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Online booking software is an essential tool for many businesses whether it’s a small or large company. It is a tool that allows a potential customer to book, reserve, and pay an activity or service directly on your website. Businesses that offer tours, accommodations, classes and services benefit from this type of system. It can also be used to automate the scheduling of meetings, tasks, and appointments to improve your company’s efficiency.

Technology has changed the way businesses operate over the years. Today’s consumers rely heavily on the internet and social media for the majority of their tasks.

For instance, an industry that benefits greatly from the software is travel and hotel accommodations. Statistics show 148.3 million of travel bookings are made online every year. Fifty-seven percent of all travel-related bookings are also made on the internet.

Another report shows 35% of clients of spas and salons prefer scheduling their appointments during non-business hours due to their availability. Hence, if you’re not yet using this system, you’re likely missing out on potential sales and losing to your competitors.

Benefits of Online Booking Systems

There are many benefits in using an online booking software. Here are some of them:

  1. 24/7 service. It makes your business open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to accommodate your customers who want to book even after normal business hours. You won’t lose a sale by being unavailable on your customer’s schedule.
  2. Convenience. It offers a convenient, quick, and no-hassle way to let customers choose a date, pick a time, reserve, book, and process their payments for your services online.
  3. Less work. It streamlines all the booking processes and facilitates administrative tasks. This reduces the work on manually managing all files and schedules in an organized way with no errors.
  4. Lean staff. It is cost-efficient in the long run. It cuts off the need for adding workload on the staff or demand to increase your staff. It decreases the load of the calls your customer service team is receiving for more urgent and important matters.
  5. Insights. It provides you valuable insight into your business. A dashboard of analytics will give you information on days and hours with high traffic, best sellers, popular add-ons, and more. This is useful for planning strategies for your business’ growth.

Now that you know what an appointment scheduling system is and its advantages, let us take a look at the popular and reliable softwares available. There are a lot to choose from based on your preferences, budget, and business niche.

What is is an appointment scheduling software that’s been around for awhile now. That’s why it’s also one of the most popular systems in this niche. In fact, it handles over 750,000 bookings every month for their clients. They offer tools that make scheduling fast and simple. It can be integrated into your own calendar, like Google, Microsoft or iCloud, which makes linking the calendars convenient.

Key Features of

We can sum up the features of in three major aspects.

  1. Personalization of booking page. You can use CSS to completely customize your booking page. You can also match your colors and fonts to your brand.
  2. Customization of notifications. You will have complete control over the notifications you receive and sent to customers. This includes follow-ups, reminders, and announcements through email and SMS.
  3. Management of availability. You can set the availability of the schedule and its duration that you want to share with your customers. You can also share each of your team member’s availability in one place.

If you want to expand your options, we have compiled top 10 alternatives to for you. This list will help you choose which system suits your needs best by detailing their features and functions.

Top 10 Alternatives to

1. Bookeo

Bookeo provides flexible features for managing and growing any type of business that can range from professionals to service providers. It lets you take reservations from your website and Facebook page seamlessly so you can manage your scheduling matters anytime and anywhere.  Using its innovative tools, you can maximize your profit, decrease chances of double bookings, and reduce instances of no-shows. Its client database organizes your client’s information regularly to keep it up-to-date. Because it syncs with your personal calendar, you will be marked unavailable for bookings if you have personal events. That way, you won’t be scheduled for an appointment at the same time as your meeting with a friend. Marketing tools can be integrated as well to boost your sales. When receiving payments, you will have secure, encrypted and tracked online payments through various gateways to make it convenient for you and your client. For a deeper analysis of this product you can compare with with Bookeo alternatives.

2. Checkfront

Checkfront focuses on catering to rentals, accommodations, and tours and activities. It is a cloud-based booking management application. It is also an e-commerce platform. They emphasize they do not offer a shopping cart system. Instead, they are designed for schedule-based businesses. It is meant for services with a recurring inventory. You can utilize a unified toolset to manage bookings, process reservations, and track your customers in a simple way. They offer 109 features that range from self-service bookings, management of data, accounts, and schedules, reports of analytics, marketing strategies, and other free integrations. They also provide transparency over their booking system and they don’t take commissions from you. It can also operate in a reservation-only mode which means there is no configuration for payment processing if that’s what you prefer. Not convinced of this product? Consider Checkfront alternatives.

3. Setmore

Setmore can be easily integrated into your Facebook account, website, sales CRM, and applications. This online appointment scheduling software is meant for businesses of all sizes. They provide a system for government, education and a cause to easily connect and build relationships with communities. It is also designed for entrepreneurs to efficiently manage their time and schedule. Consulting and sales can be improved too because of its professional-grade platform that makes it easy for your clients to do their transactions. Some of their highlighted businesses they can cater to include hair salons, massage therapy, pet services, gym, law firms, nail salon, photography, bridal salon, dentists, doctors, interview scheduling, and more. The scheduling platform has features like bookings, automation of alerts, calendar engagement, and payment options. Before subscribing to this solution make sure you’ve reviewed other Setmore alternatives.

4. is included in the top 10 alternatives to because of the many benefits it offers to its users. You can integrate your existing website and Facebook page with the system to match your brand and mobile-optimized booking platform. You can also add your own, customized integrations for your booking widgets on Facebook, Wordpress, and other CMS systems. Data is backed up every day and all communication in the software is kept secured. For your business, they offer functionalities such as monitoring your analytics with site visits and bookings, easy-to-do promotions for your site, and calendar sync to prevent scheduling conflicts. Aside from easily booking anywhere, anytime, your clients will receive reminders and notifications, feedback requests, easy cancellation options, include recurring bookings.  If you’re unsure about this solution, you have more alternatives.

5. FareHarbor

FareHarbor is an online booking system designed for tours and activities. You will get 24/7 support and one-on-one training to get started with the software. They can help you with customizing your Dashboard, utilizing Google Analytics, and ensuring your website is SEO-optimized. A user who’s visiting your site to see guides on tours and activities for their travel vacation can be converted into paying customers if you have a user-friendly booking platform. Hence, FareHarbor encrypts Lightframe checkout so your potential clients can easily see activity displays and calendars. This is great for companies that offer tickets for whale watching tours, bike rentals, and the like. With its responsive layout, the platform also works on mobile. Compare this software with FareHarbor alternatives to find out if it lives up to its promise.

6. Booker

Booker is a cloud-based business management software suited for salons and spas. It helps small businesses grow by getting them discovered and automating its marketing efforts. Their process includes expanding your customer base, making it easy for clients to book their appointments, ensuring the sale is completed, and fostering an ongoing relationship with your customers. They also offer a comprehensive system to easily manage all your data. This includes all your calendar, transactions, customer records, inventory, resources and staff information. The web-based automation also offers transparency by making their users aware of their monthly costs. They ensure your data will not be stolen and you will not worry if your hard drive will crash because they have back up and store the data online securely. Unhappy about Booker? You have more Booker alternatives to choose from.

7. vCita

vCita is another booking and business management application for small businesses. Their products include online scheduling, payments, invoicing, client management, lead generation, and email marketing. Because they are tailored for business providers, their aim is to improve business interactions with clients. They use an online CRM for managing all communications and transactions between clients. Maintaining your calendar is also made simple by ensuring your business schedule is synced with your personal appointments to avoid conflicts in schedule. A centralized dashboard lets you track your business income and invoices. There is also a client portal that your client can use 24/7 to book their appointment, reschedule it, process their payment, and filling in forms.  If you’re looking for more choices consider vCita alternatives.

8. Rezdy

Rezdy is an appointment booking software for tour operators, activities, rentals, charters, and shuttles. One of their key features includes marketing. The system gives you tools to sell your products online. Another is operations. Because of the web-based operation, your staff’s workload will be reduced by unnecessary admin work so they can take care of priority tasks. The other major feature is distribution. It will let you easily dispense your services and products on online marketplaces. It can be easily integrated to Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal to make it professional-looking. You can also add plugins, shopping cart, product list or catalog, and more. The availability of your resources—such as vehicles, instructors, or equipment—can be linked to the sessions to ensure there is no overlapping of schedules. Remember, you have Rezdy alternatives if you’re not sure about this platform.

9. SuperSaaS

SuperSaaS fits various scheduling needs. It can be used for business-related online appointments, students signing up for classes, guesthouses for booking, and calendar for events, conferences, and workshops. This online booking software lets you tweak different features to match with your needs. It is meant for those who are looking for a user-friendly, efficient, and less time-consuming way to manage bookings and scheduling appointments. There are 29 languages available to choose from and a support for 26 currencies to cater your clients. Its design is customizable and can be integrated into your site. It also has time-saving features such as an automated waiting list option. You can set your appointment calendar in minutes where you can create your working schedule. You will get a link that you can paste on your website or Facebook page. Not sure about this solution? Check SuperSaaS alternatives for more options.

10. FunAway

FunAway allows businesses to launch custom websites designed to connect customers with various travel-related industries, from hosts and hotels to travel agencies and restaurants. Essentially, this travel activity marketplace builder makes it possible to provide businesses, organizations, and travelers a memorable experience via an easily accessible website that is highly responsive on any device. The platform is built to work with little to no third-party plugins, opting instead in providing users a fully customizable and scalable website. After building your very own travel-focused website, the platform is yours to keep forever without any hidden charges or subscriptions. With FunAway, you can transform your website into an income-generating platform thanks to its various monetization options, including subscription fees, advertisement, and commissions. It also supports multicurrency, enabling customers to check prices at their local currency. If you’re looking for similar software solutions, take a look at our FunAway alternatives.

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