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12 Best Event Management Platforms of 2019: What’s the Best Solution?

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What is the best event management platform?
The best event management platform is EventMobi. It’s an integrated event experience solution capable of covering the entire lifecycle of your meeting, conference, or other events. It’s a user-friendly platform that provides planners with tools, such as registration and event apps, to engage attendees and guests from the start up to the end of event.

Technology is continuously advancing. And for every technological change is a corresponding change in industry trend. In the world of event management, the association between technology and events is directed by one unchanging fact—event management software controls how your audience gets involved in your event throughout the entire process. This is why the capability to gather and analyze customer data empowers today’s events professionals to create more meaningful events that really engage and make a lasting impact. And once you have that covered, you may also consider how the application allows you to reach out to more people in less time, while streamlining the tasks of scheduling and registration in one go.

In line with these important event planning and handling requisites, we’ve reviewed and ranked 12 of today’s tools that reflect the ideal mix of event management features, benefits and pricing to help you in your journey to find the best event app for your business. Some of them will give you more features than you need now, while others may come short of what you expect. If you’re still left with a few at the end, consider factoring in customer support and the vendors’ approach to integrating new technologies as they prove useful in their next updates. That should allow you to short-list the number to one or two at the end.

event management platforms

For most event planners, the most important thing is providing the best possible experience for every event participant. This is because being able to provide an engaging, memorable experience helps boost positive referrals and enhance retention rates. However, creating innovative events concepts can be particularly difficult, considering all the works, marketing, and individuals involved. Further complicating things is that since almost every year new trends in meetings and even in events technology arise, these emerging industry directions should also be properly addressed by event planners to ensure relevant successful events.

Knowing the primary uses of every event platform and how each tool integrates with the other applications that you use can be quite difficult. That is why we’ve prepared this helpful guide to enable you to better appreciate the kind of event management solution you should consider for your business.

12 Best Event Management Software Solutions

1. EventMobi

EventMobi dashboard example

EventMobi is a complete event experience mobile platform that covers the entire lifecycle of any type of event. This application offers a comprehensive collection of technological tools and features every event organizer needs to help ensure each audience is provided with the type of experience she or he expects.

This mobile event management solution is simply quite easy to use to provide organizers considerable cost and resource savings while making sure that all attendees are totally engaged in the event. Its features include event apps, analytics, live surveys, networking, gamification, registration, and digital signages. This customizable, integrated solution is a favorite for both event organizers and their guests. 

You can sign up for EventMobi free trial here.

Why Choose EventMobi?

  1. Extensive event app
  2. Event gamification
  3. Live branded digital display
  4. Delivery of an engaging event experience
  5. End-to-end experience manager platform
  6. Multiple-event event capability

2. Eventbrite

Eventbrite dashboard example

A flexible, easy-to-use event management platform, Eventbrite matches the particular needs of event organizers to ensure a seamless event hosting experience. It is loaded with intuitive tools to support event-related tasks—e.g., advertising, ticketing, registration, payment, up to post-event activities—for driving high guest turnout rates, time savings, and overall positive performance and revenues. With Eventbrite, you can more efficiently handle the simplest of gatherings to the most complex of events.

Why Choose Eventbrite?

  1. A comprehensive array of features to simplify event management
  2. Customization of event registration and tracking
  3. Easy widget website integration
  4. Eventbrite Spectrum (app marketplace)
  5. Free organizer app for Android and iOS

3. Wrike

Wrike dashboard example

Another popular event management platform, Wrike Event Management is a full-suite event management platform. Its strength lies in its highly-efficient structured strategy to event planning, which entails breaking down the event plan into different stages, assigning each task its specific due date, and easily monitoring progress using a visual timeline. Designed for managing any event, from the ordinary to the most elaborate of gatherings, Wrike offers a robust array of tools to help you better plan, prepare, and hold your events, including supplier coordination, and optimizing your resource usage.

Wrike’s Event Planning Template is a favorite tool among event professionals as it allows them to be on top of things and enable them to make better plans and execute every task successfully and within schedule. This tool gives event organizers an integrated user dashboard that provides a clear outline of an entire event in real time, which helps drive enhanced productivity for all team members.

Wrike Event Management offers businesses an end-to-end solution for handling all types of events, from the initial steps until their completion. This event management platform is designed to help improve your planning competency and drives event teams to further develop their skills and knowledge in events. 

You can try out this efficient tool when you sign up for Wrike free trial here.

Why Choose Wrike?

  1. Planning for event calendar
  2. Designating tasks with accountability
  3. Centralizing supplier management
  4. Event marketing template
  5. Preparing for future events

4. ProjectManager

ProjectManager dashboard example

ProjectManager is another award-winning event management platform, which combines event planning and project management, along with collaboration and scheduling tools, into a single robust technology solution. Designed to effectively function with a centralized interface, businesses can easily start new events, assign tasks, set up assignments, allocated resource, and monitor the status of all activities.

With this smart event tool, you can elevate your event management capabilities to a higher level to help your business achieve a competitive edge versus your competition. It doesn’t matter how simple or complex the event you’ll be holding, ProjectManager can provide the needed technological tools and features to help ensure your event’s success, aside from a wide array of benefits, including the distinct capability to compare the actual progress of a live event against the corresponding plans.

It is also easily scalable to any type or size of event or special project that you’ll conduct, for any business or industry. It also supports extensive customization to correspond to your brand and particular ways of doing things. With ProjectManager, you can significantly streamline your tasks and activities to ensure that things are done correctly and completed on time.

You can try this event management tool when you sign up for ProjectManager free trial here.

Why Choose ProjectManager?

  1. End-to-end event management solution
  2. Designed for team collaboration
  3. Multi-device compatibility
  4. Real-time dashboards
  5. Extensive support

5. Gather

Gather dashboard example

Gather, a very popular comprehensive cloud-based event management solution proven by thousands of businesses users to effectively streamline their entire event workflow, which helps in guaranteeing the success of any type of event or gathering. Designed to include all the needed tools and features for event management, Gather has become an indispensable tool to address a wide range of event requirements.

With Gather, business users will benefit from having a greatly streamlined event workflow, which covers the entire event planning and holding process, up to the post-event activities. Empowered by cloud-based access, this event management solution helps event planners and managers simplify their tasks—which mostly include the cumbersome, error-prone activities—to minimize errors, enable tasks to be completed more quickly, and achieve substantial savings in company resources and time.

This powerful event platform enables event companies to use their own business websites to gather leads, which means there’s no need to create a new site for every event that will be held and you can quickly respond to them, along for directly conducting performance assessments, generating reports, etc. Event managers will also appreciate their access to the huge listings in the Gather Booking Network, which automatically expands their marketing reach.


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Why Choose Gather?

  1. Optimized lead form
  2. Complimentary Gather marketplace listings
  3. Awesome guest experience
  4. Document and form tracking in real-time
  5. Booking widget

6. Cvent

Cvent dashboard example

A cloud-based event management tool, Cvent offers an easy-to-use, integrated technology platform to optimize the effect of any event that you organize. It accompanies event professionals in every step of the entire event cycle, including event planning and marketing, onsite execution, audience engagement, and event outcomes measurement and analytics. It can also streamline event-related tasks, such as performance measurement, guest engagement, event planning, and venue search. Currently used by over 300,000 active users in more than 100 countries, Cvent helps you plan events with ease, boost guest attendance, and guarantee success.

Why Choose Cvent?

  1. Revolutionize events into experiences
  2. Best-in-class 24/7 customer service
  3. Room block management
  4. With a four-stage event planning model
  5. Smart mobile event apps

7. Bizzabo

Bizzabo dashboard example

Bizzabo is an all-in-one event management solution that provides event teams every required tool for creating successful events, supported by robust analytics to derive insights to drive continuous growth. It helps organizers develop marketing campaigns that boost higher event turnout, build an on-brand digital experience, and use dynamic communities to convene people together. Bizzabo also enables organizers to simplify their ticketing system, enhance sponsorship opportunities, improve networking campaigns, and better organize and use consumer data for report and analytics purposes.

Why Choose Bizzabo?

  1. Integrate with over 700 third-party apps
  2. With an extensive networking community
  3. Simplified registration and ticketing
  4. User-performance analysis
  5. Integrated communication channels

8. XING Events

XING Events dashboard example

XING Events is an event management software solution designed to help event professionals enhance their efficiency to hold successful events. It uses smart apps and process automation to help organizers improve their efficiency and prevent the usual work burnout among event managers and teams. With its intuitive tools like EasyEntry and TicketingManager, event organizers can readily elevate their event management capacities without the need for additional manpower and trainingIt also provides access to 15 million of potential event guests, which significantly increases sales prospects.

Why Choose XING Events?

  1. Effortlessly hold complicated events
  2. Flexible, robust online ticketing
  3. Multilingual ticketing
  4. CRM integration
  5. Vast audience reach

9. TicketSource

TicketSource dashboard example

A totally free online event management application, TicketSource helps event organizers in promoting, selling, and handling any kind of event, from the smallest to the biggest of gatherings. Event organizers can quickly generate event-branded interfaces that event guests can use to purchase their tickets effortlessly. TicketSource offers a unified event management platform that includes a TicketShop app to easily sell tickets online 24/7, wireless scanning kits and app, print-at-home eTickets, and printed tickets and wristbands. It also provides support for analytics and reports. It only applies booking fees to attendees and does not charge event organizes.

Why Choose TicketSource?

  1. Online box office system
  2. Event details customization
  3. Audience management & results tracking
  4. Postal delivery
  5. Dedicated customer support

10. Aventri

Aventri dashboard example

A cloud-based event management platform, Aventri (formerly etouches) has helped numerous companies across the world to improve their event planning and execution strategies. This event solution is packed with all the necessary tools for efficient management of any type or size of meetings and gatherings, including real-time performance insights to immediately resolve any emerging issue and for boosting guest engagement. As an end-to-end event management solution, it helps streamline and automate the whole event cycle, from start to post-event activities.

Why Choose Aventri?

  1. Event promotion using an exclusive website
  2. Wide third-party integrations
  3. Multilingual support
  4. Robust data security system
  5. Floor and seating management

11. Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor dashboard example

Ticket Tailor is a user-friendly, richly featured online event management platform that enables businesses to sell tickets for events of any size independently. Integrated with a robust ticketing tool and other useful features, this event software is likely one of the most economical tools to use in the market since it doesn’t make any charges for sold tickets, eliminates the need for third-party ticketing firms, and offers the lowest fees. Ticket Tailor is also highly customizable to support branding purposes and offers a reliable customer support.

Why Choose Ticket Tailor?

  1. Lowest fees to enable the highest savings
  2. Multi-lingual support
  3. Automated email e-ticket delivery
  4. Multi-currency transaction
  5. Multiple events and ticket allocations

12. ClearEvent

clearevent dashboard example

ClearEvent is a complete, cloud-based event management solution that provides organizers will all the features and tools needed to plan, hold, and complete any type of event. With all its features and tools accessible in one centralized hub, you can easily sell event tickets, register your guests, and attend to all event concerns, whether for entertainment shows, trade fairs,  sports competitions, industry conferences, etc. Being a cloud-based solution, you can easily access and manage all your events information, activities, and schedules from any place, at any time. It also supports wide customization, offers secured payment options, and a whole lot more.

Why Choose ClearEvent?

  1. All-in-one event management solution for complex events
  2. Real-time event budgeting
  3. Easy attendee registration
  4. Tickets creator
  5. Stripe integration

Before buying a new event software or upgrading to a new one, it is imperative to first take note of your business objectives, the features that you’re searching for, the trends that currently control the industry, and perusing unbiased comparisons of top events management apps. Remember, it is not only beneficial to have enough knowledge about the software solutions you’re planning to buy: it is quite enabling, too.

Finally, if you already have a shortlist of some of the best event management application for your venue, why not try first our top-picked app to save you time and effort? If you want to check its comprehensive feature set you can easily sign up for EventMobi free trial here.

By Nestor Gilbert

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