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Genesys PureCloud Pricing Packages: How Much Do the Plans Cost?

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How much does Genesys PureCloud cost?
Genesys PureCloud costs $75 per agent, per month for the Cloud 1 plan. The price goes up to $110 per agent per month for Cloud 2. Finally, Cloud 3 costs $140 per agent per month. All plans are billed annually. The company doesn’t offer a free plan, but you can test the capabilities of the software with their 30-day free trial.

With the deluge of call center software available in the market today, it can be tempting to just go for the one that offers the cheapest pricing packages. However, a better strategy would be to learn more about the features included in each plan. You can then see how those features might enable your team to solve issues or help you deliver more effective customer support. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Genesys PureCloud pricing plans, plus the features included in each package. We’ll explain how each feature can make a difference in your workflow and manner of providing support to customers. Finally, we’ll give our take on which plan you should try based on your requirements. 

genesys purecloud pricing plans

Certainly, every business is a people business—and every encounter is important. Case in point: 89% of customers switched to doing business with a competitor after a bad experience with customer service. Furthermore, 96% of consumers say customer service is an essential factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand. 

Customer Loyalty Is Connected to Quality of Customer Support

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But customer service trends are leaning towards more unstructured, real-time, and personalized communication. As a result, keeping up with customer expectations can be a tall order. For example, 3 out of 4 millennials prefer solving issues on their own through digital platforms. On the other hand, in the Critical Channels of Choice report, customers from across all generations—from Gen X to Silent Generation—still prefer a combination of channels where they can reach a business.

Overview of Genesys PureCloud

Genesys PureCloud dashboard

Genesys PureCloud is a contact center software with powerful omnichannel and conversation routing features. It makes it easy for your support agents to handle inquiries no matter which channels the customer uses. From social media like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to SMS, emails, or phone, PureCloud consolidates all these communications into one, easy-to-use interface.

Whether you’re a startup with just a small team of representatives or an enterprise who’s looking for a way to improve your customer support operations, Genesys PureCloud can help. That’s because it’s a highly scalable software that can adjust to your team’s requirements. For instance, you can choose to prioritize certain channels based on the demands of your customers.

Moreover, conversations come with full customer history. This means your agents can have context whenever they interact with customers. This enables them to deliver faster, more accurate solutions. 


Genesys PureCloud

Genesys PureCloud

Try out Genesys PureCloud with their free trial



Other notable features include video chat and IM chat comparable to leading live chat apps, screen sharing, and document management tools. Additionally, PureCloud has routing functionalities that can let team leaders or supervisors better manage queues. For example, they can assign tasks to a specific agent with the right expertise or prioritize customer messages according to urgency. 

Also, supervisors can use PureCloud’s workforce management features to handle unforeseen changes in agent work schedules. They can create manual schedules, check an agent’s time-off request, or track shift attendance. The software is mobile-ready and seamlessly connects with popular HR software and CRM software.

Detailed Genesys PureCloud Review

Key Features of Genesys PureCloud

  • Omnichannel Support
  • Call Recording/Transfer
  • Communications History
  • Queue Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Forecast of Activity Volume
  • Standardized Responses
  • Ticketing
  • Feedback and Customer Satisfaction
  • Reporting and Analytics

Genesys PureCloud Pricing Packages

1. Genesys Cloud 1

The Genesys Cloud 1 plan costs $75 per agent, per month and is billed annually. It contains all the essential features that can help solve customer issues faster.

Who is this plan ideal for?

The Cloud 1 plan is great for call centers looking for an affordable yet effective way to handle simple customer cases.

What’s included in Genesys Cloud 1?

  • Speech-enabled IVR
  • Voicebots
  • Inbound Voice Routing
  • Voicemail
  • Basic outbound campaigns
  • Unified communications
  • Interaction recording
  • Access to AppFoundry marketplace
  • Platform APIs
  • Real-time and historical views
  • Historical reporting
  • Performance dashboards

Speech-enabled IVR

The plan includes speech-enabled IVR, which is a technology that uses natural language processing (NLP). IVR enables your customers to fully self-serve to find solutions to some of the most common issues they face with your product or service.

Furthermore, IVR is a more intuitive option compared to the traditional touch-tone menu since callers can state their problems in plain language. It doesn’t only provide a more pleasant customer experience but also frees up your live agents to handle more complex inquiries. 

Genesys purecloud ivr

PureCloud’s IVR architect lets supervisors create complex call flows using simple drag-and-drop functions.

Inbound Voice Routing

Another feature that can significantly improve your call center operations is Inbound Voice Routing. This feature allows managers or team leaders to virtualize operations. For example, they can route calls to agents located at different sites or agents working from home and manage multiple locations using a single interface. In this sense, you don’t only get customer support software but also a handy tool for remote workThe Cloud 1 plan also includes performance dashboards and analytics that can help supervisors detect trends, pinpoint issues, and evaluate agent performance based on data at hand.

Genesys purecloud performance dashboard

Gensys PureCloud’s performance dashboard for supervisors.

2. Genesys Cloud 2

The Genesys Cloud 2 plan costs $110 per agent, per month and is billed annually. It has everything included in Cloud 1 with the addition of automation features your agents will love.

Who is this plan ideal for?

 If your agents are swamped with calls, or you want a more efficient way to handle common inquiries, try out the Cloud 2 plan. Its features can help you effectively serve each customer without hiring additional staff. 

What’s included in Genesys Cloud 2?

  • All features in Genesys Cloud 1
  • Chatbots
  • Unlimited chat and email routing
  • Callback (IVR & web)
  • Advanced outbound campaigns
  • Inbound/outbound blending
  • Quality management and compliance

AI-powered Chatbots

The Cloud 2 plan comes with AI-powered chatbots that don’t only answer common questions but also  “understand” when a case needs to be passed on to a live agent. Chatbots use FAQs or your company’s knowledge bases when resolving problems. As a result, they can be used to deflect interactions, alleviate the strain on your agents, and increase first contact resolution. 

Advanced Outbound Campaigns

In addition to chatbots, you also get advanced outbound campaigns in the Cloud 2 package. This feature lets you proactively communicate with current customers and reach out to new prospects using contact lists set with programmable rules. You can configure automated or agent-assisted outbound dialing campaigns aimed at upselling/cross-selling, promotions, customer win-back, etc. If you’re a tech-savvy CIO or call center manager looking for a way to increase your ROI on outbound sales and marketing campaigns, the Cloud 2 package can be an excellent choice.

Genesys purecloud chatbot

Conversation flow using Genesys Purecloud AI chatbots.

3. Genesys Cloud 3

The Genesys Cloud 3 plan costs $140 per agent, per month and is billed annually. It has all the features included in Cloud 1 and 2 and all other features PureCloud has to offer to help your call center operations thrive.

Who is this plan ideal for?

If your goal is to provide real-time customer support, the Cloud 3 plan has all the tools you need.

What’s included in Genesys Cloud 3?

  • All features in Genesys Cloud 2
  • Co-browse and screen share
  • SMS and messaging apps routing
  • Screen recording
  • Workforce management

Co-browsing and Screen Sharing

It includes co-browsing and screen sharing features, so your agents can not only tell what customers should do but also “show” them how to do it. These features are especially useful if your agents provide IT support. They can give detailed instructions to customers and have an easier time troubleshooting complex technical issues. 

Furthermore, with real-time screen sharing, interactions between your customers and agents can be simple and painless. If customers can’t find what they’re looking for on a website, for example, agents can do a screen share session to help locate the information—no more annoying back and forth and repetitive instructions. Agents can save a lot of time, while customers receive personalized support. 

Genesys purecloud screen sharing

Real-time screen sharing makes interactions with customers simple and painless.

SMS and Messaging Apps Routing

Another feature found in the Cloud 3 package is SMS and messaging apps routing. This feature can help boost customer engagement because it makes it easy and convenient for customers to reach your agents using their preferred messaging apps. Since more and more customers are turning to digital platforms and expecting real-time service, it’s almost imperative for call centers to implement this feature if they want to provide timely support and ensure customer retention.

On the other hand, agents handling inquiries will have access to customer details and conversation history across all channels. This means they have a 360-degree view of every case. Consequently, they can better handle inquiries or redirect customers to experts. 

Which Genesys PureCloud Plan Is Best for You?

Now that you have a clear picture of the different Genesys PureCloud pricing plans, which is for you? If you’re looking for software that has the essential features to streamline your call center operations, the Cloud 1 plan is a good place to start. It gives you access to modern features to effectively handle customer interactions. It’s also the most affordable, so you get reliable software without breaking the bank.

However, if you’re planning to increase automation in your call center workflow, we recommend starting with Cloud 2. The features included in Cloud 2 are not only practical for small teams but also for operations that can no longer handle an increase in call volume from customers.

Finally, if you need a solution that can provide personalized, real-time, and interactive customer support, it’s best to set your eyes on the Cloud 3 package.

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