10 Best Email Marketing Software: Analysis of Popular Solutions

HubSpot: No. 1 Marketing Tool


Why should small and large businesses opt for email marketing? Because statistics overwhelmingly indicate the effectiveness of this marketing strategy. To start, 205 billion emails are sent every day and email users are predicted to grow to three billion by 2020. Plus, email marketing is top of the category as you get an average return of $40 for every dollar spent. 80% of marketing executives state that email helps a lot to acquire and retain customers. In fact, it is better than Facebook as your followers are more likely to subscribe to your email newsletters than engage you on Facebook. Another impressive stat is email gives higher conversion rates than the combined power of search and social media. With email, you can garner the attention of tech-savvy smartphone users as a survey shows that 88% of them check email on their phones.

What are the top benefits of email marketing? Perhaps the most important one is you can send personalized messages to target consumer segments. This is something you would not be able to do on social media. Email marketing is also cost effective, measurable and easily shareable, and it serves to improve brand awareness. Other advantages are flexible design as you can send text, images, and attach files, and scalability for large audiences. In addition, email marketing is less than intrusive than phone marketing and green friendlier than postal marketing. We recommend you keep track of the latest email marketing trends and apply them to make effective use of this strategy.

Get started by investing in a top rate email marketing solution. We help you in this task by describing in detail the main features and benefits of the 10 best email marketing software solutions available in the market. Read on and select the right email marketing software platform for your business needs.

List of 10 Best Email Marketing Software Tools

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a sales, inbound marketing, and CRM suite with effective tools for email marketing. Businesses can utilize this platform to grow their subscriber lists and add email metrics to the solution without worrying about complex merging and export. This helps them to adopt a brand-specific and personalized approach towards consumers and makes email delivery more effective.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies
HubSpot won our Expert's Choice Award for 2017

Why is HubSpot at the head of our 10 best email marketing software list? To begin, you can use it to create one-off email distributions as well as dynamically updated subscriber lists. Then, you can customize those emails to fit customers’ behavior and persona factors without needing coding skills. Make use of the ample selection of installed templates as well as analytics to enhance your email marketing.

Useful features include contact database, scheduling, and email lead nurturing, testing, and optimizing. The HubSpot Sales module allows you to create personalized email templates and measure performance based on the most used ones among them. Another advantage is you can add meeting links to your email to remind customers to contact you at a suitable time. Check out the above features in action by signing up for HubSpot for free here.

2. Marketo

Marketo is a simple marketing tool that yet offers sophisticated and flexible features. Plus, it can scale to meet the growing demands of large enterprises. You can leverage this product for marketing automation, marketing management, and customer engagement marketing. Plus, you can easily personalize the system to adapt it to your preferences and requirements.

Why have we included Marketo in our list of 10 best email marketing software? One of the main reasons is you can effortlessly create attractive email templates without HTML skills by simply utilizing the visual drag-and-drop user interface. In addition, the app simplifies email marketing by enabling you to send email messages based on pre-defined steps, actions, or timing.

Marketo emails are easily shareable on social networks as they come with a “Forward to Friend” feature. On top of that, you can utilize the email testing tools to try out different types of content and to alter the content dynamically to make it suitable for specific situations. Finally, Marketo’s seamless integrations with popular CRM products enable companies to sync the activities of their sales and marketing teams for improved awareness and collaboration.

3. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a user-friendly and integrated platform for small business marketing. You can use this tool to create and send attractive and engaging emails. This application is a cut above conventional email marketing software solutions as it offers an effective set of messaging and email features that are linked to a strong marketing automation tool.

ActiveCampaign’s sophisticated split testing functionality enables you to easily test the content, subject lines, and information you send to learn what is effective for your audience. You can then send the best version indicated by the tests to your contact list. Another advantage is you can use advanced segmentation to send relevant messages only to interested contacts. This will you enable you to maintain a high level of engagement and deliverability. Segmentation can be done based on contacts’ demographics, page view history, purchase history, custom fields and other criteria.

A standout feature is you can send well-timed messages that are based on a contact’s behavior. When a customer does a desired action, ActiveCampaign automatically sends a text or email message. This allows you to adapt and respond quickly to a prospect’s behavior and send them personalized messages for effective engagement.

4. iContact Pro

iContact Pro is a leading marketing automation tool that come with advanced email marketing, segmentation, triggered messaging, and engagement tracking features. In addition, it also offers social posting and tracking, landing page creation, and CRM functionalities. You can use this application to effectively manage your lead scoring and lead generation processes.

iContact Pro empowers you to effortlessly handle your email marketing strategies and campaigns. It provides a message creator as well as segmentation and A/B testing tools. In addition, you need not worry about your constantly growing customer base as you can easily manage large volumes of client IDs by using list management tools.

Besides email marketing, iContact Pro is also known for its smooth integration of social media management and analytics. You can easily schedule campaigns over LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Finally, you can count on excellent customer support via phone and email if you face any issues.

5. Mailjet

Mailjet is an intuitive platform you can utilize to send and receive transaction and marketing emails. With this system, you can send messages to thousands of recipients every day and also track the database and mailing lists through real-time processing and analytics.

Numerous marketers today use Mailjet for effective marketing and newsletter campaigns as the application enables them to deliver timely customized messages to targeted segments. The best part is you can personalize your messages and customize dynamic content for each prospect and customer by analyzing variables such as surfing habits, location, etc. In this manner, you can attract and engage customers with personalized marketing campaigns.

A major headache faced by email marketers is the danger of their messages being marked as spam and ignored. Mailjet solves this issue as it provides the assistance of delivery experts who can guide in successful email delivery. Another important feature is you can use insights from your past email campaigns to improve future ones. For instance, the platform provides information on which contact lists have higher click and view rates. Plus, you can find out which elements send higher traffic to your website be it tag lines, banners, or call-to-actions.

6. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an effective email marketing platform that is used by over 650,000 customers. The product is intuitive and user friendly, and even novices can get the hang of it in quick time. It offers tons of email templates, multiple methods to upload contacts, and comprehensive training materials. In addition, you can utilize its Social Media Playbook feature to integrate your email marketing with social media.

Constant Contact’s pricing packages are suitable for the budgets of startups and small businesses as the rates are charged based on the volume of email contacts. Plus, the vendor offers day-long courses, classes, and live webinars to help you maximize the potential of the software.

One of the main benefits is you can easily collect contacts from multiple databases such as Outlook, Gmail, and spreadsheets, and store them in a unified list. In addition, the tool offers hundreds of attractive email templates which means you don’t have to spend time on constructing new ones from scratch. Finally, Constant Contact also facilitates mobile email marketing.

7. AWeber

AWeber is an accomplished email marketing platform known for its rich feature set and superior autoresponders. With this app, you can automate the workflow of sending targeted messages and personalized emails to your customers, and also create a schedule to send follow-up messages. Thus, it is an ideal tool to create relationships with prospects and enhance bonds with existing clients.

AWeber is a recommended product for professional email marketers. Its superior autoresponders simplify customer interaction and engagement. In addition, the tool integrates smoothly with popular business systems such as WordPress, LeadPages, PayPal, Salesforce, Zendesk and others.

What are the standout features of AWeber? We would like to point out that it empowers you to create personalized recipient lists and visually attractive campaigns, and manage subscribers in an effective and flexible manner. On each subscriber list, you can include 10 contacts in a form and insert their complete behavior and contact information. In addition, the platform provides insights on where prospects are visiting from and whether they have purchased a service or product. You can utilize these historical overviews to make smarter business decisions.

8. MailChimp

MailChimp is a widely used email marketing solution that offers budget plans for developing and small enterprises, and can scale to manage the huge email volumes of large organizations. It provides technology and analytical tools that you can utilize to contact prospective customers, market your products and services, and convert leads into sales.

What benefits can you gain by subscribing to MailChimp? The vendor offers useful materials and sources that can help you to plan and execute successful email marketing campaigns. The product provides a ready-to-use template that you can utilize to create a branded newsletter. Plus, you can categorize your subscriber list to send targeted messages at different segments. The RSS-to-email feature will automatically dispatch your newsletter when your blog is updated. Finally, you can use the detailed reports and analytics to track the progress of your email marketing campaigns.

9. Passendo

Passendo is a programmatic email advertising network built for advertisers and publishers. Advertisers benefit from ad placement in high-quality editorial environments that provide extended periods of view time per landing page with low bounce rates. Ads can be tweaked accordingly to ensure digital content reaches your target audiences, complete with tools for frequency control, real-time geography control, eCPM optimization, and other functionalities. Essentially, Passendo gives you total control over your email ads.

For publishers, Passendo can transform digital newsletters into high income-generating content, fueling users with robust monetization capabilities and providing assistance in discovering great revenue opportunities that fit your company’s branding and target audience. The platform supports simple integration, enabling users to easily insert its unique tag in various email templates.

10. dotmailer


Dotmailer is a simple email marketing automation platform designed to meet the needs and requirements of top email marketing professionals. With its incredibly friendly user interface, dotmailer lets users build emails, automate the marketing processes, test and send emails in just minutes.

Fast and easy are just some of the ways one would describe dotmailer, which is a beauty when it comes to the email marketing market. Parading a drag-and-drop template, clients of dotmailer attest to the simplicity of the system that makes their respective teams very fast and productive as far email marketing operations go.

Aside from its notable drag-and-drop mechanism, dotmailer is also loaded with functionalities that make it a dynamic and comprehensive email marketing package. Dotmailer has you covered, whether you want to handle data, devise and implement effective campaigns, or manage marketing operations. It also boasts of integrations with the top business services, ensuring that you flexibility and productivity at the top level.

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