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50 Snapchat Statistics You Must Read: 2019 & 2020 Analysis of Data & Market Share

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One of the most active and popular social media sites is the teen and millennial-driven, mobile-centric platform Snapchat. Businesses will find it a fun and engaging way to interact with customers, and an effective means to deliver targeted content. We undertook this Snapchat market research to give you important Snapchat statistics and other interesting Snapchat data. You can leverage the Snapchat statistics and facts we present here to boost your brand further online and engage a young generation of consumers.

Top 3 Snapchat Statistics

Internet, Social Media & Snapchat Statistics

The Internet and social media have become the new frontier for business. Competition in the digital battleground has reached a point where business spending on ads online has overtaken the combined spending for advertisements on TV, radio, and newspapers. Why the paradigm shift for businesses to the digital realm? It’s where the world’s people are.

  • Of the 7.67 billion total population of the world as of 2019, 4.48 billion are internet users. (We Are Social)
  • There are 5.11 billion unique mobile users, 3.48 billion active social media users, and 3.25 billion mobile social media users. (We Are Social)
  • On average, 6 hours and 42 minutes are spent online each day by the world’s internet users. (We Are Social)
  • 2 hours and 22 minutes is the average time spent by internet users on social media each day. (Digital Information World, from Global Web Index)
  • On average, Filipinos spend the most time on social media every day at 3 hours and 57 minutes, followed by Brazilians at 3 hours and 39 minutes, and Indonesians at 3 hours and 23 munites. (When in Manila, from Global Web Index)

a day in snapchat

Snapchat Figures

  • Snapchat users spend, on average, 49.5 minutes per day using the app. (Claire McKinney PR)
  • Around 63% of Snapchat users access the platform every day, and 41% do so several times per day. (Hootsuite)
  • On average, a daily active Snapchatter opens the app more than 20X a day. (Hootsuite)
  • Over 3 billion Snaps (photos & videos) are posted by users per day. (Hootsuite)
  • Snapchat users send an average of 34.1 messages a day. (CNBC)
  • In 2018, Snapchat was the 3rd most downloaded iOS app. (Hootsuite)
  • The United States has the most number of Snapchat users worldwide. As of July 2019, 97.55 million Americans are Snapchatters. (Statista)

Countries With Largest Snapchat Users as of July 2019

Leading countries based on number of Snapchat users (in millions)





Saudi Arabia






Source: Statista

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Snapchat User & Usage Statistics

Snapchat is a fertile ground where you can use social media management software to launch campaigns and get customer insights. Our Snapchat users statistics show a young audience drawn to the app that allows them to be creative, playful, and spontaneous. Furthermore, Snapchat is considered as the “feel good” app and, coupled with the fact that “parents are not there,” make teens flock to the platform. Here are some Snapchat user growth statistics.

  • As of Q1 2019, there were 190 million daily active users of Snapchat worldwide, down from 191 million in the same quarter of 2018. (Statista)
  • More than any other apps, 95% of Snapchat users say the app makes them feel happy, making it the ultimate “feel good” app. (Social Media Today)
  • Snapchat is the top app for moments on the move – 32% use it while on-the-go, 29% while commuting, and 24% while traveling. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the preferred apps when users are idle. (2018 Murphy Research for Snapchat)

snapchat makes users happy

Popularity & Demographics

  • Snapchat is the 3rd most popular online platform among teens. Their preferences: YouTube (85%), Instagram (72%), Snapchat (69%), Facebook (51%), Twitter (32%), Tumbler (9%), Reddit (7%), and none of the above (3%). (Pew Research Center)
  • In 2016, Snapchat overtook Facebook as the most popular social media platform for US teens. Based on estimates, 16.4 million US teens or 65.6% of all teens will use Snapchat in 2018. (eMarketer)
  • In 2018 or two years later, Snapchat consistently topped US teens’ favorite social platform with 45% preferring it, followed by Instagram at 26%, Twitter 9%, Facebook 8%, Pinterest 1%, and Google+ (0%). (Marketing Charts)
  • A 2018 demographic profile showed a generally young user base. 93.5% of Snapchat users are in the 18-24 age range, 92.2% are 12-17, 56.4% are 25-34, and 26% are 35-44. (Business of Apps, from eMarketer)
  • Worldwide, female users (61%) outnumber male users (38%) as of July 2019. (Statista)
  • 20% of college students in the US use Snapchat. (Pew Research Center)
  • 36% of American smartphone users are also Snapchat users. (Mediakix)

Tools & Features

  • More than 50% of all Americans aged 13 to 34 play with Snapchat’s AR lenses each week. (TechCrunch)
  • In relation to the above, there are 70 million daily active Snapchat Lens Studio users. (The Verge)
  • 97% of all Snaps sent through the app are now created using the company’s camera. (TechCrunch) 
  • In addition, 31.19 million users check Snap Maps ever day. (The Verge)
  • As of April 2016, the most recently reported period for Snapchat video stats, the video-sharing app saw an average of 10 billion daily video views, up from 6 billion views from November of the previous year. (Statista)
  • The longest Snapchat streak is 1,501 as of July 2019. (TechJunkie)

2018 Top Social Platforms for U.S. Teens

Snapchat is the overwhelming favorite social network of American teenagers.

Source: Marketing Charts

Top Social Media Monitoring Software

  1. HubSpot Marketing. This digital suite allows you to monitor social media mentions and sentiments in one easy-to-use dashboard. See how this system can help you listen in on social media buzz and further engage your customers in this HubSpot Marketing review.
  2. SharpSpring. Small and medium businesses use this comprehensive online CRM and email marketing platform to create social media listening feeds. To learn more about how it can keep businesses up-to-date with their social media presence and status, read our SharpSpring review here.
  3. Zoho Social. This social media monitoring and management platform allows you to connect multiple social networks for monitoring. See how you can leverage this product to boost and optimize your online presence in this Zoho Social review.
  4. Hootsuite. In this social media management and monitoring tool, you’ll find comprehensive features to monitor your social media footprints and performance. Read how you can benefit from adding this top software to your arsenal in our more in-depth Hootsuite review.
  5. AdRoll. This specialized digital marketing platform helps you monitor your social media performance and create profitable campaigns. In this AdRoll review, you can learn other features beyond just social media monitoring.

Snapchat Revenue & Business Statistics

Businesses have not leveraged Snapchat that much as a marketing platform despite having a lineup of tools that can boost product and business presence. Take note that marketing in social media can increase leads for B2B companies. We take a look at some Snapchat data on financial and business figures.

  • In 2018, 28.3% of US marketers used Snapchat for marketing purposes, up from 25% in 2017. (Hootsuite)
  • As of 2017, 64% of marketers have a Snapchat account. (Adweek)

us marketers and snapchat

  • The average revenue per user grew by 46% to $1.53 in 2018 as costs per user grew only 2% to $0.98, indicating efficiency in company management and operations.
  • Aside from payroll, Snapchat’s biggest expenses are cloud servers from Google Cloud, and Amazon AWS estimated to cost up to $150 million. (Omnicore)
  • In 2013, Facebook offered to buy the 2-year old Snapchat for $3 billion. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel rejected the offer. (BizJournals)
  • In 2016, Google reported floated an offer for $30 billion to acquire Snapchat. Snap’s CEO again said no. (TechCrunch)
  • Snapchat is the preferred platform by users for hanging out with friends (34%), shopping (19%), and social events (14%). (2018 Murphy Research for Snap, Inc.)

Snapchat Is For Socializing & Shopping

Snapchat users prefer the plaform for...

Source: 2018 Murphy Research

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  • In 2018, Snap’s CEO said yes but not to an acquisition but to an infusion of money. A Saudi prince invested $250 million in Snap, Inc., equivalent to 2.3% stake in the company. (TechCrunch)
  • Over 40 publishers, including Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and The New York Times, have spent huge sums into creating daily editions of Snapchat’s “Discover” feature. (Daily Beast)
  • How do Snapchat users shop? On average, they visit apparel stores 8X per month, big box stores 2X per month, and luxury retailer 2X per month. (eMarketer)
  • More than 1 in 5 Snapchat users purchased a product they discovered on the Snapchat platform. (eMarketer)

users bought product found on snapchat

Not Preferred by Ad Execs

  • Even with some interesting advertising features, Snapchat isn’t as popular as other social platforms for US agency executives with only 36% using it. In comparison, 89% use LinkedIn, 78% Facebook, 75% Twitter, 66% Instagram, 49% YouTube, and 43% Google. (eMarketer)
  • Worldwide, only 8% of businesses use Snapchat. (Hootsuite)
  • Nevertheless, ad money is expected to pour in. Snapchat’s worldwide net advertising revenues are estimated to reach $1.53 billion in 2019, up from $343.6 million in 2016. (Statista)
  • Also, Snap Ad impressions were up 575% year-over-year and 90% quarter-over-quarter in 2018. (TechCrunch)

The Big Redesign

  • The controversial Snapchat big redesign and update of 2018 resulted in a 40% growth of publisher Stories on Discover compared to the old design. (TechCrunch)
  • However, based on Snapchat data usage, that redesign resulted in the loss of 3 million daily active users in the 2nd quarter of 2018. (ZDNet)
  • Despite that, Snapchat revealed that they posted revenues of $262.3 million in Q2 2018, up by 44% from the Q2 2017 figure of $182 million. (ZDNet)

Snapchat Projections Statistics

It is not all roses for Snapchat in the years ahead as far as revenue and user growth are concerned. However, the fact remains that it will be the domain of young social media people. And from that demographic, you can introduce ways to convince your social media audience to buy from you.

  • Snapchat’s user growth is expected to flatten. Between now and 2023, it is forecast that the social media platform will add only 600K new US users. (eMarketer)
  • The growth rate of Snapchat of 0.4% by 2020 will remain below that of US social network usage as a whole at 2.4%. (eMarketer)
  • Despite all of the above, Snapchat will continue to be the preferred social platform for teens not only in the US but also worldwide. Global estimates see Snapchat adding 1.2 million new users in the 12 to 17 age group by 2022, while Facebook will lose 2.2 million in that same age range. (eMarketer) 

snapchat vs. facebook

What Does the Snapchat Statistics Show Us?

That it’s a social media world we live in. People like to connect, chat, read stories, post comments, and share content on social networks. Your leads and customers are most likely social media users. Hence, as a business, it is paramount that you have a social media presence, able to deliver campaigns and content by reaping the benefits of social media management platforms. Your company should also be able to get audience feedback from various social networks and respond promptly through social media monitoring software.

To sum up, the Snapchat stats showed it will plateau on its growth and revenue. But it will continue to attract younger users – Generation Z and Millennials – who are highly active with the app, tech-savvy, and digitally engaged. For businesses, that’s a huge pool of potential contacts and prospective customers.

By Jenny Chang

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