-rounded ERP solution. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides an extensive array of ERP functions, including business intelligence and reporting, scalable deployment, project management, sales and service, supply chain, manufacturing, and financial management.

17. Awery Aviation ERP

Awery Aviation ERP dashboard example

Awery is a Chicago-based software development and IT services vendor founded in 2009. Using its decade-long experience in the aviation and logistics, Awery designs and provides industry-specific, timely, and integrated business solutions to help air travel and distribution businesses like commercial airlines, freight forwarders, cargo handlers, etc.

Awery Aviation ERP is a user-friendly, flexible enterprise management tool that caters specifically to the needs of the aviation industry and related businesses. It is a complete, all-in-one aviation ERP tool that offers all the necessary tools, templates, reports, and notifications in a single location. Accessible either on-premise or via the cloud, its design supports a seamless integration of all business process and workflows from across the departments to provide a multifunctional solution for every day tasks.


  1. Real-time unified view. Awery offers a live, integrated perspective of your important business activities that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  2. Reliable reporting features. This platform enables the generation of latest data and management reports to support crucial business analysis, including automated documentation.
  3. Robust ERP tools. Awery does not only allow users to incorporate their key business into the system but also offers a number of powerful tools to enhance their operations, such as an informational database, planning tools, and CRM.

18. WP ERP

WP ERP dashboard example

Automattic is a web development business behind several popular online services such as and Gravatar. Established in 2005, the company’s 857 employees, who speak over 80 diverse languages, are from over 70 countries. Automattic is one of the advocates of Open Source software as most of its products and services is under GNU GPL.  

If you’re a start-up or a small business seeking to expand, WP ERP is a good choice as its core modules are totally free, which include accounting, CRM and HR. Using this ERP platform is easy, especially for those with prior experience in using WordPress for their blogging activities. You only need to install the corresponding free plugins. It also has premium packages for businesses that require the more advanced features of this integrated ERP.  

Why choose WP ERP?

  1. 24/7 Support. Users will appreciate WP ERP’s comprehensive knowledge base and relevant media on any topic pertinent to this platform, with nonstop customer support.
  2. Open Source and free. WP ERP’s main accounting, CRM and HR plugins modules can be downloaded and used at no cost of all and are scalable and flexible based on user requirements.
  3. Certified to help your business grow. Backed-up by WordPress’ experience and expertise, WP ERP’s modules are programmed to drive your business to achieve business growth. This platform is very suitable for small business and start-ups that typically have to operate with small budgets but still require quality outcomes.

19. Kechie ERP

Kechie ERP dashboard example

My Office Apps is a software vendor that designs efficient and cost-effective software platforms solutions. Established more than 25 years ago, this IT design and networks firm designs software applications that can function in any business setting and for achieving efficiency and cost savings.

Kechie ERP is a cloud-based ERP platform that is a smart, easy to use, and quick to implement business solutions for addressing core management issues so that workflows run smoothly and productivity is ensured. It is designed to help businesses forgo conventional heavy equipment investments. Some of its other benefits include access to critical business data in real time, scalability, multi-industry support, security, and customization.

Why choose KECHIE ERP?

  1. Proven Expertise. My Office Apps’ 30 years of expertise and experience in ERP systems provides that added assurance that this ERP is designed based on actual end-user requirements and contexts.
  2. Highly customizable. This cloud-based ERP can be readily configured to address the particular requirements of both your business and each individual team member.
  3. Intuitive. Its robust design enables users to automatically obtain all needed important project information quickly in real time.

20. Stafiz

Stafiz dashboard example

A start-up founded in 2016, Stafiz is a France-based SaaS vendor that specializes on ERP for consulting firms. Established by former consultants, the company focuses on helping professional services companies streamline their work processes primarily through automation and customization.

Stafiz ERP allows effortless time monitoring, visibility over team schedules and project completion. It facilitates optimization of all available resources as well as easy integration with accounting systems. This platform helps firms track and follow up project statuses and performance of staff and consultants in real time.

Why choose STAFIZ?

  1. Project planning and time sheets. Stafiz helps efficiently pinpoint most suitable skills and profiles that your team can provide for your projects.
  2. Integrated communication. With this ERP, you don’t need to around to gather project documents and updates. Because team members and consultants exchange data on Stafiz, you can readily get accurate, integrated visibility.
  3. Real-time availabilities of teams and consultants. Stafiz helps you optimize your consultants’ time and maximize the planning.

Tips on Choosing the Right ERP Solution for your Business

Competition among businesses nowadays becomes more and more intense and using the best technology tools to your advantage is not only a necessity but also provides you a number of benefits, including support for market and growth and enhancing productivity. One of these tools is ERP applications. To select which ERP tool is most suitable for your business, here are some tips you can consider when searching for the right ERP:

  • Business Objectives. You must determine first how you see a new ERP solution can help in achieving your business goals.
  • Integration with Existing Systems. Consider how integrating an ERP platform will affect your current business systems, whether it has the capacity to compliment or adversely affect them.
  • Collaborative partner. You should choose an ERP vendor that also offers a partnership with the implementation and beyond.
  • Training options. You must comprehend the extent of training required by the new ERP system, including the cost and time allocation.
  • Check reviews. SaaS review sites function primarily to guide business owners in making the correct decision for their technology requirements. Take time to read from trusted review sites as this would help you a lot in your ERP search.
  • Free trials. Test drive ERP apps first before deciding to purchase one. Many top vendors offer free trials of their ERP software, so take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Budgetary consideration. Any new technology implementation does not only affect how your business operates but also your cash flow, so make a sound decision on selecting the ERP software that fits your budget. Do not settle for the cheapest one as this might not suit your needs.

If you want to learn more about ERP solutions, you can also check out our post, Why is ERP Software Useful. Finally, in case you want to test drive the leading ERP app in the market today, you can easily sign up for NetSuite ERP free demo here.

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