Paldesk Pros & Cons: Analysis of a Leading Live Chat Software

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What are the pros and cons of Paldesk?

The pros and cons of Paldesk are evident in its ability to increase your conversion rate and customer satisfaction rating by letting you engage prospects on any major social media and allowing your agents to proactively nudge website visitors from strangers to customers. The free version is also a plus, but it’d been great had it featured a Wordpress integration, the CMS of choice by many. The app as a live chat tool is an enabler of customer happiness.

As with your other purchases, trying out a new live chat app should be based on value for money. A free app is great but only in so far as it addresses your need. A pricey plan may be costly, but if it delivers the goods, it’s a good buy. It’s all about ROI, the backbone of your decision to prefer one app over another.

Paldesk, for example, offers a free live chat app. For many, that’s a steal in itself. But if you are seriously considering to up the game of your customer support and lead generation, you’d want to take a closer look at its premium features. Do these features merit your budget? Let’s help you out with a detailed look at the solution.

In this article, we have gathered the long work of our experts looking at the pros and cons of Paldesk, one of the more prominent live chat software solutions in the market today. Specifically, we will be laying out the strong points of the live chat software as well as areas where it could be lacking, if any. That way, after going through this quick read you’ll have a better feel of its ROI to your business.

You may also want to pay special attention to how well this technology is implemented by others. Read how live chat can improve your sales using these four techniques.

Live chat has become a must-have tool for businesses, offering unprecedented cost efficiencies, sales opportunities, much-improved customer service and loyalty building, a speedier way to resolve pain points and a host of other advantages. One striking development is how online shoppers have come to prefer live chat over other methods of communication, as confirmed by an Aberdeen Group study. Without the often frustrating experience of telephone queues and blind alleys, customers are just overwhelmed by having a way to quickly do business with you.

Live chat is not as demanding of customer or prospect attention, allowing them time to work on other tasks while having the option to go back to an ongoing conversation even after leaving it for a time. It is a pattern that has caught the attention of Econsultancy which duly commissioned a research study to find that 51% of customers like how live chat allows them to effectively multitask, and another 21% loving how live chat allows them to do their shopping at no excessive time cost involved while they’re working.

A sobering fact and one that should truly pique your interest is how only 9% of websites incorporate live chat for their customers. If having a tool that gives you more access and more chance to engage with your leads and clients is of any note, it is that it confers your business a distinct advantage over your competition.

What is Paldesk?

Paldesk is a modern help desk solution offering live chat, phone, email and ticketing capabilities for physical stores or online and ecommerce businesses. It lets you leverage major social channels like Facebook Messenger, Twitter or email to actively communicate with and nurture leads and clients while addressing product or service concerns or inquiries. It enables enhanced communications, allowing you to launch pre-designed marketing campaigns and keep longtime customers happy.

You can give the app’s premium features a spin at no cost and see how it fits into your marketing mix. Simply sign up for a Paldesk free trial here.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies
Paldesk won our Expert's Choice Award for 2019

Likewise, Paldesk is built around the concept of building a sense of community. The use of already familiar vehicles of communication like SMS and social media chat favored by the current generation allows users to warm up to the system quickly. The power of Paldesk rests in unifying these divergent platforms, albeit working similarly, into one unified common hub and dashboard. Paldesk makes it easy and convenient to engage with website visitors, allowing these visitors better insight into your product or services as they talk in real time with agents behind easy-to-reach chat buttons.

Paldesk comes with chat widgets that you can customize easily to match how you want to present yourself to the world. Since it is fully mobile-enabled, you can reach out to leads, clients, website visitors wherever you happen to be when they choose to connect with you. As it is for business, after all, you will want to see how agents and tools perform at the end of the day, which Paldesk allows you to do through its deep analytical engine and flexible reporting tools.

Paldesk provides you with the following key features:

  1. GDPR Compliant
  2. Ticketing
  3. Multiple Agent Support
  4. Manual Chat Transfer
  5. Mobile Application
  6. Predefined Answers
  7. Multiple Channels
  8. Smart Routing
  9. Agent Chat
  10. Notifications
  11. Conversation History
  1. Prechat Question
  2. Multiwidget Support
  3. Reporting
  4. Analytics
  5. Visitor Statistics
  6. Conversation Reports
  7. Desktop Application
  8. Branding
  9. 24/7 Support
  10. Knowledge Base


Paldesk Advantages and Disadvantages

Lead resource

With Paldesk live chat, you benefit from the merger of different technologies to have a better grasp of who the person on the other end is, what they need, and how they want it delivered. Paldesk comes with powerful chatbots that could direct traffic for visitors, customers and agents. It is a clearinghouse for tying up interest, queries, requests or orders with the best-qualified agents to handle any of these items.

Paldesk actively monitors visitor activity and behavior, which lets you score the potential of each visitor as a true purchaser with immediate or planned needs that cry to be filled down the line. Anonymous visitors are a thing of the past, and now you can proactively reach out to anyone who shows up on your website. Simply knowing the geographical location of the visitors can already give you a number of ideas on how best to engage with them, paving for an easier and happier conclusion to a conversation on both ends of the chat line.

Meet leads or customer on their own terms

Any lead or customer is almost always omnipresent and ubiquitous these days: they could be in Facebook Messenger, Twitter or any major social media at any one time and it’s a business dream come true to be around any prospect on any platform they choose to pop up and at any given time. Their use of keywords could easily alert you to a need that your business could easily fill. With properly designed teasers or product introduction, any proactive agent could be on their way to leapfrogging their previous order milestone and get their name on the list of those who are next up for promotion.

Be a virtual sales pro

Remember when you are shopping on a physical store and bought more than you planned or did not even plan for? It’s obviously one thing that businesses dearly missed as they migrated on the cloud and ecommerce, but Paldesk is just what the doctor ordered, a virtual sales pro that could approach a visitor and nudge them to get on the queue with goods on their way to the cashier, or shall we say shopping cart in the case of online commerce.

No longer are agents going to tap ceaselessly on their table waiting for the next call. With some polite words and nice verbal gestures, they could approach the visitor, encourage them to a chat and get them to tell you what they need and attend to those needs as you guide them happily to a purchase.

Resolve more issues at speed

With Paldesk, you need not queue up a busy trunk line that frustrates you to no end and you realize your day at the office is over without getting even near the point of resolution. Paldesk live chat is always available, and agents can instantly address the issues you want to be resolved.

One fast question and one or two quick sentences might well settle the issue, and the agent need not be dealing with one query but multiple of them too. Quick resolution leads to happier agents and customers who otherwise would have been venting their frustration at the agent first thing they get one on the other end of the line.

Turn conversations into a veritable gold mine

Paldesk live chat conversations are a rich resource for analysis of lead behavior or customer query. Extracting the keywords should give you a good picture of the context in question and line up a solution or products to offer them for selection.

Friendly and casual

Software applications often die on ungainly appearance that easily dissuades prolonged use. Not so with Paldesk. It uses the wisdom of functional design with full consideration for the average, non-technical user who does not hold a degree in systems engineering. Any agent who thrives on people interaction will find the software interface unintrusive, allowing for a normal exchange of thoughts without annoying menus and other interface elements that easily divert the focus of interaction.

What you say stays in the servers, not with other companies

As a fully GDPR compliant system, Paldesk guarantees that no prying eyes ever get to sniff around your data and be taken advantage of by third-party businesses that you have never heard of before in your entire life. Tough security measures and backup systems let you get a good nice sleep across any time zone you find yourself in.

Have questions, have answers

Paldesk appreciates the meaning of total customer experience and to that end has hired on board only those with personalities and expertise that seek to resolve and quickly so in order not to waste your time. Available 24/7/365 too.

Moves with you any time

You need not worry about unattended websites, prospects and customers as your agents go on location for any reason: as a fully mobile-capable application, Paldesk only asks that you have an internet and a capable device to connect agent and visitors or clients wherever and at what time they happen to be across the surface of the planet.

WhatsApp and Viber integration soon?

If you are a big fan of WhatsApp and Viber, you might be disappointed that those platforms are not currently supported by Paldesk. Would it be coming soon? There is no definite announcement from the vendor, but since those are major communication channels with a large personal and business user base, there’s a chance it could happen. Also, Twitter is currently not supported by a free account, and video recording is lacking for those who are looking for that feature.

Scale up or add up

Paldesk is a fully capable live chat application that you can integrate with major applications that you are already using or plan to use in the future. It’s designed to be fully flexible and responsive to give you unified experience no matter which additional software you choose to partner it with.

Does a Paldesk purchase make sense for your business right now?

Live chat software Paldesk offers powerful features that make it a compelling live chat solution for your business. If you are not using a live chat application right now, Paldesk makes a lot of sense to introduce your business to a world of fast lead and customer communication and the larger opportunity of increased sales.

While it lacks access to other major communication platforms like Viber and WhatsApp, what it currently offers are still solid features that would certainly impact your ROI performance both in the short term and the long term, aside from getting in the good side of your customers in terms of trust and confidence that you are ready and willing to bring their experience doing business with you to the next level.

The software has a free but pared down version. If you want to check its full features, you can test drive the premium plan at no cost when you sign up for a Paldesk free trial here and see how it actually works in real time for your business.

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