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What is the top alternative to
The top alternative to is, combining powerful features like analytics that can track bookings, website visitors and promotions, which are very useful in coming up with critical business decisions. This easy-to-use tool is also able to avoid schedule conflicts through calendar syncing, making appointment booking a lot easier and accurate for businesses. Users can customize the tool’s booking page and link it to external sites, while supporting numerous payment options including digital wallets., is a feature-rich online booking solution known for automating the entire appointment scheduling process by booking directly into your calendar. However, it’s no secret that despite’s robust feature-set, it does have its limitations. For businesses who get swamped with clients during peak seasons, the software, with its short booking timeframe, may not be the best option. Another thing is it gives customers very few payment options. And if ever you want to have those extra features that you need, you will have to pay extra to get them. Seeing these handicaps makes it but sensible for you to look for alternative products.

Here, we provide you with more options by listing the top 10 alternatives to We highlighted their key differences with the app at hand to help you match each of the apps against with more clarity. For instance, supports electronic payments that doesn’t. This can be a deal breaker if you want to accept bitcoins or transact with digital wallets. The key differences that we pointed out below will help you zero in on the right reasons for choosing the app of your choice.

As the average global prices are determined by world trends, appointment scheduling software prices are somewhat determined by international pricing, a 2018 Radiant Insights report has revealed. Pricing,  which commonly ranges from free to $150/month when peddled by foreign vendors. This trend and a potential rise in the number of vendors are likely to result in a decrease in the average prices of these tools in the future, good news for appointment scheduling software buyers. In the same manner, as more vendors enter the market, the number of appointment scheduling software users also increases. This process can likewise result in a decline in the prices of such tools.

What is is an appointment scheduling software that’s been around for a while now. That’s why it’s also one of the most popular systems in this category. In fact, it handles over 750,000 bookings every month for its clients, who benefit from the use of tools that make scheduling fast and simple. It can be easily integrated into popular calendars like Google, Microsoft or iCloud.

Key Features of sports a lot of features that are bound to benefit your business by making your booking process much easier and reducing no-shows, thereby, boosting your bottom lines. Here are some of them:

  1. Personalization of booking page. You can use CSS to completely customize your booking page. You can also match your colors and fonts to your brand.
  2. Customization of notifications. You are given complete control over the notifications you receive and send to customers. These include follow-ups, reminders, and announcements through email and SMS.
  3. Management of availability. You can set the availability of the schedule and its duration that you want to share with your customers. You can also share each of your team member’s availability in one place.

If you want to expand your options, we have compiled a list of the top 10 alternatives to This list will help you choose which system suits your needs best by detailing their features and functions.

Top 10 Alternatives to

1. ranks first in our list of top 10 alternatives to because of the many benefits it offers to users. You can integrate your existing website and Facebook page with the system to match your brand with this mobile-optimized booking platform. You can also add your own, customized integrations for your booking widgets on Facebook, Wordpress, and other CMS systems.

Data is backed up every day and all communication in the software is kept secured. For your business, they offer functionalities such as monitoring your analytics with site visits and bookings, easy-to-do promotions for your site, and calendar sync to prevent scheduling conflicts. Aside from easily booking anywhere, anytime, your clients will receive reminders and notifications, feedback requests, easy cancellation options, which include recurring bookings. 

If you want to try the features at no cost you can simply sign up for free trial here has additional features that are sure to benefit your organization. Its fixed time appointment feature helps you control service availability, meaning you can book a service at specific fixed times. You can likewise set the start time of a service individually or by group, depending on your preference. The system also supports two-way synchronization with both your Outlook or Google calendar. Bookings can be exported from the system into your calendar, which effectively gets rid of double bookings.

If you’re still unsure about this solution, there are more alternatives here.

Why use instead of

  • It supports electronic payments
  • It integrates with your website and Facebook page.
  • It constantly backs up your data.
  • It has robust analytics.
  • It allows you to book services at specified times.

Why use instead of

  • It can customize your booking page.
  • It hands you total control over notifications.
  • It can manage schedule availability.
  • It makes appointment scheduling fast and simple.

2. vCita

vCita is another booking and business management application for small businesses. Their products include online scheduling, payments, invoicing, client management, lead generation, and email marketing. Because they are tailored for business providers, their aim is to improve business interactions with clients. They use an online CRM for managing all communications and transactions between clients. Maintaining your calendar is also made simple by ensuring your business schedule is synced with your personal appointments to avoid conflicts in schedule. A centralized dashboard lets you track your business income and invoices. There is also a client portal that your client can use 24/7 to book their appointment, reschedule it, process their payment, and filling in forms. 

You can sign up for a vCita free trial here should you want to check the premium features at no cost.

vCita has more features to offer, many of which have been added by the vendor.  Its calendar is now color-coded, making it easier to look at and even easier to see what your work for the day or the week is going to be. It helps you plan your day so that you can prioritize work that needs to be done. For small business owners, the vendor has deemed it proper to offer them a mobile home screen, providing them with access to important tasks even on the go. They can even accept payments from their devices. All your important contacts can also be imported straight from your mobile right into your CRM. However, if feel like you should have choices consider check out more vCita alternatives here.

Why use vCita instead of

  • It doubles as a marketing tool.
  • It improves business-client interaction.
  • It syncs business schedule with appointments.
  • It has a color-coded calendar.

Why use instead of vCita

  • It can embed booking pages to websites.
  • It can share booking pages online.
  • It comes with personalization features.
  • It provides total control over appointment calendars.

3. 10to8

Cloud-hosted appointment management tool 10to8 is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. Aiding them in streamlining their appointment scheduling processes. It effectively cuts down the incidence of no-shows and business-client miscommunication. The tool is feature-rich, significantly improving the way you coordinate with customers. These include calendar syncing, client management and automated notifications, to name a few. It is mobile-optimized, allowing you to access the system anytime, anywhere. With the platform, you can accept and process payments and generate insightful reports, leading to data-driven decisions. It even has a chat functionality that can boost communication with clients, which can be integrated into your calendar.

If you want to give the features a test drive you can simply sign up for a 10to8 free trial here.

To better serve users, the software now supports online payments made through Sage, which as always, automatically appear on your calendar. This new feature takes but a minute to set up but you need to enter the prices of individual services. Staff availability for specific periods can also be viewed, allowing you to see who’s available when clients book for services. Also, reporting across a variety of accounts is now possible, thanks to the tool’s Export Data functionality. This is quite beneficial to users with multiple accounts. For premium users, there is the option of changing their online booking page’s subdomains–all by themselves. Finally, you can obtain specific client data prior to a schedule as customers are now able to send personal messages with attachments. If you think that the tool does not have the functionalities that you are looking for, you can expand your choices with more 10to8 alternatives here.

Why use 10to8 instead of

  • It has automated notification and client management features.
  • It generates insightful reports.
  • It has a chat functionality.
  • It allows for reporting across different accounts.

Why use instead of 10to8?

  • It lets users specify available calendar slots
  • It comes with numerous plugins for more advanced features.
  • It can customize booking pages.
  • It manages schedule availability.

4. Bookeo

Bookeo provides flexible features for managing and growing any type of business that can range from professionals to service providers. It lets you take reservations from your website and Facebook page seamlessly so you can manage your scheduling matters anytime and anywhere.  Using its innovative tools, you can maximize your profit, decrease chances of double bookings, and reduce instances of no-shows. Its client database organizes your client’s information regularly to keep it up-to-date. Because it syncs with your personal calendar, you will be marked unavailable for bookings if you have personal events. That way, you won’t be scheduled for an appointment at the same time as your meeting with a friend. Marketing tools can be integrated into the system as well to boost your sales. When receiving payments, you get to enjoy secure, encrypted and tracked online payments through various gateways to make it convenient for you and your client.

To make the app even better, the vendor has been upgrading Bookeo with new features and functionalities. For example, its Early Bird Discount feature can be used to provide customers with incentives for signing up or paying in advance. Users have the option of setting feature parameters for their tours, appointments, and other events. The software’s promotion settings have also received an upgrade so that you can now set promo participants with ease. For duplicating events like workshops, classes, and tours that share the same prices and other settings, all you have to do is to tweak the app’s settings. For a deeper analysis of this product, you can compare it with Bookeo alternatives here.

Why use Bookeo instead of

  • It lets users make bookings using Facebook.
  • It integrates with marketing platforms.
  • it gives customers incentives for advanced payments.
  • It makes promo participant setting easier.

Why use instead of Bookeo?

  • It allows customers to book straight into calendars.
  • It comes with a personalized scheduling page.
  • It automatically sends out detailed notification.
  • It can accept credit card payments directly from booking forms.

5. Checkfront

Checkfront focuses on catering to rentals, accommodations, and tours and activities. This cloud-based booking management application also doubles as an e-commerce platform to help users run their online stores but puts emphasis on its ability to schedule appointments. It is meant to be used by service providers who more often than not, have recurring inventory. You can utilize a unified toolset to manage bookings, process reservations, and track your customers in a simple manner. It offers a myriad of features such as self-service bookings, data management, accounts, and schedules, reports, marketing strategies, and other free integrations. The vendor observes transparency over the booking system by not taking any commissions from users. It can also operate in a reservation-only mode which means there is no configuration for payment processing if that’s what you prefer.

Checkfront now sports many other useful features, including a guest form, which can be automatically populated by guest customers. For users who have to contend with bouncing emails and failing webhooks, the system is now able to automatically send out notifications to corporate emails. Meanwhile, the app can now save payment info for recurring bills to customer accounts when processed through VersaPay,, and Stripe, among others. Customers, on the other hand, can tokenize their payment details and store them in their account for future use. Not convinced of this product? There are more Checkfront alternatives here.

Why use Checkfront instead of

  • It prevents recurring inventory.
  • It can operate in reservation only mode.
  • It notifies users through corporate emails.
  • It can save information on recurring bills.

Why use instead of Checkfront?

  • It notifies customers of appointments.
  • It’s easy to set up.
  • It customizes booking pages.
  • It gives users control over confirmation messages.

6. Setmore

Setmore can be easily integrated into your Facebook account, website, sales CRM, and applications. This online appointment scheduling software is meant for businesses of all sizes. They provide a system for government, education and other organizations to easily connect and build relationships with communities. It also helps entrepreneurs efficiently manage their time and schedules. Consulting and sales can be improved too because the platform makes it easy for your clients to do transactions. The solution can cater to businesses like hair salons, massage therapy, pet services, gym, law firms, nail salons, photography, bridal salons, dentists, doctors, interview scheduling, and more. Prominent features include bookings, automation of alerts, calendar engagement, and payment options.

The vendor, in its drive to provide its customers with a better product, has been upgrading Setmore with new features to make life easier for users. The system now has a drag-and-drop functionality, which makes appointment rescheduling effortless. Customers also get to receive notifications regarding changes in their appointments. The tool’s service categories feature also has this functionality, while access to categories is now made faster, making it highly-suited to companies who offer a wide array of services. Also, business hours are can now be edited as needed, including staff hours. Before subscribing to this solution make sure you’ve reviewed other Setmore alternatives here.

Why use Setmore instead of

  • It can integrate with existing business systems.
  • It can improve consulting and sales.
  • It has a drag-and-drop functionality.
  • It notifies clients of changes in appointments.

Why use instead of Setmore?

  • It allows clients to book appointments.
  • It can manage schedule availability.
  • It enables customers to reschedule their appointments.
  • It shares booking pages online.

7. FareHarbor

FareHarbor is an online booking system designed for tours and activities. You will get 24/7 support and one-on-one training to get started with the software. Such can help you with customizing your dashboard, utilizing Google Analytics, and ensuring your website is SEO-optimized. A user who’s visiting your site to see guides on tours and activities for their travel vacation can be converted into paying customers if you have a user-friendly booking platform. Hence, FareHarbor encrypts Lightframe checkout so your potential clients can easily see activity displays and calendars. This is great for companies that offer tickets for whale watching tours, bike rentals, and the like. With its responsive layout, the platform also works on mobile devices.

The increasing popularity of the platform has prompted the vendor to launch it in Australia and Canada, supporting more languages, time zones, and currencies in the process. This expansion includes new features such as analytics tracking and advanced reporting, to name a few. Its Advanced Reports functionality enables you to organize information according to any category–booking source, campaign, activity, etc. It can likewise create multiple appointment slots using its availability creator so that you get to save time from making appointments. This capability gives you that needed flexibility so that you can group data based on a variety of options. Compare this software with other FareHarbor alternatives to find out if it lives up to its promise.

Why use FareHarbor instead of

  • It offers 24/7 support.
  • It can customize dashboards.
  • It supports more languages.
  • It can create multiple appointment slots.

Why use instead of FareHarbor?

  • It can accept credit card payments from booking forms.
  • It offers personalization functionalities.
  • It allows clients to book appointments from anywhere.
  • It can share bookings with online services.

8. Booker

Booker is a cloud-based business management software suited for salons and spas. It helps small businesses grow by helping them get discovered while automating their marketing efforts. The solution expands your customer base by making it easy for clients to book their own appointments, ensuring the sale is completed, and fostering great relationships with your customers. It also offers a comprehensive system to easily manage all your data. This includes all your calendar, transactions, customer records, inventory, resources, and staff information. The web-based automation also offers transparency by making their users aware of their monthly costs. Security is no problem as the platform ensures that your data will not be stolen while measures against system crashes are also put in place in the form of online backups.

If you are constantly on the field, the tool should be right for you as it can be accessed using any device, wherever and whenever, providing you with the needed flexibility to run your enterprise. Clients likewise benefit from this capability as they can use the system to book and communicate with you. And since most prospects are known to interact more via social media, the platform’s Facebook Booking app now allows them to book appointments, view promotions and buy gift certificates within the social media platform. Booker’s iOS app, meanwhile, now enables business owners to manage their calendars, customer records, and payments even from remote locations. It also allows staff to view their individual appointments and schedules through their devices. Customer notes in booking context can likewise be viewed while appointments can now be edited while users can book single-service appointments. Still not convinced? Find more Booker alternatives here.

Why use Booker instead of

  • It allows customers to book their own appointments.
  • It has a comprehensive data management system.
  • It fosters communication with clients.
  • It lets users edit appointments.

Why use instead of Booker?

  • It comes with numerous plugins for advanced features.
  • It provides a quick overview of bookings.
  • It has a color-coded dashboard.
  • It has an API targeted at developers.

9. Rezdy

Rezdy is an appointment booking software for tour operators, activities, rentals, charters, and shuttles. The product is popular for its marketing capabilities. The system gives you tools to sell your products online while significantly reducing admin work, thanks to its web-based operation. Another major product feature is distribution, with the solution enabling you to sell your services and products in online marketplaces. It can easily integrate with third-party apps like Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal. You can also add plugins, shopping carts, and product list or catalogs, to name a few. The availability of your resources—such as vehicles, instructors, or equipment—can be linked to sessions so you are confident that no overlapping of schedules ever occurs.

Rezdy has been undergoing continuous improvements, with latest releases that sport new features and functionalities. For instance, Alipay payments can now be made through the platform’s payment gateway, making it easier than ever for users to pay for their bookings. And to give you better control over your bookings, the system’s Marketplace Agent Blacklist feature allows you to keep particular agents from viewing your products/services online or booking appointments. But if you think that the software is too basic for your needs, you can find more Rezdy alternatives here.

Why use Rezdy instead of

  • It has marketing features.
  • It allows users to sell their products and services in online marketplaces.
  • It prevents schedule overlapping.
  • It can blacklist specific agents.

Why use YouCan instead of Rezdy?

  • It makes appointment scheduling fast and simple.
  • It can customize your booking page.
  • It can manage schedule availability.
  • It hands you total control over notifications.

10. Insteract

Cloud-hosted travel management platform Insteract helps companies make online booking easy for their employees. Apart from booking, the platform also manages employee travel by planning and monitoring all travel spendings. Using the software, staff no longer have to spend hours searching online for affordable travel packages and make payments. Centralized management also allows for the faster approvals, funding, and accounting of all expenses. Moreover, all employee travels are easily accounted for as the system has built-in expense reporting and auditing tools. The streamlined travel management process also reduces booking time significantly.

And since the platform centralizes all travel-related processes, the need for a separate software to handle related processes is eliminated. What’s more, Insteract allows businesses to see the cheapest travel options according to real-time market data. As for setup, this platform is relatively fast and easy to install, helping you avoid downtime caused by steep learning curves. If you are still undecided if the software is right for you, more Insteract alternatives can be found here.

Why use Insteract instead of

  • It can reduce the risk of overpaying.
  • It has an expense reporting and auditing functionality.
  • It centralizes the travel management process.
  • It can make savings from corporate discounts.

Why use instead of Insteract?

  • It can pinpoint available calendar slots.
  • It can protect users against spam bots.
  • It enhances customer experience.
  • It can share booking pages online.

Benefits of Online Booking Systems

There are many benefits of using online booking software. Here are some of them:

  1. 24/7 service. It makes your business open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to accommodate your customers who want to book even after regular business hours. This way, you don’t have to lose a sale just because you are unavailable during your customer’s schedule.
  2. Convenience. It offers a convenient, quick, and hassle-free way to let customers choose date and time, reserve, book, and process their payments for your services online.
  3. Less work. It streamlines all booking processes and facilitates administrative tasks. This reduces workload from manually managing all files and schedules in an organized way with no errors.
  4. Lean staff. It is cost-efficient in the long run. It eliminates the need to add workload on staff and gets rid of the need for additional. It decreases the load of the calls your customer service team is receiving for more urgent and important matters.
  5. Insights. It provides you with valuable insight into your business with analytics giving you information on days and hours with high traffic, best sellers, popular add-ons, and more. This is useful in planning strategies for your business’ growth.

So there you have it, our top 10 alternatives to But don’t go diving into a deal yet, consider what you need in such a system to see if a product is right for you or better yet, read our article on the top 20 appointment scheduling software. It will guide you on how to get your money’s worth when shopping for such a tool. And if you feel that you need to know more about these solutions, check out our appointment scheduling software analysis.


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