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20 Best Project Management Software Solutions For Small Business in 2020

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This article has been updated to showcase 20 best project management software programs of 2020 and reflect the most current tools and solutions catered for small businesses.

What is the best project management software for small business?
The best project management software for small business is because it is a highly-customizable system that streamlines workflows through task management and better communication. The solution also comes with a scheduling tool that always keeps everyone abreast of project developments.

Projects are the building blocks of the organization’s progress and success. When projects go south, progress stalls and success becomes an illusion. In the fast-paced business arena, an organization is required to drive multiple projects simultaneously. This increases the risk of project collapse and amplifies the need to standardize processes, from planning through to delivery.

This where project management solutions come in handy. Project management software facilitates better scheduling, easier communication, better communication, and accurate budget management. Besides, the systems make it easy to delegate tasks to team members, especially on larger projects. To help you find a solution that can deliver these benefits, we have compiled a list of the 20 best project management software for small businesses. After this reading, you should be able to know what to look for in such solutions and choose the right platform for your business.

small business project management tools

We continue to see how project management software evolves in a way that greatly impacts goals, processes, and metrics, such as, the integration of artificial intelligence, new project management methodologies, Kanban boards, and analytics.

But PM software is no magic pill. Encounters with failed implementation are quite common, resulting in lost investment. The reasons for project implementation failures lie in several errors that companies themselves commit. These include lack of sponsorship or leadership, the absence of an incentive program, inadequate communication, refusal to consult and lack of a proper business process meaning. Avoiding these mistakes will help ensure the successful implementation of such a system, even for small businesses.

The Major Causes of IT Project Failure

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By now, you may be itching to get your hands on your very own project management system. But you’ll find that shopping for the right tool isn’t as easy as it seems. There are tons of project management software out in the market, with each one having its own strengths and witnesses, for instance, which project management methodologies it adapts. The following are the 20 best project management software for small business as determined by our experts.

1. dashboard

Collaboration software targets companies of all sizes including SMBs. This PM software streamlines the way teams work by managing workloads and improving communication. It helps in managing schedules and plans ahead using a visual timeline so members can view it easily in a single glance. pricing options cater to growing businesses starting from 5 users. The scalable system lets you start from collaboration features (starts at $39 per month) to work your way up to more complex capabilities such as utilizing API and integrations. There’s no need to worry when your team grows as it can update to over 200 users.

To help you get a closer look at its features, the vendor offers a free trial plan that you can take advantage of.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out with their free trial


  1. The big picture complemented with a weekly task list enables you to keep a close tab on team progress
  2. Align goals with deadlines and delegate tasks to teams or members
  3. Easy to use with clear navigation and onboarding support
  4. Highly customizable care of API to match your growth stages
  5. New features and enhancements regularly added


  1. No Gmail integration, a problem if you’re dependent on Google apps
  2. No plan for one user (freelance)
  3. Setting up auto-reminders takes extra steps

Detailed Review

2. Wrike

Wrike dashboard

End-to-end project management software Wrike is a robust solution that provides practical collaboration. Its excellent features and capabilities make it one of the top 20 project management software for the small business list because. The system is built to scale for your growing business and it drives results by being flexible on managing multiple teams and projects in a single tool. Apart from letting you see the bigger picture, Wrike features let you break down large goals into manageable units such as folders, tasks, and subtasks. This easily tracks individual contribution and project progress. Request forms and automation, live editing, and file management organize the project for easier completion.

Its core features also include Gantt Chart, resource management, built-in templates, time and budget tracking, email and calendar synchronization, live activity stream, proofing and approval, and personal dashboard, among others. Its excellent set of tools makes it a good investment.

You can use its full features at no cost through a free trial plan.



Try out Wrike with their free trial

The system is available for different sizes of teams. It even has freemium plans with basic features while higher-tiered subscriptions (starting at $9.80 per user per month) are packed with more advanced functions and capabilities.


  1. Freemium basic project management for 5 users
  2. Scalable software that grows with your business
  3. Real-time editing ensures the team gets updated with the latest information
  4. Gantt chart functions as a visual timeline for viewing schedules
  5. Time and budget tracking features for accurate budget management


  1. Needs improvement for UI (user interface) customization
  2. Lacks integration with some popular solutions like BaseCRM and Xero
  3. No built-in chat app

Detailed Wrike Review

3. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects dashboard

Online project management software Zoho Projects is a powerful solution for planning, tracking, and collaborating on projects. It’s a feature-rich platform with a wide array of integrations. The recently updated Zoho Projects interface is intuitive so users can quickly learn its basics.

It organizes complex projects into manageable units for efficiency. It has charts and reports to provide you with in-depth insights on the task’s progress in accordance with the set due date and monitor resources based on who is available, engaged, or overloaded. Collaboration, time-tracking, and issue-spotting are among its key features as well.

You can also investigate the platform firsthand through the free trial plan that the vendor has to offer.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Try out Zoho Projects with their free trial

All of its subscription plans have unlimited users with costs varying based on the number of active projects. They even have a completely free plan for 1 project with 10mb of storage. Meanwhile, paid plans start at $20 per month for 20 projects up to $100 per month for unlimited projects.


  1. Gantt charts provide a detailed overview of project progress
  2. Reporting tools for advanced analytics
  3. Collaboration software connects all members, including remote ones
  4. Document management handles all files for easy retrieval and access
  5. Integrations include Google Apps and IssueTracker


  1. Limited file filtering
  2. No automated copying of projects with the same users
  3. The dashboard can look clunky

Detailed Zoho Projects Review

4. Smartsheet

Smartsheet dashboard

Web-based collaboration app Smartsheet was developed to help businesses in project and task management, sales pipeline monitoring and crowdsourcing, to name a few. It is as easy to use as a spreadsheet, only more powerful. It comes with impressive features which include visual timeline management, discussions, file sharing, and automated workflow. The Smartsheet interface sports a spreadsheet-like feel makes it a familiar tool for many users who can easily adapt to the system. The solution can manage many processes such as core business operations, projects, and programs.

Smartsheet’s power rests on its ability to manage project planning, automation, tracking, and reporting. It changes the way project teams go about collaborating, helping them work on tasks like marketing campaigns, operations management, and event planning. The platform promotes better productivity and agility by improving collaboration. Decision-making is also made more accurate and faster through insights provided by reports generated by the system. 

An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for their free trial plan.



Try out Smartsheet with their free trial


  1. It mimics a spreadsheet in terms of ease-of-use
  2. It supports collaboration
  3. Powerful reporting


  1. Unpredictable maintenance windows
  2. It’s difficult to create backups
  3. It takes some time to learn

Detailed Smartsheet Review

5. ProjectManager

Project Manager dashboard

Cloud-based project management software ProjectManager is a robust system that combines collaboration with project scheduling and planning tools. Its core functionalities include project creation, task scheduling, resource allocation, and progress monitoring, to name a few. It has a drag-and-drag functionality that allows you to adjust your schedules with ease while collaborating with your team using file attachments and comments.

But what sets the project apart from other tools is its ability to make comparisons between projects’ actual and planned progress. This allows you to see how your projects are progressing or otherwise and make the needed adjustments. 

For your convenience, you can test out its features at no cost to see what it has to offer.



Try out ProjectManager with their free trial


  1. Drag and drop scheduling functionality
  2. Improves team collaboration
  3. Compares projects’ actual and planned progress


  1. Reporting module can use improvements
  2. Congested print layout

Detailed ProjectManager Review

6. Clarizen

Clarizen dashboard

Collaborative work management software Clarizen is a complete, cloud-based project management solution designed to streamline the entire project lifecycle. Billed as a flexible and intuitive solution, the platform enables project managers to turn ideas into actionable plans and manage them to fruition with unprecedented ease. Primarily, the solution is designed to increase effectiveness and drive focus amongst team members, while enabling teams to adapt nimbly to change.  

Clarizen is unique in that its capabilities transcend the traditional project management features. In-context collaboration, configurable workflow automation, and tailored experience are some of the attributes that amplify the platform’s value proposition. Moreover, the solution abridges work management with different work styles and hybrid methodologies. 

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. 



Try out Clarizen with their free trial

Even better, Clarizen enables you to work collaboratively with teams in your organization and external partners. In doing so, it allows you to align everyone to the ultimate goal and drive on a common course to deliver results faster. For managers looking for extensive visibility into all workstreams, Clarizen will offer just that. Actually, the solution accords project managers a 360-degree view of all tasks, resources, and schedules. This way, it makes it easy to gain in-depth context and actionable business insights into project workflows. 


  1. Clarizen’s @mentions makes it easy to tag-team members when sharing project-specific comments.
  2. It has a reliable time tracking functionality. 
  3. The platform can also be customized to suit specific modules, projects, or workflows. 
  4. It facilitates accurate resource forecasting.
  5. Powerful time tracking feature. 


  1. The mobile app’s limited functionality can be an Achille’s heel.
  2. The reporting system no easy to use. For example, it’s hard to transform the Gantt Charts into Visio or PPT. 
  3. Sometimes, Clarizen is slow to update minor changes to project plans.  

Detailed Clarizen Review

7. Mavenlink

Mavenlink dashboard

Project management software Mavenlink is an innovative solution that combines project management, resource planning, collaboration, and time tracking features into one place. The solution is designed for professional service firms such as advertising agencies, marketing firms, management consultants, PR teams, architecture teams, and more. Primarily, Mavenlink keeps project managers in complete control of the everchanging project parameters like HR resources, timelines, and budgets.  

Mavenlink’s unique value proposition is anchored on its ability to facilitate precision planning and delivery of projects. The solution provides tools that spell the end to resourcing guesswork. Also, with a 360-degree view of all projects and project-specific drill-downs, it’s easy to see the progress, health, and profitability of each project, down to the task level. The best part is that Mavenlink’s process automation not only spurs project success but also helps create reusable templates to replicate that success to future projects. 

You can even investigate the platform firsthand through the vendor’s free trial plan. 



Try out Mavenlink with their free trial

Moreover, the platform delivers accurate project insights, empowering teams to respond promptly to change and optimize utilization rates to grow margins. What’s more, Mavenlink is designed for strategic integrations to foster collaborations and strengthen connections between business systems. It integrates seamlessly with popular solutions like QuickBooks, Salesforce, Sage Intacct, JIRA, Xero, HubSpot, Expensify, Slack, GSuite, and more.


  1. It provides a single source of truth for all project information.
  2. The project margin report helps visualize the profitability of each project. 
  3. Besides, Mavenlink facilitates powerful resource management.
  4. The solution allows the tagging of team members to tie them into project-specific conversations. 
  5. Moreover, it offers an easy-to-use Master Planning view.


  1. The mobile app has limited functionality compared with the full website. 
  2. Additionally, its time tracking feature is not the most efficient. 
  3. Its user permission system isn’t the most intuitive.

Detailed Mavenlink Review

8. Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS dashboard

Easy-to-use maintenance management system Hippo CMMS is an all-in-one, cloud-based solution designed to streamline preventive maintenance, inventory management, work order management, equipment maintenance and more. The platform provides robust tools that simplify maintenance management for facilities in various industries such as hospitals, stadiums,  manufacturing plants, resorts, and municipalities. It coordinates the maintenance process enabling the business to have a jump on things faster than they usually do, thereby saving time and manpower. 

Primarily, Hippo CMMS gets reactive maintenance out of the way and helps facilities implement preventive maintenance to minimize downtimes. It also makes it easy to handle and curtail some of the things eating away at profits including overtime labor costs, unexpected repairs, production errors, and work injuries. The most important thing is that, even though Hippo CMMS handles intricate procedure, it features a user-friendly interface. The intuitive console makes it easy to accomplish maintenance management with efficiency and simplicity. 

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost.

Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS

Try out Hippo CMMS with their free trial


  1. Simple and easy to use software built with all facilities, small and larger, in mind.
  2. It has a user-friendly interface that simplifies navigation through the system.
  3. An all-in-one solution with all the tools to streamline maintenance management.
  4. Powerful work order management tools 
  5. Besides, Hippo CMMS offers exceptional support


  1. It has limited integration options.
  2. The software is not supported by all web browsers. 
  3. There is no way to add equipment-specific notes and vital information.

Detailed Hippo CMMS Review

9. ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage dashboard

Process automation software ConnectWise Manage is tailored for technology solution companies such as cloud service providers, software developers, professional services, IT service companies, telecom, and security. Project teams that belong in this industry benefit from its targeted solutions, especially when it comes to coordination and collaboration.

It centralizes documentation for everyone to get full visibility on various aspects that empower strategic decision making. Managing project resources and budgets, reporting individual tasks, and tracking progress towards deadlines are only some examples of its functions. As for ConnectWise Manage pricing, it is by-quote only to tailor the features to your requirements.

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs.

ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage

Try out ConnectWise Manage with their free trial


  1. Gantt Views provides a graphical view of your projects and resources
  2. Dispatch Portal schedules resources and gives a single view of all schedules
  3. Work Plan is created from scratch or with a custom template
  4. Sales to project conversion help to commence work immediately
  5. Drag-and-drop functionality for quick schedule dispatching


  1. Limited customization of reporting tools
  2. GUI (graphical user interface) can get crowded
  3. Steep learning curve at first usage

Detailed ConnectWise Manage Review

10. Fiix

Fiix dashboard

Cloud-based CMMS Fiix is an innovative asset maintenance software designed to simplify the transition from reactive to preventive maintenance. Boasting an advanced set of features, the solution helps maintenance teams to organize, schedule, and monitor all maintenance tasks with ease. Moreover, the platform helps facilities to manage work orders, track inventories, and organize assets, all without a struggle. 

Fiix powerful capabilities mean tracking the status and health of the mission-critical assets is a breeze. The software allows you to add equipment, create asset hierarchy, organize assets, and clone records – all from one comprehensive dashboard. What’s more, Fiix makes it easy to create work orders with detailed work instructions, notes, task lists, and project documents. In doing so, it eliminates maintenance chaos and helps get the best out of the available assets and resources.

You can even get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment. 



Try out Fiix with their free trial

Even better, with well-structured asset maintenance procedures, cutting the downtime of the facility’s assets can be achieved with great efficiency. Ultimately, it simplifies asset maintenance, improves asset performance, and helps drive productivity in an organization. Moreover, Fiix allows you to connect with various business systems to collect and share data or facilitate work across any enterprise system. Most importantly, you can generate comprehensive maintenance reports to guide your decision-making process. 


  1. It is easy to set up and use. 
  2. Besides, Fiix helps track of the critical facets of equipment.
  3. The vendor continually improves the platform based on customer feedback.
  4. Provides advanced insights which help users make data-driven decisions
  5. It integrates seamlessly with the underlying hardware and software via open API. 


  1. Sometimes the software can be glitchy.
  2. It’s not easy to link one work order to multiple assets.
  3. Filling fields on a work order is not easy, not to mention the difficulty involved in making work orders searchable.

Detailed Fiix Review

11. Kanbanize

Kanbanize dashboard

Agile project management software Kanbanize is a robust solution designed to help businesses, small and large, organize and manage work more efficiently. As the name suggests, the hallmark of this solution is the powerful Kanban-style features that give project teams the agility to deliver projects with quality and value. Moreover, Kanbanize combines its innovative features with business automation allowing teams to create predictable project workflows to accomplish things quickly and more efficiently. 

One of the notable features of Kanbanize is the comprehensive Kanban boards. The Kanban boards are pretty easy to create and they can be modified to suit different stages of the projects. They accord unprecedented flexibility, thus empowering project teams to adapt to changing requirements, regardless of how frequently they surface. Most importantly, the Kanban boards provide a visual workspace that makes it a breeze to monitor projects’ progress.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost.



Try out Kanbanize with their free trial

Additionally, Kanbanize offers multiple workflows and powerful business rules that enable users to automate processes, interactions, and dependencies.  The platform’s workflows make it a breeze to map discrete workflows on one Kanban board with just a few clicks. Even better, the Management Workspace unifies the work project managers, allowing them to distribute and monitor tasks across multiple teams from one location. 


  1. Its comprehensive Kanban boards are easy to modify. 
  2. Powerful business rules help automate the entire project management process. 
  3. Besides, Kanbanize integrates with email, allowing users to create tasks with an easy email forward. 
  4. Moreover, it comes with a reliable time tracking feature. 
  5. Even better, Kanbanize offers great customer support
  6. The platform is available as a mobile app


  1. It’s not the easiest to prioritize daily workload.
  2. While the business rules are extremely powerful, they are limited. 
  3. Analytics modules is still a work in progress.

Detailed Kanbanize Review

12. Resource Guru

Resource Guru dashboard

Powerful project management software Resource Guru is designed to manage schedules for project teams. The platform helps you meet deadlines by making sure that work gets accomplished on time. It essentially serves as a calendar for project teams that helps you get rid of problems associated with schedules while allowing you to efficiently manage team assignments, equipment, and resources. It facilitates team scheduling and aids in project planning and data collaboration. By providing you with a clear view of your operations, the tool optimizes the use of manpower, resources, time and schedules.

Resource Guru takes all tasks, projects, meetings, and clients in a single location, providing you with a snapshot of all assignments and even project progress. What’s even better is that it helps you streamline relationships with your clients while being able to manage contacts efficiently. It comes with an open API that enables it to seamlessly integrate with third-party applications, along with webhooks so that you can connect with any existing system. Such Resource Guru integrations further contribute to the solution’s features.

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. 

Resource Guru

Resource Guru

Try out Resource Guru with their free trial


  1. Improves project scheduling
  2. Helps in scheduling and date collaboration
  3. Tracks task assignments and project progress
  4. Powerful integrations


  1. Interface design can be improved
  2. Saving takes time

Detailed Resource Guru Review

13. Hive

Hive dashboard

Cloud-deployed project management software Hive is designed for project teams of varying sizes. It comes with numerous features such as task management and file sharing that are bound to make project management much easier. The solution’s benefits are anchored on its ability to create tasks, classify them and assign the same to any project team member. Included in tasks are due dates, attached files, and tags. It allows you to make changes in project variables and track project status so that you and your team are always on the same page.

What’s nifty about the system is that it comes with three dashboards that provide you with a bird’s eye view of the productivity of your project team. They help you determine areas that need improvement by generating personal workspace productivity reports. The solution notifies team members of productivity problems so that they can quickly be resolved while time tracking and estimation are also managed by the app. Hive can integrate with popular third-party solutions, enabling users to work on critical tasks.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. 



Try out Hive with their free trial


  1. Creates, analyzes and assigns tasks
  2. It can make changes in project variables
  3. Members are notified of productivity problems
  4. It can manage time tracking and estimates


  1. Does not come with Gantt charts
  2. Could use a bit more integrations
  3. Slow loading times

Detailed Hive Review

14. UpKeep

UpKeep dashboard

Maintenance management software UpKeep is an innovative CMMS solution built for facilities management, hotels, manufacturing, oil and gas, distribution, municipalities, utilities, fleet, and construction firms. The platform provides all the core maintenance management features including inventory, assets, and work order management. It allows businesses to transition with ease from reactive maintenance to preventive maintenance and run businesses with efficiency.

Additionally, since UpKeep is available from any device, desktop, tablet or phone, it empowers users to create work orders and manage assets anytime, anywhere. Project teams can receive real-time notifications on task updates, and get alerts about asset downtime straight from their mobile devices. The mobility and flexibility of this platform help expedite workflows and contribute massively to the productivity of project teams. 

You can try all its premium features at no cost if you take advantage of the vendor’s free trial plan.



Try out UpKeep with their free trial

What makes UpKeep unique is that users can create project tasks with ease and add relevant information, images, assets, and color-coded priority ratings. This way, when tasks are assigned to users, they can prioritize and get started with them without a struggle. What’s more, the software facilitates ticket-based asset management which enables users to schedule ongoing maintenance and repairs with unprecedented ease 


  1. Highly effective asset tracking and scheduling features. 
  2. It has an easy-to-use, clean user interface that supports fast PM creation.
  3. Besides, UpKeep helps create comprehensive work order tickets. 
  4. Easy to enter relevant assets and parts data into the system.
  5. Moreover, it’s easy to track machines that need service by cycle times. 


  1. Difficult to exports assets and location.
  2. Periodic maintenance can be tricky to keep up with. 
  3. Besides, the search function isn’t apt for large project teams.

Detailed UpKeep Review

15. Nifty PM

Nifty PM Dashboard

Project management software Nifty PM is a powerful solution that enables PMs to manage projects, work, and interactions from a central hub. It’s an innovative workflow collaboration system designed to automate and accelerate project cycles. Boasting robust project management tools, the platform is designed to make tasks, project timeline, and workloads transparent to project stakeholders and teams. 

Nifty PM aligns all project team members with project sprints and deliverables and automates progress tracking in Kanban-style project and team views. Besides, it simplifies communications with Discussions that inspire project teams to gather feedback and share ideas in real-time. Together, project tracking, team member alignment, and simplified communication ensure operational clarity in every stage of each project. 

If you want to check its comprehensive feature set through the free trial plan that the vendor offers.

Nifty PM

Nifty PM

Try out Nifty PM with their free trial


  1. Easy to manage and keep track of daily workflows with Kanban-style views. 
  2. Besides, Nifty PM provides a single creative workspace for all projects. 
  3. Milestone progress is fully automated as related tasks are completed. 
  4. It simplifies collaboration to expedite project completion and enhance team performance.
  5. It provides a centralized knowledge hub. 


  1. Sometimes, communication on mobile and web are not in sync.
  2. The vendor offers limited integrations with no native API for extensions. 
  3. Sometimes bugs and slowness can be a real cause for concern.

Detailed Nifty PM Review

16. Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints dashboard

Project management software Zoho Sprints is designed to help dynamic, agile teams track and plan projects. This tool is developed to have a simple and clutter-free interface so users can focus on developing products successfully. It is designed for teams to move swiftly that’s why it has features like backlogs, progress tracking, logging billable and non-billable hours, analytics and dashboard so you can easily oversee the project.

As for Zoho Sprint pricing, it has user-based pricing and they even offer a free plan for 5 projects with 5 users. Bigger teams can choose from $20 per month with a limit of 20 users. If the team has more members, Zoho Sprints also has a $3 per user per month package. All premium plans accommodate unlimited projects.

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs.

Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints

Try out Zoho Sprints with their free trial


  1. Drag-and-drop feature for quickly creating new backlogs and sprints
  2. Scrum board makes your task progress visible in every sprint
  3. Timesheet tracks billable and non-billable hours
  4. Feeds allow social interaction between teams by posting statuses and comments
  5. Reports generate charts and diagrams for analytics


  1. No budget and portfolio management
  2. Limited customization
  3. Caters to a very specific vertical

Detailed Zoho Sprints Review

17. Scoro

Scoro dashboard

Project management software Scoro is a comprehensive tool for managing and planning your team’s projects. Its intuitive interface lets you and your team see the progress of your projects and how well they are doing. The data gathered helps you determine the next steps you must take. It has a centralized page where you can manage files and comments, expenses and invoices, scheduled meetings and tasks, and time spent and billed.

A Scoro module lets you allocate billable and non-billable work and monitor budgets. You can configure projects to easily manage your portfolio using tags and statuses. Since it is a work management software, it also boasts other features for streamlining your team’s tasks. Price starts at $22 monthly for every user.

Detailed Scoro Review


  1. Web interface is attractive and intuitive
  2. Mobile-optimized interface for small screens of smartphones
  3. Budget management and comparison of projects
  4. Project portfolio configures project tasks and status
  5. Centralized space for managing project tiers


  1. Not very suitable for large companies
  2. Quite long on-boarding process
  3. No Gmail contact synchronization

18. Backlog

Backlog dashboard

Project management tool Backlog is a feature-rich solution that is built specifically for app development teams. This cloud-deployed system is a complete project management solution, helping boost communication, collaboration, and coordination between non-technical project team members and developers. Backlog key features include project tracking, task management, and issue monitoring. The software makes it easy for you to track bugs and other issues with ease, with the system automatically generating reports directing team members who can resolve the issues.

Using Backlog, you can streamline your workflows as the platform allows for the creation of task hierarchies. Aside from further breaking projects into tasks, subtasks can be created, which can be divided among team members. It likewise tracks progress, milestones, due dates, and categories by creating checklists. In case you encounter issues, you can immediately report them using email or web forms, allowing for quick problem resolution. But what is remarkable is the vendor’s provision of added security by enabling you to manage a variety of access levels using user role as basis.

Detailed Backlog Review


  1. Tracks tasks and projects
  2. Simplifies team collaboration using milestone mapping tools.
  3. Multichannel collaboration
  4. Monitors team productivity


  1. Lack of web push notifications
  2. Need to make file attachments easier
  3. Need to make app-accessibility much easier.

19. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab dashboard

A fully integrated collaboration and project management platform ActiveCollab is is a powerful tool that provides time tracking, billing, and task management features. Its organizational and planning tools give you the ability to effectively automate and streamline all project-relevant processes. It helps you improve the organization of your files, projects, and tasks so that your entire team remains on the same page. Team communication also gets a boost so that all parties are always in the know.

In addition, ActiveCollab lets you keep track of time spent on your projects, allowing you to measure team productivity. Using the system, you can create beautiful and accurate invoices, and track payment status and send reminders. The platform is web-based, relieving you of all maintenance and administrative worries. The vendor also gives you total control over your data, which are kept safe and secure at all times. 

Detailed ActiveCollab Review


  1. It’s easy to use thanks to its simple interface.
  2. ActiveCollab offers an organized task list.
  3. Easy to manage projects using daily email reports, Gantt charts, and customer reports.
  4. It has a powerful billing and invoicing feature.
  5. Besides, it enables project managers to interact with clients via email.


  1. It’s not easy to create different projects under one client.
  2. The search functionality is not the most efficient.
  3. It’s difficult to reference questions or comments from previous discussions

20. Quire

Quire dashboard

Task management software Quire is a popular tool among project teams. It comes with an impressive feature set that helps users take on complex tasks by breaking them down into smaller yet more manageable ones. It has a well-designed interface that is not only easy to navigate but houses all the tools you need to effectively manage your projects. Instead of grouping tasks as most teams do, the system works by accommodating staff ideas and turning them into actionable concepts. You can create as many tasks and subtasks as you need as the system can be scaled as your requirements grow.

But the best attribute is the fact that there’s a free Quire version. All you have to do is download the app and you’re good to go. It supports all devices running on Android and iOS and has a Chrome extension for those who want to access it through the browser. It is very easy to use, requiring no steep learning curve so that you can immediately enjoy its benefits upon setup completion.

Detailed Quire Review


  1. Can break down tasks into smaller ones
  2. Easy-to-use interface
  3. Allows for the creation of unlimited tasks and subtasks
  4. It comes absolutely for free


  1. Lacks calendar view and Gantt charts
  2. Cannot cross or filter data in between projects
  3. Only one individual can work on a task.

Choosing the Right Project Management Tool

For small businesses, buying project management software can be tricky, with budgetary limitations and indecision often causing delays if not total scrapping of the purchasing plan. Before shopping for a system, you must first be sure that you need one. Keep in mind that these products are designed for projects with specific starting and completion dates. For routine jobs, you’re better off with business process management software.

Another thing you should consider is what you need from a project management tool. Unlike enterprise project management software, small business solutions won’t have extensive features. Try to identify your project management problems and see what solution will resolve them. And then there is the issue of implementation, go for reputable vendors and consult the right people on implementation planning. Assuming you have accomplished all these, it is always good practice to go for free trials as they will allow you to experience a platform’s features first hand.

And we’re just about done. In your quest for a project management software for your business, you can consult our list as a guide. You might find our top tool appealing and take advantage of the features and benefits that it has to offer. If you want to take the app for a spin, sign up for free trial.

By Louie Andre

B2B & SaaS market analyst and senior writer for FinancesOnline. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. No stranger to small business hiccups and drama, having been involved in a few internet startups. Prior to his for-profit ventures, he has had managed corporate communications for a Kansas City-based Children International unit.

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Susan F.Emery says:

Very Nice article!I have used two from the five management software which you have mentioned, Asana and Wrike, and both of them were pretty great!
First of all, Asana offered to my company free consultation which is something good for small sized companies like the one I'm working but what made me change software was that I couldn't export data and that there was no privacy in projects and teams, which triggered some issues in my company.
On the other hand, I used wrike for a few months but the fact that I couldn't write reports and use workflows, which I was using in Asana, drove me again to search for a different software.Although, I have to admit that wrike file sharing was very useful!
At the moment I'm using Comidor which is very good and easy in use.I can write reports, share files, export data and collaborate easily with my colleagues.As far as privacy it can not compare with Asana's which as I said before caused me some problems.
I will take your suggestions into consideration and especially trello, but I think it's too simple and does not provide everything I want.

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