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Teamwork Competitors: 5 Great Project Management Software Alternatives

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Project management software remains a popular and important toll among businesses today. This is not surprising considering that a project management tool, if used correctly, can help a company get better at what it is doing, and make it more competitive.

Given the countless project management solutions out there in the market, how do you select the right project management software for your company? We realize Teamwork is a very popular solution for all types of businesses, but there are also quite a few great Teamwork competitors that are much better than this software.

Our B2B experts prepared a detailed analysis of the project management software market and chose 5 great Teamwork competitors that you should consider for your company. We considered such factors as pricing, most distinctive features, advantages and disadvantages, and customer support. 

Overview of Teamwork

Pricing: Starts at $12 per month


Teamwork is an online-based project management platform that can help managers, employees, and clients work and collaborate together. For those who have used with Basecamp, another popular project management solution, Teamwork will feel familiar. The feel and look are very similar.

One of the important features of Teamwork is its central file storage system. Many project management solutions have file management features, but what makes this tool different is that your company can access your files from one central location. Attaching files to tasks and getting files from tasks are still easy, but you can likewise access your files from the Files tab directly. This is an advantage for any business that prefers to have their file sharing capacity in a single tool where their project management is happening.

Teamwork also offers good collaboration features. For certain companies, these features can serve a huge benefit. It also has email integration features allowing your communications within the tool to simultaneously occur via email. With Teamwork, you can communicate using email as well as create tasks using email.

While Teamwork offers amazing features, it still has some disadvantages, particularly regarding functionality. For instance, task management can be inefficient and slow. In order to edit your tasks, you must individually click on tasks. There is also no fast approach to edit a huge group of tasks. Teamwork also cannot import tasks. Without this ability, there is simply no fast way to add huge volumes of tasks to this tool. If you are like hundreds of companies out there that regularly have large volumes of task management, this can be a problem.

Top 5 competitors of Teamwork

1. Wrike

Pricing: Starts at $10 a month, a great free trial is also available


If there is a tool that can definitely eclipse Teamwork with its features, quality and customer support it is Wrike. Our B2B experts found it to be the best project management tool out there. You can try out Wrike for yourself with free a trial to test its capabilities and features at no cost. You can easily get Wrike free trial here.


This award is given to the best product in our project management software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.

Try out Wrike with their free trial

Wrike is a project management tool that can give your company real-time project insights. Created with the intent of making your company operations faster and more transparent, the tool can serve as your business project hub, allowing users to quickly discuss ideas and tasks, track schedules, and store files.

With Wrike, users can quickly organize tasks and projects within a single workspace. In addition, users can easily access uploaded files. You can also collaborate in discussions, delegate tasks, and monitor schedules using interactive Gantt charts. Wrike offers powerful built-in analytics tools allowing you to have a visual update of how your projects are going.

Wrike is perfect for teams and companies of different sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Marketing departments, tech companies, social media companies, and any other company that needs project management solutions should definitely try this solution. Adobe, HTC, Google, PayPal, and Electronic Arts are among Wrike’s major clients.

For more information about the tool and its features and benefits you can read our detailed review of Wrike. You can also try the tool on your own and see how it works for your company. You can easily get Wrike free trial here.

2. Asana

Pricing: Starts at $21 a month (paid on an annual basis)

An overview of Asana interface

An overview of Asana interface

Another serious competitor of Teamwork is Asana. It’s a task and project management tool that enables you to create tasks and projects, share and collaborate on projects, as well as flag employees in your comments. The tool gets rid of the requirement to use email as your primary communication platform for projects.

Asana enables you to efficiently and quickly combine tasks, handle tasks according to priority, add task followers get project progress notificationsset up deadlines, create a workflow, and more. Aside from the tool’s task management features, it has a wide range of third-party integrations.

If you want to get more information about Asana and its features and benefits you can read our detailed review of Asana.

3. Nutcache

Pricing: Starts $14 per month

A quick glance at Nutcache interface

A quick glance at Nutcache interface

Nutcache can help companies improve the efficiency in their collection process. It easily tracks the time businesses spent on projects and can quickly generate invoices. Nutcache also allows you to send invoices and quotes to clients, allowing you collect payments easier.

Nutcache combines project management, invoicing, time management, and collaboration into a neat but efficient platform. It provides users with a useful project dashboard, time management tools, collaborative boards, and invoicing. In addition, Nutcache also features a multilingual capability, making it a good solution partner for companies that have a global market or for firms located outside the United States.

It may not be the best solution out there but it’s certainly worth a try. You can find more information about the software by reading our detailed review of Nutcache.

4. Workfront

Pricing: Starts at $360 per user per year

An overview of Workfront interface

An overview of Workfront interface

Formerly known as AtTask, Workfront offers companies an effective, comprehensive, and scalable solution to project management, work management. With a 360-degree perspective of their operations, companies can quickly spot issues and trends. They can also help team members, from administrative personnel to sales specialists to top executives become more informed about every situation, handle projects, and achieve total control.

Workfront also allows companies to improve portfolio and project management processes. It offers customizable and intuitive project dashboards, complete visibility of operations, and real-time reporting.

If you want to read more details on what are the advantages and disadvantages of this tool feel free to check our detailed review of Wrokfront.

5. Basecamp

Pricing: Starts at $20 per month

Basecamp offers a comprehensible solution across various devices

Basecamp offers a comprehensible solution across various devices

Another good alternative to Teamwork is Basecamp. Its is a popular and ubiquitous project management solution that enables companies to manage projects and collaborate with clients. Basecamp is simple to use and elegant. It avoids the usual trap of project management solutions trying to do many things. Instead, it prioritizes on some functions really well.

With Basecamp, your company can share ideas easily with others. The tool has a discussion area allowing you to ask questions or share comments, keeping all information together. Basecamp also allows you to store files easily. There is no need to worry about losing files in the tool since it offers a powerful and effective search feature that enables you to search all the tasks and projects you need.

However, some criticisms have been raised against its features. For instance, the tool’s task management still has some issues. There is no way to make one task dependent upon another using Basecamp, which could pose a problem when you are scheduling various tasks. When adding a task in the tool, you are unable to delegate it to various users or indicate an estimated duration. Because of these, the tool may not be the best project management solution particularly if your projects have to comply with strict deadlines.

Basecamp likewise has no time management tools as well as Gantt timeline charts. The tool unfortunately does not give you any reporting tools, so data analysis and making informed decisions become more difficult.

In addition, the tool does not support milestones. Thus, there is no way to monitor major events from within the platform. You also can’t customize the project workspaces or dashboard in Basecamp, which may possibly pose a problem if you prefer having projects or tasks presented in a certain way.

You can get more details about this service and its features with our detailed review of Basecamp.

Analyze the goals you want to accomplish

Before you select a project management software it is important to determine the goals that you want to achieve. Implementing a project management software solution is not exactly the same as doing project management. Identify the goals that you want to achieve so that you can not only select the right software solution, but also perform the right processes to effectively accomplish your objectives in conjunction with the software solution.

One of the well-proven ways to achieve this is to receive feedback from others in your business and identify the key problems you need to solve, such as lack of innovation, need for better customer support, lack of communication, among others. After that, you can create key business cases that can help you solve these problems. A good business case is wherein you identify the needs of your organizations and what you’re looking for in a project management solution. A good solutions vendor can guide you on matching your problems and needs with good business cases if in case you are having trouble.


There are many good project management solutions in the market right now, and Teamwork is one of them. But if you are looking for a top-notch project management service that will provide you with the best possible quality, features and customer support then our B2B experts recommend Wrike as the best alternative. You can also easily test the service on your own with the great Wrike free trial.

By Nestor Gilbert

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