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Top 10 Alternatives To Hootsuite: Analysis of Reputation Management Software Solutions

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Businesses can rely on an array of tools to keep their establishments intact. Thanks to these new tools, it’s now easier to connect with employees, potential partners, and most importantly, the clients. One of the tools that aids companies in their quest for the best customer satisfaction is reputation management software and the market in this field is now more competitive than ever.

A huge majority of consumers rely on reviews from other peers when it comes to looking at items or services online. For starters, 71% of social media users are likely to recommend a company if they have good experience interacting with its representative online. That number goes a long way if the people who heard about the company recommend it to their friends as well. In the same study, 71% of social media users expect to receive assistance 5 minutes after reaching out to a company.

Reputation management software can take advantage of these data to give companies a huge boost in sales. With the help of programs like these, companies can easily track and pinpoint user reviews on social media accounts or other websites, to give a company insight on what the consumers think about them. Once a negative review has been spotted, the software will allow a company to get in touch with that person and help him out for a better experience, which could change his outlook on the company. Not only does this software help out customers, but it also helps a company with ideas on how it could improve itself.

For big companies with huge markets to reach out to, it would take them a lot of time and effort to reply to all those messages. That’s where software like Hootsuite comes into play.

One of the top software providers out there currently is Hootsuite. This app allows users to easily manage their company’s social media accounts through an easy-to-understand dashboard. It allows users to submit messages from various social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

Hootsuite is just one of the many reputation software solutions out there. In this article, we review the top 10 alternatives to Hootsuite. They may have different, or better, features depending on your needs. Like Hootsuite, these 10 reputation management software alternatives to Hootsuite will surely get the job done.

1. Yotpo

yotpo dashboard example

Yotpo is easily one of the top 10 alternatives to Hootsuite for good reason. Considered as one of the smartest solutions to social media woes, Yotpo gives users an array of tools to use.

This solution allows the owners to generate more reviews, ratings, and more on social media in hopes of making a company more marketable. One of the best features of Yotpo is that it can help companies become more visible online through SEO. This solution doesn’t only rake in any visitors through SEO, it rakes in quality visitors. Targeted audience will see the reviews of a product online; increasing the chances of them visiting the client. Like most similar solutions, this one offers potential clients the chance to test out the service through a 30-day trial so it’s pretty easy to check it.

2. Sprout Social

sproutsocial dashboard example

Sprout Social is remarkable for how its dashboard is organized. Countless reviews regarding the way the dashboard looks just say how well this solution keeps users happy with a very organized way to peek at their social media accounts’ messages. On the dashboard, users can see the messages from social media sites through the Messages tab. Even better is that this tab can be filtered in such a way that only select social media accounts will appear on the tab. When it comes to experience, Sprout Social is pretty well-versed with what they do. Some of their clients include top-brass companies such as Microsoft, Casio, and Ticketmaster. If you think this app doesn’t cut it, you can choose one of SproutSocial alternatives on our list.

3. BrandYourself

brandyourself dashboard example

It’s very rare to see a company’s journey from rags to riches. One of the company’s that we’ve seen grow right before our eyes is BrandYourself. Once a contestant on Shark Tank, BrandYourself has grown from a humble startup company to something bigger. Two of the best features of BrandYourself is the Scanner and Boost Steps. The Scanner gives clients a peek at their historical posts. This allows them to filter literally everything that has been posted on various social media accounts. On the other hand, Boost Steps gives clients a step-by-step process on what they could do to boost online reputation and visibility. Not convinced of this software? Then try other BrandYourself alternatives.

4. PowerReviews

power reviews dashboard example

PowerReviews has the basic needs of other similar solutions. It can help a company kickstart its reputation online through the use of reviews and SEO tools. What makes PowerReviews so commendable as one of the 10 alternatives to Hootsuite is the quality customer service it offers to clients. Many users commend the professionalism of those behind this solution. Moreover, PowerReviews makes it easier to filter out the negative reviews, making it easier for companies to sort out the issues they have within themselves. The only problem with PowerReviews is that the dashboard might seem too complicated for those not used to using these solutions, but once users have gotten the grasp of it, user experience will be smoother. There are other PowerReviews alternatives to choose from if you not convinced of this app’s features.

5. Cision

cision dashboard example

The problem with most solutions that help boost a company’s reputation online is that many of them don’t give clients the chance to pinpoint specific reviews. The standard feature is that users will be given a broad look at all of the reviews from various social media sites and that possesses as a problem for those looking for something deeper when it comes to checking out reviews. That’s where Cision shines. This solution gives clients access to a feature that makes it easier for them to contact specific people including journalists, reviewers, and even just regular consumers. This would make keeping track of a review way easier. If a client chooses to look at a contact list of people they want to contact, it’ll be presented to them in an Excel sheet which makes contacting people all the more easier. For comparison, you can try other Cision alternatives.

6. Brandwatch

brandwatch dashboard example

Based in Brighton, England, Brandwatch has maintained its spot as one of the best social media consultants for years. Aside from having good customer service, Brandwatch tries its best to satisfy customers by giving them a wide array of dashboard customization options to choose from. This would allow clients to gather data based on what they need at any given point in time, ensuring the least amount of effort in inspecting online brand reputation. Clients who opted to go for Brandwatch also commends the software’s easy learning curve and for those who are new to the app, it’s going to be very easy learning its features and monitoring your brand chatter across various online channels. Brandwatch has access to over 80 million sources and that spells good news for those who are looking to listen to as much of their audience as possible. If you’re unsure about this solution, check the other Brandwatch alternatives.

7. Demandforce

demandforce dashboard example

Demandforce is one of the easiest reputation management software solutions to set up and use. One of the best assets of Demandforce is its simple dashboard and intuitive features that allow new users to quickly adapt to the app’s process flows. Despite its simplicity, Demandforce always gets the job done. Demandforce will be more helpful to businesses that require making appointments several times in a week like clinics and hospitals. Through Demandforce, scheduling appointments and informing patients of upcoming appointments will be as easy as pie. Aside from this, Demandforce also comes bundled with the other features, such as satisfaction surveys, review management and Facebook marketing. Try other Demandforce alternatives and see if this app stands out.

8. Shopper Approved

shopper approved dashboard example

For businesses focused on selling products, the best option is Shopper Approved. Through the use of this software, businesses are able to increase their number of ratings easily. These reviews will be kept in a collection that clients can access very easily as well. A notable feature of Shopper Approved is that it can send review invitations to existing clients of a business. This software notifies you of critical reviews that can lend insights to your product’s weaknesses, enabling you to improve on them. Not happy about this software? Try other Shopper Approved alternatives.

9. BirdEye

birdeye dashboard example

BirdEye users can say that their best marketing tool is the customer. This reputation management solution focuses a lot on keeping track of customer reviews across various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  BirdEye revolves around the reviews made by the customers and through an array of features, these reviews will help make the client’s company improve over time. All these features can be accessed through a dashboard that can gather reviews and other information from countless websites easily. What makes Birdeye even more amazing is that clients can filter out the alerts they receive based on what rating a reviewer gave them, meaning, clients can focus on the low ratings they get. If you want to test this tool against other solutions, check these BirdEye alternatives.

10. Reputation Desk

Reputation Desk rounds up our top 10 alternatives to Hootsuite. Purpose-built for legal firms, automative companies, dental clinics, and similar businesses, this platform aims to simplify the reputation management process by providing users with powerful yet easily navigable tools. For starters, it consolidates all customer feedback so you don’t have to log in to your social media accounts on separate windows. It also comes with an automated review generation tool that instantly collects feedback from your recent clients. This way, you can get valuable insights on how to further improve your products and services as well as improve your customer satisfaction rate. Lastly, Reputation Desk comes with an easy-to-grasp analytics dashboard that lets you see the reputation statistics you need at a glance. If you think this app doesn’t fit your situation, check the other Reputation Desk alternatives.

By Nestor Gilbert

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