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It is imperative to organize everything, and when it comes to using an event management software, it is crucial to choose the best one that works great and able to weather the changing times. If you want to use a different platform, this article aims to provide you the top 10 alternatives to Eventbrite.

It is undeniable that technology has changed in many ways and even the event management industry is evolving to keep up with the change as well. If we talk about technology in the context of utilizing an event management tool, the first thing that comes to our mind is the software or the program itself. That being said, for many decades, a lot of software solutions have been developed to assist the event industry in managing and organizing any form of events.

It also aims at helping event managers and planners so that they can do their jobs more efficiently. Moreover, 57 percent use event management technology to get the job done. Meanwhile, 96 percent confirms the value and importance of using technology to manage their meetings and events. On a side note, if you can do the job well without resorting to using an event management software, so be it. However, the complicated process and the hassle of sorting things out could be minimized with the use of an event management program. In line with that, the top 10 alternatives to Eventbrite will surely make your job more relaxed and will save you time in checking the repetitive tasks and other things.

What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is easily as one of the largest event technology platforms. The technology works well with anyone because it is an intuitive self-service platform. Users can use Eventbrite to post an event using the web. It is also used when selling tickets or tracking sales as well as managing registrations. If you are planning a wide-scale event, you can use Eventbrite to prepare it and to find customers to make your event a successful one.

Benefits of Eventbrite

  1. It automates everything
  2. Saves you time and resources
  3. Provides efficiency
  4. Includes accuracy
  5. Offers cost savings
  6. The platform provides room for communication
  7. Easy to control the expenses
  8. Smooth workflow

If you are considering other event management platforms to address your need, consider the event management tools that we have listed below. This guide aims to showcase the top 10 alternatives to Eventbrite along with its features and functionalities.

Top 10 Alternatives to Eventbrite

1. Cvent

If you are seeking for an event management software that is easy to use and navigate, the Cvent software can provide all that. It transforms events into experiences. The tool is considered a powerful online event management software because of its regular reporting features and strategic integrations. It is an end-to-end platform to help businesses or groups attain success. It measures the group performance in real time as well. One thing that makes Cvent great is its flexibility. It helps those that are struggling with adjusting to new platforms because the controls and designs are truly flexible and easy to follow. If you want you can compare this software with other Cvent alternatives and see how it performs better.

2. XING Events

The platform provides an easy solution to selling your events to the public. It is an interactive platform that works with your event from start to the finish. The tool’s event marketing options increase ticket sales and promote the event as well. The event management tool is also a tailored platform to meet your business needs. The automated process and the smart apps make the work efficient and less tiring for any business enterprise. For most enterprise, this event management tool is suitable because the solutions are customized; it has a strong support system for event managers and organizers. You can also match this solution with other XING Events alternatives for a more in-depth analysis.

3. Eventzilla

The Eventzilla platform is designed to help businesses deal with the demands and complexities of organizing and management events. It works by dealing with event registration, ticketing platforms, classes, conferences, fundraising events, social events and other event-related tasks. With its mobile platform capability and daily payout, the events and their underlying hurdles are quickly dealt and addressed. This event management tool works wonders for those who want utilize a ticketing platform and online registration. Also, this tool is great for organizing classes, conferences, social events and even fundraising events. Its unique platform deals with promoting the events and reducing no shows because it sends out a reminder to all attendees. If you think this software doesn’t fit your needs try other Eventzilla alternatives.

4. Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is a platform that sells tickets online. It offers an instant solution and is easy to set up. It works well for any event and can even set up multiple events and ticket allocations. Besides that, it manages customers’ orders and deals efficiently. Businesses or event management can even check the sale summaries with ease. The data could even be exported, and the event managers can gain access to analytics and receive notifications regarding the status of the event. On top of that, discount codes and voucher codes are provided by Ticket Tailor as a way to thank those entities or individuals who use the event management software. Not sure about this software? You have plenty of Ticket Tailor alternatives to choose from.

5. Etouches

Etouches is known as one of the leading event management tools also. It is data-driven and able to handle global events or major conferences or symposiums. The platform is a global end-to-end event management tool solution. It is a cloud-based program that provides innovative solutions to any event and it increases efficiency as well. If you are seeking a platform that is more versatile, this tool should belong to your list. It works by making the registration process easy for attendees, automating events and delivering a data-driven ROI. Likewise, it provides an integrated solution to handle the event process from start to finish. Remember to compare this software with other Etouches alternatives for a holistic perspective.

6. RegOnline

If you are seeking an online ticketing solution that is easy to use and utilize, RegOnline is one of the best platforms for you. It can handle complex events whether it is a multi-day event or features multiple sessions. It also caters to travel bookings with ease. Likewise, the whole platform includes a search feature for venues, RFP’s, statistic and event reports as well as marketing and real-time monitoring. It also offers a quick and easy process of managing events and dealing with other details associated with it. The tool promises on delivering a hassle-free way of managing your events whether business or personal. Unhappy about this software? You can try other RegOnline alternatives.

7. DoubleKnot

The learning curve for this event management tool is short because of it’s user-friendly. The comprehensive software solution provides business entities and organizations the event management solutions that they need. The tool is fully integrated with vital methods to deliver a comprehensive event management process. It makes reservations and registrations easy and convenient. Moreover, it hands ticketing and memberships with ease. On top of that, the point-of-sale solution of this platform is worth noting. Organizers or event managers can streamline online registrations as well as reservations and memberships.  This platform works well with zoos, clubs, museums or any mission-based organizations or entities. For a more in-depth review, compare this software with other DoubleKnot alternatives.

8. EventMobi

EventMobi is easy to use and there are built-in templates that the event manager can fully utilize as well. A feature of adding a link to a survey for attendants to fill was also something that makes the tool stand out from the other products in the market. It is a trusted platform that works well even when used on mobile devices. The built-in audience response also sets it apart. The tool grants the users the capability to engage with attendees and the networking feature of this software is exemplary as well. Its reporting tools also provide efficiency and ease of access for all event managers. Do you have reservations about this solution? You have plenty of EventMobi alternatives.

9. Configio

Configio is built with resilience in mind.  This event management tool combines flexibility with ease. It is mobile optimized to provide portability and easy usage. The intuitive design of the platform allows event managers the option to manage all events while enjoying real-time monitoring and reliable reporting. This highly appraised event management tool is not only capable of dealing with event registrations but it also offers a wide array of services as well. Its customization feature helps event organizers to set things easily. The tool also embeds promotion features such as utilizing the social media to promote an event. This tool also works well by dealing with customer relationship management, the sales analytics, and even the workflow management. For more options you can check Configio alternatives and see which one fits your needs to a tee.

10. Event Management Cloud

EventBank’s Event Management Cloud is a cloud-based software designed to simplify your entire event management processes, from conceptualization to post-event. It enables users to neatly organize events, effectively collaborate with team members, use a plethora of promotional tools to reach more audiences, and please customers with a fully functional mobile app. Team members can effectively collaborate in drafting events with planning tools, complete with the capability to delegate roles, set permissions and assign tasks to ensure smooth internal workflows from start to end. It comes with mobile-responsive event templates that can be customized to suit one’s branding and enable you to gather all required information from attendees. It supports various ticket types, over 20 supported currencies, payment options, and much more.

Event Management Cloud features robust promotional tools to improve event registrations, allowing sending of branded event invitations that are easily created either through drag-and-drop tools or an HTML editor. These branded invitations can be sent to targeted audiences stored in your CRM, and the progress of each campaign can be monitored with ease. Attendees can easily access all pertinent event information through their very own EventBank app, allowing them to access pertinent details, presentations, and real-time updates prior to the event and after. Take a look at our EventBank Event Management Cloud alternatives if you’re looking for other suitable options.

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