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Top 10 Alternatives to Planday: Leading Employee Scheduling Software Products

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An employee scheduling software streamlines the process of setting up a schedule for your company’s staff. It simplifies the process of planning and organizing shifts to optimize your workforce. This is can be useful whether you have an online business or a brick-and-mortar storefront.

HR personnel and managers know how frustrating and time-consuming it is to schedule shifts, especially for hourly employees. It can be even more challenging for a large workplace with a complex shift pattern. A company must have a sufficient labor schedule to manage all their business levels. However, it must also not exceed to the point where the business overspends on labor. This can drive costs up and bring down profits that can hurt your company in the long run.

Hence, it’s crucial to manage scheduling conflicts by balancing the availability of your employees and being prepared with time-off requests. In fact, 68% of employers revealed the hardest part of scheduling is accommodating the appropriate shifts for each employee. This can involve disputes such as unnecessary over-time, under- or over-staffing, and turnover issues.

For the workers, 60% of them find matching their availability and location preference as one of the hardest parts of scheduling. Fifty-six percent stated receiving their schedule in a week or less leaves them with a small amount of time to plan ahead their other obligations like a second job, schooling, child care, and more.

Having a reliable system helps you mitigate many of potential conflicts in scheduling. It can improve employee satisfaction as they are assigned with shifts that work for them well. This avoids an irregular schedule where 26% employees are experiencing greater work stress and work-family conflict. Preventing these matters can improve your staff’s productivity and quality of work.

Key Features of an Employee Scheduling Software

Looking for a software that matches your needs is important because each of them offers their own features and specialties. Here are some of the most common functions of a scheduling software for employees:

  • Simple shift swapping
  • Schedule notifications via SMS or email
  • Schedule templates
  • Collaborative scheduling between employees
  • Drag-and-drop feature for changing schedules
  • Auto-save feature for updated changes
  • Labor percentage goals
  • Export timesheets to payroll software
  • Tools for predicting business volumes
  • Integration of HR or business data

After learning the features and importance of a scheduling software, you might be interested to know what options are available to choose from. Each software solution provides specific features. It’s essential to look for one that suits your business and scheduling needs best.

What is Planday?

Planday is one of the most popular and go-to scheduling software. It has established its name for being a powerful tool in the 12 years it has been in the business of managing a company’s administrative tasks. It is designed to make the arduous task of scheduling shifts quick and easy. You can take care of more urgent business operations because it frees up your time by automating your scheduling processes. When you get this software, they will provide you a pre-schedule checklist to guide you throughout the process.

Benefits of Using Planday

  1. Employees input their availability. The system saves time by allowing employees to choose when they want to work instead of collecting their preferences separately. Managers will still have the authority to schedule shifts but the data on employees’ preferences is useful when there are sudden shift changes.
  2. Skillset-based schedule. It easily lets you create a shift based on the employee’s skillset when needed. For instance, you can ensure only qualified editors will work on a specific shift to maximize efficiency and save unnecessary costs.
  3. Schedule overview. You can easily view when your employees clocked in and out in one place. Their preferences of working time and requests for a vacation leave are also compiled for easy viewing.
  4. Department-specific shifts. Businesses with multiple sections or locations can make use of creating different schedules for different departments seamlessly. This division provides a simple, hassle-free scheduling that’s accessible for employees.
  5. Shift list. It provides you a list of different shifts to be covered by a certain position. If Monday night is a busy shift, you can decide on how many waiters and dishwashers you need for the load volume. In slower times, you can assign staff members to do a double duty, such as asking a bartender to perform waiting tasks.

If you are looking for other features or options, we have compiled the top 10 alternatives to Planday. Choosing the right system alleviates the burden of managing your workforce and automating routine tasks such as payroll and timesheets.

Top 10 Alternatives to Planday

1. SubItUp

SubItUp is a cloud-based employee scheduling and management software that manages over 18 million shifts. The platform is developed to resolve potential scheduling conflicts whether your workforce is located in one site or remotely. Aside from its intelligent automation system, they will give you support on identifying your specific business efficiencies to address them effectively using the technology. Scheduling is done based on the employee’s availability to ensure they are not assigned to a shift when they’re unvailable. It also monitors activity and lets you see your staff’s punctuality. Managers will find it easy to track the team member’s attendance history and verify if there are any changes made. Additionally, it forecasts any potential changes on labor costs to help you stay within your budget. If you’re not happy with this software you can try other SubItUp alternatives.

2. Scoro

Scoro is a work management software designed for professionals and creative services. Using their Planner, you can assign tasks and schedule work to your staff members. A visual overview will show your team’s workload, available slots, and potential over-bookings. This lets you set deadlines and manage your team more efficiently. There is a calendar shared by the team where you can easily see all set appointments, meetings, and events. The system also lets each member manage their own priorities and deadlines. It eliminates the need to have a timesheet. The data of each worker regarding the tasks they completed will automatically go to their work report. Scoro also has other features for project management, billing automation, customer relationship management (CRM) and quoting, and detailed reports on statistics, Key Performance Indicator (KPI), and tasks. You can compare this solution with other Scoro alternatives for a more in-depth analysis.

3. Humanity (ShiftPlanning)

Humanity (ShiftPlanning) is an employee scheduling solution that offers a centralized space for scheduling, setting a time clock, and payroll processing. It is a robust system developed to streamline your business processes. An easy-to-use schedule maker is available. It is interactive so the user can easily drag an employee’s name to a specific shift or move a shift to another date. Employees can set their own available times to handle their own shift trades. This can save 80% of the time spent in assigning a schedule to each employee and ensuring everyone is available to fill in the needed shift. You and your team can easily access this system anywhere, anytime because it’s available on smartphone and tablet applications. Not sure about this software? You have more ShiftPlanning alternatives out there.

4. Deputy

Deputy is a mobile-focused scheduling platform included in the top 10 alternatives to Planday. It has an attractive and modern interface which offers ease of use for you and your staff. While it doesn’t have the most robust HR functions compared to other higher end solutions, it shines brightly when it comes to its staff scheduling functions. With its low price tag—which starts at $1 per employee monthly, it’s among the top tier programs for scheduling platforms because of its reliable support, friendly user interface (IU), and time-saving features. Its scheduling process is straightforward. Employees log in to the same home screen with the managers, company owners, and system administrators. However, they will have limited access to certain functions. For example, the retail store manager can utilize the Tasks or News Feed feature to leave an instruction for one employee on his or her tasks for the day. Remember to compare this solution with other Deputy alternatives and see how it matches up.

5. ADP Vantage HCM

ADP Vantage HCM is a full Human Capital Management (HCM) suite. This means it lets you streamline all your day-to-day human resource activities. Using this system increases employee productivity, improves communication, and raises staff participation. Its comprehensive HCM analytics allows managers to organize and analyze data to come up with actionable business plans. Scheduling is one of its key features in addition to recruitment, HR, and payroll functions. Its time and labor management feature are meant for boosting productivity, managing labor costs, and simplifying compliance. An automated scheduling system can be configured to make sure you are assigning the right employee to the right time and place. You will also get a real-time update on employee attendance and overtime. Monitoring your business activities and projects with this app enhances your company performance and leverage analytics. If you think it doesn’t fit your needs you have other ADP Vantage HCM alternatives to choose from.

6. Shiftboard

Shiftboard is an employee scheduling tool used by over 60,000 teams. It is a powerful solution with affordable pricing that fits small businesses. It has customization and sorting tools to simplify tracking and scheduling. It is dedicated for shift-based workforce that started from healthcare, which it then expanded to other industries such as staffing agencies, security, logistics, call centers and more. They have provided support for over 160 million shifts for different teams over the years. Their automated employee scheduling includes auto-fill shifts to assign shifts effectively and notifications to automatically send your team members their schedules and any changes. The historical data helps predict demand on schedule and optimize it for every shift. This lets you save on labor managing your overtime costs based on your budget. Looking for a different solution? Try Shiftboard alternatives and see which one fits your situation.

7. HotSchedules

HotSchedules is designed for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, retail, hotels, lodging, and entertainment businesses. Since it is suitable for niches with complex and demanding shifts daily, the system offers real-time integrated data on metrics such as labor costs and budget. It also caters to workers who prefer using their smartphones when it comes to managing their work life. Managers are given internal and external data to help them in making informed business decisions daily. It’s geared towards the hospitality industry, especially restaurants, where it has accommodated over 2 million users in 130,000 different locations. It saves time up to 75% when it comes to scheduling faster and approving shift-swaps. Because it can be used on your mobile, it reduces the chances of schedule errors, shortages, and overtimes.  You can also check HotSchedules alternatives for more options.

8. Aladtec

Aladtec is an online employee scheduling platform with a quick and simple approach. It offers two types of scheduling. The first one is manual. This allows employees to sign up for a specific shift and submit their availability which they can label as “preferred,” “available,” or “unavailable.” It offers a comprehensive viewing option based on Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Pay Period. The other one is rotational. This provides repetition on shifts based on a template and pre-configured rotation. It’s customizable so you can integrate specific shifts. Tracking and controlling overtime is made simple too. You will receive alerts when an employee is scheduled for overtime and see who is next in line for the rotation. If overtime is not necessary, you can pick from other employees for the next shift. Swapping shifts and approval of shifts is also made in the centralized system. There are other Aladtec alternatives in the market if you’re looking for more options.

9. Findmyshift

Findmyshift is a web-based employee scheduling software. This means you won’t have to download or install anything to use it. It has a set pricing per team. Hence, you use it for an unlimited number of staff member no matter how large your company is. It has a drag-and-drop scheduling feature, shift alerts, and reports. Its time clock app is available for free so you can easily track your employee’s working hours. Since 2004, it boasts to host over 50 million shifts for different industries whether it’s companies, charities or organizations. It can also cater its scalable scheduling service to small and big businesses like supermarkets, retail stores, universities, call centers, and more. You and your staff can use it anytime, wherever you are, with its iOS and Android apps. Not satisfied with these features? Check other Findmyshift alternatives and see how other solutions stack up against this software.

10. Soon

The last but definitely not the least in our top 10 alternatives to Planday is Soon. This intuitive scheduling platform for mid-sized and large businesses is equipped with intelligent features that simplify the process of creating employee schedules from scratch. It digitizes the process of putting together shift schedules so that managers no longer have to manually cross-check the availability of staff members as well as avoid dealing with time-consuming paperwork. The platform even offers features for leave management and conflict management to ensure that you have enough staff members per shift. What’s more is that this platform has a completely web-based setup that allows users to post, approve, and adjust schedules in real-time using their desktop or mobile devices. It also boasts an easily navigable interface, making it easy to add or remove shifts. To see how this software compares with others, check these Soon alternatives.

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