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Top 10 Promapp Alternatives: Popular BPM Software Systems

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The need for a digitized process management system in today’s ultra-competitive business environment has spawned several platforms designed to streamline the complexity of workflows and improve productivity. Promapp comes in as a mechanism to revolutionize operations and change the way business is done – fully automated and on cloud. You can use it to create and store business processes online, crunch complex workflows, and track process changes in real time.

The application allows your business teams to transform complex Visio charts, procedural documentation and process maps into simple visual tools that anyone can access and comprehend. You are also afforded an easy sharing and quick exchange of files and processes. Moreover, you can utilize its array of powerful features through intuitive navigation and easy to use interface.

What is Promapp?

Promapp is a cloud-based process management software that you can use to create and store business processes online. This solution offers many useful features the foremost of which is its business mapping tool, an intuitive process management asset with a central, cloud-hosted repository for all important information. It is meant to ensure smart, safe and simplified working methods especially in handling quality assurance, risk management and business continuity tools.

Other advantages of the platform are its open API infrastructure, allowing for seamless integration with any EDRMS, including Sharepoint or any other intranet, as well as compatibility with any third-party app to minimize modifications in your existing software environment. Even though it boasts of extensive connectivity, it is still one of the most secure BPM systems using SSL 128 bit data encryption.

What Benefits Can You Expect from Promapp?

  • Ease of use
  • Personalized navigation
  • Simplified mapping
  • Improved and complemented methodologies
  • Collaboration-friendly system
  • Quality assurance management
  • Efficient Risk management
  • Streamlined HR management

While Promapp may be one of the most capable and feature-filled business process management apps in the market, there are top Promapp alternatives available with core features, pricing and other benefits that may be more suited for your company size, business type, or budget. We are here to help you in find your best BPM tool.

Top Promapp Alternatives

1. bpm’online studio

Bpm’online studio is a top-ranked business process management platform that allows you to have complete control of your operations – from testing to adjusting to modifying your business environment. The whole BPM package is cloud hosted and mobile optimized to enable the speedy tracking and adjustment of changes. It has a process driven functionality box to facilitate access to best industry practices and apply improvements to end-to-end operational management. Likewise, the system is built to be user-friendly and can be navigated even by non-tech users. If you’d like to try out the software first the vendor offers a great free trial plan. You can easily sign up for bpm’online studio free trial here.

Integration is well covered by bpm’online studio with the availability of extensive and configurable APIs to make it work smoothly with other software platforms such as ERP, CRM, ecommerce, email, and popular social networking products provided by Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and many others. Furthermore, bpm’online studio is noted for its reliable customer support whether by phone, email or live chat. It also offers an extensive knowledge base with dozens of training materials for first-time users.

Aligning all relevant management services makes bpm’online studio an ideal solution for medium-sized and large enterprises which, because of a bigger organization and more complicated operations, are challenged to adjust to the constant changes in their business environment. Instead, bpm’online studio keeps all changes in the loop and makes improvements to them even as they are happening. If you want more choices, take a look at these bpm’online studio alternatives.

Why use bpm’online studio instead of Promapp?

  • It is an end-to-end business management provider for sales, marketing and service industries.
  • It offers a highly-interactive, social network-resembling interface.
  • It is agile and can control all your processes.
  • It is customer-focused and built to suit different industries.
  • It is fully responsive on mobile devices.

Why use Promapp instead of bpm’online studio?

  • It provides one-of-a kind personalized navigation.
  • It enables teams to become owners of their processes, take accountability, and drive improvements.
  • It offers users seamless integration with any EDRMS, including SharePoint or any other intranet.
  • You get uncompromised customization.


KiSSFLOW takes a lightweight approach to BPM, keeping operations simple yet precise. However, this simplicity is backed by a potent functionality – putting the power of creating workflows to people who have the best understanding of issues. Hence, this cloud platform helps business users to easily design, create and customize business applications. In fact, KiSSFLOW comes with some 50 pre-installed business apps to facilitate employee onboarding, mileage reimbursement, vendor payment, purchase order and many more. Users can install these apps, edit them based on their requirements, or altogether build their own from the ground up.

The process of workflow creation applies a human-centric approach with KiSSFLOW. This allows a process owner to map a workflow by visually thinking about the process and not through the way a system interprets it, producing a personalized workflow. The business application also brings with it a form to capture data, a workflow with a sequence of system and human task, as well as functions for reporting and notification. Still, for more options there are other KiSSFLOW alternatives.

Why use KiSSFLOW instead of Promapp?

  • It applies human-centric approach to workflow creation.
  • It has an interface that is simple for both creator and the user.
  • It can get up and running within 15 minutes.
  • It offers advanced BPM tools to tackle many complicated situations.

Why use Promapp instead of KiSSFLOW?

  • It is a breeze to use – simple and intuitive.
  • It can identify opportunities for improvement.
  • It is able to assign responsibility and track processes.
  • It allows storage of all important information in one location.

3. Tibco BPM

TIBCO BPM is a popular business process management software intended to harmonize processes, people, context, and actions of digital businesses for better results. Through its many features, the platform introduces flexibility to processes to allow real time responses to business events thereby meeting all of an organization’s business process needs and helping improve operations.

By interconnecting everything as they occur and providing augmented intelligence for everyone, from business users to data scientists, TIBCO BPM has notched a record uptime reputation. Its capabilities ensure faster answers, better decisions, and smarter actions. As an all-in-one platform that integrates end-to-end business visibility and resource management, it enables businesses to stay in control of their operations, identify inefficiencies and spot useful trends. Get more perspectives of the BPM industry with these TIBCO BPM alternatives.

Why use Tibco BPM instead of Promapp?

  • It provides end-to-end visibility into your business processes.
  • It has intelligent Work and Resource Management dashboards.
  • It has the ability to compose for change, allowing paths and outcomes to be analyzed to find the most effective routes.
  • It has a rules engine to capture and model complex decision-making logic.

Why use Promapp instead of Tibco BPM?

  • You are fully informed of what is expected of you in tasks and processes.
  • It can standardized components down to documents and details
  • It can develop process maps that are easy to comprehend.
  • It facilitates finding, maintaining and sharing content.

4. Nintex

Nintex is one of the top choices when it comes to workflow automation solutions for various businesses. It specializes in automating processes between the most used enterprise content management systems and collaboration platforms, as well as connecting on-premises, cloud workflows, and mobile users. The ease by which Nintex automates business processes quickly and easily aside from its flexible pricing scheme makes it a favorite BPM work tool for small, medium and large businesses.

Its people-driven design geared towards employee involvement in improving processes, whether simple or complicated, permits users to focus on workflow content and delivery in the most straightforward manner. In addition, the software integrates workflows with popular apps and social media services, offering a flexibility required by modern businesses. Learn of more BPM solutions with these Nintex alternatives.

Why use Nintex instead of Promapp?

  • It is a workflow automation platform.
  • It integrates your workflows with social media, IM, content, email and other popular apps
  • It has an easy drag-and-drop workflow design to save valuable for IT staff.
  • It starts up and runs quickly.

Why use Promapp instead of Nintex?

  • You get its trademark simple and clean interface.
  • You can prioritize tasks and processes and get a fix on favorite ones.
  • You can move between processes with ease.
  • All processes are planned according to the user’s mode of operation.

5. Intuit QuickBase

Intuit QuickBase boasts of over 700 productivity apps that can be customized to improve business processes and workflows, without the need for users to have coding expertise in creating apps that fit their business needs. This makes it a highly adaptive platform for any work environment. Alongside its flexibility are several useful features that can help individual users and small businesses to build a well-organized and efficient database for effective collaboration and improved output. Foremost among these features are easy data sharing and interactive reports generation. If you want to further broaden your options, you can browse through these Intuit QuickBase alternatives.

Why use Intuit QuickBase instead of Promapp?

  • It has a vast selection of apps that can be configured without coding expertise.
  • You can enjoy businesses apps that are made ready by fellow business experts.
  • It speeds up work processes by automating essential operations.
  • You can create reports and share them immediately with just a few clicks.

Why use Promapp instead of Intuit QuickBase?

  • It has tools for business continuity, risk management and quality assurance.
  • It complements process improvement methodologies with simplified process descriptions.
  • You can write processes in text to generate dynamic process maps
  • You follow process step by step with its categorization/organizational feature.

6. Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful enterprise resource planning system that combines brand-specific functionalities with core management features to enable companies to address modern business challenges and make use of profitable business opportunities. Users can have the integrated system deployed on-premise or cloud hosted. Its open REST API ensures compatibility with a range of business applications while its availability in multiple languages and capability to work in different currencies makes it a widely applicable BPM platform.

Its friendly interface, customization features and a dependable support team are part of the Microsoft brand of high-quality, professional products. Aside from an integrated system that handles management functions for crucial processes like sales, inventory, accounting, finance, production and supply, you get to access a huge knowledge base from a large user community willing to share insights on how to maximize the use of the system. For more BPM solutions, you can head over to our Microsoft Dynamics AX alternatives.

Why use Microsoft Dynamics AX instead of Promapp?

  • You get a system packed with management functions for a range of processes.
  • You have full visibility across distribution, sales, and marketing systems.
  • It provides sales agents with product and customer information to build a personalized approach.
  • It has a variety of warehousing, transportation, budgeting, POS, and e-commerce functionalities.

Why use Promapp instead of Microsoft Dynamics AX?

  • It allows individuals across an organization to collaborate on process building.
  • It supports comments and suggestions on personalized dashboards.
  • It permits users to chat with each other and rate improvements.
  • It stores all conversations and discussions in a centralized database.

7. ProcessMaker

ProcessMaker is a cost effective and easy to use online BPM and workflow platform that automates form-based, approval-driven workflow to improve the way information flows between data and systems. It is extremely efficient, lightweight, and provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for business analysts to model approval-based workflows. Aside from having one of the lowest overheads of any workflow software in the industry, the software is also noted for providing an overall picture on processes and performance which can be viewed through dashboards, KPIs and reports. If you need more information on other BPM platforms, you can check out our article on ProcessMaker alternatives.

Why use ProcessMaker instead of Promapp?

  • It features an extensive toolbox which to easily create digital forms and map out fully functioning workflows.
  • It is completely web based making it simple to manage and coordinate workflows.
  • You can create electronic receipts, letters, confirmations, invoices, contracts or any other type of printable output document.
  • It has dashboards and KPIs to provide full visibility of processes and personnel performance.

Why use Promapp instead of ProcessMaker?

  • It facilitates the shift from a legacy document management system to a modern, comprehensive one.
  • It has a unique change control mechanism to streamline quality management.
  • It updates stakeholders with instant email notifications for every process change.
  • All process versions are stored in special change logs.

8. Replicon

Replicon is an all-in-one BPM online suite that merges versatile business management and workforce solutions. It provides numerous options which decision makers can use to guide courses of action and enhance organizational efficiency. Its highlight is a potent time tracking tool that is cloud-based, thereby requiring no messy installation and complex set up. You can customize the tool to keep track of time, performances and project portfolios. You get a cloud clock that can help you schedule tasks and routines so they get accomplished on time. It also has other essential features that include automation, reporting, centralized dashboards, and payroll management, among others. There are many other good BRM choices that you can consider with these Replicon alternatives.

Why use Replicon instead of Promapp?

  • It gives you numerous customization options for tracking time, clients, tasks and projects.
  • You get centralized dashboards for easy monitoring of different project levels.
  • You get numerous reporting options.
  • You can export real-time data at any moment.

Why use Promapp instead of Replicon?

  • You get “ownership” for every process you create and work on.
  • You get to monitor and analyze perils and gaps throughout the entire value chain and all key activities.
  • You can have risk and compliance requirements embedded into your processes.
  • You can run successful, error-free risk management programs on a regular basis.

9. 17hats

17hats is a BPM system that is designed particularly for smaller businesses with fewer staff so they can manage and coordinate activities such as billing, payment, scheduling and meetings, to name some. It specializes in automating repetitive tasks by providing ready made workflow templates, or you can design your own. It can help you build professional invoices, create customized contracts, make quotes in a moment’s notice, and even facilitate credit card payment. In addition, it has client profile management to handle contact details and important notes for clients through your dashboard which features a 3-day schedule, allowing you to get a view of all upcoming meetings, tasks and deadlines. If you wish to look at more BPM apps, we have a comprehensive listing of 17hats alternatives.

Why use 17hats instead of Promapp?

  • It features automated workflows so you don’t have to perform repetitive tasks.
  • It has a client profile management to handle contact details and important notes for clients.
  • You can create customized invoices and contracts for different clients and even sign deals online.
  • It can send automatic payment reminders to your customers and process credit card payments.

Why use Promapp instead of 17hats?

  • It has HR capabilities for workforce management.
  • It eliminates complex HR operating manuals and flowcharts.
  • You can use detailed HR templates to lay down employee management procedures.
  • It improves induction of new team members and onboarding of new employees through clearly defined processes.


PRIME BPM is built to help companies further improve their business processes. This business process improvement platform allows users to map their entire work processes, and the software handles the rest by identifying rooms for improvement based on the mapped data points. With PRIME BPM featuring a simulation engine, employees can better present efficiency gains, cost savings, and other benefits for enacting their company-wide changes. This platform also comes with a collaboration portal, which allows teams to send feedback or propose more refined company strategies. When it comes to implementing company-wide modifications to business workflows and operations, businesses can effortlessly train their personnel with the different types of methodologies without straining their time and resources. This is made possible with its built-in methodology designed to help users along their journey. If you’re looking for other top-class BPM platforms, head on to our PRIME BPM alternatives.

Why use PRIME BPM instead of Promapp?

  • The engine competently identifies how to improve your company stages based on your mapped data.
  • Training users with the different types of methodologies is easy with its built-in implementation methodology tool.
  • It allows employees to better present and demonstrate their proposed modifications to business workflows.

Why use Promapp instead of PRIME BPM?

  • It has risk management programs to prevent perils and erroneous procedures.
  • It features HR templates for employee management duties, thus providing greater accessibility compared to working with complex flowcharts or manuals.
  • It features a well-designed interface with a personalized navigation that aligns with one’s mode of operation, which basically allows them to easily choose which tasks to prioritize.

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