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Pros & Cons of Flock: Analysis of a Top Communication Software

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What are the pros and cons of Flock?
The pros and cons of Flock highlight the robust and unique features included in its affordable paid plans. Also, despite its limitations, Flock’s free version has all the core features a small team or business can start with before they decide to upgrade and access the more sophisticated functions of Flock.

The main reason behind misunderstanding is the breakdown in communication, and the reason behind communication breakdown is not using the right communication channels. While this is particularly true for business organizations that employ remote workers, the same issue is also felt across the majority of employer-employee or manager-staff relationships.

Modern businesses continue to rely on communication software, even more, when it comes to communicating within the company premises. Although no virtual communication tool is one-size-fits-all perfect, some work more to your business’ or team’s advantage. Arguably, Flock is one of the leading communication and collaboration software systems. And in this article, we will examine relevant Flock pros and cons to help you weigh in on your decision if this is the tool you need.

flock pros and cons

A good communication system can be a major driving force behind business innovation. Good collaboration techniques, on the other hand, play key roles in enhancing productivity, which then leads to business growth. Within the last decade, software systems bearing these two major functions have emerged and flourished, benefitting business organizations all over the world. Collaboration tools have become standard features of communication systems, and this innovation has only propelled communication software’s already rising market value.

The communication software market worldwide has been steadily increasing by millions of dollars for years. And with the direction of communication channels gearing toward the virtual route, and with more workers choosing the remote setting, the projected growth in the market share is not at all surprising. 

Source: Apps Run The World; Statista

We are now living at a time when a simple email is no longer efficient and where business communication requires more than just sending and receiving messages and calls. According to a Forbes article, the past decade is the Slack generation with Slack and other tools like Asana at the forefront of applications used by organizations for communication and collaboration. There is no doubt that these applications have provided businesses, especially those with remote workers, with solid platforms. We, however, have now entered an era where there’s a multitude of other options lesser known than the top 10 communication software vendors that are getting the buzz and positive attention. 

What Is Flock?

Flock dashboard
Flock is a cloud-based communication application that is also equipped with robust collaboration software tools. It has all the core features of a powerful communication tool, such as direct and group messaging using smart channels, voice and video calls, screen and file sharing, and more. 

Aside from connecting teams and providing them with a solid virtual workspace, Flock is also designed to increase productivity with its process automation functionality and integrations with third-party applications. To make Flock more accessible to users, it also has desktop versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS, as well as a dedicated mobile application for Android and iOS devices.

With more than 30,000 clients globally, Flock is carving its own space next to other software giants, as evidenced by our communication software comparison article. But because it is not a perfect software, let us weigh in on its benefits and limitations in this Flock pros and cons article. 

Detailed Flock Review

Key Features Flock

  • Channel messaging
  • Direct messaging
  • Video conferencing
  • Guest users
  • Voice notes
  • Integrated search
  • Company directories
  • Mailcast app
  • Me channel
  • File sharing
  • To-dos
  • Polls
  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Process automation
  • Code snippets
  • Dark mode theme
  • Multiple integrations

Pros & Cons of Flock

1. Free version

Flock’s free version has standard communication features, such as unlimited one-on-one and group messages. You can also create up to 10 public channels and do one-on-one video calls. The downside to the free version is it does not support group video calls. Also, its file storage capacity is only 5GB, which may not be substantial for an entire team. It also has room for one admin, which is enough for a small team.

2. Affordable paid plans

Flocks app has two paid plans, and the first one is the Pro version, which is priced at $6/month per user. This plan caters to the needs of mid-size businesses with more than one team. Unlike the Free version, Pro’s features include group video calls, screen sharing, and priority support 24/7. The storage limit is also upgraded from the Free version’s 5GB/team to 10GB for each team member. Searching for message history is now also unlimited, as well as the number of public and private channels you can create. There is also room for more than one team admin.

The Enterprise plan designed for large organizations. Priced at $10/month, the Enterprise plan has all features included in the Pro plan with the addition of active directory sync, single sign-on, and dedicated 24/7 support.

3. Video conferencing

Just like a robust video conferencing software, Flock’s video conferencing feature allows you to connect with other users for one-on-one or group calls either from the desktop or mobile application. Pro and Enterprise versions offer unlimited voice calls for a maximum of 20 participants or users with no time limit. Meanwhile, the Free version only allows one-on-one video calls with a 20-minute duration for each call. You can also share your screen during group video calls; this feature, however, is also only available in Pro and Enterprise versions.

Flock video interface

Flock’s Pro and Enterprise versions support video conferencing with multiple users.

4. Full-featured messaging

Flock’s chat function has its own useful features that go beyond sending messages to a single user or a channel. These features are called message actions and include replying directly to a specific message in a thread, which is helpful when you are engaged in a group conversation and need to address the message of one participant. You can also add a message to your favorite list, or simply pin a message or a file in a conversation or a channel.

Another helpful feature is you can set a reminder either for yourself or for the other members of the channel when you have to follow-up on a message. Furthermore, you can add an event or appointment from a message directly to your calendar app. Other features include @mentions, read receipts, presence and last seen status, and more.

5. Voice notes

Another nifty timesaver feature by Flock is the voice notes. Instead of typing your message, you can just use this feature to send a voice message to another user or a channel. This function comes in handy when you are caught multitasking and want to save more time responding to messages. Voice notes also add a human touch to the message, which is sometimes more effective in emphasizing your points.

6. Productivity tools

Beyond its communication functions, Flock is equipped with essential tools geared toward boosting team productivity. Flock’s built-in process automation module is designed to automate any process in your business or organization with the help of a process designer feature. Flock’s process designer also has ready-made process templates that you can run, work on, and monitor within the app.

Other productivity features include to-dos, which is helpful when you are accomplishing a project with the members of a channel. You can share to-dos with due dates with the members of a channel as well as set reminders to keep everyone updated on the tasks that need to be done.

7. File sharing

Flock also performs the function of a file sharing software as it allows its users to share files either with another user or the participants of a channel. File sharing is also made simple via drag and drop function. You can share any type of files as long as it doesn’t exceed the 100MB limit. In case you have to share a file with a larger file size, you can upload it to first to Google Drive and share the link to Flock. 

Flock file sharing dashboard

You can share files directly to individual conversations or group channels or via Google Drive links.

8. Integrations

Flock integrates seamlessly with third-party collaboration, productivity, social media applications, and more. If you are using Trello, for example, Flock can give you real-time updates on your Trello boards’ activities. These activities include changes in due dates, new cards added to the boards, and more. Other applications Flock integrates with include Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Analytics, Dropbox, Todoist, Facebook Pages, OneDrive, Asana, Jira, Twitter,, GitHub, and others.

9. Deployment

Flock is a communication tool that can de be downloaded to computers with Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. Its mobile app supports iOS and Android devices. You can also use its cloud-based version (Flock for web). Also, if you use its Chrome extension, you can start conversations and create channels from your Gmail.

10. Mailcast app

Flock comes with a preinstalled Mailcast application, which is a unique feature that automatically creates a unique email address for your groups or channels. You can use this email address to send memos, files, etc., to all the members of the group or channel without the need to add the individual email addresses of each participant. You can also create your own mailing list and manually add participants or external collaborators to it.

11. Customer support

Flock’s customer support via live chat, tickets, email, and phone calls. The website also has a dedicated “Help” button for quick access to a comprehensive and smart knowledge base without leaving the page you are on. It also has a comprehensive knowledge base that provides users and admins with a variety of learning resources. These learning resources include video tutorials, a user and admin guide, and FAQs. If you are already using a customer support software like Freshdesk, you can also integrate it with Flock. 

12. Migrating from Slack

If your team is using Slack and would like to migrate to Flock, you can easily import all your team data from Slack to Flock. The team data that you can import include public and private channel data, as well as workspace data. Doing this will save you time from creating the same channels, setting up workspaces, and tracking down your conversations with individual users as they would all be migrated to Flock. 

flock slack migration

Migrating your Slack team to Flock is just a matter of clicking a button.

13. Full Admin Control

Admins have full control over channel visibility by setting the team on public or private, depending on how the team would like to be discovered by new users. The admin also has control over user access, such as which guest user to add and remove, which member can be invited, and which user can create channels and share files. Aside from user control, admins can also enable and disable third-party app integrations.

14. Security

Flock is SOC 2 compliant, which means the safety and integrity of user data are strictly protected via a sophisticated audit process. Flock also implements industry-standard data encryption of communication and traffic between users, servers, etc. If your team or organization is using G Suite, you can enable its single sign-on function using Google accounts.

A Communication and Collaboration Tool Worthy of Attention

Concluding our Flock pros and cons piece, this communication and collaboration software deserves its top position as a robust communication application. It has minor limitations, but its advantages outweigh its cons by far. In terms of affordability, Flock offers great value for money considering the functions, integrations, accessibility, and security features that come with the Pro and Enterprise versions. Meanwhile, the Free version offers a great way to test Flock’s basic navigation and functions, allowing you to determine whether it is worth upgrading to the paid plans and access the more advanced features.

Overall, Flock is far from being a basic communication and collaboration tool. It is definitely not just a Slack alternative but more of a competitor. It is a full-featured software designed not only to connect your team or the members of your organization but also to help you establish more efficient business operations.

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