Top 20 Live Chat Software Tools for Small Business

Freshchat: No. 1 Live Chat Tool


Live chat widgets and applications reveal businesses’ untapped potential and establish a whole new level of personalized communication that makes each web visitor feel appreciated. Hence, live chat software is a tool that pulls many strings in eCommerce; and one whose absence makes a business less competitive.

For a small business that starts to gain market traction, choosing a reliable live chat software is even more important. Regardless of the type of services/products you promote and deliver on the web, being there for customers 24/7 is a leading precursor for your success. Live chat applications automate a number of critical support functions that would otherwise be painful to afford by a small team, come with automated greetings and suggestions, and act as independent, intelligent hubs that gather valuable customer information. In most cases, they are delivered as in-browser widgets you can embed on multiple support channels, so that your presence will be visible wherever customers look for you. To make matters even better, you can tweak most of their functionality until they match the exact looks and feel of your brand, and connect them to your favorite CRM and help desk solutions. Besides, many live chat software providers for small business offer their products for free.

How Businesses Find Live Chat in North America and Europe

How do live chat software providers for small business enhance productivity? The Forrester study, Making Proactive Chat Work,” pointed out that nearly 45% of all online consumers consider live chat to be the most important website feature that helps complete an online purchase. Within a limited team that can’t invest aggressively in promotional materials, responsiveness can easily become a distinctive advantage.

Another consumer study published by ATG Global Consumer Trend claims that live chat is valuable for even 90% of web shoppers, and that 63% of them are more likely to return on a website that offers it. Another interesting stat is that 38% respondents reveal it was the live chat session that inspired them to make an order in the first place, rather than the size or reputation of their providers.

Top Live Chat Software for Small Business

Besides, with so many awesome live chat widgets available for free or at low cost and access to an array of advanced engagement and intelligence functionalities, there is no reason for a small business not to consider getting an app like these. Before you start searching, check our 20 best live chat software providers for small business, and see whether any of them is a perfect fit for your business:

1. Freshchat

Freshchat is a mobile messaging and engagement solution designed for sales teams. Coming from the popular Freshworks family of applications, Freshchat helps you fine-tune and simplify conversations between you and your customer to bring about a more personalized and engaging chat experience. The application lets you prepare and distribute contextual messages, capture leads, and qualify resources, and gather valuable customer intelligence directly from your users or third party systems. You also get a variety of channels to interact with your customers, including your own website, in-product, mobile app, and social media profile.

You can easily sign up for Freshchat free trial here.

This certificate is granted to products that offer especially good user experience. We evaluate how easy it is to start using the product and how well-designed its interface and features are to facilitate the work process.
Freshchat won our Great User Experience Award for 2018

With Freshchat you can set up in-app campaigns to onboard and educate new users, retain lapsing customers, and share interesting insights and announcements to keep them in the loop with recent developments. You will be able to manage and respond to all customers’ needs from the comfort of a single, moderately priced platform. To further facilitate engagement and communication, the software integrates with other messaging and help desk platforms, including prominent providers such as Zendesk, Slack, and Facebook Messenger.

What is unique about Freshchat?

  1. Streamlined messaging experience. Freshchat lets you categorize messages and conversations into custom groups to let you build realistic expectations from every discussion, and hand each customer over to the right agent or team.
  2. Modern web messenger. You get a modern web messenger that lets you share emoji and digital content to replicate a real social media feel.
  3. Automated lead capture. Freshchat lets you automate workflows through pre-formatted responses to common queries, helping you optimize resolution time and enhance lead activities.
  4. Self-help for your visitors. Even when an agent is not around, visitors can be provided with FAQ searching experience inside the messenger, and get answers to their questions in 31+ languages.
  5. Invaluable intelligence. Freshchat’s real-time dashboard showcases a visual summary of how your teams are performing, and let you measure speed of response, conversation trends, resolution time, and deep dive into any team member’s workload.

2. LiveChat

LiveChat is a online chat and help desk solution that enables your support and service teams to talk with clients and potential customers directly on your websites in real time. It offers features and functions that you can use for your online sales and marketing, web analytics, and live customer care or support requirements. It has a web-based chat window, web-based control panel, and operator application cross-platform capabilities that allow chatting with visitors from any connected device. It offers a comprehensive set of tools not only for chat but also for ticketing, customer engagement, third party integration, file sharing, work scheduling, advanced reporting, multiple branding, data security, geo-tagging, co-browsing, chat surveys, and more.

Furthermore, it provides real-time website traffic monitoring, dashboards and statistics, efficiency analysis, and custom/standard or interactive reports. It supports 30 languages and integrates with dozens of other applications and platforms, extending the software’s functionality to include ecommerce, sales, CRM, email marketing, content management, accounting, and analytics, to name some.

The vendor offers a great free trial that lets you try out all the key features first. You can easily sign up for LiveChat free trial here.

What is unique about LiveChat?

  1. Intensive customization. With LiveChat, you get a full suite of customization options including chat window types, pre-made window chat themes. custom chat window logo, and customizable chat buttons, among others.
  2. Integrated ticketing system. Built right within the software is a full help desk functionality with its ticketing system to help you  quickly resolve customer issues.
  3. Real-time traffic monitoring. Easily track your visitors in real time so that your help desk agents can talk to more people in less time.
  4. Complete visibility. Get a full tab of your chat history and performance metrics so you can fine tune your workflows and operation to be even more responsive to your customer’s needs.
  5. Built for ecommerce and customer support. The software is an ideal tool for e-commerce sales and support providing you an efficient and dependable communications platform with your customers.

3. Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ is Zoho’s dedicated chat and visitor tracking solution for inbound sales teams, and a truly innovative product that adds up functionality to adapt easily to the needs of any business, including startups and small companies. It will offer you a proactive chat support widget paired to your marketing efforts, and help you connect with visitors in real time, and before they’ve actually demanded your assistance. SalesIQ is also oriented towards international and progressive teams, and enables 24/7 support, with custom messages in a variety of languages. You will also appreciate its tight integration with Zoho CRM that initiates automated triggers based on visitors’ activities on your website, and makes it possible to identify and score prospects, and build up the best approach for each of them. Note that the vendor offers dedicated live chat solutions for ecommerce, customer service, financial, travel services, and startups. You can sign up for Zoho SalesIQ free trial here.

What is unique about Zoho SalesIQ?

  1. Sales intelligence indicators. Thanks to Zoho SalesIQ’s advanced communication patterns, you can later transform queries into sales intelligence indicators, and use them to improve the quality of your business decisions.
  2. Generates and scores leads. Zoho SalesIQ’s communication module will not only enable you to assess customer queries, but also generate and score leads on your behalf, and help you pay the most attention to prospective buyers.
  3. Immediate notifications. Regardless of your traffic rates, you will always be able to respond to requests, since employees will be immediately notified. This will have a very positive impact on how customers perceive you and your brand.
  4. Tight integration with Zoho CRM. Zoho SalesIQ works in synergy with Zoho CRM, meaning that you can follow the past actions of your customers and reap benefits in your current campaign. Entering lead information manually can take plenty of time, but Zoho SalesIQ does that automatically. At the same time, it works with other prominent products in the Zoho suite, and eliminates the need to invest in third-party solutions.
  5. Personalized chat functions.  You can use Zoho’s personalized chat function to share offers and promotions in a more direct manner. Zoho SalesIQ is among the most affordable solutions that can be customized with logos, brand widgets, welcoming messages, agent head shots, preferred color schemes, and so on.

4. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is an all-in-one help desk and live chat solution for a wide range of businesses from small business to big brands like BMW, YAMAHA, HUAWEI, eSky, and Forbesfone and help them deliver the best, in-time service for their customers. The platform will handle assistance requests coming from all support channels you have in place, and transform all conversations and communication into stored tickets at your agents’ convenience. The real-time chat messenger it offers is in fact a widget you can tweak and embed on multiple web locations, and connect instantly to your request database to save issues from slipping through the cracks. Advanced users can also consider making use of the vendor’s call center functionalities and 24/7 advanced self-service portals, and have a team of experts assist them on building a better engagement strategy.

What is unique about LiveAgent?

  1. A unified database. Using LiveAgent, all your data will be stored under one roof, classified and delivered to different departments depending on a set of preset rules, leaving no more than 25% of the overall routing and redirecting to be handled manually by the agents.
  2. Social channel management. LiveAgent is perfectly integrated with Facebook and Twitter to ensure that you are able to serve customers at all instances. You can also monitor activities and brand mentions across these social channels, capture trends and business opportunities, and what’s even more important – avoid negative posts.
  3. Processing an unlimited number of queries. LiveAgent is capable of processing hundreds of queries per day, regardless of the size of your team. It also enables powerful email support and stores tickets under one roof to ensure no request slips through the cracks.
  4. Advanced self-service. With LiveAgent, repetitive questions are being automatically converted in FAQs, and placed in the same-name section to be used as a source of information. LiveAgent even enables you to deal with completely new and challenging questions that don’t fall under any category.
  5. Reliable support. LiveAgent offers 24/7 full lifetime support to all clients, regardless of the plan. The team can be contacted via phone, email, live chat, or on-site tickets.

5. ProProfs Chat

The first thing that will attract your attention when working with ProProfs Chat is its super-charged, yet hassle-free interface. For several years so far, this platform has dominated the market of live chat service providers, not because of being completely free to use, but because of offering the same enterprise-grade functionality you’d expect from a premium tool. The embeddable widget is fast, reliable, and ahead of its time, and comes packed with personalization and engagement elements you can’t acquire from another system. You can set your own predefined messages, anticipate questions and pull in canned responses, and direct users to operator chat boxes for additional support. The widget uses a pre-chat form to capture visitors’ details and replace your traditional CRM, and can also be activated on iOS and Android devices, and any other operating system. You can sign up for ProProfs free trial here.

What is unique about ProProfs Chat?

  1. Quick customer engagement. ProProfs Chat allows you to use pre-defined messages and greetings, create and customize message with their library of pre-built templates. These features enable you to quickly engage your customers and address their issues and concerns.
  2. Accurate visitor tracking. With ProProfs Chat, you are able to see what your visitors are looking at on your site in real-time. You are also able to view what they are typing, providing you a clear picture of what they are looking for.
  3. Embedded chat support for any website. ProProfs Chat Support can be embedded on any website, by simply copying the code and pasting it on the desired page. The Chat Support works well on any browser or operating system.
  4. Pre-chat subscription forms. ProProfs’ pre-chat forms let you capture contact information and generate new leads to further improve conversions. Whenever your visitors come to your website, your support operators can deliver proactive chat invitations for engagement and then guide them through the sales funnel.
  5. Open API architecture. ProProfs Chat comes with an open API architecture, which means you can easily connect it to an array of third-party systems and applications.

6. Intercom Live Chat

Intercom is another customer support and tracking suite that offers a dedicated chat module that small businesses can purchase independently. It targets primarily sales teams looking to acquire more leads, by enabling them to respond and engage random visitors from their own website. In the meanwhile, the smart tool captures and qualifies lead information with a Lead Qualification Bot, and redirects data to a dedicated team inbox for easier reporting. For a more pleasant customer journey, Intercom also puts in place a variety of engagement tools, as for instance auto-messaging, email campaigns, adept A/B testing, and message progress insights. All messages are prepared using behavior, referral URL, and Clearbit Reveal data as sources of information, which means you will be able to build up the right approach for each and every customer.

What is unique about Intercom Live Chat?

  1. Customer intelligence. Thanks to its advanced live chat features, Intercom allows you to see where your users come from, the number of times they have visited your site, their timezone, and get the information of their social profiles and operating system.
  2. Multi-language support. Intercom gives you an option to select other languages on your messenger. Just click “add language” and then click “make default” so all of the UI languages will appear on your messenger and you and your team can chat with users from all around the world.
  3. Fully customizable messenger. Intercom lets you customize your messenger and  make the chat function available for selected users. You can also add a link of your product in the messenger and create a custom launcher for your iOS and Android apps.
  4. Easy import/export of data. Intercom also allows you to import your user data from CSV, MailChimp, and Mixpanel to your Intercom account. You can update user data and add new features for selected users, and update their email in Intercom account.
  5. Live lead profiles. Intercom collects and organizes lead information in detailed profiles, so that your agents are able to predict a customer’s request, and respond to it accurately and in time.

7. Zendesk Chat

A list like this would certainly be unreliable without Zendesk Chat on it, the world’s number one provider of customer assistance services that recently adopted Zopim as its flagship chatting product. Reputation, however, is far from being the only reason to consider Zendesk Chat for your needs; with this platform, you will always be a step ahead of your customers’ expectations, being able to anticipate their questions, and respond rapidly and accurately. According to satisfied users, Zendesk Chat makes end customers 3 times more likely to complete a purchase, as they wait in less time, and receive on-point responses. Zendesk Chat is also the master of proactive engagement that reduces card abandonment, and monitors and improves agents’ performance to help you optimize the value of your team. The affordable pricing scheme makes this tool perfect for small and growing businesses.

What is unique about Zendesk Chat?

  1. Automated live chat capabilities. Zendesk automates chat, and makes sure customers know you’re there long before they can fire the first question. It will help you serve them in line with your branding and marketing strategies, and assign the right inquiries to the right agents.
  2. Adept customer intelligence. You can also use Zendesk Chat to monitor visitors and make behavior records that will help you engage the right leads. While helping you deliver timely service, this tool will track and customer satisfaction levels, measure problem resolution progress, and compare performance between agents and teams.
  3. End-to-end scalability.  Zendesk Chat is a fully scalable and customizable solution, praised particularly by sales teams looking to nurture leads in a personalized way. This means that you can easily align engagement practices to your business rules.
  4. A number of eCommerce integrations. Zendesk Chat aims primarily to serve online merchants and retailers, which is why it was enabled to work in synergy with leading eCommerce tools and marketplaces solutions. As an example, you can use it with Magento, Shopify, and Tictail.
  5. Single agents get it for free. Single agents get to use Zendesk chat for free, while team-friendly and premium plans vary between $11.20 for small businesses and $44/agent/month for larger ones. captures attention with an irrepressible interface and a vast number of out-of-the-box features small companies can acquire for free. It is the leader of many live chat software classifications, and owes its reputation to its non-compromised presence on websites, mobile apps, and all types of custom pages. In short, is a unified chat solution that will work wherever you put it, and grant you just enough configuration possibilities to make it an integral part of your business. Plus, it takes only 1 minute to set up and running, and just as much to invite agents on board and start messaging your customers. The tool will track and monitor the progress of your team, review your chat history, and save your data for further usage.

What is unique about

  1. 100% free. offers no basic and premium plans for users to choose from, but packs all of its great functionalities within a single, free-to-use live chat package. This makes it ideal for small businesses.
  2. Advanced and customizable widgets. With, it will be very easy to deliver high-quality and personalized customer service, as the platform supplies you with frictionless channels for conversational commerce, and initiates chats with app users without your intervention. It will also offer built-in ticketing, canned shortcuts, automated triggers, and other out-of-the-box features (available in 27 languages, uses over 1800 different emojis).
  3. Native mobile apps.’s application is not limited to desktop devices; instead, there are dedicated apps for Android and iPhone users, and JavaScript APIs you can use to embed it on a desired location.
  4. Useful add-ons.’s functonality can be expanded with two unique add-ons: the ‘Remove Branding& Withe Label’ add on that lets you use your own domain when sending support emails; and the ‘Hire Chat Agents’ add-on designed to secure assistance by professional agents for only $1 per hour.
  5. Traffic intelligence. will monitor your website’s traffic, and make sure you’re always there when your customers need you. It puts in place Geo IP tracking and tracks sentiment, and keeps cases neatly organized in a historical database for easier reporting.

9. Stride

Stride (formerly known as HipChat) is another interesting alternative for small teams oriented towards simple solutions, and a well-reputed Atlassian product that prides itself with impeccable functionality. The platform enables both direct messaging and group chats, and enables a number of advanced collaboration tools such as voice & video conferencing to meet the needs of larger support teams. Modern and intuitive, Stride takes support conversations to a whole new engaging level, letting end customers view live presentations and exchange files, share their screens with a single click, and consult their support agents on all devices and locations.

What is unique about Stride?

  1. Advanced collaboration between support agents. Stride puts in place advanced communications and collaboration features such as video calling, screen sharing, and file sharing, and lets agents assist each other and provide top notch service.
  2. Compatibility with all popular operating systems. Stride is compatible with all leading computer and mobile operations systems such as Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and yes, even Linux. A fully-responsive web app version is also available.
  3. Customizable notifications. You can easily make Stride work in line with your engagement practices by customizing notifications on updates and missed messages. You decide how to keep agents on the same page, namely with in-app, email, SMS, and mobile push notifications.
  4. A very secure platform. All information captured and exchanged via Stride is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption, which means it will be difficult to fall in the hands of an unauthorized person, and that its integrity will never be questioned.
  5. A free Basic plan for small teams. Stride’s Basic App is free for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android users who need no more than 5 GB of file storage.

10. LiveEngage

LiveEngage is a scalable, powerful, and yet an easy-to-understand messaging platform developed by LivePerson. The company can brag about its more than 20 years of experience in the live chat service industry, providing some of the most popular desktop and mobile messaging applications. The first and main benefit you will experience from it is being able to serve customers through the channel they prefer, and you can always initiate a personalized conversation based on the data you receive. The intelligent system will also guarantee committed response times as expected by your customers, and give them a chance to mark their inquiries as ‘urgent’, so that they’d receive special assistance. Plus, the product comes with a 15-day money back guarantee, and a great trial version small companies can use to check it out.

What is unique about LiveEngage?

  1. Professional customer care, anytime. LiveEngage will not only consider a customer’s question as it comes in, but also inform him/her on how long they will wait for their answer. In 4 minutes or less, you will receive an incoming mobile notification about it wherever you are, check the info on that customer right next to the conversation panel, and reroute the request to the appropriate agents.
  2. Accelerated service. LiveEngage makes it possible for customers to mark their inquiries as urgent to resolve these tickets fast. Voice callers such as VIPs or people with simple questions can be sent an SMS inviting them to jump to the front of the line to launch a mobile messaging conversation
  3. Automated analytics. With LiveEngage, you only receive information that matters to you. Customer care professionals can see their daily operational KPI metrics updated in real time, and as they chat with their customers. All info is easy to export for reporting purposes.
  4. Automated Customer Satisfaction Scoring. LiveEngage eliminates the need to create and use surveys; instead, it uses its advanced Meaningful Connection Score (MCS) to evaluate the relationship between your brand and your customers; and a text analytics system and advanced natural language processing techniques to process requests.
  5. Mobile messaging. LiveEngage works equally well on traditional and mobile devices, and will keep you in service of your customers regardless of your location.

11. Smartsupp

Smartsupp is best known for offering live chat services with the possibility to video-record visitors, which makes it a unique provider in the industry. The modern chatting service is trusted by more than 160,000 companies worldwide, including both novice brands and names such as SkyPICKER, SKODA, and Conrad. Using it, your agents will receive instant notifications whenever a user is trying to establish contact, and be able to provide answers in real time. The screen of the visitor will be automatically recorded to help identify the issue, and develop a better strategy on how to approach him. Smartsupp supports all leading CMS platforms and marketplaces, and it is also available to use on smartphones with various operating systems.

What is unique about Smartsupp?

  1. Real-time notifications. With Smartsupp, you can instantly answer your visitors’ questions. You will get a notification every time a visitor initiates a chat conversation on your website, alongside a detailed overview of returning visitors.
  2. A chat functionality you can embed on any website. Smartsupp can be embedded on any website. You can also the offered tutorials give a look to integrate the app with other popular platforms. Another interesting option is to use your mobile device to chat with visitors from any location.
  3. Customization. Smartsupp lets you customize the position, texts, colors, and pictures of your chat box, so that they will match your company identity. You can also make use of the product’s API for advanced customization options.
  4. Personalized auto-messages. Using Smartsupp, you can set up custom rules to automatically send personalized messages to your visitors. Auto-messages can help to improve online sales (measurable in Google Analytics).
  5. Recording the screens of your visitors. Smartsupp makes it possible to watch video recordings of the visitors on your website. This helps you to view their screen, mouse clicks, and movement, and understand their behavior.

12. Comm100

If you’re running an ambitious sales team in need of a unified live chat solution, look no further than Comm100. The powerful communication platform brings up the best the live chat market has to offer, packed neatly in an understandable unit that doesn’t require time or effort to learn. It will help you improve conversations, sales, and customer satisfaction ratings, ensure you will be there for buyers when they need you, and on any channel of communication, and boost the reputation of your brand in less than no time. Among other advanced features, Comm100 will also offer an automation chatbot, video and audio chat, automated routing and distribution, a built-in translator in several languages, co-browsing, and a number of great customization options. It will also help you pull off valuable intelligence, and draft end-to-end live chat reports – a feature that has so far been available only for enterprise grade users.

What is unique about Comm100?

  1. End-to-end customization. Comm100 is fully customizable, meaning that you can configure everything from the chat button and window to the post-chat rating methods to fit your brand, and enable/disable the functions you don’t really need (pre-chat surveys, for instance).
  2. Monitoring visitors’ behavior. The platform monitors visitors’ behavior, and keeps track of their navigation preferences. The information is afterwards stored in a historical database, where you can see where users are coming from, how many times they landed on a particular page, how much time they spent browsing, and more.
  3. Automated chat invitations. Comm100 Live Chat invites customers to chat automatically, and therefore provides incentives for them to interact with you. You can choose the group of users that these invitations will be sent to, according to the data related to their behavior and preferences, or let the platform do that for you.
  4. Auto-translation. Comm100 puts in place translation services to ensure you can engage visitors and customers coming from other geographies.
  5. CMS integrations. Comm100 integrates with all leading content management systems to ensure that live chat services can be embedded with ease on any website.

13. Chatra

Chatra gives you the choice of whether you want to initiate a conversation with clients, or wait for them to make their inquiries. The hassle-free system helps predominantly small sales teams, which not only get to answer questions and clarify concerns, but also engage prospects to support their upselling and cross-selling efforts. The questions your visitors submit while you’re not available will be delivered to you on special email lists, and stored for further usage. Being available on a messenger app will help you preserve traction with customers even when you’re not online, as you can engage them with automated messages and invites, and collect actionable feedback on how to improve your service.

What is unique about Chatra?

  1. Built for small sales teams. Chatra helps ambitious sales teams boost customer engagement, as they can use it to clarify issues and concerns, cross-sell and upsell, and streamline the ordering process.
  2. Reducing cart abandonment rates. Chatra engages visitors automatically, and lets them know you’re there to answer their questions and solve their issues. Simple messages like these help retain visitors and motivate them to complete their orders, as a result of which you will certainly reduce cart abandonment rates.
  3. Offline messaging. When offline, your team will be available to customers via messenger, and distribute targeted auto-messages to let customers know your there for them 24/7.
  4. A modern messaging experience. Chatra uses Avatars, notifications, typing indicators, and other out-of-the-box features to ensure you will provide customers a truly modern chatting experience.
  5. Building your own customer lists. Chatra will also have a role in your email marketing strategy. It will collect and organize customer questions, and store them to support your future selling efforts.

14. Drift

Drift is touted as a one-of-a-kind conversational marketing and sales platform, able to turn each customers’ question or inquiry into a productive sales meeting. With years of experience in the industry, Drift combines effective targeting and nurturing in a simple-to-use communication package, assembles features in plans tailored to different marketing tiers, and gets rid of traditional forms and follow ups with real-time virtual assistance. It will secure access to slider messages, full-page takeovers, targeting, and custom triggers for agents to send the right messages in the right time, as well as an artificial intelligence bot that will collect and arrange information while they’re doing it. Drift will integrate easily with the rest of your software ecosystem, including leading CMS platforms, CRM solutions, and international marketplaces.

What is unique about Drift?

  1. Chat targeting. Drift lets you pre-qualify conversations and connect with right people, and decide where the chat box will appear on your website or application. You can even rely on filmographic data to choose the ideal placement for it.
  2. Activity history. Drift keeps all key visitors and interactions arranged on a single timeline, and gives you access to the entire conversation history, playbook interactions, and events.
  3. Continuity via chat & email. Drift lets visitors continue their conversations even after they abandon your website, as they will receive an email containing the link to the chat widget, and be able to reply with a direct message.
  4. Pulls in all important customer data. Drift is designed predominantly for sales agents and teams, as it pulls in all relevant data as soon as a visitor identifies himself. This means that you will have access to their locations, job and company information, social profiles, and more.
  5. Canned responses. Drift will give your agents the possibility to save common responses; arrange them in a detailed library, and pull them back in with a single click once a similar case emerges.

15. Pure Chat

Pure Chat is a 100% free live chat platform for unlimited conversations and agents, currently used across all geographies. The embeddable widget gives customers the chance to contact you via emails, phone, and social media platforms, and acts as a dedicated Engagement hub that works seamlessly on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. You will also benefit from an advanced visitor tracking & analytics suite that depicts all relevant traffic patterns, distinguishes qualified leads to help you close more sales, and arranges your data in highly visual charts and graphs. With a single click, you will be able to see the entire activity history of your visitors, and automate your entire sales workflow relying on integrations such as Zapier, HubSpot, Google Analytics, and more.

What is unique about Pure Chat?

  1. Identifying best quality leads. Pure Chat helps you to check how many visitors are on your website, their activity history, number of visits, and identify the best quality leads so you can start a conversation with them at any given moment.
  2. Tracking each conversation, and collecting transcripts. The platform enables users keep track of every conversation with every client, collect the transcripts, quickly email them to other members, review the chats with chat metrics for any date range, and create weekly updates for leaders by simply downloading .csv file for chat metrics.
  3. Fully customizable and friendly chat boxes. Pure Chart also gives you the freedom to customize your chat box, change the background and profile image, create a personal chat page with URL personal connections, and change your contact information.
  4. Roles & Permissions for the team. Pure Chat gives you the ability to add users and give them specific privileges and tasks and to manage your team with Pure Chat settings, and assign different departments to their widget so your visitors can get in touch with the right person.
  5. Mobile apps for constant contact. You can use Pure Chat mobile applications for iOS and Android to start chat with your clients from your phone, and stay in contact with them even when on a business trip.

16. Olark

Olark is another prominent live chat solution you can embed on your website for sales and customer support teams. It is suitable for all types of businesses including small companies, and aims to support their marketing efforts and sales funnel growth. Providing support and resolving issues is far from the only thing this widget can do; it will also help you acquire quality leads, with all conversations being neatly stored on your email, and all insights being translated to transcripts for better sales touch points. Sales teams will also find the automated chat function beneficial, as it will provide them with enough information on each customer for a more personalized approach. A number of useful plugins are also offered for users to connect this widget to all popular marketplaces, email service providers, and business intelligence applications.

What is unique about Olark?

  1. Hassle-free chatting. Olark is a hassle-free and straightforward live chat platform that enables you to monitor leads, create and find opportunities, and deliver topnotch support to your clients all from a single page.
  2. Detailed reports. Olark provides you with beautiful, detailed reports you can use to track results and derive actionable insights, and use them for better business decisions and commercial success.
  3. Multiple chat options. As an end-to-end customer service platform, Olark supplies you with a variety of advanced chatting options, including in-browser and target chat, chat ratings, offline messages, instant notifications, and more.
  4. Reliable customer support. Olark users are provided 24/7 assistance by a reliable team of experts. You can reach support any time, via email, phone, live chat, or on-site tickets.
  5. Suitable for all businesses. Olark’s live chat and customer support functionality serves equally well small, medium, and large businesses; and freelance agents. It will be useful to service suppliers from all branches and industries.

17. HappyFox Chat

HappyFox Chat is a simple, easy, and fast communication platform small businesses can embed on any website or application. It provides invaluable and actionable insights on your visitors’ behavior, and help you understand how to approach each customer. HappyFox will also help you find opportunities, personalize promotions and have better customer conversations, and provide a coherent support experience that will make visitors remember you. Despite of the moderate pricing, HappyFox Chat will allow you to involve an unlimited number of agents, conduct an unlimited number of chats, and customize the widget in detail for premium performance. At the same time, HappyFox Chat will keep your data well-protected, and integrated with the rest of your software solutions.

What is unique about HappyFox Chat?

  1. Very user-friendly. HappyFox Chat is best known for its simplified navigation, understandable dashboards, and above all the extremely high level of customization and personalization it provides. Next to being an engaging live chat application, HappyFox can also be used as a compact CRM and marketing automation tool.
  2. A collaboration hub for your agents. With HappyFox Chat, managers are able to include all of their agents into the customer engagement process, and to provide them a private collaboration channel where they can cooperate and provide the best customer experience possible.
  3. A detailed database of customer profiles. HappyFox Chat arranges all customer details in well-organized profiles, and stores them within a searchable database for easier identification.
  4. Compatible with leading help desks and CRM solutions. HappyFox Chat lets you enjoy a simplified set up procedure, and it will simply click with Zapier, Zendesk, Sugar CRM, or whatever other app you’re using, without building custom integrations.
  5. Very affordable. Small teams and sole agents get to use HappyFox Chat for free, while upper and premium plans cost between $14 and $99 per agent, per month.

18. Userlike

With Userlike, you can provide web, mobile, and messaging support to your customers, whenever they need your assistance. The simplified chat hub is trusted by both first-time users and leading businesses such as Mercedes-Benz, Trivago, NIVEA, and Allianz, as its functionality is easily expandable with a number of groups, widgets, and across different communication channels. The service relies on predefined macros to let you chat with up to 10 customers at a time, and can be set up in only few minutes. Creative support teams will appreciate how customizable it is, as it can be adjusted to the look, feel, and logic of any brand, and connected to a number of popular software solutions such as Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Pipedrive. Note that Userlike’s functionality is available in several different languages, including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.

What is unique about Userlike?

  1. Unparalleled ease of use. With Userlike, you can literally get started in 3 minutes. All you need to do is to copy and paste your unique code into your website, and you can start chatting with your web visitors. Additional installations won’t be required.
  2. A proactive chat service. With Userlike, you can proactively invite your visitors to chat, get feedback ratings on your service, and gather social media followers all through your chat service. The chat boxes are fully customizable, and will easily match the looks and feel of your website.
  3. Scalability. Userlike can easily scale to meet greater demands when your website traffic and support team increase. This makes the platform equally useful for small, medium, and large businesses.
  4. Blends easily into any software ecosystem. The vendor offers a range of CRM integrations and as well as an Open API for advanced setup. You can use the integrations to give your agents the information they need to offer a personalized service.
  5. Impeccable data security. Data security is assured with multiple servers hosted in Europe, and multiple features that guarantee adherence to data regulations and web visitor privacy.

19. is an open-to-configure and multi-channel live chat platform built for developers. The flexible and highly-configurable solution aims to serve teams with unique needs which can’t seem to find an adequate support solution, right because it allows them to introduce all changes they have in mind. It will allow you to respond, engage and convert leads according to your business rules, and get a place on every communication channel where your customers reach out for assistance. also comes with an array of customer engagement functionalities, including pre-chat surveys, chat ratings, easy file-sharing, automated or manual chat routing, Facebook chatting widgets, and more. Their pricing is flexible, and the service is made available to teams of all sizes.

What is unique about

  1. An array of advanced chatting features. is best known for being “ahead of the game,” and has been pleasing users with advanced functionalities since its release. You will get a special chat widget you can embed on your website, a chat archive, canned responses, continuous chats, message sneak-peeks, and more.
  2. Valuable customer engagement tools. will supply you with chat ratings, pre-chat surveys, smart/manual chat routing, file sharing capabilities, and many other tools that help you engage customers and personalize contact with them. You can use your chat widget on more than one website, and even embed it on your social media profiles.
  3. Rich agent profiles. With, agents will have access to detailed customer information, and a clear overview of previous issues and cases to approach inquiries in the right manner. This means that will instantly become your main customer support asset, and eliminate all need to use third-party software.
  4. Support from every device. ensures you will always be there for your customers, as it offers dedicated website apps, desktop apps for Mac and Windows, and mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  5. Social media integrations. works in synergy with Facebook and Twitter accounts, and will soon be integrated with all leading email service providers.

20. REVE Chat

REVE Chat is a comprehensive customer engagement platform that offers Live Chat, Voice Chat, Video Chat, Facebook Messaging and Viber Messaging services to streamline service and support for your website visitors and customers. With REVE Chat, your support agents have the platform to personally provide guidance and assistance to visitors throughout their whole journey at your website. It offers an extensive set of capabilities and features, ranging from the trusty live chat functionality to a more interactive voice/video chat setup and the familiarity and versatility that comes with Facebook and Viber messaging among others. It is a very simple and straightforward live chat solution and can be quickly integrated into your website. REVE Chat is available in three low-cost pricing plans.

What is unique about REVE Chat?

  1. Customer feedback platform. You can easily gather customer feedback and gain actionable insight that you can use to better understand your customers and improve your services.
  2. Efficient agent assistance. It ensures that requests are routed to the right department and handled by the most qualified agents whenever a visitor need expert answers.
  3. Mobile integration. With REVE Chat, you can add live chat service to your Android mobile application in a few minutes with mobile SDK.
  4. Visitor analytics. Know website visitors by their names, geographic locations, current page visits etc. and offer more personalized support.
  5. Auto trigger. As an online chat software, it automates your live chat assistance through personalized triggers that helps you automatically create some desired actions based on certain predefined situations.
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