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Emily covers our business software department and prepares quality reviews of various SaaS and B2B solutions from a whole range of categories. She participated in designing a few SaaS tools in the past and now is devoted to sharing her experience with our readers making sure they get accurate and useful information about each solution.

Here’s her quick introduction into strategies for getting an efficient CRM solution:

What is CRM Software and How it can Help Your Company

What is CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps companies manage important business processes such as customer interaction, customer data, sales automation, business info, contacts, lead tracking, customer support, marketing, contacts and clients, employee relationships, vendor/partner relationships, assets and resources, and knowledge and training. Top CRM software solutions are easily scalable and suitable for the needs of companies of any size. For examples of good quality CRM software, you can read our in-depth reviews.

How CRM Software is Used

CRM software is designed to help companies meet their overall objectives of customer relationship management. The latest CRM software is highly customizable and scalable, and businesses can use it to get actionable customer insights as well as view business opportunities utilizing the analytics features, streamline processes, and personalize customer support based on the customer’s previous history of interactions with your company. It important that you are aware of what your company needs and the features you want to select the right CRM software for you and your company.

Typical Features of CRM Software

Our Infusionsoft review is a good example of a CRM with the most popular features, but below you can find a list of what we think every CRM should offer:

Information entry and access – You should be able to enter info and access it in the system from anywhere, anytime. For instance, if you’ve talked with a customer on the phone, you should be able to input the call details under the customer’s name. Plus, you should be able to access this data from anywhere, using any internet-connected device.

Task assignment – You should be able to use the CRM solution to electronically assign tasks to your team members.

Dashboards – The CRM system offers a summary view of sales opportunities across your company’s customer base as well as the employees who are working on them. This feature can ensure important opportunities are not missed.

Multiple contact info – You should be to organize and access info using a person’s name and their company. This is important to ensure you can look at all interactions with a specific person as well as with multiple people in a company.

Application Programming Interface (API) – This is an important feature that allows you to integrate the CRM software with the other business apps you use. This integration helps you to eliminate the need to enter data multiple times.

How CRM Software can Help Your Company

For a good example of a product that offers most common benefits you can read our Salesforce review, but we’ listed the most important ones below:to learn about the benefits of CRM software which include the following:

  • Increase per-customer profits – You can use the data stored in the CRM solution to reduce the cost of selling to customers and maximize the profits you earn from these customer interactions.
  • Analyze buying behaviors – You can analyze and understand customer purchasing patterns to identify customers with good potential on whom you can focus on to earn more by effectively utilizing the sales opportunities with them.
  • Evaluate profitable customers – As mentioned earlier, you can learn about customers who provide you the most profit. You can analyze buying behaviors and related customer data to differentiate between customers who provide you the most revenue and those that provide the biggest profit margins. Based on this differentiation, you can craft more suitable and personalized customer service to enhance your relationship with each type of customer.


We hope our article you has adequately informed you about the many benefits of CRM software.