Top 10 Alternatives to Checkfront: List Of Best Appointment Scheduling Systems No. 1 Scheduling Tool


Appointment scheduling software solutions offer a range of benefits to business users. For this reason, most companies are actively embracing this type of software for customer management. Therefore, it is no surprise that the global appointment scheduling software market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 9.80% during the period 2017-2021. To help you select a good quality platform, we review the main features and benefits of Checkfront as well as 10 viable alternatives to it in this article.

What is Checkfront?

A frontrunner among appointment scheduling software platforms currently in the market, Checkfront was developed with the simplification of scheduling and payments and easy integration with websites in mind. It is easy to setup, taking less than 30 minutes while offering an optional three-step tutorial capable of capturing the user’s learning curve.

Created for businesses with their own websites, Checkfront also comes with a plugin that can directly integrate with any content management system (CMS). It automatically generates a shortcode into the CMS upon installation of the plugin. Such shortcode enables organizations to insert booking applications into their websites.

Checkfront’s interface offers users the ability to navigate the calendar using the keyboard. This drag-and-drag capable interface also enables users to customize the dashboard. The platform’s calendar is multi-formatted and makes customer and inventory calendars readily accessible to users. One to six weeks of appointments, sorted by day, customer and item can be viewed. Inventory is also simplified with a color code scheme that shows the booking status.

The solution is currently being sold through four pricing plans, starting at $49 a month, set apart by only by annual booking capacity and the number of staff accounts. These plans come with support, allotted bookings per year, integration capabilities, a dedicated account manager and consulting service, depending on the package. A credit-card free 21-day free trial is also in the offing, along with a 15 percent discount for annual subscriptions and nonprofit organizations.

Truly Checkfront is a good investment for any company that wants its business put in order. However, there are a number of Checkfront alternatives out in the market, all possessing unique features and capabilities. Here, we take a look at some of them and come up with objective comparisons with Checkfront.

Top 10 Alternatives to Checkfront

1. 10to8

Business process automation is a key function of 10to8 AS software. Designed for both small and large businesses, the platform helps automate daily business processes. It also significantly boosts customer experience by giving them the ability to handle bookings 24/7. Users can also customize booking forms, generate automated email reminders and access schedule history. Its simple, user-friendly interface does not require complex operator training. 10to8 can also easily integrate with a company’s existing website, giving users easy access to appointments online. The vendor offers a great free trial that you can use to try out all key features of the software. You can easily sign up for 10to8 free trial here.

The software’s calendar sync system was made possible with the platform’s integration with leading online calendar services. The system can also avoid double entries with regular updates, while helping users keep tabs on client notes and customer history using an online digital notepad. The software essentially stores all information on a single storage from which they can be accessed through any device.

10to8 also features a payment processing capability. Customer deposits can be received through the platform, thereby preventing transaction cancellations. This feature also helps businesses do away with costly third-party financial management software. 10to8 is also able to integrate with payment systems such as PayPal and Stripe at no additional costs to users. Organizations can purchase 10to8 at very attractive prices. Price plans start at $12 a month. Higher-priced plans are also available depending on the additional features that a user requires. For smaller enterprises, the software has a forever free package, which offers a maximum of 100 appointments per month two logins and community and online support.This platform is truly a good investment for organizations looking to save on costs and yet gain all the benefits of an excellent AS system.

Why Choose 10to8 over Checkfront?

  • has found that 10to8 has outperformed Checkfront in terms of client satisfaction.
  • Offers a forever free plan to businesses requiring only 100 appointments per month and two monthly logins.
  • Available in more languages including French, Spanish and Dutch.
  • Supports more devices including Android, iPhone/iPad and Windows Mobile.
  • Suitable for small, medium and large businesses and even freelancers.
  • Lower monthly payments.

Why Choose Checkfront over 10to8?

  • Integrates with more business systems including Google Analytics, Google Docs and WordPress.
  • Offers sales and marketing analytics and mobile optimized solution.
  • Phone, live, ticket and training support are available.
  • Credit-card free 21-day free trial.
  • Payment processing options and accounting application integrations.

2. Calendly

Calendly is an AS software designed to help users organize events and schedules. The platform allows users to set availability preferences and generate invites for meetings or appointments. Invitees are given a choice from a list of available times and dates. Meeting durations can be customized according to the user’s needs. A minimum scheduling notice period can also be enforced to avoid last minute changes in bookings.

Users can send out a variety of invitation types, allowing those invited to choose the meeting format and those they want to meet with. The software also automatically sends confirmation emails and event reminders. It also gives notice in case of rescheduled bookings. Calendly’s integration with Google and Office 365 calendars allows for the automatic update of users’ calendars.

One of Calendly’s greatest strengths is the way it is priced. Subscription prices start from as low as $8 per month. Pricing options are tailored for just about every enterprise there is—small, medium and large businesses, including freelancers. Prospective users can also avail of the software’s credit card-free trial. Calendly also boasts of accessibility from a myriad of devices including the Web, Android and iOS. Support options include knowledge base, online and video tutorials. However, customer support is limited to users in the United States.

Why Choose Calendly over Checkfront?

  • Availability of free basic version
  • It supports 13 languages, including German, Chinese and Japanese.
  • The platform can be embedded with websites.
  • Calendly is fully optimized for all devices.
  • Features enhanced privacy and controls.
  • It is capable of invitee calendar integration.

Why choose Checkfront over Calendly?

  • Checkfront has inventory management capability.
  • It can be integrated with popular services.
  • The software features sales and marketing analytics.
  • It provides quick customer support.
  • The platform generates automated notifications.
  • Online payment processing capability.
  • Dedicated partner accounts.

3. Appointment Plus

Appointment Plus is a powerful AS software targeted at large industrial organizations and institutions. The software’s suitability to large companies is rooted in features such as resource scheduling, service add-ons, a customer waiting list, time slot options and email delivery reporting.

Despite its user-friendly interface, the platform is not ideal for average users as it may prove difficult to understand and set up. For this reason, the software comes with a tutorial video and free setup coaching sessions. Appointment Plus lets users create schedule templates instead of assigning schedules to staff members. These templates can only be viewed by clicking a monthly calendar.

Appointed Plus is being marketed through different pricing plans starting at $49 per month, depending on the number of appointments per month and users. A 15-day free trial is also available to prospective users.

Customer support for the software includes dedicated customer service representatives, a YouTube channel and social media services. Monthly support plans are also available, inclusive of email, phone support and response to voicemails and tickets. Appointment Plus has also established partnerships with payment gateways such as Merchant Warehouse, and Caledon, among others. As for data security, the software has been certified for advanced secure sockets layer encryption and data privacy.

Appointment Plus also offers additional functionalities and plug-ins such as point of sale, additional appointments and document download capabilities.

Why choose Appointment Plus over Checkfront?

  • Availability of dedicated support representatives
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Suitable for large organizations.
  • Enhanced data security

Why choose Checkfront over Appointment Plus?

  • Caters to small and medium enterprises
  • Integration with multiple business systems
  • Easy setup
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Multi-language support
  • Sales and marketing analytics

4. is an AS software that is ideal for use by service companies that accept bookings. Its key features include appointment reminders, group scheduling and calendar management, among others. The platform can be integrated with existing business systems and enables users to capture customer data through add-ons. These include a payment plugin, a business discovery plugin and a Google Calendar sync plugin. also features a Promotion system that allows businesses to cut on marketing costs and provide rewards to existing clients. Android and iOS apps allow customers to book schedules online.

The solution is being offered at a starting price of $9.90 per month, with options of monthly and annual payments. A free version and trial of the software are also available for businesses looking for the perfect solution. The platform is deployed via Cloud, software as a service and mobile devices. The makers of the software provide support in the form of Webinars, live online tutorials and live customer representatives. has been deemed as one of the top 20 AS software products currently in the market.

Why choose over Checkfront?

  • Accessibility from online devices and desktop computers
  • Lower pricing plans
  • Ideal for small, medium and large businesses, including freelancers
  • More system integration options
  • Custom terms and conditions

Why choose Checkfront over

  • Ease of use
  • Multiple pricing plans
  • Unlimited integration offer
  • Sales and marketing analytics

5. Bookero

Bookero is an open source online reservation system that is ideal for just about any service that requires a scheduling platform. The software can easily integrate with any corporate website and is easy to setup and use. Bookero’s key features include an automatic booking module, reservation history and inquiries and an SMS notification module. It also has a website wizard, which enables users to integrate the platform with Facebook. Bookero’s online payment module allows for user connection with payment accounts at no extra cost. It also has five plugins designed to make online appointment and scheduling hassle-free. The solution has also been integrated with open source systems WordPress and Joomla!. A mobile app allows users to confirm or cancel appointments with a single click, with pending queries clearly listed. API modules are also available for businesses that need additional plugins for specific processes. Bookero’s pricing plans include a $17.99 per month and a $31.49 package. Interested buyers can also try the software as a free one-month trial is also available.

Why choose Bookero over Checkfront?

  • Automatic booking module
  • Request query module
  • Customer directory
  • Access to history of reservations and inquiries
  • Modules of booking rules
  • Service management
  • Website wizard for integration with Facebook portal
  • SMS notification module

Why choose Checkfront over Bookero?

  • Multi-language support
  • Sales and marketing analytics
  • Caters to small and medium enterprises
  • Integration with multiple business systems
  • Easy setup
  • Flexible pricing plans

6. YouCanBook.Me

YouCanBook.Me is an AS software designed to allow businesses to set appointments and publish them on a website. It enables customers to view the availability of meeting participants, book their own schedules and pay for the service early on. The platform also automatically adds appointments to customers’ iCloud or Google Calendar.

Setting up of a booking page for the platform is easy; users simply add their profiles, their company logo and name, along with a short description of the services that they render. The page is customizable in terms of color, font and built-in themes. Alternatively, the page can be embedded into organizations’ pre-existing websites. Among the software’s key features are integration with calendar applications and management of schedule cancellations and rescheduling. It also sends email or SMS reminders to prevent cancellations. YouCanBook.Me is also capable of customizing customers’ timezones to maintain accurate and timely bookings.

YouCanBook.Me pricing plans include a free single calendar with basic capabilities and a $10 per month plan which offers the software’s full functionalities. A 10 percent discount is also being offered for annual pricing plans and 20 percent discount for two-year plans.

Why choose YouCanBook.Me over Checkfront?

  • Free basic package
  • More languages supported
  • Suitability for small, medium and large businesses
  • Cancellation and rebooking capability

Why choose Checkfront over YouCanBook.Me?

  • Multiple pricing plans
  • Ease of use
  • Integration with popular services
  • Quick customer support
  • Multi-language support

7. Acuity Scheduling

Originally developed for personal use, Acuity Scheduling AS has been steadily increasing in popularity.  The software boasts of a variety of calendar settings and promotions highly suitable for service organizations, along with a robust time support and ecommerce solutions. It is also very useful for small enterprises with multiple business locations. Key product features include creation of group or class schedules, inclusion of a two-way Google Calendar sync and effective management of time zones between organizations and customers. It can also accept online payments, having partnered with PayPal, and Stripe. Client security is quite excellent as customer information required is limited to name, email and phone number. Acuity also has integrations and add-ons that include WordPress, Weebly and SquareSpace.

Setup and use of the software is simple and easy, involving but a single-step registration process. The platform’s equally simple graphic user interface is also guaranteed to make newbies seem veterans in using the software. Customer support includes live chats, calls, a blogs and customer forums. Acuity has also been using social media to keep customers updated on changes in the systems.

Acuity’s pricing schemes is one of its finer points as they cater to the average business enterprise. Pricing schemes range from $10 to $34 a month depending on which package is purchased. A free trial is also available requiring only email and password for login.

Why choose Acuity Scheduling over Checkfront?

  • Free trial
  • Suitable for businesses with multiple locations
  • Event and group scheduling
  • Caters to freelancers
  • Lower pricing plans
  • Automatic time zone adjustment

Why choose Checkfront over Acuity Scheduling?

  • Multiple pricing schemes
  • Inventory management capability
  • Facebook integration
  • Multi-language support
  • Integrations with popular services

8. vCita

vCita is an AS software created as a client engagement solution. It is capable of online scheduling, payments and contact management. The software also easily integrates with any website or online platform. The system can also handle billing and invoicing for customers and enables clients to manage their appointments through a client portal. vCita is available in both iOS and Android platforms. It also enables users to build landing pages and market to clients using emails and SMS. Setting up vCita takes only a few minutes as the system comes with a setup tutorial. The software can also be used by clients in booking their appointments online thanks to its ability to integrate with Google Calendar. It also integrates with popular services like WordPress.

vCita is available through different pricing plans starting at $29.90 per month. Annual plans are also available to organizations that prefer long-term use of the platform. The software is also available for free albeit with limited features.

Why choose vCita over Checkfront?

  • Caters to freelancers
  • Free plans are available
  • Lower pricing plans
  • Free customized web  integration
  • Integration with social media
  • Phone and calendar syncing

Why choose Checkfront over vCita?

  • Inventory management
  • Online payment processing
  • Sales and marketing analytics
  • SSL security protocol
  • Automated notifications
  • Multi-language support

9. Housecall Pro

A cloud-based AS, Housecall Pro is designed to automate field service professionals’ processes. The platform’s key features include a mobile application and Web portal. Functionalities include job scheduling, dispatch, invoicing and payment processing. The software also enables business clients to book appointments online using a mobile app and communicate with the user using a centralized message system. It is also capable of automated email marketing, electronic signature and Google Calendar integration. The platform also prevents transactional miscommunication by keeping field service technicians and administrators in constant touch using mobile devices. This is a sure fire way of reducing resource and time spent on specific projects. Housecall Pro is available in both Android and iOS devices. It also supports Mac OS, Web Browser and Windows 8. Pricing schemes start at $39 which includes basic features and support. However, a free version of the application is available to freelancers.

Why choose Housecall over Checkfront?

  • Lower pricing plans
  • Payment processing capability
  • Quickbooks Online integration
  • Quotes/estimates
  • Scheduling
  • Service history tracking
  • Live chat support
  • Free version is available for freelancers

Why choose Checkfront over Housecall Pro?

  • Inventory management
  • Integration with popular services
  • SSL security protocol
  • Dedicated partner accounts
  • Multi-language support
  • Sales and marketing analytics

10. Booker

Booker was developed to give organizations a virtual one-stop AS software. The platform’s calendar is designed to manage the appointments of multiple employees. It has the ability to assign and reassign staff availabilities as needed. Booker can also manage inventory with its point of sale functionality. This feature also allows users to accurately track customer purchase history and process payments. The makers of the software also included an email marketing capability that allows customers to receive automatically generated emails.

Setting up Booker is easily accomplished by simply copying and pasting HTML onto a company’s website, which will create a button that will link customers to the booking page. The software also captures transactions between user and clients, which include appointments and sales. This functionality also enables the company to track everything involved in a transaction, including employee performance, payroll and customer behavior.

Although Booker does not have a free version or trial, the software is reasonably priced, with different pricing plans available to businesses. Pricing starts at $85 per month, with all basic features and functionalities included. Customer support includes a demonstration from a customer representative for prospective buyers. Users can also call live support during predetermined hours, along with live chat support from within the platform. Booker also offers add-ons at additional cost, which includes a customer app and a functionality that allows users to add booking features to their listings.

Why choose Booker over Checkfront?

  • Appointment management
  • Easy setup
  • Point of sale functionality
  • Web integration
  • Tracking features
  • Transaction history

Why choose Checkfront over Booker

  • SSL security protocol
  • Sales and marketing analytics
  • Inventory management
  • Dedicated partner accounts
  • Integration with popular services
  • Multi-language support

So there you have it, the top Checkfront alternatives currently available in the market. Every single one has its strengths and weaknesses but one is bound to suit your business needs.

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