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Top 10 Alternatives to NexTraq: Leading Fleet Management Software Solutions

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The use of fleet management software is becoming widespread in commercial vehicles. The U.S. market for this type of system is predicted to grow by 15.8% and reach $28.66 billion by 2022. These systems incorporate satellite positioning, communications sensors, RFID, and data logging and connectivity to a back-office platform.

According to the World Health Organization, around 1.35 million people die yearly due to road traffic crashes. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that initial estimates for the first half of 2018 highway fatality numbers were on a downward trend after two consecutive years of increasing numbers. Many fleets are improving the safety of their vehicles by adding new features such as automatic braking and collision avoidance technologies. Fleet owners are able to save money by leveraging data tools that enable them to effectively utilize underused vehicles. In addition, preventive maintenance helps them to save more money and reduce downtime.

Fleet management software solutions help to improve driver safety. A report reveals that 29% of companies that use fleet management software experience improved driver behavior. The system can monitor incidents such as sudden acceleration, sudden braking, and exceeding the speed limit. This data helps fleet owners to track the performance of drivers and take corrective action if necessary.

Now that you have learned the importance of fleet management software, let’s start the process of selecting an ideal solution for your needs from the scores of quality applications in the market. We make your job easier by providing detailed info on the main features and benefits of NexTraq as well as the top 10 alternatives to NexTraq in this article.

What is NexTraq?

NexTraq is a GPS fleet management platform that is ideal for enterprises that own small fleets as well as those with large fleets of over 2,000 vehicles. This company’s popular software solution and mobile app have made it a leader in the telematics industry. The firm has posted a healthy annual growth rate of more than 20% over the past few years.

NexTraq is a product of Atlanta-based FleetCor Technologies Inc. which supplies workforce payment and fuel cards products. With NexTraq, this company meets its stated objective of providing an easy-to-use and reliable system for the GPS fleet tracking industry. NexTraq boasts more than 15 years of experience in the telematics industry and has supplied products to over 7,500 customers. Its operations include a nationwide installer network, support and training, sales, in-house software development, and extended customer service.

Benefits of NexTraq

  1. It offers easy-to-understand reports that have clear graphs and charts.
  2. You can customize the reports to get the needed info.
  3. Its interactive map enables you to monitor the weather around your vehicles and warn drivers if there is a storm.
  4. It stores your vehicles’ history and you can utilize this lifetime history to track drivers’ behaviors and enhance their performance with relevant training.
  5. It enables you to track safety data such as speeding, harsh acceleration, and harsh braking.
  6. NexTraq’s hardware does not require professional installation which saves you money and time.

If you wish to look beyond NexTraq at other viable solutions, don’t switch off. Read on to learn about the key tools offered by the top 10 alternatives to NexTraq.

Top 10 Alternatives to NexTraq

1. Wialon

Wialon is a multifunctional fleet management platform that is utilized for tracking of stationary and mobile assets. It comes in server-based and SaaS versions. The tool includes a cartographic server and supports over 1000 device models of different GPS hardware trackers. You can use its open API to seamlessly integrate it with your back-office software products.

Wialon offers advanced tools such as driver behavior monitoring and powerful report building functionalities. Plus, it allows custom white labeling of its interface. The platform is integrated with over 900 models of GPS tracking systems including personal GPS trackers, automobile controllers, and software-based trackers that can be downloaded as mobile apps on smartphones. In addition, the software has the ability to process data obtained from tachographs, cameras, after-market sensors, and supplementary GPS hardware linked to GPS tracking devices. To give you a wider choice, here are good Wialon alternatives.

2. GPS-Server

GPS-Server is a robust yet easy-to-use GPS tracking tool that you can utilize to track the location of people, boats, cargo, and vehicles. You can install this solution on your server or log into the cloud-hosted version using a compatible GPS device or your mobile. Both versions can be used for commercial and personal purposes. The software is written in JavaScript and PHP which gives you ample opportunities to customize it for your needs. You can use the server-hosted version to manage your tracking business and link as many vehicles or devices you want. Plus, you can modify and improve its features to build new device protocols.

Another benefit of GPS-Server is you can customize your tracking product to include your business name, domain, and logo. You can monitor tons of objects, track targets in real time, and view their location on maps on your computer. In addition, you can view historical tracks and get notifications about key events. This software can work with hundreds of tracking devices which gives you immense coverage and flexibility. To offer you more options, we present viable GPS-Server alternatives here.


We have included GPSWOX in this list of top 10 alternatives to NexTraq as it offers GPS fleet management, vehicle tracking, and personal tracking solutions. This company’s products are utilized by homes as well as enterprises around the world. They are built to track: vehicle, truck, cargo, bicycle, boat, person, and mobile. GPS vehicle tracking software provides reports, information, real-time notifications, and more. The company is UK-based and has branches in the EU and US.

GPSWOX enables companies to set up a GPS tracking business with its software. It provides white label GPS tracking solutions at reasonable prices. Their experts will install the GPS server and manage all the technical elements to help you start your GPS tracking company. Plus, they will localize the product in your language and add your corporate elements such as name, logo, etc. Finally, the company also assists with technical support and training. If you wish to look at other solutions, browse these good GPSWOX alternatives here.

4. MyRouteOnline

MyRouteOnline is a web-based route planning platform that enables you to find the fastest route to your destination based on stop duration times and multiple addresses. This tool can be used by businesses and individuals for deliveries, pickups, and service tasks.

Users of this software include: parents who wish to optimize their chores, campers and travelers who can plan efficient routes for travel, recycling and garbage collectors who can optimize their pickup routes, real estate agents on their visits, and sales reps, service and repair technicians, and commercial and home delivery service employees, among others.

MyRouteOnline enables you to navigate using the app, map multiple locations, and plan your routes online. The benefits are you can save money, minimize your carbon footprint, reduce time on the road, and go green by utilizing the web-based Route Planner. If you think this product is too basic, take a look at these excellent MyRouteOnline alternatives here.

5. Teletrac Navman Director

Teletrac Navman Director is a fleet management tool that helps to improve customer satisfaction and productivity, and reduces operational costs and vehicle investment risks. It is a driver management platform that utilizes GPS technology to track driving habits and vehicle fleets to enable improved compliance.

Vehicles are important company properties that are essential for business success. However, they can turn out to be liabilities too if they are not maintained properly which results in higher costs and delays in delivering products to customers. Therefore, fleet management is vital for transportation businesses and Teletrac Navman helps these companies manage their fleet efficiently. Top features include: compliance management, actionable data, vehicle analytics, fleet productivity, trailer and asset tracking, driver management, and vehicle tracking. For equally good choices, browse these Teletrac Navman Director alternatives here.

6. PeopleNet

PeopleNet offers end-to-end vehicle tracking with a focus on compliance, safety, fleet performance monitoring, navigation and routing, and travel logging. This platform is ideal for companies that operate a number of trucks. It is a powerful performer thanks to its focus on vehicle telematics and the advantages of the custom-designed GPS receiver device.

PeopleNet operates a professional network of wireless carriers and satellites that convey all telematics data instantly to the company’s centers. Their system stores the data and it can be accessed via any mobile device, web-based software app, or third-party platform with access to the product’s API. This solution combines network communication, mobility, and real-time analytics to facilitate technology-driven management of fleet performance as well as effective decision making. You can effortlessly track the performance of your drivers and vehicles by using engine-related performance metrics such as speed, RPM, idle time, and fuel efficiency. If you wish to look at other options, browse these viable PeopleNet alternatives here.

7. Fleet Maintenance Pro

Fleet Maintenance Pro is a diversified tracking solution that provides tangible fleet management benefits. Its capabilities include fuel management, vehicle management, driver management, and more. Maintenance Pro is a user-friendly product that streamlines equipment management and enables you to track multiple vehicles. In addition, the tool is very flexible and allows you track the amount of information you need.

Fleet Maintenance Pro is used by businesses of all sizes in industries such as wholesale and retail, automation and manufacturing, third-party logistics, and transportation and delivery services. It enables you to track any number of vehicles and equipment items. You can do tracking using custom parameters such as make, model, year, serial numbers, etc. In addition, you can utilize user-defined fields if you wish to track added equipment facts. For more good choices, browse these excellent Fleet Maintenance Pro alternatives here.

8. Carmine

Carmine provides business owners and drivers the features they need to efficiently manage daily fleet activities. It offers a small and handy GPS device that can be easily plugged into any post-1996 vehicle’s OBD-II port. Installation is easy and you don’t need a SIM card to operate it. The device functions smoothly on all top North America mobile carriers.

Carmine’s key functionalities include real-time GPS tracking and trip logs that record time and location details to empower you to effectively monitor fleet operations. Its geofence mapping tool alerts you if a boundary is exceeded and this helps to prevent misuse and theft.

Carmine offers real-time fleet statistics that enable you to track vehicle and driver trends, and assess ways to make your company’s operations cost-efficient and more productive. Managers can utilize GPS monitoring to track vehicle whereabouts and whether drivers are punctual on their trips. Plus, tools are available to monitor speeds. If you wish to search for other solutions, take a look at these good Carmine alternatives here.

9. Truck Assistant

Truck Assistant is a real-time vehicle management platform that enables you to monitor drivers, schedules, and fuel. Business owners can utilize it to track the costs of fleet maintenance, production time, and fuel consumption. Plus, the application sends automatic alerts to ensure you don’t miss vital updates.

Truck Assistant provides you real-time data on each driver and truck. The program has the ability to monitor truck location as well as the driving behavior of technicians. It uses advanced technology that sends a warning if a driver makes unscheduled stops, over-speeds, or misuses company property.  The best part is the platform can be accessed with any internet-ready device which allows you to monitor your fleet from anywhere, anytime.

The product’s monitoring tools enable you to analyze how you can enhance production time. You can analyze routes and track the number of stops to minimize driving time. Then, you can devise route plans that help drivers to get more work done in less time. To give you more options, here are good Truck Assistant alternatives.

10. Infinite Cab

An Uber-like taxi management and dispatch software, Infinite Cab provides transportation services with blazing fast proximity-based fleet dispatching to passengers while equipping drivers with robust trip management tools. With Infinite Grab, transportation companies gain access to a web-based admin interface that displays a clear overview of all vehicles and drivers in real-time, enabling them to take total control of operations and efficiently dispatch available taxis. The software comes equipped with insightful activity reports helpful in improving one’s strategies for enhanced revenue.

In a nutshell, Infinite Cab is designed to provide transportation businesses with robust tools for monitoring their fleet and arm drivers with an app to quickly respond to passenger bookings and easy management of daily trips for compliance purposes. As for passengers, Infinite Cab provides them great accessibility in booking for a taxi along with auditing and e-wallet management tools for efficient management of their fare. If you’re looking for other quality fleet management software selections, take a look at our Infinite Cab alternatives. 

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