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Pros & Cons of Genesys PureCloud: Analysis of a Top Call Center Software

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What are the pros and cons of Genesys Purecloud?

The pros and cons of Genesys Purecloud include its robust yet easy-to-use features that mainly help in enhancing customer contact center experience. This comprehensive platform is competitively priced covering all essential contact center features. Some advanced capabilities can be accessed in the higher plans.

It is now harder to keep customers happy. To keep up with the increasing customer demands, companies are shifting to omnichannel strategies like adding contact centers to their support mix. If you’re looking for a new call center software to deploy, Genesys PureCloud is a popular option.

We’ve prepared this pros and cons of Genesys PureCloud guide so you can readily see if it’s the solution you’re looking for. We’ll zero in on the key features of a contact center platform—omnichannel communications, implementation, conversation transfer, interaction routing, and pricing. This way, you’ll be able to make that informed decision more confidently.

genesys purecloud pros and cons

Providing omnichannel support is just the start of one’s journey toward offering engaging customer experience. Because it expands the number of customer touchpoints, contact center operation is challenging.

A perennial problem of businesses with contact centers is the financial demand. Year after year, budget constraints continue to plague contact center operations. High staffing costs continue to affect contact centers everywhere. Other top issues mostly pertain to technological aspects. This is expected considering providing a multi-channel approach largely involves technological tools.

Barriers to Achieving Contact Center Efficiency 2018

The present generation of contact center solutions offers standard features like agent scripting, ring groups, and automatic call distribution (ACD). Many are platforms are increasingly providing other capabilities like screen-pops and dedicated agent desktop portals. These features empower reps with information and other tools in providing a true omnichannel experience.

One of these dynamic vendors offering these features and other advanced tools is Genesys PureCloud. At present, 65 of the top 100 global brands use this robust solution to help them deliver unparalleled customer experience. It’s easy to build the case of joining these top global firms as Genesys PureCloud users. But it’s always better to first check the pros and cons of a product before you make that purchasing decision. This way, you’ll be able to see first hand if this contact center solution fits your specific business needs and context.

Overview of Genesys PureCloud

Genesys dashboard example

Genesys PureCloud is one of the most popular contact center solutions in the market today. It is easy to deploy, user-friendly, and is scalable to adjust to changes in operational demands. It helps business users to always be on top of things as its interactive dashboard. This UI provides a comprehensive view of customer and agent interactions. Agents can enhance their efficiency using powerful insights that can be derived from its intuitive analytics.

Packed with plenty of call center software benefits, Genesys PureCloud is a real all-in-one software solution. It provides your customers with more options. Be it a phone call, email, SMS, or chat, you can offer a steady customer experience. 

Genesys PureCloud

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The ultimate criteria a business must consider when it comes to choosing which contact center software to deploy is downtime. If you’re serious with your customer engagement, only choose a software solution with proven reliability. With Genesys PureCloud, you only need to check its public status page for live notifications and updates to ensure that it runs seamlessly.

Businesses can easily find a plan that matches their specific needs with Genesys PureCloud’s flexible subscription selections. For any option you choose, there’s no need to install any additional hardware. You can easily test this platform to see if it fits your requirements.

You only need to sign up for Genesys PureCloud free trial here.

The following are key features of Genesys PureCloud:

  • Workforce management
  • ACD
  • Speech analytics
  • Speech-enabled IVR
  • Outbound campaigns
  • Graphical scripting
  • Outbound dialing
  • Recordings
  • Quality evaluations
  • Supervisory actions
  • Collaboration and communication
  • PureCloud for Chrome client integration
  • Skype for Business integration
  • User profile integrations
  • PureCloud for Zendesk client integration
  • PureCloud for Salesforce client integration
  • Data integrations
  • PureCloud for Altocloud
  • Security and compliance
  • Reporting and analytics

This Genesys PureCloud pros and cons review is based on our actual software tests and customer reviews analyses. It discusses the platform’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of its major features. After reading this, you can easily decide if this solution suits your business needs or not.

Genesys PureCloud Pros & Cons

Overall Features & Pricing

Genesys PureCloud is an all-in-one contact center solution that provides high-quality omnichannel experience. This cloud-based solution offers all the basic and more advanced functionalities for running contact centers to support customer support operations of any size. It can be deployed fast to help businesses streamline their communication needs.

This solution offers a single, easy-to-use desktop that manages each interaction–chat message, email, or call–and includes the corresponding customer information. It helps to make your team operate as one cohesive unit, using any tool, in any campaign, or channel.

Designed to be omnichannel, Genesys PureCloud can monitor your entire customers’ journey from everywhere. This provides you with all the data you need to help you respond fast. Its interactive dashboards offer a consolidated view of interactions, agents, and customers in any type of media.

PureCloud offers three subscription plans. The first is PureCloud 1, which is at $75.00 per agent per month (billed annually). Some of its features include bullseye routing, in-queue audio configuration, and priority FIFO routing. Second is PureCloud 2, priced at $110 per agent per month. This plan includes ACD Voicemail Routing, callback object, and email. Third is PureCloud 3, offered at $140 per agent per month. This plan offers messaging inbound, social media, voice screen share, and secure IVR.

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Genesys PureCloud allows agents to talk via video, chat, call, or look for an expert. It helps businesses to quickly resolve a current issue. This comprehensive platform can consolidate all client communications on a single, clean dashboard. It offers features that the best collaboration tools provide.

Genesys PureCloud unified communications

A Genesys PureCloud dashboard showing the seamless provision of unified communications.

This platform is efficient in support of any type of communication, with customers or internally. It can handle calls, unified inbox, fax, phones, telephony, and automated attendant (architect). PureCloud can combine all these channels quite well. It can handle document management, video chat, screen sharing, and other integrated tools.

Genesys PureCloud’s built-in internal communications features optimize your business operations. Agents become empowered to respond to customer inquiries and resolve problems faster. It rivals best-in-class communication software capabilities.

Budgetary constraints tend to prevent SMBs from deploying these sophisticated communications capabilities in a single hub. With Genesys’ flexible subscription plans, any business can likely find something that suits their requirements.

Deployment & Implementation

Genesys PureCloud is easy-to-use and simple to install. Most of the users we’ve evaluated were able to install and operated in a matter of weeks.

PureCloud offers quick and easy deployment of a contact center solution. It is easy to sign-up and to activate. With a zero installation web interface, it only requires basic telco connectivity. PureCloud provides access to over 40 easy and secure integrations.

Switching to Genesys PureCloud means turning your back from your old PBX system. This means embracing a modern platform for agility, scalability, and speed throughout your network. No more need for maintenance and admin expenses. You don’t have to bear with the messy wiring of legacy phone systems. This could entail a heavy initial investment which small business owners might find very demanding. It offers quick ROI that makes the switch justifiable and sound.

Conversation Transfer

With Genesys PureCloud, you can seamlessly transfer conversations between channels. This feature enabling agents to easily transfer conversations can really enhance service quality.

A non-disruptive, hassle-free experience benefits both parties. PureCloud transfers all client conversations and data to the new channel. This system is a blessing for contact center teams that are apprehensive of manually consolidating information and entering data.

Genesys PureCloud Conversation Transfer

A PureCloud dashboard where an email message is routed to the proper staff.

PureCloud’s AI- and machine learning-powered conversational IVR makes customer interactions very natural. Conversations can be done using the customer’s own language. This solution uses whole phrases that make the experience more human. This advanced interactive voice response module has gone a long way versus the dull, robotic style of traditional IVRs.

Benefits like these separate this contact center platform from the competition. One drawback could emanate from the side of the customer in the aspect of using IVR. People are not used to talking to computers. IVR could likely take more time to reach wider acceptance.

Interaction Routing

Genesys PureCloud offers many robust conversation routing capabilities. It can optimize the omnichannel experience, be it a phone call, email, social media message, or SMS. It can empower contact centers to prioritize, queue, and assign incoming customer conversations to the correct staff. This eliminates the need to worry about missing or delegating messages to wrong agents.

This contact center solution uses AI and machine learning to power its predictive routing feature. This is a powerful way to connect clients with the most suitable agents and enable better business outcomes. This smarter routing approach enables business users to better leverage their data.

A possible drawback to this lies on the side of the business organization. Predictive routing entails addressing a constant high demand for the presence of the correct agent to answer the routed call. If HR cannot meet this continuous challenge, this technological innovation will be wasted. This will adversely affect business outcomes.

Reporting & Documentation

Genesys PureCloud can help businesses better manage their contact center productivity through quick access to relevant data. Omnichannel platforms often generate overlapping reports. Only a few solutions can deliver critical information to help businesses align their activities with their objectives. This capability makes it belong to the best in providing top-tier data analytics solutions.

Genesys PureCloud BackOffice Dashboard

A Genesys PureCloud dashboard show back-office analytics.

Having a 360-degree perspective allows you to quickly see agent performance and which areas must be improved. PureCloud provides you with a holistic view of client journeys. This is crucial to more effectively meet service level targets and surpass client expectations.

This contact center solution does great in delivering the right, timely information. This helps optimize your activities, align employee engagement, and consistently offer quality customer experience. There’s no downside to this capability except one’s failure to leverage on this.

Workforce Management

Genesys PureCloud is a contact center platform with integrated workforce optimization functionalities. Its optimization technology empowers businesses to deliver measurable outcomes in two areas. One is organizational efficiency, and the other is customer experience quality.

Offering one of the best HR solutions today, the software features a workforce management module that allows you to conduct manual schedule creation, examine time-off requests, and monitor historic schedule adherence. From one interface, you can precisely predict and assign employee schedules.

By recording and evaluating all of your interactions, you can gain a more profound appreciation of conversations. This provides important insights into productivity, issues, and trends.

Operations Streamlining

By adapting to various software infrastructures, Genesys PureCloud helps business users to streamline their operations. This setup lets you either act on information directly from your reliable CRM platform or to provide data to your agents in scripts. Aside from existing sales and marketing apps, this solution supports broad integration with an extensive array of third-party solutions.

Genesys PureCloud Pulse dashboard

A Genesys PureCloud Pulse supervisor dashboard: a real-time snapshot of agent activity.

This platform has integrated communications and collaboration features. These tools enable agents to catalyze teamwork between the contact center and the other business units. With such an operational setup, Genesys PureCloud empowers agents with enhanced access to subject matter experts. This helps in achieving quicker issue resolution and providing better customer experiences.

Having your external and internal communications in a single desktop, businesses can optimize their agent workflows. This enables executives to concentrate on finding ways to improve the delivery of quality customer service.

Is Genesys PureCloud the contact center solution for you?

This pros and cons of Genesys PureCloud review shows why over 11,000 organizations in over 100 countries trust the solution. Its features and functionalities discussed above do create lasting customer relationships and drive positive business results.

Its unified communications and collaboration features can consolidate agent-customer conversations and optimize the omnichannel experience. It is easy to use and can be up and running in just a few weeks after deployment. Its conversation transfer and predictive routing capabilities help in prioritizing, queueing, and delegating calls to the right agent. PureCloud’s documentation and analytics help align operations with business goals. Likewise, its workforce optimization boosts agent productivity.

Genesys PureCloud is not a perfect contact center solution for all business situations. Akin to what contact centers experience, issues of budgetary deficiency and high learning curve requirement tend to be its drawbacks. Nonetheless, with a proven capability to gain 571% ROI, deploying this contact center solution more than justifies investing in it. You can easily try it when you sign up for Genesys PureCloud free trial here.

Customer service evolves continuously. Your business must evolve to keep your customers engaged. The best way is by leveraging intuitive contact center solutions like Genesys PureCloud. If you want to know more about the other great platforms in this category, it’s best that you explore the other leading customer support solutions.

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