List of Top 10 Leading CRM Software Solutions

HubSpot: No. 1 CRM Solution


Keeping your customers is always a good way of doing business. Not only does it make your new-acquisition costs lower, but it sustains profitability for a long time. Whether you’re in banking and finance, retail, or any other industries, CRM or customer relationship management has an important role in your bottom line. And at the heart of this strategy is a good CRM software to help you consolidate customer data and integrate sales, marketing, and service processes.

In this list of top 10 leading CRM software, we highlight the unique benefit of each solution. We also provide case examples that each software tries to solve. With a basic understanding of key strengths of each solutions, you’ll find it easier to choose an appropriate tool for your company.

1. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is one of the most popular CRM apps on the market. It has a neat visual interface that gives you a quick overview of your sales pipeline. The software focuses on the pipeline as the core feature to make your sales cycle run with transparency. The vendor offers a very useful free trial plan that you can check out first. You can easily sign up for Pipedrive free trial here.

Pipedrive won our Expert's Choice Award for 2017

What makes it unique?

It has a highly visual sales pipeline to track deals and activities from first touch to closing. If you’re a fan of Kanban, you’ll love the clear lead-to-conversion layout. Although many CRM apps have boards too, Pipedrive’s layout is color-coded and neat, even featuring a photo of the sales rep or contact related to the deal. The CRM software also has solid Android and iOS apps, where the visual pipeline is easily accessible.

What problems it helps to solve?

It gives you clear visibility on where the deals are, which ones are moving and which are stagnating on which sales stage. Some managers prefer visual ticklers than perusing over reports. Likewise, Pipedrive’s fully featured mobile apps mean you can easily access the interface anywhere you have internet connection available.

2. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is part of the HubSpot sales and marketing suite. The CRM app is available for free and designed to integrate with the paid Sales Pro and Marketing Pro tools to help you nurture leads, increase conversion rate, and kick off your inbound marketing.

What makes it unique?

It’s 100% free with unlimited users and no expiry date being One of the most robust freemiums not just in CRM, but in the entire SaaS. HubSpot features core CRM functions like contact management and lead-to-conversion pipeline. The tools and workflows are pretty straightforward, even non-technical users or managers who are new to CRM will find this app easy to adopt.

When integrated with the paid HubSpot Sales Pro and Marketing Pro, the CRM gives you an extensive way to organize contacts with detailed descriptions, track priority leads, and launch campaigns at targeted prospects.

What problems it helps to solve?

HubSpot is known for its inbound marketing expertise. All the tips and techniques you can learn from HubSpot are easy to implement using the integrated CRM app. For instance, segmenting the leads is easier when you have 360-degree visibility of your contacts. Likewise, identifying interested visitors in real time is possible once you embed the Prospect code on your site. You can associate the right campaigns and contacts and attach related tasks as you move leads across the sales stages. Your sales and marketing efforts are more consolidated with HubSpot CRM.

3. Salesforce CRM

Salsforce CRM is part of the Salesforce sales and marketing platform. This software is targeted at mid-sized businesses and large enterprises as it offers a comprehensive suite of tools for contact and lead management. When integrated with other Salesforce apps, the CRM delivers seamless salesforce and marketing automation, sales analytics and cloud storage capabilities.

What makes it unique?

Because it’s part of the Salesforce ecosystem, users of this app enjoy native integration to a comprehensive sales and marketing platform. As a pioneering SaaS vendor, Salesforce continues to deliver newer technologies to enhance your business processes. Currently, Salesforce CRM also has access to the company’s AI-assisted lead management.

What problems it helps to solve?

It features a wide array of tools to organize and sort contacts, track leads, and even predict the conversion rate of promising leads. If you need to scale up for more sophisticated tools like reporting and analytics, Salesforce CRM easily integrates with the vendor’s other packages.

4. Insightly

Insightly is easy to use and offers you a great set of mobile apps. The CRM app is ideal for fast-growing small businesses that need more features as their customer base grows. Insightly efficiently consolidates sales and marketing with project management tools.

What makes it unique?

Unlike many of its competitors, Insightly has more plans should you need more features. It’s available in five tiers from free to enterprise. The features include powerful business intelligence and reporting tools, as well as more workflow approvals. It also offers a range of email templates and capable of granular sharing. The software has a strong project management focus, allowing you to track milestones toward your goal.

What problems it helps to solve?

Insightly fits scenarios where the manager requires multiple teams to handle different aspects of sales and marketing. If you have a project management approach in marketing, this software will suit you to a T. You can create groups and track member activities in each team. Likewise, you can manage teams using its solid mobile apps, a flexibility afforded to managers on the go.

5. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is widely used by freelancers and small businesses with focus on social media lead sourcing. It integrates with prospects’ Facebook or Twitter pages to help you spot potential customers. It also has a freemium but only for up to ten users.

What makes it unique?

Zoho CRM has a strong focus on social media leads. It helps you to scrape Twitter and Facebook for prospects based on set rules. These can include brand mentions, interests based on shares and likes, and other social media signals. Social media leads are funneled into a sales pipeline, where sales reps start pushing prospects towards conversions. Tasks and updates are closely attached to each lead for monitoring.

What problems it helps to solve?

Social media is a wellspring of leads, but managing social pages is cumbersome and eats up sales reps’ time. If you lack a social media person, Zoho CRM will help you tap this lead stream. With a few clicks, leads are channeled immediately to the sales cycle, where your reps should focus their time more.

6. Nimble

Nimble gives you a single place for communication and collaboration tools you can use engage prospects in social media. Nimble’s contact management is robust, providing a public profile of your potential customers.

What makes it unique?

Nimble is popular for its contact record. It gives you rich details about a prospect. Aside from the basic details, each record contains signals from the prospect’s public social media posts. The software integrates with LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook, and with other apps like Gmail, Skype, and Yahoo. With this extensive external integration, you’ll get as much data on your customer as there is available.

What problem it helps to solve?

Nimble presents a single platform to listen to social signals, cull leads from social media, and allow sales to track prospects throughout the sales stages. It’s closely similar to Zoho CRM in focus, except that you get to scrape email details in Nimble and engage leads without leaving the app’s interface.

7. Nutshell CRM

Nutshell is a small business CRM with competitive reporting tools. Although it lags behind in other aspects, Nutshell makes up with its highly customizable dashboards. Even a proprietorship can use sophisticated analytics that’s normally leveraged by large enterprises.

What makes it unique?

Among small business CRM solutions, Nutshell has the most advanced reporting and dashboards. Its analytics generate full reports with import flexibility. Likewise, this app only has one price plan, $20 per user/month. You get all the features without caps on users, records, and storage.

What problem it helps to solve?

If you require a fully featured CRM you can easily sign up without worrying for scalability, you’ll like Nutshell’s one-plan approach. With good contact and lead management tools, the app’s real strength lies in its reporting and analytics. Reports are highly customizable. Even with a small team, you can start creating in-depth reports to assess your lead cycle rate, conversion rate, and other sales metrics.

8. bpm’ online CRM

Bpm’Online CRM focuses on process modification to help you adjust to different business scenarios. It’s integrated with the vendor’s sales and marketing applications for an end-to-end suite that covers the entire customer purchase journey.

What makes it unique?

If you engage in a fluid business environment, you need agility to adjust quickly to new scenarios. Bpm’online CRM lets you change processes on the fly with no coding necessary. Your sales stages can adapt to different tiers or milestones, while keeping marketing and service closely tied in. Before implementing the new workflows, you can test examples, then make the improvements, if any.

What problem it helps to solve?

If you’re dealing with various industries, this CRM is useful. You can immediately change processes to adapt to specific sales scenarios. You can set rules to add sales stages or approve workflows how sales, marketing, and service interact for different clients. Aside from this unique proposition, bpm’ online delivers core CRM functionalities, such as, 360-degree customer view, lead management, web tracking, campaign management, email marketing, and event management.

9. Freshsales

Freshsales is a simple CRM solution ideal for businesses that are just starting to incorporate CRM principles into their sales and marketing. The core functions are present and easy to understand. It’s a good tool to start surfacing opportunities off an idle customer base.

What makes it unique?

It has standard lead management with a good enough sales reporting. Freshsales may look like the average CRM, but it’s perfect to introduce small and mid-sized businesses to CRM processes. It has no fancy analytics or dashboards, but it can quickly consolidate traditionally structured sales and marketing workflows. Perhaps it’s best come-on is that it natively integrates with Freshdesk, the popular help desk from the same vendor.

What problem it helps to solve?

It handles basic CRM processes like contact sourcing, lead funneling, task management, and standard reporting and dashboards.

10. Saleswah CRM

Saleswah CRM is an extremely versatile and highly customizable CRM software designed and developed to help small businesses enhance their sales performance by creating and managing a healthy sales pipeline and effectively converting leads into sales. It is a highly secure platform that offers unparalleled ease of use and a plethora of essential and premium features and capabilities.

What makes it unique?

Created primarily for businesses in the publishing, printing, capital equipment, and consumer product sectors, Saleswah is an ideal CRM solution in managing large teams composed of members from various geographical areas. It is the perfect customer relationship management system for teams that are involved sales, customer support or distribution.

What problem it helps to solve?

You can manage your CRM-related tasks on your desktop or do things even when you are mobile. Saleswah CRM is fully optimized for desktops, smartphones, and tablets, giving you the flexibility you need to stay on top of your business, manage your customer relationships efficiently, and identify and maximize on opportunities as they come. Whether you’re an Android, iOS, or a Windows Phone user, you can do things remotely with Saleswah.

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