Top 3 Help Desk Software: Comparison of Freshdesk, LiveAgent and Samanage

Freshdesk: Top Help Desk Software


helpIf you want to choose the best help desk solution for your company that will let you solve any issues your clients may have we’ve got your covered. Our B2B experts reviewed a wide selection of top help desk software to help you choose the best-in-class system. After a thorough investigation of more than fifty help desk software products in our database, we narrowed down the choice to the top 3 solutions that offer the best functionality, value for money, and level of service quality:

  1. Freshdesk (GET FREE TRIAL)
  2. LiveAgent  (GET FREE TRIAL)
  3. Samanage

Top 3 Help Desk Software Solutions

1. Freshdesk 

Based on our close analysis of the features of the three services, we chose Freshdesk as the winner in our help desk software category. There are also Freshdesk reviews prepared by our review team that discusses all important features and benefits of the software. Freshdesk  offers a great free trial plan and a freemium package for up to 3 users. You can easily try the service on your own with no costs involved. Users can sign up for Freshdesk free trial here.

Freshdesk won our Best Help Desk Software Award for 2017

San Francisco, CA-based Freshdesk has 40,000 customers worldwide today who use its powerful cloud-based ticketing, multi-communication channels, and mobile platform to deliver responsive customer support. The software is built on a mission to provide customer support solutions for businesses of any size, but it’s most useful for small and medium companies because of its freemium that includes the software’s email and phone support as well as knowledge base. Paid plans start at $16 per agent/month. The app is scalable to enterprise-level features including IP whitelisting, portal customization, custom agent roles, and custom email servers. 

A sample Freshdesk ticket with customer profile on the right side.

2. LiveAgent 

LiveAgent offers a range of advanced live chat, email support, social media integration, and other features. Its powerful helpdesk capacity and the utmost user satisfaction pushed LiveAgent to our top 3 list, the priority being its simplicity and user-friendly design which allows you to learn it, implement it, and use it in no time. What contributes significantly to LiveAgent’s uniqueness compared to many similar products is the list of out-of-the-box features, such as POP3 accounts, gamification, statuses, contact forms, and file sharing. The tool is also enriched with SPAM filters, customer insights (CRM), ticket fields and canned messages, even if the degree of customization for each of them is lower compared to Freshdesk.

We recommend you to check out our detailed LiveAgent reviews and read more about this product, as well as to familiarize with their flexible pricing scheme moving between $9 and $19 per user per month. An additional benefit is that you can purchase LiveAgent as an on-premise version, and pay a single license fee depending on your needs. The price varies between $899 and $5999, designed to suit the needs of startups, medium businesses, and larger enterprises. You can also benefit from a LiveAgent free trial where you can evaluate the features prior to the final purchase.

Overview of LiveAgent interface.

Overview of LiveAgent interface.

3. Samanage 

Samanage is an advanced service desk and asset management solution. This exclusively SaaS-based platform is currently one of the most popular multi-tenant help desks, which won’t require any complex installations or maintenance. On top of that, we believe users adore it due to its elegant IT support functions, the streamlined ticket fulfillment process, and the continuous monitoring on all software licenses which will keep companies in total control of their contracts.

Why is Samanage in this list of top help desk software solutions? To start, IT teams find it incredibly easy to deliver provide value to their departments, due the existence of a well-integrated and agile self-service portal and remarkable visibility of the delivery process. There are many other valuable features to consider, and you can read more about them in our exclusive Samanage reviews. When it comes to pricing, Samanage offers a flexible, quote-based payment scheme, meaning that you have to contact the vendor and ask him to round up an amount adjusted for the needs of your business. Samanage also provides a very detailed free trial you should consider before asking for a final price.

Here's how Samanage looks in action.

Here’s how Samanage looks in action.

Comparison of Ticketing Features

Ticketing is the heart of any help desk software, the ability to accept customer queries, respond in time, and track engagements. Freshdesk and LiveAgent are the absolute leaders when it comes to handling tickets, as Freshdesk automates ticket routing to simplify the process, and offers unique email to ticket conversions, while LiveAgent does a considerably good job with automated ticket distribution as well. Ticket fields and insights are available in both cases. Samanage, on the other hand, can streamline and monitor the ticketing process, but relies on its Zendesk integration to handle them independently.

In ticketing terms, it’s a toss-up between Freshdesk and LiveAgent, but they still have a couple of distinctive features which can help you make a final decision.

Freshdesk, for instance, offers Email to Ticket conversion, and Automated Scenarios and Ticket Routing, while LiveAgent can boast with Ticket/Customer Insights and Automated Routing. What is similar in both cases is the access to a comprehensive knowledge base where users can find answers without necessarily contacting customer support, and Agent Collision Detection which makes it possible to avoid different and repetitive answers. Also, both tools are global, and scale support across multiple products, languages, and timezones.

This being said, choosing the better ticketing solution between Freshdesk and LiveAgent can be significantly challenging, and will certainly depend on tiny nuances in the final phase. However, we would still prefer Freshdesk because of its high customizability, meaning that the user can categorize tickets based on his SLA policy and make support portals more brand-centric, which is a priority for saving time. Besides, Freshdesk provides a variety of intelligent automations which refund tickets to billing, which LiveAgent can’t offer despite of its automated ticket distribution and powerful agent collision detection system.

Comparison of Communication Channels

When it comes to communication, Freshdesk is an undisputable leader, as it integrates a fully enabled ticketing helpdesk in both traditional and modern support channels, can be associated with multiple mailboxes, and converts all support queries into tickets automatically. On top of that, it offers a variety of powerful integrations, which reassures the user that no ticket will be left unattended.

On the other hand, LiveAgent doesn’t cover traditional communication channels, but it is considerably good at social channel management where it uses a hybrid ticket system to capture trends and opportunities and pull off vital marketing data. Here, we must note LiveAgent offers one of the most powerful Facebook and Twitter integrations allowing it to keep an eye on keywords, tags, brand mentions, and responses, and to avoid negative responses.

Basically, the final decision between the two would depend on the type of support you want to provide.

Samanage, on its behalf, represents an integrated IT solution which focuses on asset management more than service desk capabilities. Due to the Zendesk integration, Samanage covers tickets and service requests, and integrates emails on the self-service portals, but similarly to LiveAgent, it doesn’t cover traditional support channels the way Freshdesk does.

Another thing that speaks in favor of Freshdesk’s communication capability is the presence of an embedded support widget, which stops users from leaving your website after they’ve submitted the ticket or accessed your help center. Neither LiveAgent nor Samanage have a similar widget.

Comparison of Mobile Features

All of our category’s leaders are web-based, and offer mobile-friendly interfaces to be accessed from a mobile device. Once again, Freshdesk is the most compatible solution, as it has the most robust platform, widest reach, and highest capability levels, while the least flexible option is LiveAgent. What we have in mind here is that Freshdesk is available for all mobile operating systems and devices (there is an Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Mobile App), being the only help desk that supports Windows Mobile compared to LiveAgent (iOS only) and Samanage (Android, iOS).

Using Freshdesk on a mobile device, you can respond to tickets, change priorities, mark spam, and pass the ticket to an office-based agent if need be, for instance, if you suddenly need to close your mobile device inside the bank or an airport or you’re low on battery life.

Comparison of Reporting and Analytic tools

All three solution help users measure and improve efficiency with a variety of reporting and analytic features. Freshdesk and LiveAgent are considerably similar in this aspect, both of them offering a classic set of performance reports, including agent/department ranking, channel reports, and the compulsory SLA compliance and Log reports.

Freshdesk is users’ preferred choice because it offers Daily and Weekly Trend reports, Top Customer Analysis, Clogging Tickets, and Group Performance Reports.

Samanage is a bit weaker in the aspect of department ranking and doesn’t offer individual agent reports, but can be considered as the most appropriate e-commerce help desk because of its unique set of purchase information recording capabilities that track payments for each individual contract.

Comparison of Integrations

All three solutions display strong integration capabilities.

LiveAgent has the highest number of available integrations, including a number of sales and shopping cart apps which makes it suitable for e-store owners. The latter is valid also for Samanage, whose open API guarantees integrations other the ones delivered in advance. The potential drawback when it comes to this product is that it doesn’t integrate with social networks, unlike Freshdesk and LiveAgent whose Facebook and Twitter integration is considerably strong.

On the list of Freshdesk integrations, you can find all Google Apps products, a number of important CRM solutions, email management systems, and sales and shopping cart software. Even with the largest list of available integrations, LiveAgent doesn’t offer such powerful CRM integrations. Its true power hides in the content management software integrations, referring foremost to its seamless connection with WordPress and Drupal. LiveAgent also integrates with e-commerce solutions such as BigCommerce and CoreCommerce, and offers a unique integration with Adobe products.

Our Final Verdict

When it comes to service desk solutions, Freshdesk and LiveAgent have a more robust suite of features than Samanage does. Freshdesk is an excellent choice because of its best-in-class features. It emerges as our top choice since it exhibits better functions in ticketing, communication channels, and mobile platforms, the top critical functions for any customer service software. You easily try out their service with a great Freshdesk free trial.

On the other hand, LiveAgent offers a considerably well-elaborated set of integrations, in particular when it comes to social channel management where it uses a hybrid ticket system to capture trends and opportunities and pull off vital marketing data. Bigger retail branches in need of better social promotions could consider it as an additional asset, an idea that also counts for Samanage whose purchase order reporting is simply unique.

Samanage, as you saw, lags back in help desk features and multi-channel support, but its integrations and asset management features are without doubt worth considering. Besides, it is our only top-three rated product that is priced on quote basis, which means you can get a package tailored specifically to suit your needs.

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