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20 Best File Sharing Software Solutions of 2019

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What is the best file sharing software solution of 2019?
The best file sharing software solution of 2019 is Dropbox Business. This powerful yet easy-to-use file sharing platform was designed to drive seamless collaboration among work teams. By creating a smart and secured team space where every member can access all the work files that they need, these important business documents stay safe and secure, team members are able to focus more on their tasks, and overall work flows smoothly. Dropbox Business doesn’t only help save those precious space in your hard drives, it also offers a long list of features to allow more efficient data sharing and management for teams.

If your business depends on a number of teams and partners working on different files or documents in any given business day, then access to a responsive, fast, and secure data storage that is available anytime is fundamental to achieving revenue milestones to propel your organization to success. You could be dealing with business contracts, merger data sets, or accounting figures and accomplish more with your partners or team members if you could revise and update active documents with full transparency to quickly iron out issues and close deals quickly and with more confidence and trust. Fortunately, a number of files storage and sharing solutions exist to help you accomplish more online, and most of them offer reasonable prices that work for any budget. Since many of them are also scalable, you are guaranteed space for adding more features as your needs grow.

In this article, we will present the 20 best file sharing solutions that our experts have shortlisted for your reference. We will cover their unique features and their pricing plans so you can work out which ones suit your budgets early on. While many will give you the standard ample storage and 24/7 access package, watch out for the type of security they offer, the upgrade paths and pricing transparency from the get-go, since you don’t want surprises at the time of first payment.

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Businesses have always been keen on documenting data the easy way, but the emergence of a fully digitized era has simply obliged them to adopt a more efficient approach. On the positive side, sharing, tracking, and controlling files in the cloud has never been easier, as systems like these are (in line with communication tools), the most massively produced software delights.

Just a decade ago, sharing files was equivalent to acquiring membership on a simple peer-to-peer platform. Today’s technology, on the opposite, doesn’t even require users to install dedicated platforms and establish connections, as exchange happens unnoticed and in the cloud, with or even without paying. This helps assign file sharing applications a number of distinctive benefits.

File Sharing Stats – North America [Credit: Cisco Visual Networking Index]

Millions of users rely on the flexibility, sophistication, and simplicity of cloud-hosted file sharing software, acquiring at the same time a virtual drive synced with their local devices. Basically, they’re making use of tools that store and categorize files, track and secure access to them, and yet make them available on any device, at any time. Observed through a business prism, it seems that all work-in-office limitations are abolished, and the only active rule of collaboration is confidentiality.

If you’re not sure that your business needs a reliable file sharing service, current market trends may catch you unprepared. According to Technavio’s latest global report on EFSS (Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization) this industry expects a 20.15% growth until 2020. The report also concludes that, due to the virtualized IT infrastructure of these solutions, enterprises will rely heavily on remote and mobile workforce, and work to integrate them with content-aware data loss prevention solutions and security programs. In fact, leading providers like our 20 best file sharing software suggestions are already granting access to their API to make connectivity painless.

Purchasing a file sharing solution, you’ll be investing in much more than a sync-and-share service: your business will be supported by a cloud-stored database reluctant to size limitations, a fully functional collaboration kit, and, in the best scenario, governed access and bulletproof security. To help you choose a tool that complies with such requirements, we compiled a list of 20 best file sharing software tools you should consider in 2019.

1. Dropbox for Business

Dropbox is the leading Google Drive alternative for file sharing software with separate modules for private and commercial users (Dropbox and Dropbox for Business). Slightly more expensive than Drive, and with a steeper learning curve for users who’d be more comfortable navigating a Google account, Dropbox worked hard to turn advanced sharing into a competitive advantage, and it succeeded. You’ll be provided with file hosting services bundled in a modern working environment, and up to 1 TB of storage in Business mode. As expected, it syncs and updates easily between multiple devices (also available on Android and iOS), backs up and encrypts cloud-hosted data, but what is truly impressive about it is how it monitors access and running tasks to detect unauthorized access. You can also trigger it to manage BitTorrent downloads, and put it in charge of your website’s hosting.

What is unique about Dropbox for Business?

  1. Ample storage space. In a fashion similar to Google Drive, Dropbox offers ample storage space that can be increased at no- to minimal added cost, depending on the needs of your business. Non-commercial users can get it for free.
  2. Unlimited versions history. Using Dropbox for Business, even most complex file versions can be restored with few clicks, but are still protected with password links to make sure it is an entitled person that is accessing/editing them.
  3. Enhanced data protection. All Dropbox files will be protected with 256-bit AES and SSL encryption, and users can set passwords and permissions to administer access on their terms. Another safeguarding option is to add an expiring link which makes access to files only temporary.
  4. Organized sharing between teams. Dropbox gives you the possibility to create folders and unite users in special groups allowed to access those folders. The remote wipe feature makes it possible to protect files even when your device is stolen, as you can delete them and prevent them from appearing on that device.
  5. Priority email & live support. With Dropbox, your work will always be backed up by a team of experienced support agents. They will be accessible 24/7 via email and live chat, and will provide premium assistance at no added cost.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is the search engine giant’s flagship file storage and synchronization service, and probably the most popular virtual storage drive of all times. It easily tops our 20 best file sharing software list. With as much as a regular Gmail account, users will have all of their files stored, categorized, and fully shareable at all times and from all devices, while commercial usage is subjected to moderate plans, depending on the acquired storage. The service is fully integrated with Google and Microsoft Suite products, where it eliminates clumsy downloads with instant sharing links, and supports files in over 30 different formats. What makes Google Drive even more popular is that it is not exclusive to Android users, but caters to Mac and iOS devices in a very similar operating mode. As an individual user, you will get to store and exchange 5 GB of data for free, which is pretty much enough to never have to upgrade your account.

What is unique about Google Drive?

  1. World’s leading drive. A Google product, Drive uses a single account to enable you to manage all of your contacts and business needs. At the same time, it is the world’s most popular cloud storage system offering that enables you to store your documents, photos, music, videos etc. all in one place.
  2. Change monitoring, automated saving, and instant file recognition. Google Drive monitors your changes too for the past 30 days, enabling you to go back and redo/undo the changes you made. The platform relies heavily on Google search and makes use of familiar Google features such as image recognition for browsing your photos and some OCR capabilities for sniffing out text in pictures.
  3. Sufficient storage at no added cost. Storage is Drive’s core value, For individual users who require basic sharing capacity and storage up to 15 GB, Google Drive comes for free, and you can always add 100 GB for just $1.99 a month. In fact, the most you can pay for it is $299.99 for 30 TB of storage.
  4. Unparalleled connectivity. Google Drive’s greatest selling point is that it works well with third-party business apps, making it a popular cloud-based storage and sharing application for individuals and businesses. The list of native integrations is growing all the time.
  5. An international system. Google Drive is applicable on all geographies, and available in many different languages, and syncs perfectly with all operating systems and devices.

3. Box

Box is certainly one of the most preferred storage & sharing applications in recent years, and a common choice of freelance distributors and small teams that are also looking to create compelling content. It turns creating, editing, and reviewing files into team actions, and keeps a close eye on your information for unparalleled security. Regardless of the information you’re managing, Box will provide you with centralized security controls and reporting, customer-managed encryption, rights management, and mobile security; and integrate with all popular apps for day-to-day use to make data transfers painless. Best of all, Box puts in place workflow automation and project management features that could spare a team the cost of purchasing additional software, but nonetheless functions synced with tenths of apps that make business management easier.

What is unique about Box?

  1. External sharing. You can drag and drop files into a Box folder and share a link with others. Next, you can manage access with a single link (like Google Drive), and invite even external viewers and collaborators to check it out. They will be able to assist you regardless of the device they’re using.
  2. Project management for teams. Box Notes is a feature that lets you collaborate with your team in real-time on project outlines, meeting notes, plans, status updates and more. Plus, you can automate simple processes, manage approvals, and centralize feedback to track versions and assign tasks speedily.
  3. End-to-end workflow automation. With Box, you can shorten review cycles by automatically assigning review tasks to your team members when new documents are uploaded. After a task is completed, you can move the final docs to an ‘Approved’ folder and automatically notify all concerned parties.
  4. Document creation. With Box, you will not only store and distribute files, but also create, edit, and review documents with other users in real-time or on-the-go.
  5. Custom security options. Box allows you to configure privileges and permissions for your company, units, and customers, and makes it possible to use password-protected links to securely share and control confidential files.

4. Apple iCloud

Apple’s iCloud is the default storage system of iOS and MAC users, and a reliable file exchange tool for business-oriented clients. It assembles users’ photos, videos, documents, apps, and other files into a compact, searchable database, and enables easy sharing at any time. It also offers one of the most beautiful and well-organized photo libraries, where all photos taken with an Apple device are instantly uploaded and shareable, and stored within folders with governed permissions. iCloud Drive, on the other hand, stores documents and similar files and enables users to check them out, download them, and make edits on– and offline. Changes to your files are updated on the spot so that you don’t have to worry about managing different versions and tracking users’ activities. Last, but not least, Apple iCloud comes with a Backup & Restore function which creates additional copies each night no ensure no data will fall through the cracks.

What is unique about Apple iCloud?

  1. An Apple productivity tool. Apple iCloud Service lets you make folders for your files and gives online storage for Apple’s productivity tools such as Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. It can be installed on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC, with only a few simple steps.
  2. Several storage modules. iCloud comes with a slew of offerings including the iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Drive, where you can keep all your photos, videos, and documents stored securely and updated everywhere.
  3. Effortless Family sharing. iCloud’s Family Sharing allows you to effortlessly share music, movies, photos, and more with all your family members. Another interesting feature is Find My iPhone which helps you locate your Apple device in the event you misplace it.
  4. Automated syncing and updating with Apple Music. For Apple Music members, iCloud instantly stores and updates their entire library. The good news is that it won’t take up space in your devices. After you make a purchase in the App Store or in iTunes, iCloud automatically updates your song list and makes them available on all your devices.
  5. Unrestricted access to your data. With iCloud, all your inbox, calendar, contacts, and other important information are accessible whether you are using your iPhone or your desktop. Any changes you make, like deleting an email, scheduling a calendar event, updating contact information, or checking off a to-do item, are carried out regardless of the user’s location.

5. OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is Microsoft’s cloud-based or on-premise implementation of file storage that features auto or manual syncing. It lets companies or educational institutions access to a more spacious storage capacity than the personal version of OneDrive, tighter security features, and tools for extensive collaboration and sharing from your desktop, iOs or Android device. Any organization can use the application’s tight integration with Microsoft’s other well-known business offerings, Office 365 or Sharepoint server. Application administrators can easily control user access rights, sharing permissions, and other premium collaborative features. OneDrive for personal use with 5GB storage is offered free, while businesses are offered a number of plans with the just the features that their businesses need.

What is unique about OneDrive for Business?

  1. Leverage Microsoft’s tightly integrated ecosystem. As an integral part of the Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Server, OneDrive Business boasts of the advantages and support of the Microsoft network. It’s the reason why it’s the preferred choice of millions of users worldwide, including a number of Fortune 500 companies.
  2. Manage documents efficiently. OneDrive is not only a cloud and sharing solution, but also a program that organizes your information and puts you in control of Versioning, Content Approval, Workflows, Document Templates, and similar operations.
  3. Great storage options. OneDrive supplies users with up to 1TB of storage space for a very affordable rate, enabling them to store, share, and work on tons of files without bursting their budget.
  4. Flexible deployment. With OneDrive, you get to make all implementation decisions. You can use it as a cloud storage system, but also deploy it as an on-premise platform installed on your local servers.
  5. Ideal for decentralized teams. OneDrive offers dedicated Android and iOS apps to ensure agents can use it even when not in the office. The system is highly collaborative and lets users/teams work together on a single file version at a time.

6. Egnyte

Egnyte is a reliable file sharing & content administration platform that lets you securely access, share, and collaborate with colleagues and partners from the comfort of your preferred device. The platform combines sharing with content management features and packs an array of advanced features users can deploy via cloud or on-premise. It is an excellent choice for protecting your information and enhancing business agility, and comes with a robust partner ecosystem to ensure you’ll face no overhead IT investments and lock-ins. Customers also appreciate its simplicity and ease of use, as Egnyte organizes all information in a logical manner, and makes it accessible on all devices and operating systems.

What is unique about Egnyte?

  1. Multiple out-of-the-box features. Egnyte offers some of the most intuitive and well-organized dashboards, based on permissions for the users to sign in, sync or create files, export them to other apps, and even download them on mobile devices.
  2. Open API infrastructure. With an open API infrastructure, Egnyte is designed to function impeccably on every device and to blend seamlessly into every software infrastructure from where it will extract, or where it will export data.
  3. Synchronization between the cloud and your local database/app. Once an Egnyte file copy is sent to the intended user/users, both the original and the copy are automatically backed up to ensure their privacy in case they fall in the wrong hands.
  4. Automated and continuous system backup. Egnyte will backup your data on a regular basis, and respond to the highest security standards and requirements, including SSL 256-bit encryption and biometric-only access
  5. Suitable for all businesses. With packages starting from $8/month and quote-based enterprise-friendly plans, Egnyte can be useful to any business regardless of its size or industry.

7. Hightail

Hightail is a 2-module sharing and collaboration platform crafted to support creative teams. It transforms file sharing into an easy and enjoyable experience, as you can upload, edit, and distribute your work with literally three clicks. For instance, you can select files uploaded in the system, import such from your local device, or drag-and-drop them from an online library, assign them for distribution and have a tracker attached to each file, add recipients, and ensure the files have arrived safely on the desired destination. The creative collaboration module, on the other hand, allows large teams to preview and stream their work directly in their browser. They can also assign due dates to specific team members, control different versions of the same document, and use dedicated spaces to involve clients in the process and to improve the quality of their service. Thanks to the advanced approval routing, stakeholders will receive actionable notifications will always know when you need their input.

What is unique about Hightail?

  1. Facilitated sharing. Hightail’s secret is simplicity, as it allows you to send diverse files easily to any team member, wherever they are, and whatever device they might be using. To send larger files, you can connect your Hightail account to Outlook and SharePoint, and do that for free.
  2. Sending up to 10 GB of files. With Hightail, you can send large files securely up to 10GB, plus enjoy its unlimited file storage online. Hightail also allows you to control who can see your work with password protection, identity verification, file tracking, and other security options.
  3. Offline access to your library. Hightail also allows you to access your files wherever via its mobile apps (Android, iOS) even when you’re offline. Plus, when you edit your file on your phone or tablet, it’s quickly updated when you’re back at your desk.
  4. Multiple useful integrations. To let you access your documentation from different locations, Hightail integrates with leading business solutions like Salesforce, SharePoint, IBM, and NetSuite, Google Drive, and Amazon services, among others.
  5. Multiple administration and security controls. Hightail guarantees the security of your data with multiple administration and security controls, including dedicated content sharing policies, mobile device policies, single sign-on integration, role-based access, and many more.

8. ShareFile

A platform that enables secure content collaboration and document exchange, Citrix’s ShareFile is a powerful file sharing alternative for small, medium, and large businesses. Using it, your team members will be able to share confidential information regardless of size or format, and access their files in secure mode from any device or operating system. At the same time, you will have the peace of mind that all files, emails, and attachments are encrypted in line with bank-grade standards, both when in transit and at rest. ShareFile is also the industry master of co-editing and co-authoring, as it allows team members to make notes and work simultaneously on a single task. Another reason to consider it is the use of 10-plus industry-specific modules that provide users with specific features and personalized branding.

What is unique about ShareFile?

  1. Straightforward interface. ShareFile takes no time to learn, as its interface is simple and very intuitive, and operations are categorized in six basic menus placed in the header section (Manage Users, Share, Request, Admin, Settings, and Apps), just the way we’re used to see them.
  2. Roles & Permissions for organized access. You can add two types of users in ShareFile: employees (given full or restricted access to the file library) and external clients with little to no access. Additional profiles and permissions can be added by the admin at any point of time.
  3. File tracking. ShareFile organizes files and tracks changes within a searchable database, from where you can download them in the desired format, or resend them at any point in time. You can even track a file once it arrives on the recipient’s address, and confirm whether he has opened it or not. This makes ShareFile ideal for accounting teams.
  4. Bulletproof security. To protect your data, ShareFile comes with a variety of customizable authentication and authorization capabilities, granular permissions, device security policies, and the compulsory SSL/TLS connection and 256-bit encryption.
  5. Applicability in various industries. ShareFile is designed for both SMBs and enterprises, and supports industries such as Accounting, Finance, Healthcare, Legal, Insurance, Construction, Architecture, Engineering, Real Estate, Manufacturing.

9. SugarSync

SugarSync is a simple and powerful storage and sharing platform. It was developed to provide unobstructed access to your files and folders from any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device, edit documents in the cloud, and have all data continuously backed up on multiple secure locations. The platform enables full version control and recovery, and lets you administer security with roles and access permissions. When it comes to sharing, SugarSync makes it possible to distribute large files to multiple users in a few seconds, by sending a simple public link with the appropriate permissions. The service is moderately priced and depends on the storage you need, and you can get a 100 GB package for only $7.49 a month.

What is unique about SugarSync?

  1. Syncing and sharing entire folders. With SugarSync, it is very easy for individuals, managers and team players to sync and share a few folders or entire libraries across multiple devices. Files and folders are backed up in real time, meaning every device that is connected to the account shows recent updates and changes.
  2. Compatibility with all operating systems. SugarySync is compatible with any computing system and mobile device. Whether you are using a PC, Mac, iOS or Android device, accessing and editing your folders is a breeze.
  3. No updating or maintenance concerns. SugarSync is entirely cloud-hosted, which means that the user doesn’t have to worry about security, backup, or system updates. Create your account within minutes, and start sharing right away.
  4. Magic Briefcase. Magic Briefcase is one of SugarSync’s best-known features that allows users to create and distribute new content, instead of sharing existent files.
  5. End-to-end File Manager. The system’s File Manager offers incredible organization and file control, as it is there where the user can choose which files he wants to see in the system and to arrange them in the desired way.

10. Firmex

Offering either unlimited-use subscription or per-use transaction along with a hyper-secure, bank-grade security measures, Firmex is the perfect solution for companies needing to work, share, collaborate with sensitive files in a common online storage. While fully SOC 2, HIPAA and GDPR-compliant, Firmex ensures that those who do have full access rights and permissions to any type of documents enjoy the ease of use and versatility of the program. For example, the application makes it a seamless affair to upload large volumes of documents in one go. Since it provides auto-indexing of those files, anyone can retrieve needed files quickly. Versions and who accessed and changed which documents are easily traced through intuitive dashboards and deep, powerful reporting tools. With security high on its list of priorities, Firmex also implements additional measures to keep your files safe, including a watermark tool, view restriction control or an option to lock documents when any level of threat is detected. For pricing, the vendor works with you on the features that you need to determine the package that would be just right for you.

What is unique about Firmex?

  1. Security that you can carry to the bank. Firmex offers multiple levels of security that is second to none in the industry. This means that you can always be confident uploading even the most sensitive files over to their data centers—virtual rooms, as they would put it.
  2. Keep tight control over user and usage too. Firmex not only allows you to limit who can access to which files but also set their access rights or set time controls, among others.
  3. Go live, fast. When you need to share or collaborate with any number or size of your teams, Firmex handles batch uploading quickly while minimizing errors or disruptions.
  4. Data intelligence. With an extensive set of reporting options, you can trace minute details about how your files are accessed, used, distributed or handled by any given set of users.
  5. Work fast with confidence. With any security concern out of the way, you can focus on activities and projects that really matter to improve your ROI while doing it with ease and convenience.


For USD 5 per user per month, gives your business 1 TB of cloud storage, unlimited data transfer, sync and backup in real time, sharing and collaboration tools, with a strong 2048-bit RSA encryption. Other pricing plans are also available to suit your budget and needs. Seeing itself as a viable alternative to Dropbox, gives you the flexibility of rewinding files to a previous version or restore ones you unwittingly deleted, which is a convenient feature for those who are quick to remove files from their folders and come to regret it later. The application is fully HIPAA and GDPR-compliant, while also adhering to leading global security best practices. The application lets you send files easily, while additional layers of security ensure your privacy remains in your hands through iOS, Android or desktop systems.

What is unique about

  1. Premium in-house support. has a staff of experts trained and employed by the vendor for the purpose of providing quality support for when you need it.
  2. Multiple layers of security to guard data privacy. utilizes a number of top-level security protocols and strict compliance to international privacy laws to ensure your data is fully in your hands.
  3. Real-time sync, auto backup, and access anywhere. Your data is always the latest version with, available from anywhere and anytime with an internet connection and a capable device of your choice.
  4. Hassle-free collaboration. is capable of handling multiple team collaboration with full security coverage. You can send large files to anyone, fast.
  5. Intuitive interface. sports a clean, easy-to-understand dashboard that minimizes the time for users to be on their feet and running.

12. Tresorit

Cloud storage platform Tresorit stores, backs up and syncs your files using the kind of airtight security you would expect from Swiss financial institutions. Each user gets 1 TB of storage and if you have more than 10 team members, the USD 24 (offered at USD 12 as of this writing) per user per month is a reasonable proposition to migrate your files to Tresorit servers, which are certified for ISO 27001 apart from EU-required GDPR and HIPAA. Other pricing plans are also offered, which allows you to select the feature pack that is right for you. Additional privacy measures by Tresorit to ensure the integrity of your data includes zero-knowledge privacy: no other entity, including Tresorit, is allowed to see your data.

What is unique about Tresorit?

  1. Cutting-edge privacy security. Multiple systems of security the likes of which you would only see among Swiss financial institutions are used by Tresorit to ensure your data is not going to other hands except yours.
  2. Zero-knowledge authentication. You have full control over who could look into your files. Not even Tresorit will attempt to snoop on what you store on their servers.
  3. Message Authentication Code. Even in case of someone able to hack Tresorit, this tool guarantees that your files cannot be altered without your permission.
  4. Quality support. With such a state-of-the-art cloud storage security system in place, Tresorit provides a complementary team of expert professionals to attend to any issue that you decide to raise.
  5. Last-defense system. Even in the practically remote chance of lost data due to ransomware, Tresorit guarantees you do not lose your sleep—or your business—by making full recovery a simple and straightforward process.

13. Droplr

Droplr is a comprehensive document management suite developed for personal and commercial application. It consists of several interrelated functionality modules, all crafted with the core idea of making information exchange easier. File sharing is without doubt the most popular module -thanks to it, users can simply drag-and-drop their files and exchange them as permission-sensitive short links, activate the unique Hotkey sharing option, and get live, in-browser High-DPI screen previews of their documents, images, notes, links, audios & videos, and other files.  The platform imposes no size or number limitations and organizes all shared files into meta-tagged collections. You can also use it to make quick screenshots with notes and annotations, and distribute those among your team. On top of that, Droplr comes with a number of useful third-party integrations, including Slack, Atlassian Jira and Confluence, Gmail, Trello, and many more.

What is unique about Droplr?

  1. Hassle-free sharing for businesses and individuals. Droplr enables streamlined and fast sharing with a drag-and-drop mechanism, supporting all file types and sizes. It also comes with hotkey-activated sharing, and in-browser previews for Images, Video, Audio, Documents, Notes, and Links.
  2. Organized sharing. Using Droplr, you can document and save everything you share with meta-tags so that you can easily browse and filter your sharing history. You can also use the auto-tagging function to build new collections and share them with other team members. The Boards feature, on the other hand, will allow users to create boards and upload their content there, and then share those with other users, regardless of whether they have a Droplr account or not.
  3. Shortlink previews. Droplr gives you in-browser short links to preview all files you’re sharing. You can even preview videos and documents in Microsoft Office formats.
  4. Screenshots sharing. Droplr makes it easy to share work on the spot, as it enables screenshots for any part of your screen, governed with the usual commands. Sharing screenshots is also hotkey-activated, and supports even High-DPI screens. With the Screencasting feature, it takes literally a mouse click to record a screen and send it in a link – its speed and ease make it life-saving for every customer success/support staff.
  5. An Annotation tool. Droplr offers an annotation tool for users to mark up screenshots and write notes and comments on their images. This sharing system can also work with blur sensitive information.

14. Onehub

Onehub combines efficient collaboration and ultra-secure cloud storage or virtual rooms through an easy-to-use file sharing platform that provides customizable client portals, stealth collaboration, sophisticated watermarking, precise role and permission control and full audit trails of who and how your documents are accessed. To configure roles, you simply assign each user either as administrator, downloader, collaborator or just as a viewer. The easy setup allows for full collaboration without compromising your data. The client portal is fully white-labeled which allows you to own the portal with your own business logo and other design elements. Each portal is made comes with a full private workspace for every client. The entry price for Onehub is USD 29 per month for three users, with an upgrade path once your business expands.

What is unique about Onehub?

  1. Native-like storage. Use folders, upload via drag-and-drop, move or copy items to organize your files quickly as you do on your desktop file and folder system. A robust version control ensures you are working on the latest file.
  2. FTP support. If you are coming from FTP environments, you can learn about the more advanced tools later and simply work the old way using FTP protocols to handle uploading of large batches of files.
  3. Archive and stay current. You can clean up your online storage by downloading multiple folders and files, useful for retiring files that are associated with finished projects.
  4. Powerful search. Onehub indexes your files as soon as you upload them, which makes search and retrieval a simple process.
  5. Direct Google Drive integration. You can create or update Google Drive files right inside your Onehub workspace, saving you the time switching between screens.

15. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a cloud-based file transfer platform that offers two business models: the first, an ad-based service, lets users send up to 2 GB of files for free and without the need to register an account. The second is the Plus version, the premium offering that expands storage up to 100 GB and allows users to send up to 20 GB of files at a time. The Plus lets you protect your files with passwords, create and customize your profile and the email that comes with your account. WeTransfer is built on simplicity and ease of use, and if your business needs are not overly complicated and you just need to send files in a straightforward manner, then WeTransfer is a great option to do it.

What is unique about WeTransfer?

  1. Send files, fast. If you just want to send files and be done with it, and enterprise-grade security with their stringent access procedures are not on top of your priorities, then WeTransfer is built just for you.
  2. Send history. WeTransfer lets you view a history of transfer recipients and the time of transfer when you need it. You can simply delete ones that you no longer need to be monitored.
  3. Use password protection. Use strong passwords when the data you need to transfer is confidential.
  4. Transfer 20 GB at a time. You can accomplish many things by sending up to 20 GB per send, in the same straightforward manner as you do smaller files.
  5. Reasonable price. At USD 12 per month or USD 120 a year, you get a fast, efficient file transfer service that you can customize with your own brand for a professional look.

16. ownCloud

Supported by more than a thousand contributors and over 15 million users, file sharing platform ownCloud gives you one of the most compelling open source projects anywhere in the world. The application provides an exclusive private cloud server where you can store, share or sync files and have an online workspace to collaborate with your team members who could be anywhere in the world across time zones and using their desktop, iOS or Android devices. With rich, easy-to-execute source code, ownCloud lets you integrate with any third-party applications, from Microsoft OneDrive to Dropbox. It provides stringent security through strong permission management tools or master key or credential-based encryption codes while allowing guest sharing through email via its guests feature.

What is unique about ownCloud?

  1. Vast, helpful community. You can expect assistance and access to a large pool of application modules from more than a thousand contributors and millions of users worldwide.
  2. Storage flexibility. If you have an existing Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive account, you can opt to store some of your files to these cloud platforms while keeping the most sensitive on-premises from a single interface.
  3. End-to-end encryption. You can activate the E2EE encryption tool to ensure that not even administrator or other parties with access rights to your infrastructure can open any sensitive file of your choosing.
  4. Active collaboration tools. Share links to team members or guests, and likewise receive timely notifications when somebody is sharing a file with you.
  5. Your data wherever you are. Upload videos or images and other file formats while on the road, download files or sync documents at home and at work to the latest version from any location and at any time.

17. DeepTransfer

Currently free, DeepTransfer provides a file sharing service that you can retain and share for 14 days, after which you need to re-upload or your file is deleted. The maximum file size that you can share is 3GB, which is more than decent enough and typically exceeding typical occasional users. If you appreciate the free service, the developer is currently looking to release a premium package that lets you send files up to 30 GB coupled with blockchain-based security and enterprise-grade encryption for advanced protection for your private files, Also in the works in audit trail to boost accountability.

What is unique about DeepTransfer?

  1. Straightforward file sharing. DeepTransfer is about bringing simplicity back to file sharing: simply go to their website address, drag and drop the files you need to upload, and provide links to your intended recipients.
  2. Send to single or multiple recipients. Simply add the email address in the send dialogue box and you’re set. For multiple recipients, simply add space and email addresses.
  3. Generous space for free. Three gigabyte is more than most people would need to upload and share files every day.
  4. More features coming. Tighter security and large storage options are just two features that DeepTransfer will provide in the forthcoming premium version of the application.

18. GainTools OST to PST Converter

If you were stuck with multiple Microsoft Outlook data that is not supported by your recent Microsoft Outlook purchase, then GainTools OST to PST Converter is the solution that you need. Supporting all versions of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server, the application also lets you work with other file formats, ranging from HTML, MBOX, EML VCF among others. GainTools OST to PST Converter converts any size of the file, and a license lets you export an unlimited number of files. The application supports all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows XP.

What is unique about GainTools OST to PST Converter?

  1. Seamless Conversion. The conversion steps are simple and straightforward, with a wizard to walk you through the whole conversion process.
  2. Efficient and flexible. The application prompts you for the OST conversion and migration target, ensuring you get the best match for each conversion session.
  3. File size agnostic. GainTools OST to PST Converter quickly processes any OST file with their messages, contacts, to-do lists and the like no matter the size.
  4. Convert only specific folders. You can specify if you only want the inbox, contacts, or calendars exported and skip the others.
  5. Recover corrupt OST files. Aside from converting OST files, GainTools OST to PST Converter is also a handy tool that lets you repair corrupt OST files before converting them.

19. SecureDocs

Offering flexible pricing for short-term and long-term projects, SecureDocs offers a virtual data room which is designed to serve as the working repository of your company’s data assets, from sensitive contracts, audit and accounting books, confidential project estimates, bidding files, business valuation and the like. The long-term pricing is fixed at USD 250 per month, a flat rate that does not include additional hidden charges. The transparent pricing gives you unlimited data and number of users, and five electronic signature licenses that alone is worth USD 1,200. SecureDocs offers IP address tracking of users, activity alerts, and a comprehensive audit trail reporting for proactive insight into the key metrics of your data usage. For additional security, you may execute non-disclosure agreements that you can customize to match your partners and users or viewers, permission-based user roles and two-factor authentication and watermarking tools. A handy tool lets you click a single button to download a copy of your entire data room after each session or after you have closed the deal. 

What is unique about SecureDocs?

  1. No surprise fees. SecureDocs’ transparent pricing policy guarantees the vendor is not going to jump you with hidden charges that were not explained during negotiations for purchase.
  2. Multiple security measures. SecureDocs implements enterprise-grade security protocols to ensure your sensitive data stays in your hands. An additional non-disclosure agreement holds users to legal actions in case of a breach.
  3. Deep, real-time insight. You can generate real-time reports showing who is accessing what data, when, track users’ IP address, and be notified of activities based on triggers as you defined them.
  4. Instant setup. Once you decide to purchase, SecureDocs will immediately activate your virtual room for use without going through any of their salespeople.
  5. Build trust with partners. If you are dealing with a key partner about critical files involving massive volumes of data, a virtual room that features complete visibility to what’s being worked on is key to doing successful business with the partner.

20. Thru

A fully scalable file storage and file sharing application, Thru offers its proprietary OptiPaaS technology, a powerful Managed File Transfer-as-a-Service (MFTaaS) tool that allows organizations to conduct and manage large volume of data exchanges backed by Thru’s system of multiple-layer security, internet routing optimization, excellent customer service, regular updates and high availability among others. It allows organizations to enforce compliance and eliminate data silos to promote trust and transparency. Administrators always have a full picture of data flow elements including target or source endpoints, subscribers, file names, transfer status among others. If you are already using MuleSoft, Thru natively offers direct integration with the application, allowing for a simple exchange of files without resorting to complicated procedures and coding.

What is unique about Thru?

  1. Pay only for what you need. Thru offers fully scalable features out of which you pay only for those you opt to select for your organization.
  2. Persistent delivery. In case of network issues, Thru will resume file transfer operations without loss of data.
  3. Outstanding security. Thru is covered by multiple layers of security protocols, including AES 256-bit encryption with continuous testing of penetration so you can have a peace of mind that your data is always in good hands.
  4. Industry-wide compliance. Thru maintains a strong uptime record and strict compliance with major requirements of the industry.
  5. Excellent support. Thru provides 24/7/365 professional support to fix issues and just ensure your software investment is running at optimum.

Find out more about the product through its trial offer

With their unique technological offerings and budget-friendly pricing, it’s easy to jump on the boat and purchase the one that appeals to you right away based on what we have presented here. However, you will be wise to exercise prudence and patience: while there write-ups help a great deal in giving you a good idea of the file sharing application that appeals to you, bear in mind that nothing beats an actual look and feel of the application. Hence, you should do a double take and see if the software you have in mind is offering a free trial or demo so you can see the application in action with your real needs. Many of these applications are good on paper, but last-minute demos help address issues that the write-ups might not have covered.

Meanwhile, you can also look up our piece on leading document management applications if what you are looking for is more about online document collaboration application.

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