Top 10 Alternatives To RezOvation: Leading Hotel Management Software Solutions

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The hospitality industry continues to grow over the years. Around the world, there are more than 700,000 hotels and resorts to accommodate tourists and travelers. Implementing an innovative system such as a hotel management software sets you apart from your competitors for offering convenience and accessibility. Additionally, it streamlines your hotel operations to free up your time in actually managing your business.

With the stream of recent technology updates, today’s consumers also prefer doing certain activities such as booking hotels online using their computers or smartphones. A survey shows 60% of consumers find online booking as a highly-desired service feature. This stresses the importance of choosing a hotel management solution that fits with your business needs well. To help you find the software that suits your preferences and requirements best, here’s one of the leading hotel software, RezOvation, and 10 other options to choose from.

What is RezOvation

RezOvation is a robust cloud-based innkeeper software packed with a wide array of effective and versatile features for managing your hotel. It is user-friendly, full-featured software that lets your clients book a room online through various channels including your website and Facebook page anytime. With its mobile solutions, they can also do their booking through their smartphone anywhere they are and even while they’re on the go.

This helps your business save time and money by streamlining your repetitive tasks and providing a stellar guest experience to your clients. It offers real-time data backups, secure credit card processing, mobile access, accounting reports, and reliable customer support. Synchronization of your available rooms, room rates, and room information is done by the system to ensure your clients get accurate and up-to-date information.

Benefits of RezOvation

  1. It gives clients 24/7 access to your hotel’s online booking feature.
  2. It easily integrates with your website which is vital to your branding.
  3. It offers multiple payment processing options with competitive rates.
  4. It manages gift redemption and certification seamlessly.
  5. It has a 90-day money back guarantee.
  6. It lets you and your clients use your Android and iOS devices for free.
  7. It increases your occupancy rate by improving your hotel’s accessibility.
  8. It has a Global Distribution System (GDS) for better a more efficient hotel management.

If you think RezOvation doesn’t fit the requirements you’re looking for, you may look at our list of top 10 alternatives to RezOvation. We have collected the leading hotel management solutions that are equipped with powerful tools and features for managing and maintaining hotel businesses.

Top 10 RezOvation Alternatives

1. Little Hotelier

Little Hotelier is a front desk and reservation system geared towards small hotels, bed and breakfasts, and guesthouses. It has a front desk software feature that oversees your guests’ stay from reservation to checkout, a direct booking technology for receiving commission-free online reservations, and a channel manager that boosts your business’ exposure in the market.

It has a mobile-friendly booking engine that can be integrated into your Facebook page, website, or front desk system to manage all your reservations without monitoring it the entire time. It also has a single cloud-based login for convenience with a drag-and-drop feature that makes your navigation around the system faster. You may check out Little Hotelier alternatives for other options.

Why use Little Hotelier instead of RezOvation?

  1. It has a 30-day free trial to let you test all their features.
  2. It offers commission-free bookings.
  3. It has a customizable booking engine where you can add images, descriptions, and colors based on your branding.
  4. It is available in 80 currencies and languages.

Why use RezOvation instead of Little Hotelier?

  1. It lets you customize your correspondence with your branding and logo.
  2. It is fully PSI certified for credit card payment processing.
  3. It immediately accepts reservations after setup.
  4. It gives a mobile-friendly view to users even if your website is not mobile friendly.

2. Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds is a property management tool system equipped with various products such as a channel manager, booking engine, OTA-IN-A-BOX, and seamless integrations. It provides services for hotels, hostels, vacation rentals, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, and hotel groups. This tool is used by over 17,000 properties across 120 countries.

Its features are divided into four major categories to cater various tools and functions. The ‘myfrontdesk’ has a dashboard, click and drag calendar, room or bed assignments, reservation sources, and more. The next category is called ‘myallocator’ for auto-room mapping, channel connections, and currency conversions. The third category, ‘mybookings,’ is designed for bookings and reservations made through various channels. The last is ‘mygroup’ which gives you group-level analytics, unified booking experience, and custom branding. If you are interested in other options, here are Cloudbeds alternatives.

Why use Cloudbeds instead of RezOvation?

  1. It has a live chat support for timely response to your questions and inquiries.
  2. It has an Open API which makes it fully customizable.
  3. It is commission-free for all reservations and bookings.
  4. It has a multi-user role with specific permissions and admin access to your staff.

Why use RezOvation instead of Cloudbeds?

  1. It has seamless integration options with your existing systems.
  2. It includes options for add-ons and packages.
  3. It has an interactive currency map.
  4. It has a QuickBooks integration.

3. Propertyware

Propertyware is a rental property management software that is developed by property managers for property managers. The web-based solution comes with cost-efficient pricing plans while providing effective property management, marketing, accounting, and maintenance solutions. It saves you money in the long run by having less staff as the system streamlines your property-related operations.

Its tenant screening feature helps you find quality tenants and reduces risks. Marketing tools are available to assist you with lead generation and conversion as well as creating a branded website and handling listings. Its accounting app is useful for tracking accounts receivable, accounts payable, fees, and cash and accrual options. Stay ahead of maintenance and repair issues to boost customer satisfaction and avoid costly works. Look at other options with this Propertyware alternatives.

Why use Propertyware instead of RezOvation?

  1. It is specially designed for property managers.
  2. It has accounting solutions and tools.
  3. It helps make tenant screening more secure and efficient.
  4. It has a single family property management software solution.

Why use RezOvation instead of Propertyware?

  1. It is specially designed for innkeepers.
  2. It offers free iOS and Android mobile access.
  3. It has an easily integrated booking engine for your website.
  4. It gives you free software updates to ensure you get the latest software version.

4. ResNexus

ResNexus is a software and property management software designed for lodging, hotel, bed, and breakfast, vacation rental, storage rental, and campground businesses. Some of its best features include having a user-friendly, simple interface design and a robust system that prevents double bookings.

See a real-time update when your customer is processing a reservation even before they finish booking. The smart tech boosts the customer experience you provide even before they arrive at your property as it sends automated welcome emails to your guests. It even includes maps and directions to guide them towards your property. It has a robust reporting system with Google Analytics support. If this doesn’t match your business needs, you may visit these ResNexus alternatives.

Why use ResNexus instead of RezOvation?

  1. It has a live support for quick replies to inquiries and questions.
  2. It sends automatic email confirmation to guests.
  3. It has built-in Google Analytics support for effective reporting.
  4. It guides guests using maps and directions sent through email.

Why use RezOvation instead of ResNexus?

  1. It has easy gift certification and redemption features.
  2. It has a free software demo.
  3. It gives value to customer feedback.
  4. It lets your website have a two-way real-time link for online reservations.

5. Guesty

Guesty is an Airbnb property management software equipped with automation tools and smart technology for short-term property management. It is included in the top 10 alternatives to RezOvation because of its powerful cloud-based tools that cover all your business needs in terms of sales and marketing, inventory, operations, and business aspects. This includes analytics, financials, and reporting.

Maintaining an inventory is made simple as the system has a unified operation for all listings and communications with clients. The Channel Management tool lets you oversee multiple accounts in Airbnb, HomeAway, and where you have complete control over your listings and prices. It has automation tools, a personalized website, staff management app, seamless payment processing options, and 24/7 guest communication. Take a look at this Guesty alternatives.

Why use Guesty instead of RezOvation?

  1. It centralizes your vacation rental business with Airbnb and other platforms.
  2. It has a staff management app for staff monitoring and task assignments.
  3. It logs all transactions on the Dashboard where you can see all balances and send invoices to clients.
  4. It automates routine messages for guests to save time.

Why use RezOvation instead of Guesty?

  1. It suits bed and breakfast businesses.
  2. It partners with multiple payment processing options for competitive rates.
  3. It syncs room availability, rates, and property information.
  4. It maximizes exposure through Global Distribution System (GDS).

6. eviivo

eviivo is a cloud-based software for generating and managing your online bookings. Its suite of solutions works well with a wide range of business niches from traditional bed and breakfasts and hotels to jaw-dropping castles and mansions. They cater to SMEs and large enterprises in the hospitality industry and deliver efficient results.

It ensures you a quick and convenient navigation around the system where you’ll only do a single click for sending automatic confirmations, printing guest registration forms, checking guests in and out, refunding bookings, applying cancellation fees, controlling room rates, and more. It also has a channel manager, free Google- and mobile-friendly website, and secured payment options. If this doesn’t satisfy your hotel business needs, you may look at eviivo alternatives.

Why use eviivo instead of RezOvation?

  1. It offers multiple single-click operations.
  2. It has a 24/7 phone, web, and live chat support.
  3. It gives you a free mobile-friendly and Google-friendly website.
  4. It has a diary where you can manage and record all booking transactions.

Why use RezOvation instead of eviivo?

  1. It is PA-DSS certified and PCI compliant for their payment processing products.
  2. It manages all calendars and property information.
  3. It gives you a free demo to test their features.
  4. It receives compliments for their impressive customer support.

7. RMS Hospitality Cloud

RMS Hospitality Cloud is a hotel management software for apartments, parks, campgrounds, motels, hotels, and resorts. It offers a rich host of features such as property management, channel management, central database, event management, guest marketing, book now button, housekeeping, and more.

The fully cloud-based platform streamlines your business operations by giving you and your clients the option to book online using any device. It has business intelligence reports to help you determine and make informed business decisions regarding your strategies and plans for your business’ growth. It is recommended to get in touch with their Product Specialists to find the right solutions to match your business needs. You may also visit this RMS Hospitality Cloud alternatives.

Why use RMS Hospitality Cloud instead of RezOvation?

  1. It has Product Specialists to cater the right suite of solutions for you.
  2. It offers a demo that you can request to learn more about the software.
  3. It also provides services for campgrounds and parks.
  4. It has a user-friendly and modern interface design.

Why use RezOvation instead of RMS Hospitality Cloud?

  1. It has a powerful reporting package.
  2. It automates email reminders all throughout a guest’s stay.
  3. It integrates Facebook directly from your website for online bookings.
  4. It has a dynamic occupancy map.

8. Sirvoy

Sirvoy is a web-based hotel reservation system that is designed to work for various types of accommodations aside from hotels such as guest houses, lodges, B&Bs, motels, and hostels. It has reasonable pricing plans that fit well with different business arrangements.

You can set up your website within minutes and start receiving bookings right away. Guests can easily book and reserve online using any device. It is non-commission based so you get all your earnings. The channel manager connects you with multiple travel websites and booking channels. It even has a two-way integration so your room availability is updated across all your platforms to avoid booking conflicts. Here are more Sirvoy alternatives to check out.

Why use Sirvoy instead of RezOvation?

  1. It has a free 14-day trial.
  2. It has a live chat support for immediate answers to your inquiries.
  3. It connects all your booking channels and websites for a secured availability.
  4. It is accessible anytime with no installation needed.

Why use RezOvation instead of Sirvoy?

  1. It accepts a secure credit card payment processing.
  2. It gives you a free iOS and Android mobile access.
  3. It has an optional GDS interface to improve your business’ exposure.
  4. It integrates a booking engine to your website.

9. HomeAway

HomeAway is a property listing and booking software that gives a focal point towards accommodations for travelers across the world. It lets clients search for properties that suit their preferences and budget, contact you as the host, and confirm their travel dates to ensure availability of their chosen accommodation.

It lets you seamlessly list your property as the system accommodates to private rooms, traditional homes, villas, and apartments. Property managers and owners can make use of HomeAway’s offerings of free property listing, custom pricing, secure payment methods, high traffic and exposure, and easy to manage information record. It has free and easy-to-use online tools and calendar synchronization to ensure matching and up-to-date property availability. If this does not suit your business, take a look at this HomeAway alternatives.

Why use HomeAway instead of RezOvation?

  1. It gives high exposure to your property.
  2. Its target market is mostly travelers.
  3. It offers free property listing with only 3% service fee for every successful booking.
  4. It gives you the freedom to choose pricing rates.

Why use RezOvation instead of HomeAway?

  1. It lets you have complete freedom over your hospitality business.
  2. Its cloud-based system is accessible 24/7.
  3. It securely accepts credit card payments.
  4. It only collects commission fees after the guest’s stay.

10. Avancee


Avancee was designed with simplicity and convenience in mind, allowing businesses to effortlessly streamline their entire hotel operations so they can focus on nurturing clients and growing their company. It comes equipped with all the tools needed for hotel sales management & inventory management/ distribution, including but not limited to booking management, inventory management, accounting, and quick payment customer portal.

With a robust channel manager that can monitor over a hundred online distribution channels in one screen, Avancee ensures all extranets are accounted for. Its powerful booking engine also ensures all potential clients and guests can easily take advantage of your services on any device, wherever they may be. This fully-featured hotel management software is topped off with a powerful analytics tool that generates actionable insights to help you improve your services and keep up with the competition through sales reports, pricing trends, and much more. If this does not suit your business processes, head on to our Avancee alternatives for more quality options. 

Why use Avancee instead of RezOvation?

  1. It allows for optimal management of distribution channels on one screen.
  2. Handle every facet of your hotel and management operations on one platform.
  3. It allows for offline sales channel management.
  4. It features light CRM tools.

Why use RezOvation instead of Avancee?

  1. Utilize advanced property management functionalities.
  2. Facebook integration allows guests to confirm reservation straight from your page.
  3. Automatically adjusts booking engine based on screen size, ensuring a great browsing experience for guests even for non-mobile optimized websites.
  4. Seamlessly sync with
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