20 Best POS Systems for Sales for 2019

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What is the best POS system for sales?
The best POS system for sales is Toast POS, which offers an extensive package by providing U.S.-based restaurants with both software and hardware needs. It offers a special handheld device and integrates with multiple third-party software to effectively boost sales and engage customers in new ways. The fact that it’s easy to use, accessible through the cloud, and has an offline backup makes it a top choice for most companies.

Investing in POS software is one of the best decisions you can make to grow the business. While you are probably looking at the core point-of-sale feature as the sole reason for getting one, make no mistake, POS software today can do more than just accepting orders, dispensing receipts and recording transactions. It is, in fact, the engine that drives your day-to-day operations, whether you’re into ecommerce, restaurant business or retail. You can — and should — optimize the POS software of your fancy by understanding its full capabilities and how they can merit your company a level of cost-efficiency you didn’t know was possible.

For one, you can achieve ingredient-level visibility with your inventory hooked to the main ordering system, thus, you’re no longer enfeebled by not knowing where each pepperoni slice goes.

But rich in tools as they come, POS software vary in many ways: some are industry-specific while others target a broad market. Geography is also important, as well as, of course, how much you are willing to pay. Well, you don’t have to spend days just to shortlist your options. Below, you already have the best POS software in the market today. We summarized their key features, highlighting the value propositions so you can make an educated buying decision, one that is based on your priorities, situation and budget.

pos for sales

What’s the one area you want to improve in your retail business? If you’re like this VDC Research executive, you’d want to gain greater visibility on how your operations make, or fail to make, more customers happy.  This is where CRM plays the part, and the good news is, many POS solutions have integrated CRM functions like rewards program and gift cards.

Since POS is a function of sales, the data POS software collects are a treasure trove of knowledge on what your customers are buying, not buying, and the other nitty-gritty details on their purchase behavior. These data can be processed into insights by any respectable business intelligence system, but you need not get a separate system for this.

Most POS solutions on the list below have built-in analytics that helps you to digest critical customer data, which you can use to guide your day-to-day decisions or strategic planning. Forward-thinking retailers are, in fact, using retail data analytics to stay abreast of consumer trends culled from structured and unstructured customer data.

The above scenarios are but a peek at how modern POS software of today levels up the game for you. The challenge is to understand what features you need and how they’ll fit in the picture of your business in, say, three to five years from now. Here’s a checklist on the key features to consider, so you can compare the software products below with clarity:

  • Easy to set up POS core system
  • Wide range of integration with other key systems
  • Built-in CRM tools to keep loyal customers
  • Back office support such as payroll and employee scheduling
  • Multi-location management if you have branch outlets
  • Display system for on- and off-location
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Online ordering and delivery
  • Mobile support
  • Cashless transaction support
  • Hardware such as handheld devices, kiosks, cash register

You probably won’t need all the above features; just keep to the main ones your business requires and look up which solutions on our list live up to the task.

20 Best POS Systems for Sales for 2019

1. Toast POS

Toast POS dashboard example

Developed to boost sales and engage your customers in new ways, Toast is a user-friendly POS software tailored for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and pizzerias. Toast offers a complete package. It provides both for your software and hardware needs. Its hardware offer comes with a handheld device that integrates with the entire POS system. Through the handheld device, orders can be directly taken by the table or while customers are in line.

Toast boasts of its ability to boost sale through its specialized programming. With it, you can easily offer gift cards and loyalty promos. Accepting online orders is also easy and integrated with its software. Users can also opt to add an inventory feature. Functionalities can be extended through open API.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for Toast POS free demo here.

Toast POS

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Toast offers a variety of service packages to choose from so it’s ideal for restaurant types of business may it be full service, quick service, or franchise groups. It also offers tailored software for bars, nightclubs, and pizzerias.

Moreover, Toast provides a 24/7 support service and even sends nightly emails to owners with recaps and analytics on how the day went. Toast also has a hardwired offline system that allows for the taking of orders without the need of being connected to the internet. The fact that its easy-to-use, accessible through the cloud, and is functioning even when offline makes it a top favorite for restaurant owners.

As for integration, it works with major systems and platforms such as Grubhub, OpenTable, HotSchedules and MonkeyMedia. Toast runs on Android software and provides exclusive hardware. You can avail yourself of Toast and its service for as lows as $79 per month.

You can also compare Toast POS with its more direct competitors here in our best 20 POS systems for restaurants.


touchbistro dashboard example

Used in more than a hundred countries, TouchBistro is an iPad POS system that was developed for restaurant people by restaurant people. Apart from its main POS software functions, it zones in on particular matters and concerns such as floor plans, table management, menu management, and staff management that are unique and delicate points of concerns for restaurant owners.

With it, there’s more room for adjustment and cost-cutting as it does not provide an exclusive package of hardware and instead gives its users a list of recommended devices. Tableside ordering is possible through the use of an iPad. TouchBistro is perfect for restaurant owners who are in the lookout for POS systems that don’t come with locked-in hardware devices.

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for TouchBistro free trial here.


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Users in the restaurant industry may it be full service or quick service as well as bars, clubs, food trucks, and breweries will find that TouchBistro is a good fit. Its main feature in increasing sales is through its boosted tableside ordering. Apart from the fact that orders can be easily sent with just a tap, its tableside ordering feature includes an upsell function. With it, servers are guided on how to maximize sales with modifiers that pop-up that allows for on-the-spot upsell.

It also has a split function where orders, bills, and seating can be joined or split in a click. It zones in on customers with its Customer Relationship Management function. Through it, customers can collect and redeem points together with loyalty programs. Users can also send SMS, push notifications to email to regulars. TouchBistro was also programmed to incorporate administrative functions such as staff management and scheduling. Full-service restaurants will also benefit from its menu management functions. TouchBistro provides 24/7 customer support.

TouchBistro integrates with top accounting solutions like QuickBooks, Sage and Xero. Pricing starts at $69 per month.

3. Sapaad

sapaad dashboard example

Sapaad is a POS system that does not require any particular software or hardware as it runs on web browsers. As long as you have a device with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari installed, Sapaad will work for you. With it, everything is accessible through a web browser. Tableside ordering is possible as servers can use any handheld device with a web browser. It also features functions that allow users to easily comply with tax requirements.

Sapaad is ideal for cafeterias, casual dining restaurants, delivery restaurants, multi-branch restaurants, franchises, table service restaurants, quick service restaurants, fast dining restaurants, food trucks, central kitchen, kiosks, and drive-ins.

If you want to investigate the features closely you can easily do so when you sign up for Sapaad free trial here.

Sapaad is Dubai-based and caters to an international market with its multi-lingual menu and billing. In boosting sales, it has features that allow for scheduled discounts and item modifiers. Like most POS systems, it also has a function that allows for split billing. It provides a custom invoice template and can order level taxes or VAT. Apart from its robust POS system functions, it has features for inventory, table management, tip management, staff management, and waste management.

Likewise, it has customer relationship managing feature with a specialized call center system that allows business owners to zone in on delivery orders. Central call centers can be built together with a centralized customer database. The centralized customer database records multiple addresses per every customer together with their order history. Through its call center order taking system, automatic branch or outlet selection is possible. This is ideal in streamlining delivery orders and providing a more aggressive take on delivery sales as time is utilized. Its home delivery management allows customers to track their orders and be notified via SMS.

Business owners who want to zone in delivery orders will benefit from Sapaad’s exhaustive software functions when it comes to delivery management. Sapaad is web-based and runs on any OS with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Sapaad does not provide exclusive hardware so users can use their already existing devices. Plans start at $59 per month.


AB POS dashboard example

AB POS offers a versatile system that’s compatible to both restaurant and retail businesses. It comes with its own Android-powered hardware device programmed to boost sales and seamlessly adjust for growths and expansion. Its boosted features and functions for exhaustive analytics make it stand out as a POS software. It also incorporates management tools through its cloud-based reporting and remote store setup. Real-time data is accessible to all its users. Through its hourly sales breakdown, it’s easy for businesses to identify peak and slow hours. Moreover, it offers boosted security as businesses are certain to have offsite data backups.

A versatile and all-around tool, AB POS is an ideal software for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, food trucks, franchise groups, and all kinds of retail stores.

Its handheld device alone is filled with tools that allow for customer payments, employee management, inventory management, pricing, and tax reporting. Cash payment tracking, multi-tender payments, tipping, refunds, sales reports, and shift reports are easily accessible in a tap. Multi-access is allowed and employees are given exclusive PIN login for secured access.

It has a bounty of features that make operating a retail store easier. Through its comprehensive inventory tools, an exhaustive import and export catalog is provided in an easy-to-use dashboard that provides daily reports on top selling items. It’s ideal for businesses that are looking to expand.

Over 50,000 restaurants and bars in the United States use AS POS and its primarily due to its simplicity. With a simplified and intuitive dashboard, order taking is easier. Given that users can give their employees individual PIN login access, financial accountability is secured. It also provides real-time sales data.

AB POS easily integrates with existing POS software and hardware.  It runs on Android and provides exclusive hardware. Subscription starts at $39.99 per month.

5. Cybersys POS

cybersys POS dashboard example

Cybersys is a Kuwait-based POS software service that has been gaining good reviews and recommendations due to its international approach. Available in 12 languages and programmed to accept different currencies, Cybersys is ideal for when you’re looking to expand your business in the international market. You can also use it with any device. Hence, it belongs to the 20 Best POS systems for Sales.

Cybersys is particular when it comes to unique functions of varying entrepreneurial ventures making it ideal for retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops, sports outlets, mobile shops, book stores, garden nurseries, grocery stores, bakeries, and more.

You can try all its premium features at no cost when you sign up for a Cybersys free trial here.

Cybersys was originally developed for a local perfume shop in Kuwait. As it delivered everything and more when it comes to POS software needs, it expanded and made the service available worldwide.

Primary in the benefits that it provides is its international approach to sales. It accommodates different currencies through all forms of payment. It’s ideal for businesses geared for expansion because it offers a unique brand of analytics that targets increased sales and overall progress through 40+ detailed reports tailored for your business.

Through its import and export function, customer database can be easily transferred to another branch together with items, suppliers, and gift cards. It’s also programmed to send email warnings and notifications when it comes to inventory. When it comes to its CRM, it offers two different kinds of loyalty programs that have been found to boost sales. It also offers management features for staff and administrative concerns. It also gives unique marketing plan strategies to its users.

Cybersys has an API that allows for customization and easy integration with any third party product. Cybersys is compatible to all devices that run on Window, Linux, Android, and iOS. No exclusive hardware is required to run it so users can use their already existing compatible devices. For 350 KWD, you can start using Cybersys for three months.

6. Vend

vend dashboard example

Vend zones in on online retail. It boosts sales through targeted promotions and loyalty programs catered to results of diagnostics that it delivers daily. It is ideal for fashion boutiques, homeware stores, sports shops, food and drink retail, health and beauty retail, bike shops, electronics, shoe stores, fitness and supplements, vape stores, toys and hobbies, jewelry stores, pet stores, cafe shops, and even non-profit organizations.

As it combines POS main features and management tools, expansion is easier for growth can easily become the focus as its streamline features cut the time it takes to organize shops. Its good for businesses that are just starting for it gives simple reports on what products sell the most and what discount plans work.

Vend integrates with PaymentSense, Tyro, PayPal, WorldPay, Square, and PaymentExpress. It also has an API for custom development and smooth integration with third-party products. Vend runs on iOS and Windows PC. It does not provide and require exclusive hardware. Pricing starts at $99 per month.

7. Square

square dashboard example

Square is a fully integrated POS system that comes with the software, hardware, and payment platform all in one device. What makes it unique is its two-screen display. With it, your customer will have a view of a version of the dashboard that you have access to. With Square, customers are given their own dashboards. This way, order taking is made easier and sale boosting is amplified. Customers can even do all the payment process by themselves. It also has a function that allows business owners to track their employees’ sales.

Square is an ideal POS software for all kinds of retail stores like fashion boutiques and sports outlets. It’s also compatible with coffee shops and restaurants. It has a specialized feature for scheduling appointments making it compatible to spas and salons.

With a POS system that’s easy to use and sensitive to customer needs, payment is made hassle-free through Square. Its inventory has multiple modifiers that allow for a more personalized shopping experience when it comes to customers. It comes with its own hardware but users can use their own iPad and just plug it to a Square Stand. Users can even use iPhones and just attach a Square Reader to serve as a handheld device. Square integrates employee management with the POS system itself. Administrative scheduling and appointment setting with customers are both taken care of. The hardware is simple and users can install it all by themselves.

Square integrates with Vend, TouchBistro, Wix, Lavu, WooCommerce, GoCentral Online Store, and 3dcart. Square runs on both Android and iOS devices and provides exclusive hardware. Trusted by more than 2 million businesses worldwide, you can avail of Square’s POS software for free just that they get a 2.75% cut per tap, dip, or swipe for payments taken on their provided readers and stands.

8. Miva Merchant

miva merchant dashboard example

Miva Merchant is the POS software for you if you want to delve deep into ecommerce in an easy and guided manner. With an experience of more than two decades, Miva Merchant is easily one of the 20 Best POS systems for Sales for it has all the tools to help users in expanding their business via a digital platform.

Miva Merchant is filled with tools that make it ideal for small businesses and enterprises. Omnichannel retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers will find that Miva Merchant is a perfect fit for their diverse and unique needs.

Miva Merchant is the platform to beat when it comes to ecommerce. It helps users build their online stores with diverse yet simplified tools. It provides features and functions that engage online customers from browsing, payment, and delivery. Users can make use of its advanced product visualizers and customer-friendly order customization. Your business can have newsletters as it provides for subscriptions and automated reordering. Promotion management is offered together with data analytics that users can utilize for solid business expansion. Miva Merchant claims to deliver ROI faster through tools that give rise to an increase in transactions, revenue increase, and conversion rate increase.

Miva Merchant has open source possibilities and it currently integrates with Chase, PayPal, FedEx, UPS, Amazon Payments and Square, among others. It runs on Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Mac devices. Miva Merchant is web-based and users can use their already existing gadgets as no exclusive hardware is required. Miva Merchant’s pricing is available by quote.

9. Lavu

lavu dashboard example

Lavu is the first iPad optimized POS software that catered to the needs of businesses. Lavu’s core design is geared towards increasing revenues and it currently serves 93+ countries with its 300+ features involving reports, menus, check-splitting, employee scheduling, and payment processing.

With its diverse features and functions, Lavu is ideal for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, pizzerias, wineries, breweries, and food trucks.

Lavu boasts of its quick POS system that reduces waiting time for customers. Through it, customer satisfaction is easily achieved. Security is prioritized together with inventory tracking. Processing rates are in line with leading industry processes. Through it, users can easily customize the menu and restaurant layout. Administrative needs are also catered to as shift scheduling and clocking in and out for employees are its primary management functions. Customer relationship

Management is taken care of through loyalty programs and gift cards. It also offers real-time sales and labor reporting for a cost-effective business operation.

Lavu’s API allows for integration with third-party software. Currently, it integrates with key solutions like Avero, Bridgepay, Checkmate, Inventory 2.0, Mobi2Go and Square. Lavu runs on iOS and provides exclusive hardware. You can avail yourself of Lavu starting at $69 per month.

10. Clover

clover dashboard example

Clover POS system is utilized by many as it is optimized for various business types. It boosts sales through a comprehensive integration with multiple third-party products and a customizable and easy-to-use dashboard.

Clover is ideal for restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, salons, and businesses that provide service like car washes and repair shops.

Clover’s POS provides a streamlined payment processing. Through it, users can take orders, process refunds, and even handle tax concerns. Items and prices can also be changed in an instant. Clover also allows its users to come up with unique branding for your businesses’ eCommerce site. Users can also send push notifications to customers as part of Clover’s customer relationship management. It has built-in marketing tools that can be utilized with its rich customer database.

More than just credit card processing, Clover integrates with Yelp, Time Clock, Payroll, Quickboooks, Woo, and Shopify, Menufy, PhoneOrders, Order Kiosk, and DispenseMe. Clover is compatible with Mac devices and provides exclusive hardware. Pricing is available by quote.

11. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

salesforce commerce cloud dashboard example

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the POS system of choice for business owners who want to launch their online sites instantly. It has a rich database of Storefront Reference Architecture and website framework that users can easily utilize to have online shops going on the get-go. Business owners will find page-designing easy with its user-friendly web design tool. If you’re not a programmer and you don’t want to code, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the best choice for you as you can create your online store with clicks and not codes. May it be B2C or B2B, Salesforce Commerce Cloud have tools that can cater to unique business needs.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is ideal for all kinds of retail stores and more including financial services, healthcare and science, manufacturing, consumer goods, communications, media, government, transportation and hospitality, automotive, higher education, and nonprofit.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud banks on the kind of support that it can provide to its users. It offers the widest range of customer support available in the market. Understanding business needs and growth goals, Salesforce Commerce Cloud has adoption and advisory services that provide support on technical concerns and business strategies. It even has a variety of self-guided services. It allows business owners to work one-on-one with coaches while utilizing data analytics and reports. Availing of Salesforce Commerce Cloud includes having a team of experts who will personally make it their task to transform and expand your business when in the eCommerce arena.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud integrates with more than 120+ third-party products, including AmazonPay, Braintree, Drive Commerce and PayPal.  Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides exclusive hardware and runs on Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac. Plans starts for as low as $25 per month.

12. Lightspeed Retail

lighthspeed retail dashboard example

Lightspeed Retail makes the list as a robust POS system that caters to retail stores and restaurants while also providing service for the building of a solid eCommerce platform. The POS system was developed in such a way that business growth can take place in organic nature. With its personalized CRM, merchant services, and eCommerce building features, Lightspeed Retail’s POS system is a software to beat.

Lightspeed Retail is ideal for users that retail apparels, bicycles, pets, jewelry, electronics and more. For those in the food business, it’s ideal for cafes, restaurants may it be quick service or fine dining, bars, and hotels.

Unlike other POS system software, Lightspeed Retail is not limited to point of sales. It also offers tools for the building of a solid eCommerce platform. With it, users won’t need to hire programmers and website developers to create a functioning online shop. Users themselves can build their online stores and no knowledge of coding is required as designing and customizing was made easy and simple. Similar to other software, coding isn’t necessary as all customization options are clickable. Lightspeed Retail also boasts of a highly secured payment process and creative loyalty perks as part of its CRM.

Lightspeed Retail integrates with more than 90 third part products including 7Shifts, BPL Digital Online Ordering and Mobi2Go. It provides exclusive hardware and its software runs on iOS, Mac, and Windows. Lightspeed Retail starts at $99 per month.

13. ShopKeep

shopkeep dashboard example

ShopKeep was developed with the goal of placing a shop’s cash register inside an iPad. If you’re more in tune and familiar with how Apple’s interface works, ShopKeep will be a good fit for you as this POS system is fully optimized for iPads. Apart from POS functions, it also provides tools for inventory management. Real-time analytics is accessible via desktops and smartphones.

ShopKeep is ideal for users in the retail, restaurant, and bar industry who prefers beefed up inventory and staff management tools. ShopKeep has 25,000+ small business owners as clients.

ShopKeep has a user-friendly interface that was programmed for faster and easier payment transactions. It has a special feature that allows for a downpayment transaction. With it, customers can opt to not pay in full by leaving security. This promotes loyalty and builds a sense of community as customers are allowed to not pay all at once. Consistent in allowing users to form a sense of community with customers, ShopKeep also has an open check function. Split payments are allowed together with automated processing of tips, gratuities, returns, and refunds.

A favorite and highly recommended for business owners is ShopKeep’s Backoffice. ShopKeep Backoffice allows for full access and control of the shop whenever and wherever you may be. Owners can easily monitor their sales and their employees. Staff management, label printing, customer management, receipt customizing, registering of licenses, and billing management can all be done remotely through it.

ShopKeep integrates with BigCommerce and QuickBooks. It provides exclusive hardware and its software runs on iOS, Mac, and Windows.  You can avail yourself of ShopKeep and its services by contacting them and asking for a quote.

14. QuickBooks POS

quickbooks POS dashboard example

QuickBooks POS made it to the list because it’s one of the highly recommended software that offers a complete software-hardware package for businesses. Its main features include a sharp inventory function and customer relationship management tools. It seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks POS is ideal for all retail stores who desire an aggressive program when it comes to inventories like fashion boutiques, music stores, sports outlets, bakeries, groceries, and more.

QuickBooks POS comes with a scanner that automatically updates your inventory. They claim that this effectively saves 42+ hours when it comes to inventory and bookkeeping. Its sale boosting strategy includes its exhaustive customer database. As part of its CRM, QuickBooks allows its users to keep customer records — what they buy and in what frequency — so that better service can be provided. Users will also get to utilize coupons, loyalty points, and gift cards. It also has a management function that allows users to organize and schedule bill payments, contractors, and employee’s payroll.

QuickBooks POS comes with a software development kit that allows it to integrate with any third-party product. it runs on Windows and provides exclusive hardware. QuickBooks POS pricing starts at $1,200 per year.

15. Cegid

Cegid dashboard example

Cegid is a POS system that is easy to roll-out and expands with businesses without the expensive cost of early POS systems that use old digital frameworks. It’s the POS software that allows practicality and expansion to meet halfway.

Cegid’s POS software is used by 70,000+ stores in 75+ countries and it is ideal for specialty retailers of all sizes who want to expand internationally. Fashion boutiques, department stores, and superstores are compatible with Cegid. With its highly customizable features and functions, Cegid is also able to provide solutions to HR and talent management needs.

Globally active, CEGID is strong when it comes to its accounting and inventory management. It has a direct partnership with one of the top tax and accounting firms in the world, KPMG. Its partnership with KPMG secures that every users’ needs when it comes to tax and accounting are properly settled and legitimately minimized wherever the business may be in the globe. Tax compliance will not be a point of concern with Cegid’s POS system. This all the more makes Cegid ideal for businesses who intend to expand internationally.

Cegid integrates with Oracle, Orange, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Adyen, Aures, BroadBean, Global Blue, CrossKnowledge, InVue, and Nedap. Cegid provides exclusive hardware and its software runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Pricing for the POS system is through a quote.

16. Shopify POS

Shopify POS dashboard example

Shopify POS system allows users to sell on physical stores and online at the same time. It is particularly compatible with businesses wanting to make their store products available online. Shopify’s POS system has a centralized inventory and payment process that makes it easy for businesses to keep track of stocks and sales in just one hub.

Shopify is ideal for all retail stores especially ones wanting to make their products available online. Shopify POS gives its users the liberty and freedom to fully control the sale flow and platform of products. Shopify’s POS was developed to allow users to have three options when it comes to the availability of their products: products can be made exclusively available in stores or online, or in both platforms.

With every sale, only one inventory is referenced and needed regardless if it was bought online or in any of its user’s physical stores. Shopify POS also offers a cost-effective take when it comes to hardware. Users can opt to use their iPad and just plug Shopify’s Card Reader. With the card reader, credit cards can be accepted in no time with no other hardware needed.

The card reader can also be easily transferred from one iPad unit to the next in a plug and play manner. Daily sales reports and analytics are also made available making it easier for business owners to track and control growth projectiles. Shopify’s POS is cloud-based and all data can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It’s now also available in Android devices.

Shopify’s POS integrates with QuickBooks.  It provides exclusive hardware and runs on both iOS and Android devices. You can start using Shopify POS for $13 per month.

17. GoFrugal POS

GoFrugal POS dashboard example

GoFrugal POS is an India-based software service that is gaining momentum with already 25,000+ users across the globe. It’s considered as one of the best due to its ease-of-use and solid customer support. With GoFrugal, users are given features and tools to fully automate the payment process. The software service even comes with a chatbot.

GoFrugal is ideal for supermarkets and groceries, department stores, pharmacies, apparel stores, opticals, spas, salons, hardware stores, bookstores, sports outlets, restaurants, bars, quick service restaurants, bakeries, and food trucks.

GoFrugal zoned in on increasing the speed of payment transactions. With it, users can take orders remotely. Payment collection was also streamlined and issuance of receipts was programmed to be faster. The daily report that it makes available to its users gives way to an accurate measurement of sales and growth. With its management tools, users can track and monitor appointments, set reminders, work on the go, and send push notifications.

GoFrugal integrates with Shopify, Al Zubair Group, Elite Softwares, gazeIT, and Kalim. It provides exclusive hardware and its software runs on iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows. Plans start at $375 per month.

18. Webnexs POS

Webnexs POS dashboard example

Webnexs POS is another highly recommended software developed in India. Apart from the retail management tools that it provides, it’s also an eCommerce website builder. It’s perfect for business ventures that project growth and expansion in the digital platform. Its POS system was simplified to a degree that billing can be made in 30 seconds.

Webnexs POS is an all-around software as it has multiple scripts ideal for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, groceries, department stores, travel agencies, car rentals, apparel shops, retail stores, public and private transportation, and even buy and sell shops.

Webnexs POS is cost-efficient as apart from the point of sale tools that it provides, it also gives users the free rein when it comes to designing and building their online stores. The software offers scripts for restaurant reservations, booking, rental, buy and sell, and ride-hailing. It’s accessible anywhere via desktops or smartphones. It also offers inventory functions that allow adding in bulk. When it comes to management, it has features that allow for multi-billing lists and video conference calls. It even offers its users tools for live streaming and a structured media system. Marketing is boosted as Webnexs also offers tools for digital marketing, SEO services, SEM services, B2B marketing, and content marketing.

Webnexs integrates with Magento, PayPal, AmazonPay and DHL, among others. It provides exclusive hardware and its software runs on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and Mac. Pricing starts $299.

19. Kyte POS

kyte dashboard example

Kyte POS is a one of a kind lightweight software that runs on smartphones. It’s a POS software that fully functions and delivers all its sales, inventory, and reporting features at the palm of your hand. It’s a good POS system alternative for start-ups because the entire process of putting up and maintaining a business becomes as simple as swiping and clicking through your phone.

Apart from startups, Kyte POS is also ideal for retail stores, restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, pet shops, and kiosks. Kyte POS may be last on our list but it’s definitely a top choice for users who are just putting up their businesses and are concerned about costly hardware cashouts. This is because it requires no extra hardware as it runs on Android and iOS devices. Just by using your smartphone, everything from analytics, sales, to CRM is accessible and within your control.

A particular snazzy feature that it provides is its receipt customization tool. This tool allows users to create their own receipts with customized logos, designs, and formatting. Customers receive these customized e-receipts for every transaction. For CRM, users can also create online product catalogs and have them directly sent to customers together with coupons and discount promos.

Kyte POS easily integrates with social media platforms and third-party products. You can start using Kyte POS just by downloading it at Google Play or the App Store. Pricing starts at $9.99 per month.

20. ShopOwner POS

ShopOwner POS is an affordable but feature-packed Android POS. It comes packed with all the essential features small businesses would need to run their operations with ease. With only a single system, you can effectively manage your employees, back office administrative tasks, items, menu, and customers.

ShopOwner POS is suitable for a wide number of business types, including food service, small retail, attractions, boutiques, restaurants, and more. Furthermore, it is highly customizable to fit your unique business requirements.

Selling on ShopOwner POS is simple. It features an easy to navigate interface and supports customizable receipts, split payments, multiple payment types, refunds, and coupons, among others. Receipts can be issued physically or digitally, with paper-based receipts done  through a bluetooth connection with printers while digital receipts can be sent via email or SMS.

ShopOwner POS has a free plan that includes all available features, but has a receipt limit. Paid options start from $25/device/month.

How to Choose the Right POS For You

Now that you have an overview of the 20 best POS systems for sales on the market today, it’s time to make a choice. Here’s how you should proceed:

Write a checklist of your priorities in a POS system. For example, do you require iOS-based systems only? Would you need hardware as well? If you’re not in the U.S. then location may be a key factor.

Once you’ve shortlisted your priorities, go ahead and sign up for the free trial. Most vendors on our list provide free access to the entire feature set at no cost for a month or so. If not a free trial, go for a comprehensive demo so you get a firsthand look at the solution. Our top choice here, Toast POS, for instance, allows you to sign up for the Toast POS free demo here.

There you have it. For more knowledge articles on POS, you can also check out our extensive take on why POS software is useful.

By Jenny Chang

Senior writer at FinancesOnline who writes about a wide range of SaaS and B2B products, including trends and issues on e-commerce, accounting and customer service software. She’s also covered a wide range of topics in business, science, and technology for websites in the U.S., Australia and Singapore, keeping tabs on edge tech like 3D printed health monitoring tattoos and SpaceX’s exploration plans.

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