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15 POS Systems for Retail Stores: What Is Best For Your Business?

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What is the best POS system for retail stores?

The best POS system for retail stores is AB POS because it’s an end-to-end POS solution that helps you sell your products online and in-store. It is a complete solution with order processing, analytics, and inventory management features for retailers to run their business better and drive more revenue.

The retail world has seen a shift of power paradigm from the retailer to the customer over the years. With quick access to ratings, reviews, and products on the web, shoppers are more informed and selective than ever. To adapt to the changes in consumer behavior, it’s crucial for your business to equip the right POS system in selling your products and taking orders.

Retailers need to carefully choose the systems that allow their sales transactions to happen. By selecting the right tool, you can ensure the success of your system deployment. With the numerous choices available today, we compiled the top 15 POS systems for retail stores to help you pick the best solution for your needs.

A POS system is actually a “retail management system” since the software goes beyond just processing sales, offering other capabilities such as inventory management, employee management, customer management, membership system, supplier record, bookkeeping, issuing of purchase orders, quotations and stock transfers, sales reporting, and more. The system can even bring extended functionalities being able to integrate with CRM, accounting, warehousing, business intelligence, and ecommerce and shopping cart software.

You’ll get an in-depth look at POS features, benefits and pricing when you check out our analysis of POS software.

What differentiates a retail POS system from, say, a POS system for the hospitality industry (bars, restaurants, cafes) or even from a general, multi-purpose POS system? While there are some systems that can handle the POS of both restaurants and retail businesses, many systems are designed specifically to handle the demanding needs of the latter. You’ll get to learn of the unique requirements of retail businesses with this article on 15 POS systems for retail stores and the features offered by these products designed for the retail industry.

Retail POS usually carry features and capabilities to manage or provide the following:

  • Up-to-date reports
  • Scalability to the size of the operation
  • Omnichannel selling
  • Multiple product variants
  • Robust integration
  • Support for all necessary hardware
  • Extensive customization
  • Multiple stores and locations
  • Accurate inventory
  • Payment processing
  • Mobility and cloud technology

How POS System Connects with Important Business Functions


Why should you get a retail POS system? First of all, the POS environment has changed from requiring sizable investments on hardware to current cloud POS platforms that can work or connect with your current hardware and offered at SMB-friendly prices (check this list of POS software systems for small business). In other words, it has come to be an affordable business solution.

Second, it provides immense value with so many benefits you gain from a POS system. In fact, the 2018 POS Data Study by Askuity shows 63% of brands are moving from Excel to POS solutions to leverage POS reporting and analytics. And third, it meets the increasing use of mobile technology through mPOS especially now that more people are shopping, banking, and making payments using their mobile devices.

In fact, a mobile web study found out that smartphones will be used in over a third of total U.S. retail sales in 2018 or equivalent to more than $1 trillion in purchases. Find out the technologies leveraged and capabilities offered by 15 POS systems for retail stores enumerated below.

Remember that like most other business solutions, a POS system should be able to reliably and efficiently address your retail business requirements. It may have tons of features but if you only need a few functionalities to smoothly run your daily business operation, then you have to make a practical decision especially if you are a starting business. But make sure the system can scale as your business grows.

Top POS Systems for Retail Stores


AB POS dashboard example

AB POS is one of the top retail POS solutions that offer robust POS terminals, eCommerce gateways, and software apps. This tool is built with scalability in mind to offer support as your business grows. You can make sure to stay connected with your business even when on the go for free. A graphical dashboard interface and business intelligence are included at no cost in your monthly subscription plan.

While AB POS is known for its restaurant-based POS, it is just as reliable for retail businesses because it’s highly flexible for any business type and service-oriented process. Retail plans come in three options to suit your needs: a handheld solution, an SMB plan, and a full enterprise package.

The tool suits users who want to maximize rich analytics. It provides intelligent dashboards, store and cloud-based reporting, and data warehousing. The Cloud Portal offers rich business insights to help you run your retail business on your computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

What is unique about AB POS?

  1. Offsite data backup. In cases of disaster recovery, you won’t lose your data with its offsite database backup and storage solution.
  2. Remote setup. Cloud technology enables you to set up the system and store operational data remotely. You can manage and monitor your data from any location even when you’re not in the store.
  3. Data warehouse archive. It has an analytics and business intelligence archive for your store’s data. It’s important to ensure your historical data is stored securely for retrieval.
  4. Scalable pricing. AB POS’ plans are catered to your needs and business size. It also has a custom pricing to tailor a plan that meets your specific requirements.
  5. Rich analytics. It generates insightful reports on your transaction trends and sales to help you understand your business better. You can use these data to improve your workflows and eliminate bottlenecks.

2. Cybersys POS

cybersys dashboard example

Cybersys POS is a top solution for business owners looking for a system that works on any device. It is used by various types of retail businesses selling different products like mobile devices, clothing, beauty, cosmetics, books, sports apparel, and even groceries. You have the option to manage your data in the cloud or locally. It’s also complete with features such as financial data analysis, inventory management, customer loyalty programs, payment gateways, delivery management, and currency exchange.

This software is popular among small retail businesses because of its clear, unlimited, and no-hidden charges plans. Subscriptions have no limits over items, employees and registers with options on using the system for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. Instead, you will only have to pay more when you expand with a new physical store. You can immediately test drive the software at no cost when you sign up for Cybersys POS free trial here.

What is unique about Cybersys POS?

  1. Clean user interface. The software’s user interface is designed with ease of use in mind. The Reports Interface, Items, and Item Kits are intuitive and easy-to-understand.
  2. Promotional Sales. Easily run promos by putting some items on sale and labeling them with messages like “Buy One Take One” or Get 50% Off on Selected Items.” These promos can help you boost sales and improve your inventory by letting go of some of your stocks.
  3. Multi-language support. To have a global solution, this tool supports up to 11 major languages including Arabic so customers from many parts of the world can easily shop on your store.
  4. Streamlined import and export. The software’s Import/Export tool simplifies and accelerates the process of transferring data like customers, suppliers, items and gift cards to and from your system.
  5. Inventory management. To stay on top of your numerous products, the software is equipped with a robust inventory management tool that enables you to do whole or partial inventory counts and be updated with “Email Inventory” alerts.

3. Vend

vend dashboard example

Vend is a cloud-based point-of-sale and retail management platform that lets you effortlessly sell, manage, report, and grow your retail business. It offers a POS, multi-outlet retail capability, and an inventory management system, allowing you to run your business whether online, in-store or on the go.

Vend is designed to work on iPad for added flexibility aside from Mac and PC and supports mouse, keyboard, and touchscreen systems. With core functionalities built around inventory management, ecommerce, analytics, and customer loyalty, it helps you boost product management as well as track and organize customer data.

Suitable for using a wide range of business types like electronics, health, and beauty, food and drink, toys and hobbies, jewelry and others, the solution provides high customization that lets you modify the system for your specific operation. It is able to work with existing business systems, equipment, and hardware including barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers. It is simple and easy-to-use, primarily requiring only a web browser on any device.

What is unique about Vend?

  1. Multi-device compatibility. Web-based or iPad POS can connect and work on iPad, Mac or PC and syncs in the cloud so you can use one platform or all three.
  2. Works offline. Internet disconnection is no problem as you can continue with your selling operation with the system automatically resyncing your sales when you get back online.
  3. Built-in online store. Create a fully customizable online store in minutes and have your products online with just one click. No technical or web expertise is needed.
  4. Multi-task management. You can use an array of tools to manage cash, inventory, orders, central product catalog, pricing and promotions, reports and dashboards, and customer information.
  5. Customer management. It lets you store customer data in a single location, access customer history, import customer list and provide discounts. A single customer list can also be used for all branch locations, making sure that all information is constantly synced.

4. Square

square dashboard example

Square is a POS system that allows you to take payments using your iOS or Android devices and can be used on the counter or on-the-go. The system comes with free downloadable software plus a Square magstripe reader, enabling payments via debit and credit cards. It also equipped with real-time sales and inventory tracker, and item management platform. The simple to use POS helps your business get up and running quickly, letting you drag and drop items and categories, customize your items grid, and bring popular items front and center.

Two powerful set of tools are offered – a free Square POS for credit card processing and tracking sales, and the Square for Retail with intelligent and integrated tools purpose-built for more complex retail businesses. Square offers the capability to manage inventory such as changing item details like price, name, or quantity in real time. It also manages employee access to data with employee passcodes and keeps a tab on who sold and refunded what. In addition, the system lets your employees clock in and out right at your point of sale and even links every transaction to the relevant employee.

What is unique about Square?

  1. Multiple locations from one account. You get the multi-store capability that lets you edit your menu, employee timecards, and prices for different locations from anywhere, all through your Square Dashboard.
  2. Transaction-based pricing. Square charges a minimal percentage for every tap, dip, or swipe (representing your customer’s payment via credit card or mobile device) in your POS device (tablet or smartphone with Square magstripe reader or POS terminal with Square contactless reader).
  3. Extensive integration. The system can extend its functionality by seamlessly integrating with dozens of apps for accounting and tax, ecommerce, other POS systems, inventory, invoices, employee management, booking, and scheduling, among others. You can also create your own custom apps with the Square Connect API.
  4. Manage inventory anywhere. Simply sign in to your free Square Dashboard from any computer and manage your inventory from anywhere. It allows you to download current inventory reports, update bulk inventories, receive daily stock alert email, and import thousands of products with CSV spreadsheets.
  5. Intelligent reports. Square provides feedback through intelligent reports and analytics, giving you insights on your operations and a real-time situation on your sales, customers, and more.

5. Miva Merchant

miva merchant dashboard example

Miva Merchant is an example of an ecommerce tool that comes with a robust POS system for your retail business. This tool gives you all the features you need to showcase, promote and sell your products. It also has top-notch marketing integration to help you collect more visitors and convert them into customers.

Miva Merchant takes pride in its personalized buying experience. It empowers businesses to lower shopping cart abandonment rates, appeals to unique buyer needs, and utilize strategies for driving revenue and traffic. It also has features like intelligent product recommendations, curated shopping experience, check-out offers, cart abandonment tools, and scheduled promotions.

What is unique about Miva Merchant?

  1. Convert and retain customers. It has tools like customer referral, loyalty solutions, subscriptions, and automatic reordering to help you convert visitors into customers and retain them.
  2. Promotions. Build customer loyalty by offering online coupons, scheduled promos, and conditional discounts.
  3. Customer engagement. It has user-generated content, cart abandonment tools, and interactive product visualizers to keep your customers engaged with your brand.
  4. Upsell and cross-sell. You can boost your customer purchases with its intelligent product recommendations, curated shopping experience, and in-context checkout offers.
  5. Integrations. It has numerous SEO and marketing platform integrations so you can easily market your business and attract new customers.

6. Clover

clover dashboard example

Clover is one of the most flexible retail POS systems around. It has various POS solutions tailored on how your business operates: Station for speed, Mini for a full POS that comes in a small size, Flex for processing payments beyond the counter and Go for an on-the-go swiping and tapping of payments using a mobile device. Meanwhile, users can opt for the Station + Mini to provide a POS solution on each side of the counter – for the customer and the salesperson.

Retail businesses can use the system for both stationary and mobile devices. Furthermore, the tool helps you with manage everything – your employees, inventory, and payments. Basic features are already built-in so you can immediately set up and start your business. The customizable and fully-featured software is accessible anywhere since it syncs in the cloud.

What is unique about Clover?

  1. Built-in payments. You can accept payments directly by swiping and inserting the customer’s cards, scanning checks, and accepting gift cards right on your POS system.
  2. Gift cards. Increase customer loyalty and engagement by giving physical or digital gift cards. Customers can store and retrieve gift cards on their phone.
  3. Customer engagement. It has a customer database where you can manage customer’s loyalty programs. This feature also streamlines marketing by having quick access to promotions and customer feedback.
  4. Highly customizable system. You can mix and match the software and hardware you need based on your operations. Include the right features you need for your stationary and portable devices.
  5. Team management. Stay on top of your team by managing schedules, shifts, team structures, and responsibilities. You can also view your employees’ transactions, sales, refunds, and tips.

7. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

salesforce commerce cloud dashboard example

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a tool you can use to grow your retail brand. It offers an end-to-end, centralized commerce solution for unifying the buying experience of your multiple channels like an online store, brick-and-mortar store, and social media shop. It empowers one-to-one experience personalization without requiring data analysts on your team.

This tool goes beyond helping you sell. It empowers you to exceed customer expectations and drive conversions for your brand. Some of its top features include omnichannel commerce, multichannel selling, predictive intelligence, customer service, fulfillment, and marketing. It’s mostly used by C-level executives or anyone assigned at growing your business on your social media channels.

What is unique about Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

  1. B2C commerce. Designed for enhancing the shopping experiences on various digital channels.
  2. B2B commerce. Tailored solution for meeting the online business buyer demands for growing your brand and accelerating revenue generation.
  3. Unify multichannel selling. With cloud technology, you can integrate and consolidate client data, channels and business operations in a single platform.
  4. Agile solution. Since it’s easy to manage and maintain, it cuts down in synchronizing disparate data sources and having a “single source of truth.”
  5. Marketing tools. Its built-in marketing tools enable you to deliver the right content, product and offer to your customer at the right time.

8. Lightspeed Retail

lightspeed retail dashboard example

Lightspeed Retail is a cloud-based POS platform that provides features and functionalities to make running your business easy. The solution is designed for the needs of different types of retailers, allowing centralized purchasing to save time by ordering from integrated catalogs. It also lets you manage multiple variations by selling bundled, serialized or unique items as well as track unit costs and inventory data. Its scalability enables you to meet your POS requirements regardless of the size or nature of your products.

Lightspeed Retail boasts of inventory management, quoting, ordering and invoicing tools, powerful reporting functionalities, and jobs and timesheet features. It allows you to manage inventory and customers, handle transactions more easily, and understand your operation via the software’s analytics tool. In other words, it is a POS system with full e-commerce functionality that lets you manage on-site and online inventory while getting a singular view of customers and being able to conduct multi-channel data analysis.

What is unique about Lightspeed Retail?

  1. More than just a POS. Its wide array of capabilities that include quoting, invoicing, and ordering, among others, makes the solution a complete retail management system, complemented further by robust reporting features, timesheet, and jobs functionalities.
  2. Sell in store and online. You get to hit two birds with one stone by combining retail POS with ecommerce functionality so you never miss a sale. It allows you to centralize your inventory, sales, and reports on a single SEO-optimized back-end with built-in mobile capability.
  3. Track inventory across locations. You can track your entire inventory across different locations as the platform has a multi-store capability. You check inventory or sell from anywhere in your store with the use of an iPad.
  4. SEO and online store building. To help boost your search ranking, the software includes native SEO tools which you can use to add metadata to your products, along with page headings, product tags, and descriptions and meta descriptions. You can also build visually stunning online stores with highly-customizable themes.
  5. Quick and easy set up. The platform is simple to set up, only requiring you to link your account to your Google user account, with personalized onboarding offered for free. Additional hardware is available, including barcode scanners, cash drawers, and receipt printers.

9. ShopKeep

shopkeep dashboard example

ShopKeep is a retail POS system for iPads. With an iOS-specific solution, you can easily maximize the software’s features as they’re exactly built for your device. With a sleeker and more modern register, customers can pay on various payment types like the EMV and Apple Pay. For your hardware needs, it also offers affordable hardware options you can choose from.

ShopKeep’s automated inventory eliminates the time-consuming, error-prone process of updating and managing your inventory counts. Retailers can also use the app’s features like real-time analytics, staff management, bulk item management, and seamless eCommerce support. Offering returns, refunds, deposits, down payments, and discounts are streamlined in the centralized system.

What is unique about ShopKeep?

  1. Customizable retail POS setup. You can handpick the hardware you need based on your needs with the help of the vendor’s specialists.
  2. iPad system. Avoid long lines especially during peak business hours with a fast and modern tablet system.
  3. Accessible anywhere. The ShopKeep Pocket App enables you to stay connected from any location at any time using your mobile device.
  4. Payment processing. Accept payments using cash and options like Apple Pay and EMV for different customer transactions.
  5. Employee time clock. Right on the register, employees can clock in and clock out. This functionality gives you an accurate and convenient solution to stay on top of your team’s logged hours.

10. QuickBooks POS

quickbooks pos dashboard example

QuickBooks POS brings you the quality and reputation of Intuit’s QuickBooks to power your point-of-sale system. Designed for small, medium, and large businesses, the system can be deployed as an online-based service, on-premise, and mobile point-of-sale solution. The platform offers tools and features for inventory management, customer management, sales tracking, and customer loyalty and retention to encourage repeat sales. Also available are additional hardware including bar-code scanners and receipt printers to use with the POS software.

You get three software versions to choose from – Basic, Pro, and Multi-Store, all designed to help you ring sales, take payments, track customer data, and generate reports. The software integrates with QuickBooks Desktop financial software, ecommerce platforms, and other POS systems. As with every Intuit product, QuickBooks POS comes with extensive customer support through FAQs, knowledge articles, tutorial videos, and phone.

What is unique about QuickBooks POS?

  1. Streamline inventory tracking and purchases. The software lets you stay on top of purchase orders, keep tabs on vendor orders by product, organize multiple vendors in one place, as well as run reports to instantly see your best sellers, total sales, and total taxes.
  2. Smart online invoicing with built-in payment processing. You can accept payment right in the online invoice and customers can pay by credit card, Apple Pay, free ACH bank transfer, or over the phone.
  3. Easily ring sales. You get to ring sales with an optional barcode scanner, a Microsoft Surface Pro or just manually enter item names or numbers. You can also add discounts and build customer information for CRM.
  4. Track and reward customers. See customer histories like balance owed, credit available, loyalty program status, and special offers at the top of your transaction screen every time you ring up a sale.
  5. Sync with QuickBooks 3. When you accept a payment, process a sale, or update your inventory, QuickBooks updates your books to save you time, effort, and potential errors.

11. Cegid

cegid dashboard example

Cegid is a robust cloud POS system and store management solution for retail businesses that combine the capabilities of inventory management and CRM. The program brings together all customer touch points across different channels to deliver centralized store management whether customers are shipping on the web, in-store, or from their smartphones. It also enables you to implement loyalty schemes, real-time KPIs, customized pricing as well as rich client profiles for enhancing customer experience.

Cegid boast of several features designed to enable retailers to handle inventory management, sales, staff monitoring, and provide optimal customer experience. It is accessible from every device and comes with tools to let you manage customers, point-of-sale, in-store, omnichannel, omni-commerce, inventory, merchandise, mobile shopping and transactions, CRM, and loyalty programs. It also offers analytics and data intelligence.

What is unique about Cegid?

  1. Functional design. The application carries an appealing design that is highly functional and affords easier interaction between employees and customers. Its interface provides options for mobile devices and traditional brick and mortar stores where everything is easily accessible from the welcome screen.
  2. Omnicommerce capability. This enables your customers to shop virtually anywhere as the software integrates processes and channels to deliver dependable shopping experience across all your channels, letting customers select store to home or store to store delivery.
  3. Mobile integration. Cegid enables employees to confirm stock levels in real-time, process replenishment orders, and provide correct product information. Likewise, its multi-channel integration makes it easy for employees to process exchanges, refunds, and payments with the PCI compliant POS.
  4. Internal merchandise management. This module powers a centralized and automated inventory data that offers regular inventory checks, smart stock replenishment, and forecasting depending on the sales level and promotion. It gives you options to customize your stock replenishment modes to suit your business needs.

12. Shopify POS

shopify dashboard example

Shopify POS is an iPad and iPhone-based point of sale application that allows you to manage your entire online and physical store business using a unified platform. It is part of the Shopify ecommerce suite that lets you manage a business from everywhere including tracking inventory across channels, accepting any form of payment, applying discounts, emailing customers their receipts, and processing refunds. Shopify POS integrates with all compatible hardware although if you need hardware components, these are also offered by the vendor.

Shopify POS gives you all the tools you need for your business whether you are a beginner or an expert and regardless if you are a starting company or an established one. You’ll be able to manage payments using your own credit or debit terminal, handle checkouts and customize orders, offer discounts and set up promotions, efficiently operate your store, and manage customers and products. You also get dashboards, retail and product report to gain insights into your store’s growth and sales performance.

What is unique about Shopify POS?

  1. Backed by Shopify experience and expertise. The POS solution comes with all the benefits of the Shopify ecommerce platforms that power over 600,000 businesses and more than 1M active users worldwide.
  2. Unified interface. You get to manage your retail business using a unified interface, which means you can instantly accept payments from multiple channels (credit cards, online payments, etc.) without worrying about third-party fees and restrictions and saving you a lot of time.
  3. Synchronize your online and retail customers. Your customers’ information is synced with Shopify, so their order history can be referenced or tracked no matter where the order was placed.
  4. 100+ international payment gateways. Shopify POS supports and integrates with over 100 payment gateways to accept credit cards from all over the world.
  5. Manage your own online store. Build, brand and customize your own mobile commerce ready online store with a website builder that comes with pre-built themes and a full blogging platform.

13. Erply

erply dashboard example

Erply is a next generation web-based retail POS software built for SMBs. It is an inexpensive, stable, and easy-to-use software solution. It is an iPad-oriented POS solution and although a cloud system, it offers options for deployment on Windows PCs and mobile app for Android devices. The software brings the power and functionality of a traditional POS system to a handheld device, giving your business that professional feel without the professional cost.

All POS transaction data entered into the application is automatically synchronized in real time with your Erply account, leaving all of your books and reports completely accurate all the time. The software comes with a powerful API, a key tool that offers retailers the freedom to integrate existing systems to achieve centralized management. At the same time, it offers a speedy product lookup, letting you query products by code or name, scan barcodes, or select a product from the inventory list and add it to the transactions, saving you time and effort.

What is unique about Erply?

  1. Hybrid solution. With deployment capabilities on the cloud, on-premise, and on mobile devices, you get a hybrid solution that lets you run your POS system whether online or offline. It syncs your data, so you don’t lose anything one you are reconnected online.
  2. Powerful backend. Erply brings several robust tools to help you with stock replenishment based on reordering restock levels, customer CRM, loyalty programs, promotional campaign management, coupons, and employee commissions tracking, to name a few.
  3. Shipping integration. This lets you ship keep in touch with shipping carriers to get shipping quotes, apply for a shipping method, and print out the necessary shipping labels while allowing your customers to get tracking details.
  4. Comparative reporting. Erply offers a comparison feature that enables you to compare reports produced in different periods so you get to know your lowest times and make a foolproof strategy to increase traffic.

14. GoFrugal POS

gofrugal dashboard example

GoFrugal is a cloud POS system and billing software suitable for a variety of retail businesses as well as restaurant and distribution management operations. It allows you to measure, manage, and grow your business through a comprehensive solution that lets you undertake fast billing, accurate inventory, and online POS. It also lets you manage multiple stores, builds CRM and loyalty programs, and extend the platform via third-party integrations. The POS module also provides you with touch POS, inventory management, smart reports, integrations, and integrated accounting features.

GoFrugal is available for both on-premise and cloud-based deployment. It offers a reliable solution for retailers in different industries with numerous locations and value e-commerce integration. The platform intended to help you grow consistently by measuring accurately with optimal transaction automation. It helps you boost efficiency, speed, and convenience as well as enable you to optimize and streamline business performance.

What is unique about GoFrugal POS?

  1. Complete customizable digital solution. Go paperless while offering great customer experience and driving business productivity. The platform features superb customization capability which makes it easy to tailor it to your business requirements.
  2. Touch POS functionality. This enables you to quickly and efficiently perform all the restaurant billing operations, giving you a quick glance dashboard, flexible and straightforward screen user interface, and image options for easily processing bills.
  3. Built-in CRM. Its CRM and loyalty module facilitates releasing vouchers, coupons, promotional SMS, and personalized offers to ensure your customers keep coming back.
  4. Uninterrupted fast billing. Extend the best customer experience with faster checkouts with card swipe integration, on the go billing through the mobile app, complete customer history with one click, and more.

15. Webnexs POS

webnexs dashboard example

Webnexs POS is a full featured POS and ecommerce solution designed to help you easily and efficiently sell online or from your brick-and-mortar store. It comes with all the core functionalities of a retail store management system, including accounting, inventory, invoicing, and more. In fact, it offers over 100 features to enable you to manage and grow your online and offline store from a unified platform. Among these features and capabilities are multichannel selling, multi-store management, SEO, unlimited products, analytics, payment gateway integration, multiple payment options, content management, shipping, and more.

Webnexs POS connects your online store with your physical store and synchronizes your inventory. You are always updated of your stocks’ levels to make sure that you only sell what you have, order what you don’t, and keep your inventory filled to meet customers’ demands. The POS gives you the freedom to sell anywhere and everywhere by connecting you to your online ecommerce store as well as your brick-and-mortar establishment so you can be on top of your business and processes including invoicing, inventory management, accounting, and more.

What is unique about Webnexs POS?

  1. Simplified customer management and engagement. You can import your customer database into the system via CSV, set up your customer databases, and manage them via a dedicated channel. It makes it easy for you to classify customers based on your criteria and other filters and simple to assign them discounts and promos.
  2. At-a-glance dashboard. Get overviews on sales, orders, purchases, transfers as well as your top performing agents through an easily viewable dashboard.
  3. Product management under point-and-sale. It gives you the capability to list, add, and import products; print barcodes; adjust quantities and stock count, and more.
  4. Easy sales management. You can check out your sales in total, import sales through CSV files, and manage POS sales automatically or manually.

Final Word

There are various POS systems available with numerous features but not all of them match your needs. Hence, we compiled a list of the top 15 retail POS systems that you can explore and evaluate. To find the right software, it’s crucial to consider your business’ unique requirements. You may ask the following questions:

  1. What is your hardware setup to run the POS from?
  2. How important are features like inventory management, returns and exchange, and customer management to your retail business?
  3. Is it easy to use? Is training required?
  4. Does it integrate with your existing systems?
  5. Is the pricing within your budget? Is it clear and transparent with no hidden fees?

After determining your specific POS demands, you can start narrowing down your choices on which product offers you the best value. Reach out to the POS vendors to gather more information and ask for a rundown of its basics. We recommend you to request a free trial or demo from the vendor so you can test and apply the software’s features firsthand. Use this opportunity to gather information, weigh the product’s pros and cons, and test drive its tools to see if it fits your specific processes. To start, you can sign up for AB POS free trial here.

By Louie Andre

B2B & SaaS market analyst and senior writer for FinancesOnline. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. No stranger to small business hiccups and drama, having been involved in a few internet startups. Prior to his for-profit ventures, he has had managed corporate communications for a Kansas City-based Children International unit.

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