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Top 10 Alternatives to Procurify: Leading Procurement Software Solutions

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Procurement is more than just buying goods and services. It is a continuous cycle of demand between an organization and supply market. The latter will try to match the former’s demand, then both parties negotiate the terms for procurement. 

Negotiating, managing expectations, increasing or decreasing value, financing, planning for the future, etc., all fall under procurement. In other words, it is matching one’s standard with the other to come to an agreement, or meeting in the middle.

Procurement is a vital cog in B2B space because it involves price negotiation or an agreement between two parties, up to a certain point both deem beneficial on their part. The end result will always be a sale for both parties. Both will benefit from the deal.

A sleeker process thanks to technology

Now, put this method online and the procurement experience becomes better and more efficient. It gives both parties unlimited access because of the internet. Information technology keeps improving overtime. Developers keep thinking of ways to speed up the process without reducing a company’s efficiency.

Did you know 33% of procurement leaders look at digital procurement strategy to help them achieve objectives and deliver more value to their respective organizations?  (Global CPO Survey 2018) Well, procurement software can help with this. Many businesses now find it necessary to invest in this type of software that the procurement software market is expected to top $5.4 B by 2020.

Procurify is an example of software that makes spend management much more efficient.  Technology streamlines everything, from requesting a good or service to recording purchases. This tracks everything that comes in and out of the company, and so much more.

Benefits of Procurify 

  1. Accessible and accurate data. All info on Procurify is stored on Cloud. Procurement can continue anywhere with an internet connection. This is beneficial, especially for large companies, because all account handlers have the same informationData is updated and collated in a simple, yet comprehensive layout that everyone can understand and pick-up easily.
  2. Intuitive UI. Procurify makes working with heavy and plentiful data easier than before. One can sort budgets from lowest to highest, or see the most common purchases of people from your lineup of vendors.
  3. Streamlined process. Everything is centralized and easier to understand, speeding up the procurement process.

However, Procurify is not the only software available for procurement. Never limit yourself to one procurement software, for there are others out there that may be a better fit. It’s just a matter of execution and proper understanding of the software chosen to handle procurement.

The top 10 alternatives to Procurify are worth exploring for all types of companies, regardless of size. Everyone can benefit from procurement software because it makes spend management easier and less hectic. And with technology constantly evolving, procurement becomes more and more exciting.

1. TradeGecko

Founded by Cameron Priest, Carl Thompson, and Bradley Priest in 2012, this software claims to be the best in managing inventories and orders. It has the following notable capabilities: a smart central hub that manages inventories and orders from different sites, integration with popular e-Commerce sites like Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, and maps that track orders in real-time.

TradeGecko’s greatest strength is real-time processing of data. This makes the software accurate in sorting and organizing inventories and orders. If there are changes, the system can monitor these and illustrate them in a graph. It can even document changes in order status, goods’ location of origin, and help you in going through warehouses worth of stocks.  To see how intuitive this tool is, you can compare it with some of these Tradegecko alternatives.


Another alternative to Procurify is SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management). It improves spend management through Procure-to-Pay Optimization, Catalogue Management, and Self-Service Procurement, among others. These three make the backbone of the system, which works by not just automating but also improving procurement process.

SAP SRM centralizes everything. From gathering all contacts/suppliers in one place to evaluating info in real-time and relegating data obtained from observations, SAP lets you see everything happening in your business. It also prevents Maverick buying or purchasing without authorization, which is one of the worst things that can happen. But if you think this solution is not a fit you can check SAP SRM alternatives.

3. SAP Ariba

This software relies on Ariba, hence its name, one of the biggest business networks to transmit data for e-Procurement. Some even describe it faster than real-time because they’re not used to a process that is quick and easy.

SAP Ariba believes in SOS – Smart, Open, and Simple. It’s open to all types of systems and goods and services. It’s smart because it utilizes its connectivity with other suppliers to bring you to other options. The software’s easy to understand, even with all the data floating around, ensuring transactions are error-free. Check out these SAP Ariba alternatives if this software isn’t what you’re looking for.

4. Oracle Fusion Procurement

Oracle Fusion Procurement is excellent in spend management, notably for its schema. It’s one of the easiest software to write and design because it learns from common user experiences. The software uses common constructs and definitions in machine learning.

All of the info you need are on its dashboard, which is super fun to use. Once you get the hang of the system, you’ll notice everything’s fast and easier to understand. Its state of the art analytics will do the thinking for you. It doesn’t show signs of slowing down, even if the system’s fully loaded with information. Check out these Oracle Fusion Procurement alternatives as well.

5. SellerCloud

It does the impossible possible – it has more channels and sales, even though it’s just a single source order management and inventory management system. This is a breakthrough because it proves that you don’t need a lot of space for all the information. Save your screen’s real estate for other info you can get from procurement.

All your info is in one coherent source. SellerCloud is easier to navigate because you don’t need to do a lot of switching to see the same content. Since there’s no more external link to click when you’re doing a multi-channel search or restock your goods, you can do more with less. You can also compare this software with SellerCloud alternatives and see how it stacks up.

6. IBM Emptoris

The Emptoris of IBM is one of the top 10 alternatives to Procurify because it was created in response to the growing technological solutions in uplifting procurement. It didn’t do something revolutionary, but it did improving upon the existing method of procurement called Sourcing.

Sourcing is a web-based software that can analyze, award items and services of any company. Most notably, IBM Emptoris is also a contracts expert. It can create contracts that are on your same page, eliminating the need for going all out. If you want to negotiate, this enables you to invite organizations, create and generate reports, and even make notices for events that you have no idea about. If this option is lacking in a few areas, be sure to check out these Emptoris alternatives.

7. eBuy

It has a simple interface that highlights everything on queue. It’s easy for both suppliers and customers to manage both their products and expectations. On the manager side, it alerts you if you still have pending obligations with suppliers. For the customer, it alerts you that you still have something to claim from the supplier.

eBuy shines as an order and spend manager. It’s a software that relies on organizing everything about your product. You can either organize it according to the order’s status or prevent items from being shipped without a purchase order. It’s amazing to imagine because you don’t need to remind the other party twice. All your reminders can be logged on the software and seen on any device. For those who want something else, check out these eBuy alternatives.

8. Taulia

If you’ve had trouble with invoicing before, Taulia can smooth out the experience. This part of the procurement process is important because it is proof that products and services were provided. Sometimes it can get difficult to create invoices because of all the information it requires from you.

Taulia understands that you don’t have the luxury of time always, so it’s created electronic templates for you to ill in. Its supplier management program is great, too, if you have multiple suppliers for one business. Instead of showing them a physical copy of the invoice, you can send it to them electronically.

Lastly, you have access to multiple self-service and management tools. Some of these are an advanced catalog of all your suppliers, communications threads between supplier and company, and data interpreters. With everything streamlined, you don’t need multiple devices to communicate with the supplier. Everything’s on Taulia. Here are some good Taulia alternatives if this software isn’t cut out for you.

9. Moglix Vendor Portal

Moglix Vendor Portal is designed to automate the entire procurement cycle and provide businesses with complete control and visibility in managing their operations. The software has you covered for all procurement essentials, from procurement requisition to payment delivery. With its capability to streamline and automate your workflows and processes, users can effortlessly attain compliance with current industry policies and standards. To provide users with a clear view of their operations, the software digitally documents every transaction in your processes and provides users with real-time shipment tracking capabilities.

Moglix Vendor Portal also improves your communication with suppliers. It is equipped with collaboration tools so you can discuss quotations in real-time. You can also compare this software with Moglix Vendor Portal alternatives for a more in-depth review.

10. DirectRFP

DirectRFP is a suitable platform if you’re looking to accelerate and streamline your entire RFP processes. This solution boasts the world’s-first RFP Technology Platform designed to solicit measurable responses in any query to prevent instances of paragraph-based responses or confusing answers. It supports structured sections, drop down answers, and multiple choice questions. Additionally, the platform delivers results instantaneously for better transparency and audit.

Creation and deployment of multiple RFPs can be done on a single pane view, thus greatly improving and accelerating your RFP processes. Essentially, DirectRFP centralizes all your workflow, complete with tools for automating content creation through templates, cloning of existing RFPs, and importing your previous RFPs from legacy systems. Also check our DirectRFP alternatives for more options.

By Jenny Chang

Senior writer at FinancesOnline who writes about a wide range of SaaS and B2B products, including trends and issues on e-commerce, accounting and customer service software. She’s also covered a wide range of topics in business, science, and technology for websites in the U.S., Australia and Singapore, keeping tabs on edge tech like 3D printed health monitoring tattoos and SpaceX’s exploration plans.

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