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Top 10 Alternatives to Front: List of Popular Email Management Software Tools

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Email management software can be used to manage high volumes of inbound email. Take a look at these stats on email usage: The number of email users is expected to rise to $2.9 billion by 2019-end. Likewise, an average of 269 billion emails are sent per day but only 38% of emails received can be classified as important.  Businesses can save about 20 eight-hour workdays in a year by adopting the right email management strategies.

Here are other interesting statistics:

  1. The first email system was designed in 1971.
  2. 34.15% is the open rate for emails received in North America.
  3. 22.07% is the open rate for retail emails.
  4. 22.80% is the open rate for political emails.
  5. There are 135 million enterprise email users in China.
  6. Finally, most US email users unsubscribe from this type of service because they receive “too many emails”.

It is essential for your company to utilize an efficient email management software system for customer support and other purposes. But how do you zero in on the best available platform given the plethora of tools out there? We help your cause by detailing the main tools offered by Front as well as the top 10 alternatives to Front in this article.

What is Front?

Front is designed to help users efficiently manage their email inbox. It consolidates all your internal and external messages as well as chat and SMS messages, support and sales emails, and notifications from Facebook Messenger and Twitter in a consolidated inbox. This single inbox experience enables you to enhance team cooperation and improve client communication and satisfaction. In addition, the system can smoothly integrate with your software platform such as Salesforce and Github to make your communication more responsive and organized. Front’s interface is based on popular email clients such as Outlook and Gmail, but the former goes a step above and offers plenty of extra features and a more user-friendly UI.

Benefits of Front

  1. It enhances collaboration by keeping your team in sync behind the scenes.
  2. You can easily connect it with your other business apps such as help desk, project management system, CRM tools, and others.
  3. Use features such as canned answers, comments, reminders, and others to improve productivity.
  4. Its native mobile apps help you to be productive from anywhere.
  5. Use its API to build custom integrations for specific business needs.
  6. Its built-in analytics tools enable you to effectively monitor performance and automatically track different performance metrics.

If you are not satisfied with Front, you have other options. We also give you the essential details on the top 10 alternatives to Front. You also get three good reasons to try out the alternative solution instead of Front and vice versa.

Top 10 Alternatives to Front

1. is a workflow automation and data processing SaaS platform for online businesses. It enables you to extract data from emails and attachments and transfer the parsed data to your CRM, Excel, Google Sheets, and loads of third-party APIs. The advantage is you can save plenty of time by avoiding manual data entry into your business apps. With, you can process the received emails and convert them into a suitable data format for your needs. In addition, you can extract leads, order info, tracking numbers, and other data from your emails. The tool can process all kinds of recurring emails such as order receipt, contact forms, and more. You can sign up for free trial here. or for comparison, browse the alternatives here.

Why use instead of Front?

  1. You can parse text from anywhere in the email.
  2. Turn PDFs into XML, JSON, CSV, or Excel.
  3. Use a simple webhook to save PDF attachments to your Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or other account.

Why use Front instead of

  1. It offers advanced features such as sent-later messages, reminders, canned answers, keyboard shortcuts, and others.
  2. The native iOS and Android apps offers all the features provided in the desktop and web apps.
  3. Real-time collision detection features prevent more than one agent responding to the same query.

2. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an innovative email solution that offers a minimalist interface and robust features designed for business use. These features are better than those found in standard desktop email clients. You can use them to gain full control over your inbox and get freedom from disruptive software upgrades. Zoho Mail includes Zoho Docs which empowers you to create and edit text, spreadsheet, and presentation documents using advanced online editors. In short, the application enables you to work faster and improve productivity. Top features include: unlimited groups, email policies, instant chat, powerful search, and control panel. If you wish to scout for other platforms, peruse these viable Zoho Mail alternatives here.

Why use Zoho Mail instead of Front?

  1. It provides various domain management choices for businesses.
  2. Its robust admin control panel has a simple yet powerful interface.
  3. It can block undesirable emails based on domain, subject content, and IP address.

Why use Front instead of Zoho Mail?

  1. Advanced analytics and full visibility into team inboxes assist you to make educated decisions.
  2. The reports can be exported for deep analysis of information.
  3. It offers social media integration and real-time notifications.

3. Yesware

Yesware is an innovative sales toolkit that empowers you to engage prospects, track customer interactions, and close deals from your inbox. The app enables you to sell smarter. It also helps you to track emails efficiently from your Gmail or Outlook inbox. The platform provides insightful data on your prospects such as when they read the email and click on links as well as which email templates are useful. In addition, Yesware automatically syncs data in your CRM and you don’t need to do this task manually. The solution includes sales communication tools and data insights in your email system to help your sales teams work more productively and make faster and smarter decisions. You can also consider these useful Yesware alternatives here.

Why use Yesware instead of Front?

  1. Your sales reps can spend less time reporting and more time on closing deals.
  2. Sales management can get relevant and accurate data on sales teams’ activity.
  3. You can easily create personalized email templates that include rich text and links.

Why use Front instead of Yesware?

  1. It provides email tracking capabilities.
  2. Your support team can use one platform to respond to customer queries, guaranteeing no ticket is missed.
  3. You can share the unified inbox with team members to enable them to work in sync.

4. SendinBlue Email

SendinBlue Email empowers businesses to enhance customer relationships using SMS messages, transactional emails, and email campaigns. Plus, the vendor offers flexible pricing packages. SendinBlue offers services such as: robust contact management and reporting, transactional and marketing SMS campaigns, transactional email delivery, intuitive and responsive email design tools, trigger marketing and marketing automation tools, and email marketing campaigns. These services are used by more than 100,000 customers around the world to expand their business. Main features include: flexible, customizable layouts, Google Analytics integration, newsletter builder, spam check, and dedicated IP. If you are not satisfied, peruse these good SendinBlue Email alternatives here.

Why use SendinBlue Email instead of Front?

  1. You can execute effective marketing campaigns with no boundaries.
  2. It offers useful modules such as transactional emails, transactional text messages, and marketing campaigns.
  3. It enables you to manage your contacts easily and effectively.

Why use Front instead of SendinBlue Email?

  1. Your sales reps can use one shared inbox to work in sync as a team.
  2. They can share best practices and avoid task duplicates and reply collision.
  3. Use rules to automatically direct messages to appropriate agents.

5. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email organizer that offers a built-in calendar and other features to help users communicate effectively. This premium platform also provides built-in Skype app to enable you to use video, voice, and chat tools from within the system. Outlook’s inbox stores all emails from one or more accounts. This helps you to manage and order your priorities. In addition, the platform can integrate seamlessly with leading partner services and apps to enable you to extend its effectiveness. Key features include: color themes, advanced font options, professional formatting, offline access, and document sharing. For more good options, browse these Microsoft Outlook alternatives here.

Why use Microsoft Outlook instead of Front?

  1. You can focus on important emails using the Focused Inbox.
  2. Its calendar tool ensures you do not miss appointments, trips, and flights.
  3. You can easily attach documents from cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

Why use Front instead of Microsoft Outlook?

  1. Internal comments enable your agents to discuss queries behind the scene.
  2. It offers native integration with Base, Pipedrive, and Salesforce.
  3. Your customers are provided a choice of chat, SMS, social, or email channels to contact sales.

6. Gmail

Gmail is a free email service from Google that you can access using a web browser, via its iOS and Android mobile apps, or through third-party programs. You get 15 GB email storage capacity and you can send emails with attachments of up to 50 MB size. Gmail makes money by displaying context-sensitive ads in the emails. The service uses the main folders: primary, promotions, and social, and automatically sends received emails to them based on their type. Plus, it organizes messages into threads which enables you to access older messages that you sent. Security is assured as this system automatically checks emails for attachments that could contain malware or viruses. Plus, its spam filtering tool automatically sends spam messages to a separate folder. You can also consider these viable Gmail alternatives here.

Why use Gmail instead of Front?

  1. You can customize your emails with photos, emoticons, hyperlinks, bullets, indents, colors, and stylish fonts.
  2. It offers video chat and instant messaging tools.
  3. It automatically remembers contact info and saves it in the address book.

Why use Front instead of Gmail?

  1. You can surface customer feedback easily for potential sales opportunities.
  2. Set reminders to track conversations and ensure follow-ups are met.
  3. It offers canned responses and collision detection features.

7. SendGrid

SendGrid is a leading cloud-based email solution that delivers more than 18 billion customer emails per month for mobile-based and internet enterprises such as FourSquare, Uber, LinkedIn, Hubspot, Spotify, Pandora, Airbnb, and Pinterest as well as conventional firms such as Costco, Taco Bell, Intuit, and Walmart. The app is designed to help developers and it enables businesses to send emails quickly in any environment. You can opt to send emails over HTTP or SMTP, or use one of the official client libraries. The best part is you can get started easily and send your first business email in minutes. Main features include: marketing email services, sub-user API, SMTP relay, feedback loop, and spam filter testing. If you wish to scout for other tools, browse these excellent SendGrid alternatives here.

Why use SendGrid instead of Front?

  1. It provides reliable and scalable email management tools.
  2. It offers CAN-SPAM compliance, link tracking, and open-rate reporting features.
  3. It enhances deliverability for your application-generated email.

Why use Front instead of SendGrid?

  1. It improves collaboration by keeping your team in sync behind the scenes.
  2. Use features such as reminders, comments, and canned answers to boost productivity.
  3. Utilize its API to develop custom integrations for specific business requirements.

8. INinbox

INinbox offers user-friendly email marketing and contact management tools. The vendor also provides prompt and knowledgeable support to resolve customer queries quickly and satisfactorily. Why have we included INinbox in this list of top 10 alternatives to Front? It is because the application offers benefits such as a wide range of professionally designed templates and more. You can use it to easily schedule emails and renew sent messages instantly. The best part is you can avail vital email marketing tools at an affordable price. Main features include: message personalization, add gravatars, make filtered lists, subscriber list management, and conversion tracking. You can also consider these good INinbox alternatives here.

Why use INinbox instead of Front?

  1. You get all emails via your inbox, not your spam box.
  2. Utilize the user-friendly HTML editor to make changes quickly and easily.
  3. The vendor offers a free plan for 2,000 contacts and 20,000 emails.

Why use Front instead of INinbox?

  1. You can easily integrate it with your existing business tools such as CRM app, help desk, project management platform, and others.
  2. Its native mobile apps enable you to be productive on the go.
  3. Its built-in analytics features help you to monitor performance as well as vital performance metrics.

9. Notion AI

Notion AI is a sophisticated tool that reduces inbox overload by helping users focus on what’s important. The app makes this happen by using a pioneering intelligence layer for email. It understands how users utilize their email and accordingly brings the inbox into focus. Notion AI displays all messages and highlights the vital ones. It also offers smart notifications that interrupt only to inform you about important developments. Thus, it is an intelligent alternative to getting all notifications or none. Finally, the app groups miscellaneous emails together, allowing you to clean and organize your inbox. Top features include: question surfacing, snooze, smart multi-swiping, and filters. If you think this app is too basic for your needs, peruse these viable Notion AI alternatives here.

Why use Notion AI instead of Front?

  1. It highlights vital emails automatically to help you manage your emails efficiently.
  2. Its smart multi-swiping feature enables you to clean up inbox quickly and efficiently.
  3. Emails can be snoozed until you get the time to sort them out.

Why use Front instead of Notion AI?

  1. It provides advanced features such as reminders, sent-later messages, keyboard shortcuts, canned answers, and more.
  2. Advanced analytics and complete visibility into team inboxes help you make informed decisions.
  3. It offers email tracking capabilities.

10. Drag

Drag App transforms your ordinary inbox into a visual work board that makes communication and collaboration effortless for all sales and marketing teams. With all essential data and information centralized, your team benefits from faster workflows and increased productivity. Simply put, work can be accomplished faster with every single person in your team having a clear overview of inbound messages and pending tasks. Drag App features smooth integrations with Google applications, which means you no longer have to leave your inbox to check on other responsibilities. With Gmail being the default email management solution for most, there’s little to no learning curve necessary to use the software. Additionally, each member of your team can function independently even when using their own email address.

Why choose Drag instead of Front?

  1. Instantly familiar Gmail interface allows you to easily facilitate workflows without experiencing a steep learning curve. Additionally, its Kanban approach for task visualization makes collaboration easier for the entire team.
  2. Facilitate workflows without leaving the inbox.
  3. It supports G Suite integration.
  4. Use shared checklists, comments, sales boards, marketing boards, and project management boards, to name a few.

Why choose Front instead of Drag?

  1. Take advantage of advanced analytics.
  2. Benefit from custom integrations with its API.
  3. It features collision detection to prevent multiple agents working on the same query.

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