Best 20 Content Marketing Software of 2020

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There are plenty of methods to catch the attention of your target audience. Among the most efficient ways is through the use of content. By educating them about your products and services, rather than relying on ads or aggressive sales pitches, you can build your brand’s credibility, increasing more leads and conversions. However, planning your content can be more complicated than it seems. This is why many businesses rely on content marketing software to simplify the process.

Please keep in mind, however, that not all content marketing tools can cater to all of your business’ specific needs. So, to help you narrow down your options, we have compiled the best 20 content marketing software. We have selected them according to their usability, flexibility, and affordability.

content marketing software

Connecting with your target audience should not stop at ads. After all, 40% of consumers now use ad blockers. That said, it is important for you to also engage them by giving them relevant information that can stimulate their interest in your products and services. 

This is why over the years, businesses have been trying to boost sales by staying committed to content marketing. So much so that according to the 2020 Content Marketing Institute study, 78% of content marketers use conversion rates and 32% use sales effectiveness to measure content performance. With this, businesses can reel in more leads, convert more customers, as well as build their branding all the more.

However, while content marketing is undoubtedly one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to improve the presence of your brand, it is no walk in the park. Like any business strategy, it can’t be completely perfected outright (or at all). Today, marketers seek to prioritize improvements for 2020. These include improving audience conversion (48%), content distribution and promotions (46%), and a focus on content quality/quantity. Luckily, content marketing software solutions can give you the tools you need to improve these activities.

Source: Content Marketing Insitute, 2019

For one, these tools can help you take the pulse of your audience and get a better grasp of what kind of content they are looking for. Moreover, these can help you identify the channels through which you should distribute your content. With this, it is easy to target your audience and create effective content marketing strategies that will surely yield conversions. After this, you can use these content management platforms to help you gauge how well your content is doing, so you can adjust further materials accordingly.

Without question, nothing can possibly go wrong if you decide to invest in a content marketing software for your company. The only issue about it is that there are quite a number of options available on the market. In this article, we have carefully assessed 20 of the most reputable content marketing software providers. This way, you can get a better idea of what they offer as well as what type of businesses they are designed for. With this list, you will surely be able to gauge which one is the most ideal for your business. Of course, content marketing systems are not the only tools you will need to reinforce your operations. You should also consider other marketing platforms. To help you out, you can start by checking out this list of top marketing software providers.

1. HubSpot Marketing

hubspot marketing dashboard

Other than being a leading name in the industry, HubSpot Marketing landed the top spot on our list for its compact yet easy-to-navigate interface that consolidates multiple marketing processes. This advanced system offers a highly personalized platform that will allow you to grow your traffic as well as increase conversions, all while simplifying and speeding up your campaigns.

Perfect for small startups and large enterprises alike, this tool is equipped with an array of features for blogging, landing page creation, website SEO, lead management, and analytics. With these at your disposal, designing engaging content based on what your customers want is easier than ever. Moreover, this will allow you to perform your content marketing tasks in line with your marketing funnel. This way, not only can you assess your leads to see what type of content to publish but also figure out how to distribute them in a more efficient manner.

If you want to learn more about what this software has to offer, you can sign up for a HubSpot Marketing free trial.

HubSpot Marketing

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Lastly, the vendor also offers flexible and scalable pricing plans that are helpful for growing businesses. They offer a free plan inclusive of basic functions for small businesses as well as paid plans that range from $50/month to $2400/month. These are bundled according to types of modules you will be needing for your operations as well as how advanced you need your features to be.

Why Choose HubSpot Marketing?

  1. Comprehensive Landing Page Builder. Creating impactful and substantial landing pages that your customers will love can get overwhelming, especially if you don’t have an in-house content creation team. This is why HubSpot Marketing has a landing page builder that comes with its own keyword tools and SEO options. By using this, you can easily make quality landing pages without having to hire external help or having a dedicated team to do the job. What makes it even better is that it has a drag-and-drop navigation. Meaning, you don’t need to have extensive coding skills to utilize it.
  2. Intelligent Content Impact Analysis. Numbers don’t lie. So, to ensure that your content is doing its job, you will need to measure its performance in the most accurate way possible. Luckily, HubSpot Marketing is equipped with analytics tools to help you analyze the impact of each article, video, image, or landing page you create. You may even connect the system to your HubSpot CRM program to help you record customer interactions that resulted from your new content as well as monitor feedback from your client.
  3. Social Media Content Manager. Aside from having great landing page creation and website tracking tools, HubSpot Marketing can also reinforce how you manage your social media content. It lets you monitor any mentions of your brand and respond quickly to comments from your clients. Moreover, this tool allows users to prepare static or HTML messages, customize them depending on customer personas, and schedule when to post them ahead of time.

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Mondaycom dashboard is a highly customizable tool that is perfect for teams that are working on content marketing. It was crafted with collaboration in mind so you and your team can make the right decisions at the right time. With its flexible features, the project management platform can adapt to your unique workflow. Its features can be configured until you achieve the perfect tool to boost your marketing campaigns.

The platform serves as your central hub for everything related to your business. You can organize, monitor, and store various information and assets all in one place. Furthermore, your team will have access to various content-related information at any time. You can streamline tasks and contributions from your team members. Additionally, you can easily organize projects so you can keep tabs on what’s happening in your operation.

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VISIT WEBSITE’s flexible pricing starts at $39 per month for five users. The Basic plan already includes powerful features, including unlimited boards, more than 20 column types, Android and iOS applications, and more. You can easily upgrade to higher plans if you need more storages and extended features.

Why Choose

  1. Track everything with a flexible content calendar. Publishing content with the right timing is essential to marketing. allows you to create a flexible content calendar so you can plan your marketing strategies ahead of time. By having everything laid out in a calendar, you can easily take advantage of opportunities and minimize any pitfalls.
  2. Organize and plan campaigns. Beyond content development, you can plan marketing strategies right on the same platform. allows you and your team to update tasks, ask questions, and start discussions. You can even conduct forum sessions for in-depth brainstorming. Your members can leave comments on projects and other content assets, so your team can communicate in context.
  3. All your creative and business assets in one place. Your team members can stay on top of their tasks as everything can be found in one centralized hub. Manage client information, campaign strategies, and calendars in one platform. Plan and develop content right away with all the creative assets accessible to everyone at any time.

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3. Contently

Contently dashboard

Contently is a content marketing solution that streamlines the planning, production, and publishing of content for marketing campaigns. It provides users with a robust feature set that includes content strategy management, automated branding options, SEO tools, and analytics features. What’s more, it can easily integrate with popular sales software and content management systems so you don’t have to jump from platform to platform in order to curate your content.

While a good option for businesses of different sizes and types, Contently is more tailored for businesses without in-house content and creative teams or those who simply want to further reinforce their content marketing campaigns by hiring the right professionals. This is because of their global talent network of over 140,000 creative professionals. With this, you can easily find the right people for your projects and ensure high-quality output at all times.



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As for pricing, the vendor only offers custom pricing plans. So, if you’d like to take advantage of this, simply get in touch with the vendor for a consultation. This way, you can be sure that you are getting a plan that is tailored to the unique requirements of your company.

Why Contently?

  1. Optimized Content Production. One of the things that make Contently such a great content marketing solution is that it optimizes your entire content operations. It not only allows you to map out and archive content but also helps you tap a network of creative professionals who can help you churn out content that will greatly improve your marketing strategies.
  2. Accelerated Cross-Channel Content Distribution. In addition to its content curation functionalities, Contently also allows you to distribute your content as smoothly as possible. This is thanks to its cross-channel capabilities. This simplifies the publication and management of content across different platforms as well as helps you gain complete visibility over all the content that you have.
  3. Streamlined Use of Data for Campaigns. Last but not least, Contently allows its users to create data-driven campaigns through the use of robust analytics tools. With these, you can determine how each campaign is performing and gain actionable insights so that you can adjust your strategies accordingly. To reinforce this, it also comes with an intuitive Docalytics system that gathers leads from case studies, white papers, as well as presentations.

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4. UpCity

UpCity dashboard

UpCity serves as a digital marketplace where companies can find professionals to help them create engaging, search engine optimized content. However, it also offers an Agency Growth Engine that can help businesses maximize the efficiency of their campaigns. This is equipped with task management tools, multi-campaign management options, and content curation solutions that can help you streamline and optimize your marketing strategies. While it doesn’t necessarily have comprehensive content marketing functionalities, this software offers robust SEO tools to help you improve your website, landing pages, blogs, or social media posts.

Ideal for small startups and growing companies, UpCity offers a free plan with limited access to the platform’s functionalities. If you are looking for more advanced SEO functionalities and content curation options, the vendor offers three different SMB and enterprise pricing plans. However, do keep in mind that these packages don’t come cheap at $100/month to $300/month.

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Why Choose UpCity?

  1. Advanced Content Curation. Creating quality content and finding online content that resonates with your audience is quite challenging. This is why UpCity has advanced content curation tools that will allow you to quickly find materials that your target market will appreciate. You may then use the software to help you schedule posts to your website, blog, or social accounts in just a few clicks of a button.
  2. Simplified Workflow Management. To make sure that all of your content marketing tasks are right on track, you can use UpCity’s workflow management system. The feature is equipped with task curricula for different types of digital marketing processes. With these, you can easily plan your strategies, manage engagement, and measure the progress of your campaigns. Of course, the platform also supports custom processes to help you get a more personalized user experience.
  3. SEO Expert Services Offered. UpCity prides itself on having robust SEO auditing tools and keyword ranking tools to help you make your content easily searchable. However, what really sets them apart from their competition is that they have their own team of SEO professionals who are ready to assist you with your content optimization needs.

5. Percolate

Percolate dashboard

Percolate is an all-in-one marketing software trusted by over 600 brands worldwide. Much like the other products on this list, this tool aims to help companies eliminate content bottlenecks so you can gear your business towards growth and success. It offers comprehensive content management, email automation, as well as collaboration functionalities. However, what makes it unique is that it offers data-driven content marketing tools, enterprise-grade approval options, and robust content distribution systems. Moreover, it serves as a single workspace to manage all content creation tasks.

To top it all off, Percolate is also a completely scalable software that can integrate with other business systems such as CRM, social media management, compliance, and CMS platforms. This way, you can further connect your workflows, making them efficient and streamlined throughout the content marketing process. As for pricing, the vendor only offers quote-based plans for this product so be sure to get in touch with their representatives to learn more of the pricing.

Detailed Percolate Review

Why Choose Percolate?

  1. Centralized Content Production Workflow. Missing approval deadlines, not knowing which task is assigned to whom, and having no clue as to the progress of your marketing content are just some of the many challenges that come with the content production process. With Percolate’s centralized workflow tools, you no longer have to experience these issues as it can help you manage and visualize the entire content lifecycle. Using this, you can create timelines for different types of content, remain updated on the status of tasks, and get notified of any approaching deadlines.
  2. Easy-to-Use Kanban Boards. Great for agile marketing teams, Percolate also makes use of kanban boards in their content creation system. This allows users to keep tabs on active tasks and pending posts, so that no material is overlooked. This feature even has a drag-and-drop navigation so you can change project statuses, modify task descriptions, and push publishing schedules without hassle.
  3. Convenient Asset Management. Make sure you always have everything you need for your posts using Percolate’s asset management system. This feature consolidates all the materials for your content including images, videos, audio files, and other assets that you might need for publishing.

6. Optimizely

Optimizely dashboard

Trusted by over 6000 companies, Optimizely is an online marketing tool that aims to help businesses enhance user experiences to reinforce their brand’s reputation. It places emphasis on the personalization and optimization of websites so that you can better connect and interact with your target audience. The software also utilizes customer behavior tracking, predictive analytics, as well as multivariate testing alongside campaign management tools. This way, you can understand your clients’ needs and determine what kind of content they will appreciate.

Optimizely is also equipped with API capabilities that let it integrate with a wide variety of business systems, so you can easily configure it according to the needs of your operations. If you are interested in investing in this system, the vendor currently offers three quote-based plans: Standard, Business, and Enterprise. These are bundled depending on the different types of modules you will need for your operations and how many features you need to support your campaigns.

Detailed Optimizely Review

Why Choose Optimizely?

  1. Behavioral Audience Targeting. Does your business target different demographics? If so, Optimizely will be a boon for you. It offers behavioral audience targeting tools that can help you determine which types of visitors to include for certain campaigns. After which, you can design your campaign based on their purchasing and browsing behavior and test your campaign before launching. Using this, it is easy to deliver tailored website experiences to a specific audience.
  2. Website Optimization. Aside from helping you create more targeted content, Optimizely also offers controlled experimentation tools to help you improve your website. This will help you in making sure that your site, landing page, or blog can be organically searched with ease.
  3. Predictive Analytics. Optimizely also offers progress measurement options to help you gauge the impact of your newly optimized website. This can monitor the quality of user experiences, track conversions, and determine changes in customer browsing behaviors. With this, you can better understand how much impact your newly optimized content has on your customers.

7. Taboola

taboola dashboard

Taboola is a world-leading native discovery platform and content marketing tool for advertisers and publishers. It aims to drive quality audiences, increase website traffic, boost lead conversions, and grow revenue through the use of interesting content that is published in the right channels at the right time. Unique from other platforms, Taboola helps you increase your brand’s visibility by sharing your content in brand-safe and highly viewable environments. All you have to do is input your posts as well as determine your target audience, and you can map out the rest within the software.

With this at your disposal, you can engage customers on multiple levels, giving them not only an idea about what your company has to offer but to learn more about what your products and services can do for them. What makes this platform even better is that they don’t offer hefty long-term subscription plans to their customers. They only charge a minimum of $10 per day for your campaigns depending on what type of customer targeting and content creation tools you will be needing. This makes it ideal for companies who don’t regularly facilitate marketing campaigns for their brand.

Detailed Taboola Review

Why Choose Taboola?

  1. Audience Targeting Tools. While Taboola primarily focuses on helping companies find publishers to spread their content, the software also offers a number of tools for audience targeting. Using its user data tool, you can consolidate and analyze customer information in just a few clicks, allowing you to find the right audience for your campaign. After which, you can utilize its predictive recommendation engine to maximize engagement via machine-learning algorithms.
  2. Strategic Content Publishing. If you are looking to reach out to customers on multiple platforms, Taboola offers strategic content publishing through native placements. This allows you to place your content on a variety of reputable websites. Great for introducing your brand, this will help you pique the interest of your leads. Once their interest becomes stronger, the software will then retarget the client outside of the platforms directly to your website so you can recommend more of your content.
  3. Lead Management. To reinforce your content marketing strategies, Taboola has lead conversion management tools for you. From data segmentation to performance optimization, these will help you create personalized content for your newly acquired leads. In turn, you can develop long-lasting relationships with clients.

8. Outbrain

outbrain dashboard

Similar to Taboola, Outbrain is a content discovery platform that aims to help businesses deliver and promote personalized content to their audiences. Designed for advertisers and publishers alike,  this is great for driving engagement and breeding consumer insights. With it, you can find quality content to share with your customers as well as determine the ideal channels to publish these content in. It even offers advanced testing and conversion tools that will allow you to optimize your content according to specific goals.

Fully customizable and flexible, Outbrain also leverages behavioral data and proprietary interest in order to help you connect with your audience. By doing so, you can be sure that you are rolling out effective campaigns that are sure to yield results. As for pricing, Outbrain has a cost-per-click pricing model where you are charged according to the number of clicks each campaign receives, making it ideal for businesses looking for cost-effective content marketing solutions.

Detailed Outbrain Review

Why Choose Outbrain?

  1. Intelligent Placements. There is an art in sharing your content. You shouldn’t simply scatter them in multiple channels in the hopes of reaching your audience. With Outbrain, you can make use of customer information to gauge interest levels as well as determine which platforms they use most. This way, you can strategically place your content in websites where your target audience will surely see it.
  2. Specialized Outbrain VR. To help you further improve how to engage your leads, this software has a specialized Outbrain VR feature. It combines editorial judgment with predictive analytics and content recommendations. This way, you don’t have to generate new content all the time but still make sure that you are maintaining a distinct editorial voice.
  3. Website Testing Tools. Outbrain also comes with built-in testing and conversion tools. These allow you to assess the performance of your content marketing campaigns in line with specific company goals. By doing so, you can create targeted plans and optimize them in such a way that you will get the results that you want.

9. Marin

Marin dashboard

Marin is a cloud-based marketing and ad management application that helps you manage your content in multiple platforms. Fully integrated and mobile-ready, this software combines robust optimization, intuitive design, and massive scale processing in one convenient interface to help businesses maximize the results of their digital campaigns. With this at your disposal, you will surely be able to consolidate your ads and marketing materials as well as test and optimize them before sending them out to different channels.

Equipped with tools ranging from cross-channel audience analytics and predictive modeling to keyword adjustment and audience targeting, Marin also offers API capabilities. This way, you can integrate it with your existing business systems or third-party applications to further reinforce your content marketing efforts. If you think this platform is ideal for your business, you may get a Marin plan on a by-quote basis. Just get in touch with their representatives to get an estimate.

Detailed Marin Review

Why Choose Marin?

  1. Audience Targeting Suite. Many companies offer products and services for different demographics. Using Marin’s targeting suite and cross-channel audience analytics, you can segment your target market in a logical manner and create separate content per category. By doing so, you create personalized experiences for each buyer persona with ease.
  2. Advanced Campaign Intelligence. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your campaigns. Using Marin, you get access to advanced campaign intelligence tools where you can view the progress of different campaigns in one unified, customizable dashboard. With this, you are always in the loop about what is happening to your content marketing efforts.
  3. Holistic Performance View. In line with monitoring your progress, Marin also offers cross-channel reporting. With this, you can check your conversion data. This includes monitoring effective links, tracking click rates, and measuring the amount of time that leads are spending in reading your content. The platform consolidates all of these data across channels to help you get accurate reports about your conversions and prevent any duplicates from entering your system.

10. Adobe Marketing Cloud

adobe marketing dashboard

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a platform that aims to help digital marketers build fluid experiences for their customers. As a product from one of the leaders in the SaaS world, this end-to-end digital marketing platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you map out effective strategies in reeling in more leads. Using this, you can provide your target audience with quality content that caters to their interest, improving customer engagement and increasing conversions.

The platform is also equipped with media optimizers and programmatic marketing options to help you personalize content for different target demographics. Moreover, it offers robust analytics options to help you monitor the progress of your campaigns. With this at your disposal, you can be sure that you are getting quality features in an easy-to-use platform. If you think this platform is for you, simply talk to the vendor to get a quote.

Detailed Adobe Marketing Cloud Review

Why Choose Adobe Marketing Cloud?

  1. Audience Management. Adobe Marketing Cloud is a complete digital marketing suite so you can expect it to handle not only your content optimization but other aspects of your campaigns. One such aspect is audience management. It combines CRM with your content management system to help you understand what types of content your target audience is looking for.
  2. Multi-Channel Content Intelligence. As mentioned previously, this software has AI and machine learning functions at its core. That said, you can perform multi-channel content intelligence to discover new posts to share, manage the creation of content, as well as monitor the performance of each new post. Meaning, you can manage the entire content curation process in a fluid and dynamic way without having to rely on multiple platforms.
  3. Great Content Velocity. Lastly, Adobe Marketing Cloud values content velocity. It offers a variety of tools that will help you go from ideation to publishing. Moreover, because it uses in-depth customer insights, users can easily meet the demands of their leads and yield results by crafting content based on these demands.

11. Salesforce Social Studio

Salesforce Social Studio dashboard

Salesforce Social Studio is another social media content management software coming from a big name in the SaaS industry. As a module under the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, this will help you administer your tactics in different social media pages. With this, you can manage your communities, create engaging posts based on lead behavior, and schedule posts ahead of time. Aside from offering great content publishing tools, this software also offers analytics options that will help you optimize all of your social media content.

Among the most notable tools that this platform has to offer are its social media engagement options, post priority tools, automatic routing, and unified content management system. For pricing, Salesforce Social Studio is only available by quote. This is to make sure that the package you invest in is tailored to your operational requirements and company budget.

Detailed Salesforce Social Studio Review

Why Choose Salesforce Social Studio?

  1. Streamlined Social Media Publishing. Monitoring your content across social media pages is easy with Salesforce Social Studio. It has an interface that supports drafting, sharing, scheduling, reviewing, and approving content. With this, you can easily streamline the posts you are publishing on social media as well as make sure that all of your information remains consistent without having to jump from window to window.
  2. Social Media Post Optimization. Similar to other products on this list, Salesforce Social Studio allows its users to optimize social media posts before they are published. It often leverages previous customer interactions, campaign results and customer feedback to help you gauge whether certain posts will have an impact on your readers.
  3. Feedback Tracking. Speaking of customer feedback, this software also combines reporting and feedback across your sales and service campaigns. With this, you can easily collect market intelligence and gain insight into the effectiveness of your content.

12. BrightInfo

Brightinfo dashboard

If you want to focus on how to configure your content rather than where to publish it, BrightInfo will be a boon for you. Created for large businesses and medium-sized companies with a solid customer base and steady website traffic, this content personalization engine leverages specific algorithms to analyze visitor behavior. It evaluates how engaged your customers are and keeps tabs on which content are yielding results. Through this, you are able to configure your website and optimize your content at crucial contact points without disrupting their browsing flow.

The software even offers a number of auxiliary tools such as geotargeting and social network targeting to help you get full control of how to distribute your content. It also provides great A/B testing tools to help you pinpoint which marketing strategies are going to yield better ROI for your company. As for pricing, BrightInfo is only available by quote. Should you think that this content marketing platform is suitable for your operations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with their representatives.

Detailed BrightInfo Review

Why Choose BrightInfo?

  1. Innovative Self-Learning Algorithm. Unlike its competitors BrightInfo comes with its own semantic self-learning algorithm called JARGON. This is what allows the software to scan your website, learn your content, and analyze visitor behavior towards your website. After which it can be programmed to automatically present each lead with content that matches their browsing patterns. This way, you give them unique experiences that they can appreciate.
  2. Real-Time Profiling. The platform is also capable of doing a real-time profiling of your website visitors. With this, you are able to pinpoint what they are looking for at the moment that they are browsing and get a better idea of the leads that frequent your website. Moreover, this tool is great for helping you come up with new content.
  3. Robust Targeting Options. Not sure how or where to reach your leads? BrightInfo offers multiple targeting tools to guide you. Using geo-targeting and social network targeting, you can get a better idea of where your website visitors are coming from. This way, it is easier to know where to direct your next campaigns.

13. Genoo

Genoo dashboard

Genoo is a smart marketing automation tool aims to simplify marketing for businesses from different industries. Like traditional marketing systems, this offers great automation features, lead management options, and drip campaign creation. However, what sets it apart is that it also serves as a content management system for its users. It allows users to create and curate landing pages based on the behavior of website visitors and the browsing patterns of your leads. You can even incorporate lead capture forms and lead tracking in order to further engage your clientele.

The only downside to Genoo is that their SMB and enterprise plans can be a little steep. They currently offer packages that are priced depending on the number of emails or the number of leads you need to process on a monthly basis. These cost anywhere between $199/month to $1995/month. Suffice it to say, this is not a good option for small businesses with limited financial resources.  

Detailed Genoo Review

Why Choose Genoo?

  1. Landing Page Optimization. Attracting your leads and making sure they stay engaged is easy with Genoo’s landing page optimization. As mentioned previously, this feature allows you to create stunning landing pages based on the behavior of your website visitors and your leads. You may run it through the built-in testing tools of the program to see if it will yield results for your company. After which, you can simply curate each landing page by tracking leads that visit them as well as by incorporating lead capture forms in them.
  2. Built-In Email Campaign. Effective content management becomes an even more formidable strategy when used alongside your email marketing campaigns. Luckily, Genoo supports email drip campaigns that can help you make sure that no lead slips through the cracks. Upon engaging them with content, all you have to do is feed them to your campaign and make sure to nurture them by recommending new content that will further increase their interest in your products.
  3. Open API Capabilities. Another great thing about Genoo is that it has open API capabilities. The platform offers limited albeit powerful features, so you might need to extend its functions by integrating it with other business systems. With this feature, it is easy to merge it with your existing apps or with new add-ons.

14. Beamer

beamer dashboard

Beamer is a content marketing platform designed to simplify announcements regarding a company’s special offers, latest products, and other important news. While commonly used by eCommerce businesses, the application is also useful for blogs and websites that could use a boost in user engagement. With this platform, it is easier to schedule posts, optimize notifications, as well as react to feedback so you can interact with your leads in a more personalized manner.

This platform can even help you segment your audience so you can target specific user databases and send out customized notifications to certain buyer personas. By doing so, you can enhance customer experience and build better relationships with clients. As for pricing, small businesses can utilize Beamer completely free of charge. For larger companies, you may opt for any of their paid plans which range from $49/month to $99/month.

Why Choose Beamer?

  1. Simplified Content Creation. Beamer allows you to create and share posts with text, images and videos using its content creation tool. Whether you want to construct your announcements in plain text, HTML, or CSS, this tool can certainly support it. It even offers WordPress plugins and social media integrations for easier posting.
  2. Better Post Scheduling. Cut down the time you spend on posting announcements and product updates using Beamer’s post scheduling function, This feature allows you to map out when to release information about certain launches, special offers, events, and other news ahead of time. By doing so, you can send notifications at the right time without having to actually be online.
  3. Speedy Feedback and Reaction. Aside from managing your content, another thing that can help you engage your customers is by making sure that you respond to them as quickly as possible. On this note, Beamer offers a feedback and reaction tool that notifies you whenever customers comment on your announcements or inquire about certain product updates. This way, you can answer their queries or react to their comments in a timely manner.

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15. Story by PulsePoint

Story by pulsepoint dashboard
Story by PulsePoint is a platform that enhances the digital advertising experience using artificial intelligence. It comes with a variety of content marketing functionalities that will help you guide your content to the right audience and distribute various posts in different digital destinations. With this, all you have to do is create your brand message, set targeting rules, select distribution channels, and optimize it according to your target audience. After which, the software can automate the process for you.

To top it all off, the platform has its own best-in-class analytics tools. This way, you can easily gauge how your content marketing efforts are doing as well as accurately determine the impact of your content. If you think Story by PulsePoint is the right tool for you, simply contact the vendor to get a custom quote for your operational needs.

Detailed Story by PulsePoint Review

Why Choose Story by PulsePoint?

  1. Content Interaction Optimization Technology. One of the most unique aspects of Story by PulsePoint is, not only does it help you create and distribute your content according to visitor behavior, but it also helps you identify the ideal content combinations and weigh ad- and page-level data based on KPI. With this, you can optimize your campaign across all channels in real-time to maximize performance.
  2. Extensive Writer Network. Don’t have in-house writers to come up with posts? Worry not. You can tap into Story by PulsePoint’s vast writer network. Through this, you can find professional content creators who can write original posts for your operations. Just discuss your campaign strategy to them and let them know what information should be included in the content.
  3. Contextual Targeting. Make sure you are getting your content in front of the right audience across any screen using Story by PulsePoint’s contextual targeting. This feature will help you scatter your content and ads by strategically placing them on websites with related information. By doing so, you can widen your reach and make sure that you are tapping strong leads.

16. Hootsuite

hootsuite dashboard
While Hootsuite is designed to be a social media management tool, it also comes with a robust set of content management functionalities to reinforce your marketing efforts. With this, you can monitor customer engagement across social media accounts and leverage this data to execute targeted campaigns and create quality content. Utilized by millions of users in over 175 countries, this can also help you track your progress and measure the impact of your campaigns through analytics.

Hootsuite offers monthly pricing plans that are bundled depending on the number of users and social profiles they need the platform to support as well as the kinds of features they need for their operations. These range from $19/month to $499/month when billed annually. For enterprises that require custom functions, there is also a quote-based plan available.

Detailed Hootsuite Review

Why Choose Hootsuite?

  1. Great Content Curation. Hootsuite has superb content curation tools for your marketing efforts. This feature allows you to discover new content to repost on your channels, store all previous posts in an organized database, as well as schedule content posting ahead of time. With this at your disposal, engaging customers is faster and easier than ever.
  2. Quality Intelligence Gathering. Apart from consumer behavior, another great source of website content is your clients’ opinions. With Hootsuite, you can monitor the number of mentions of your company’s brand and determine what your customers think of your campaigns, products, and overall reputation. By doing so, you can figure out how to better interact with your leads and customers through content.
  3. Multi-Contributor Support.

17. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo dashboard

BuzzSumo is a social media analytics tool offering powerful content creation and distribution functionalities. It uses advanced data filters, content curation tools, and social media content insights to help you plan effective marketing strategies that are sure to yield better traffic and conversions. It even has an open API interface so you can extend the functions of the platform without hassle.

Compared to other software providers, BuzzSumo offers competitive pricing for different types of businesses. They offer plans tailored to the needs of bloggers and freelancers, growing businesses, as well as large enterprises. Prices for these fall between $39/month and $499/month depending on the number of features you require as well as the mentions and alerts it can handle on a monthly basis.

Detailed BuzzSumo Review

Why Choose BuzzSumo?

  1. Easy Content Management. Finding content that is aligned with your marketing goals need not be difficult. With BuzzSumo, you can source posts that are worth sharing with your target audience. Moreover, it offers content management tools that will help you to create custom posts.
  2. Competitor Alerts. Make sure your brand stands out from the rest by monitoring your competition. BuzzSumo offers competitor alerts that let you keep tabs on what other businesses in the industry are doing to boost their social media pages. By doing so, you can easily avoid creating content that is similar to theirs and pinpoint which strategies they haven’t already used.
  3. Social Media Content Insights. BuzzSumo comes with a search engine that helps you sift through social media pages in order to find quality content related to your niche. With this, you can get insights regarding what made these posts successful and apply those best practices to your new content.

18. Inboundli

inboundli dashboard

Inboundli is a dedicated content curation system built for social media pages and blogs. With this, you can source third-party content, engage your target audience, and optimize the distribution of posts.  Moreover, this consistently monitors the progress of your campaigns so you can enhance the performance and visibility of content in the future. 

Advisable for companies with substantial and steady finances, Inboundli is available in three different plans. These are bundled depending on the number of social channels you need to monitor as well as the types of features you will be needing for your operations. Prices range from $100/month to $250/month and there is a required onboarding fee that starts at $150.

Detailed Inboundli Review

Why Choose Inboundli?

  1. Interactive Content. The program has tools that let users create interactive lookbooks, banners, digital magazines, as well as ebooks. These can also be applied for
  2. Superb Predictive Modeling Algorithms. To build a good brand reputation, you need to make sure that you are churning out high-quality content. However, how sure are you that your audience will react positively to your content? With Inboundli’s predictive modeling algorithms, you can foresee the level of engagement per post and find related content that you can share with your audience.
  3. Competition Tracking. Every now and then, you will need to know what your competitors are doing in order to get ahead. This is why Inboundli has robust competition tools that let you understand the types of strategies that are working for them. Through this, you can analyze what might work for you.

19. Ion Interactive

Ion interactive dashboard

Ion Interactive is a full-fledged content marketing solution that aims to help businesses create interactive and engaging posts. Whether you plan on posting blog articles, social media posts, infographics, ebooks, or videos, this tool will help you optimize how to create and distribute them across your channels. This way, you can ensure better conversion rates on your websites and revolutionize the browsing experience for your customers.

Moreover, Ion Interactive has a scalable interface that lets it adapt to the changing needs of any business. Keep in mind, however, that the platform does not come cheap so this might be more ideal for larger enterprises. The full feature suite starts at $2000/month and this can support unlimited users, analytics, phone support, as well as custom branded themes.

Detailed Ion Interactive Review

Why Choose Ion Interactive?

  1. Highly Configurable Interface. One of the things that make Ion Interactive a good platform for content marketers is its customizations. It allows users to make use of templates to speed up the content creation and design process. However, if you prefer creating posts from scratch, they also have a blank slate tool that will give you the freedom to design your entire content.
  2. Interactive Content Marketing Support. There are many processes involved in creating a marketing campaign. So, in order to help you plan your content marketing in line with the other aspects of your campaign, Ion Interactive provides interactive content marketing support. This way, you can give your leads a more consistent customer experience in line with your overall marketing and sales goals.
  3. Quality Content Testing. Like its competitors, Ion Interactive also provides a studio simulator as well as A/B testing functions that will help you visualize how your target audience will respond to your content. This way, you already have a good grasp as to what kinds of results your campaigns will yield even before you launch it. The tool even gives you a detailed analysis of your performance so you can pinpoint what areas you can work on.

20. Populr

populr dashboard

Next on our list of best 20 content marketing software is Populr, a website creation software for businesses of all sizes. It is touted for its easy to use interface and comprehensive set of features. Equipped with branding options, team collaboration tools, revision tracking solutions, page analytics systems, and automatic layout engines, this software is great for creating engaging websites and content that are sure to appeal to your clients.

A great option for small businesses and growing companies, Populr can be used for free and can be upgraded at any time. This is inclusive of the essential blogging tools and a limited document database. The vendor also has paid plans with larger document capacities as well as more extensive feature sets. Prices range from $20/month to $50 month.

Detailed Populr Review

Why Choose Populr?

  1. Automatic Layout Engine. Having no in-house developers or prior knowledge in building a website is not a problem if you’re using Populr. The software has a drag-and-drop function that makes it easy even for non-tech-savvy users to create their own websites and landing pages. Rest assured, this will provide you with the tools you need to make professional-looking content without hassle.
  2. Collaborative Website Creation. Populr also allows entire teams to work on a single website. With this, you can monitor the contributions of your team members and ensure the quality and clarity of your new content. In case things get too complicated, users may choose to secure certain web pages with password protection. This way, they can easily control who has access to each page.
  3. Great Engagement Tracking. Content marketing should not stop at publishing posts. With Populr’s Google Analytics integration, you can get insights into the performance of your websites. This way, you can pinpoint the types of audiences frequenting your site as well as determine their likelihood of conversion by assessing browsing behavior.

Choose the Best Content Marketing Platform for You

Content marketing is a surefire way of promoting your brand without overwhelming new audiences. By using software created specifically for this purpose, you can be confident that you will be able to create and distribute content that will get your message across to your target audience effectively. Hopefully, with our compilation of the best 20 content marketing software, you were able to find a good tool to help you do just that.

To further build your company’s arsenal of business systems, you might also want to take a look at our guide to effective SaaS tools. This should help guide you in choosing the types of software solutions you should invest in for your operations.

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